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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 31, 2023

Lots on Twitter about Trudeau looking much different, having a very fat face in a speech this week. And looks completely different from a speech in the same week. Can the Zeta's comment on what is going on as the difference is so obvious and many have noticed. [and from another] Doubles Script [and from another] Trudeau Double

Why have the White Hats in the Commonwealth of Canada and the Junta in the US gotten sloppy exposing the Doubles they run? As we explained last December, using a double was to be able to quickly arrest and prosecute the original without alerting the public. Thus politicians, Heads of State, royalty, celebrities, TV talking heads, and billionaires would be quietly replaced by Doubles, but they always had a tell. Maintaining a Double is expensive as each requires a team. But how to drop the pretense?

They can die of old age, as Queen Elizabeth did, or retire from public view, as Speaker Pelosi did, but as the public is increasingly catching onto the use of Doubles a new way to drop the pretense was devised. Simply admitting that Doubles are used and proffering the reasons. For safety, if the original would be out in the open and subject to a sniper’s assassination bullet, or if travel delays a public appearance by the original.  Heads of State can confer via a secure conference line and use the Double for the press release photos.

I was wondering if the Zetas have something to say about this AI. Are humans onto something or just tinkering? Chap GPT knows Nancy Lieder.
[and from another] IBM Built a Giant AI Supercomputer in the Cloud to train Its Massive AI Models February 23, 2023 Much attention has been given to artificial intelligence ever since OpenAI unveiled its AI language model called ChatGPT. Public interest surged after getting a free hands-on trial taste of AI. Response was so great, Microsoft and Google were forced to quickly integrate AI into their search engine infrastructures. The release of ChatGPT will likely go down as a turning point in the evolution of AI. [and from another] ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response. [and from another] [and from another]

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we were asked about robots, as many popular movies presented the premise that robots could think, have a conscience, and thus be considered a mechanical version of a man - a thinking machine. Per the Zetas, movies such as Terminator, I Robot, Eva, and Star Wars were presenting robots that would never be allowed by the Council of Worlds, as evolving souls must have free will and robots are inherently a slave class. The development of drones to make deliveries or replace soldiers on the field continued, but were clearly operating as programmed by man.

Talking machines such as Siri could be programmed by a household or individual to act as a reminder service, a verbal calendar, turn electrical appliances off and on, and lock or unlock the door. But the development and success of ChatGPT involves more than convenience. ChatGPT has the potential to influence the public, without their being aware. All robots are programmed by humans, and the databases ChatGPT uses have the capacity to misrepresent the facts or color the answer ChatGPT provides. Therein lies the danger.

Located just West of Dead Sea where separation is taking place. What's happening in the sky of Jerusalem? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Zechariah 14:4 On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

Earthquake lights are well recorded and are known as a static bright light over the epicenter. What happens when the epicenter is moving? As we have predicted and is now being documented, Israel will travel with the Sinai Peninsula as Africa Rolls. This complex will tear away from Egypt and the Saudi and Eurasian Plates, and settle as an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Sinai subplate will break off above the Dead Sea just below the Golan Heights. This break was a Biblical prediction, and is in process now.

This electric screech spiral from Oaxaca, Mexico in 2017 looks to precede a rupture at the Isthmus, going pale in the SO2 maps just recently after a large quake there on March 2. [and from another] [and from another]

Spirals such as the 2009 Norway spiral are similar to lightning which wants to ground, and during electronic screech in the rock will be attracted to that location. Electronic screech where rock is squeezed so electricity can flow through any chambers readily is prevalent during rock compression. As is known the Isthmus is where the New Madrid Fault Line begins, and has been distressed since October, 2019 when the separation of the Mainland and SE Portions began. This spiral was heralding the rupture at the Isthmus.

The SO2 emissions map shows where rock is being pulled apart and is prevalent in stretch zones. Thus the sequence of events seen at the Isthmus shows extreme distress with a screech spiral in 2017, a large quake on March 2, and following that the SO2 emissions suddenly going pale, indicating no more rock ripping. We described the New Madrid Adjustment as an unzipping process, starting at the Isthmus and thence through the Gulf and up along the Mississippi River. This has been ongoing in iterations, but now the iterations will get serious.

I wondered if the 2 booms in UK, different days and locations had to do with the Atlantic Ridge and not sonic booms or air release as proposed by the PTB. [and from another] Exxon Mobil Confirms 'Sudden Release of Air' caused 'Boom' at Southampton Facility March 3, 2023 Exxon Mobil has confirmed there was no explosion at its oil refinery in Fawley after Southampton residents reported a "boom" in the location's vicinity. [and from another] Mystery Explosion Heard across Midlands as Hundreds Report Huge Sound and ‘Ground Shakes’ March 4, 2023 Britons across the Midlands have been left baffled as hundreds report a mysterious explosion - with one saying it "rocked the house". The sudden boom has been reported from North Leicester, Northampton, and North Oxfordshire, where a person described it as a "massive bang". Reports have also come from Banbury, Bicester and Oxford. [and from another] Why is Britain Experiencing so many Earthquakes? Experts Weigh in as Tremors hit Wales, Cornwall and the Norfolk Coast March 4, 2023 In fact, the distance between Britain and America is widening by one and a half inches a year, due to upwelling in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that's pushing the Eurasian Plate and North American Plate apart.

The Heliplot maps show the stress along the top of the N American Plate through the Arctic and down through the N Atlantic to the Azores because the Mainland Portion of N America is trying to drop, tugging on the border between the N American and Eurasian Plates. Since the Mainland Portion is oddly shaped, the weight of it straight down upon Mexico with eastern Canada lobbing eastward like an appendage, there is great stress on the border from Iceland to the Azores.

This puts stress on the Triplate Juncture at the Azores, which as we have repeatedly mentioned will rip open to provide a void that creates a tsunami racing toward Europe when the New Madrid Adjustment completes. We confirmed that the UFO display at Montreal, wherein the Seaway would temporarily widen, was due to a sequence of events. First the SE Portion lurches to the East, dragging the Mainland Portion along the Seaway with it, but then the Portions complete their separation and the Atlantic void snaps back shut.

In the meantime, the African Roll is pulling lands in Europe toward the East, as the border between Africa and Eurasia that runs through the Mediterranean resists tearing open. The UK is caught in the middle, pulled to the West by the Mainland Portion, and pulled to the East with Africa as it rolls. Stretch zone accidents are happening and will continue to happen until the New Madrid Rupture occurs, freeing the Mainland to make its adjustments without interference from the SE Portion. One less fighter in the ring.

Rare Iridescent cloud on Mars, petrol from Nibiru? [and from another] Ghostly Photos from NASA's Curiosity Rover Reveal Beautiful, Rare Clouds and the first Sun Rays Ever Spotted on Mars March 7, 2023 The rover took the ethereal photo on February 2, as the sun set behind a group of twilight clouds. These clouds hang at an unusually high altitude, which suggests they are probably made of carbon dioxide ice — also known as dry ice. Curiosity also captured a feather-shaped iridescent cloud hanging over Mars that appears to glow pink, green, and blue, in the image below. [and from another] NASA's Curiosity Rover Captured Rare Photos of Pearly, Iridescent Clouds on Mars June 3, 2021 Clouds are a rare occurrence on Mars, since there isn't much water in the planet's atmosphere, and the air there has just 1% the density of Earth's atmosphere.

While the establishment line is that Mars does not have water nor an atmosphere, the evidence the Rover provides says otherwise. Rover has also provided photos showing the Annunaki lived on Mars, and fed goat herds on the vegetation that Mars provided. The insistence that Mars is without an atmosphere is part of the Nibiru cover-up, as Nibiru is the home planet of the Annunaki. Water builds an atmosphere, ergo Mars must not have water. Thus NASA was once again distressed by photos of clouds, which of course require an atmosphere etc.

The clouds of Mars show more than wisps of water vapor. They show evidence of Nibiru’s long tail bringing Petrol to the atmosphere of Mars. Struggling to explain the many colors in some of the clouds as something other than the grease in the Petrol, once again NASA fails. Petrol grease in Earth’s atmosphere has produced rainbow effects and neon clouds. The red dust standing in view along the path between Mars and the setting Sun is another indication. This is where Nibiru rides, at present.

2nd biggest bank failure after Wells Fargo (1) got bailed out. I banked with Wells Fargo before their fail and they were extremely shady with fees and loans. Now SVB, the bank at the heart of Silicon Valley has failed. This seems monumental beyond my comprehension as many people have lost their hard earned money working as debt slaves. Do the Zeta’s have a comment on the first bank failure as they predicted more to come? Seems the financial dominos are falling as we near the New Madrid Eruption. [and from another] More than 85% of Silicon Valley's Bank's Deposits Were Not Insured. Here's What That Means for Customers [and from another] Breaking! OPRAH STANDS TO LOSE $590 MILLION AFTER COLLAPSE OF SVB "All her biggest accounts were with the bank." said a source familiar with her finances, "Like other tech savvy investors she banked with SVB and now it's all gone." [and from another] [and from another] Bank Failure With personal and corporate bankruptcy exploding during this time of seemingly endless disasters, it is no surprise that banks are struggling too. Signs of this are the negative interest rates charged by European banks and threats of limited withdrawals from savings and checking accounts. [and from another] Nearly half of the countries of the European continent, 40% of the countries of Africa, and 30% of the countries of Asia declared bankruptcy during the previous two centuries.

We have been repeatedly asked what will happen when individual banks go belly up and declare they are insolvent. A country is insolvent when their tax base cannot provide enough income to pay their bills. Their Central Bank of course can print fiat but unless the country can stand behind this currency, it will not be honored. History is replete with examples, and in the US Civil War bonds are considered a collector’s curio. In the recent past during the 2008 mortgage debacle, the US funded a taxpayer funded buyout. Will this be repeated?  

Individual banks in a state of collapse because they cannot return depositor funds on demand are the first domino to fall. As we described in 2019, having strong banks absorb weak banks is the first step taken, but this is a process that has been ongoing for some time. SVB was considered a strong bank as there were no end of wealthy depositors putting their millions and billions into SVB, which funded startups and had done so from the boom days  of the California tech industry. Fat Cat bankers and their wealthy clients thought the party would never end.

The reaction to the SVB collapse is for the public to withdraw their cash from their bank, or to seek out a safer place to store their monies. Crypto has likewise shown itself to be a gamble, especially since the FTX collapse. Currency has a base in the country of issue, but Crypto as we have stated from the start  has no solid base and can just vaporize. Meanwhile 15% of the SVB depositors are insured up to $250,000 and the wealthy will take a loss unless the FDIC can find another bank willing to absorb SVB’s bungled mess.

UFOs Los Angeles [and from another] [and from another] On March 10 we see a nexus between the compression of the Pacific, the pressure on the Antarctica Plate, and the result in the Atlantic where a void is being created. Last November several Asian countries got a UFO warning, almost simultaneously. Zetas explained (below) this was the effect of Pacific compression. This seems to be happening NOW! The Zetas have also explained that as the Pacific compresses it forces the Antarctica Plate to sink under the Pacific and pop up in the lower Atlantic. This is likewise in process NOW. [and from another]

The citizens of LA who watched this UFO display are being warned of a dual assault on their city. As Nancy explained on her March 11 update, the UFO warning given to residents of Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing last November shows trigger activity in the Pacific. The compressing Pacific can be seen in the SO2 emissions over the N Pacific on March 12. When the Pacific compresses, there will be a tsunami wave at LA, followed by a drop of the Mainland Portion of N America. This is the dual blow from the side (the Pacific) and above (the Mainland).

Gigantic 5,000-Mile Blanket of Rotting Seaweed dubbed the 'Red Tide' Invades the Coast of Florida March 13, 2023 Florida's southwest coast is experiencing a flare-up of the toxic red tide algae setting off concerns that it could continue to stick around for a while. The current bloom started in October. Red tide, a toxic algae bloom that occurs naturally in the Gulf of Mexico, is worsened by the presence of nutrients such as nitrogen in the water.  High levels of sargassum in coastal waters have been observed in recent years.

Given the activity in the Gulf of Mexico during the setup for the New Madrid Rupture, it is not surprising that an algae bloom would develop. The separation of N America into the SE and Mainland Portions tears rock which releases Methane from trapped vegetation in the rock layers being ripped apart. And when this happens under the waters of the Gulf this results in an algae bloom. Within the past few years the Sargassum bloom also arrived in the Gulf, due to the Red Dust from Nibiru’s tail which provided the iron needed for a Sargassum resurgence.

Hello, I need your help, what is this? Appeared in the skies of Portugal, thank you very much. March 15, 2023 Portual [and from another] Strange sky observed during yesterday's sunset in Thailand. March 6, 2023 Thailand [and from another] Looks like Spiral or burning Petrol captured on night-vision. March 16, 2023 [and from another] Biblical FIRE IN THE SKY, petro-chemical elements from the tail of Nibiru entered Earth's atmosphere and caught fire! Much more headed our way! March 15, 2023 [and from another] Clouds on fire caused by Nibiru petrol elements. More on the way! March 3, 2023 Brazil

Burning Petrol has been on display for several years, usually above the clouds where it is set alit by lightning. Neon clouds are also a chemical reaction within the air caused by the Petrol. Dramatic spinning Petrol masses, alit, have been seen since the blue Norway swirl in 2009. They are now on the increase.  Hurricanes are swirls that encompass large areas. Will the Petrol swirls, powered by heat during burning, develop to that size? This is possible and likely. But petrol burns tend to dissipate into smoke, regardless of size.

What is this quake in the N Andes plate about?

The March 19 quake on the North Andes platelet is at the point where a portion of the Nazca Plate is set to snap off. There is plate fracturing  at this location and along the Andes due to past S America Rolls and New Madrid Ruptures.  The Mainland Portion is dropping on the Cocos Plate. The Caribbean Plate is being pulled westward by its attachment to the S America Plate, so this is yet another push against the Cocos Plate. The Cocos is loath to fracture so pushes as a unit on the Nazca Plate which is held by a rock hook to the Panama Plate. This rock hook has now snapped to form a new platelet. 

Can the Zeta's give us an update with regards to what is going on in the Trump camp?  On the MSM side they are talking about a possible indictment on Tuesday with Trump responding & telling the people to protest.  On the other side, he is posting "He's Back" - as in back on FaceBook (only?? and touting that he'll be running for Presidency in 2024).  Dichotomies abound!  Is the Military still holding out for the NMA to complete before reinstating him? [and from another] Trump says he Expects to be Arrested Tuesday as New York Law Enforcement prepares for Possible Indictment March 18, 2023 [and from another] [and from another] Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely March 9, 2023 The former president was told that he could appear before a Manhattan grand jury next week if he wishes to testify, a strong indication that an indictment could soon follow. Any case would mark the first indictment of a former American president, and could upend the 2024 presidential race in which Mr. Trump remains a leading contender.

Threats against President Trump from the Southern District of New York have happened repeatedly, during his presidency and especially since the 2020 election fraud. The goal is to convict President Trump of a felony so he could never be eligible to be president again, thus killing his 2024 campaign. Why the press at this time?  President Trump is about to be reinstated by the Junta, a fact reflected by his Comeback Kid enthusiasm and thunderous rallies. The DA in the Southern District is trying to embroil President Trump in Grand Jury activity so he carries the aura of guilt, thus souring any reinstatement plans.

Looks like John Fetterman has a double? [and from another] Sen. John Fetterman shown Working in First Pics since being Hospitalized for Depression March 6, 2023 Sen. John Fetterman appeared hard at work in pictures posted to Twitter Monday by his chief of staff — the first glimpse the public has gotten of the Pennsylvania Democrat since he was hospitalized for clinical depression last month. John Fetterman appeared hard at work in pictures posted by his chief of staff. [and from another] [and from another] John Fetterman Hospital Photo from Last Year Fuels 'Body Double' Conspiracy March 25, 2023 Anew right-wing conspiracy theory suggests that Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has been replaced by a "body double." Fetterman, who has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center for five weeks for depression treatment, became the subject of the theory Friday after a cropped photo of him smiling was shared on social media. Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is pictured during a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 15, 2022. [and from another] John Fetterman HAS BEEN REPLACED!!!! We are supposed to believe this shit!?

Fetterman did not have an easy visage to match, nor was there time for plastic surgery to force a match. Thus his trademark flare ears do not flare, his head shape too narrow, and his nose hooked. But the trademark heavy eyebrows and scowl are there, and when the profile is presented to the camera during interviews most would not notice. Fetterman did not die in hospital but had a series of strokes that resulted in him becoming almost a drooling idiot. To avoid the loss of a Senate seat, the Democrats will lie endlessly, so must be challenged for Proof of Life by the GOP.

Social media is exploding with images of auroras the past couple of days and of course they’re blaming on CME. Also the Schumann was reported offline as well. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise The most powerful solar storm in nearly six years slammed Earth today (March 24), but strangely, space weather forecasters didn't see it coming. The geomagnetic storm peaked as a severe G4 on the 5-grade scale used by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to assess the severity of space weather events. [and from another] Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise March 24, 2023 The powerful solar storm supercharged auroras as far south as Colorado and New Mexico. The most powerful solar storm in nearly six years slammed Earth today (March 24), but strangely, space weather forecasters didn't see it coming. The geomagnetic storm peaked as a severe G4 on the 5-grade scale used by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to assess the severity of space weather events.  Geomagnetic storms are disturbances to Earth's magnetic field caused by solar material from coronal mass ejections (CME) — large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the sun's atmosphere. It turns out that this particular geomagnetic storm was triggered by a "stealth" CME which — as the name suggests — is rather tricky to detect.

We predicted decades ago that the establishment would Blame the Sun for many manifestations of Nibiru. EMP has increased and for a time the establishment has been able to match EMP episodes with some activity in the Sun, but this became increasingly difficult as their CME warnings were forced to be issued after the fact. For the establishment, which measure all manner of emissions from the Sun with their probes and satellites and closely watch the appearance of the Sun, it is an embarrassment to blame a G4 “stealth” CME. What’s next, mischievous Sun Elves?

Why is there a line of quakes right up into China today? China has been red hot in SO2 and CO for months now. But now the focus has changed from Beijing to southern China. [and from another] Dramatic UFO displays were seen and recorded on video in Japan, Beijing,and Taiwan.

Last November when we relayed the telepathic message that those in Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing received during their simultaneous UFO displays, we were describing a large quake in China that was to occur, described by us as an “explosion”. How and where this quake was to occur was not explained. Now it seems to be obvious, as on March 26 there are quakes surrounding the Sunda Plate and wrapping up into central China all the way to Mongolia.

The Sunda Plate is considered part of the great Eurasian Plate, but like many platelets it has the potential of operating on its own. Given the large quake in the Himalayas on March 22 just days earlier, it was clear that the Indo-Australian Plate had moved and a domino effect always follows when this plate plunges and tilts. The Sunda Plate is breaking from the Eurasian Plate with this snap destabilizing the central China Wudu-Mabian fault line and reaching up along this fault line to the Yanshan Mountains seismic zone which touches Beijing.

This portends the explosion we referred to during our UFO analysis last November. If the Sunda Plate was to break from the Eurasian Plate, this would free China to jump to the East into the Pacific. This would indeed push and twist Taiwan in a counterclockwise manner. By compressing the Northern Pacific the bulbous top of S America would temporarily shift into the widening Atlantic, giving the SE Portion of N America room to drop so its hook-like connection to the Isthmus is freed.  This thus would be the trigger for the New Madrid timeline to complete.

I hope it's the end of Bibi’s regime. I wonder what your peers have to say about the drama in Israel. [and from another] Oh, it's because the people are against law reform, which means politicians become the ultimate judiciary. And because Bibi is about to be on trial, he benefits from this change (by his own hand) the people know he's corrupt and want him found guilty. He's already imprisoned the judge who sent his case to trial. [and from another] Massive Demonstrations in Israel. Strikes Underway. Businesses Shut Down. There is no constitution. And the powers between Judicial-Executive and Legislative are not equal. Netanyahu wants to have a judicial reform that would take power away from the courts. Their supreme court would not be able to make absolute rulings, they would be subject to overrule by a simple majority vote of Their parliament. Also judges rulings in general would be subject to review and overrule. [and from another] Western Financial System Suffers $8 Trillion Implosion, Revolution Follows March 27, 2023 The question now is which Khazarian mafia puppet leader will be first to fall, Emanuelle Macron of France or Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel? Whoever it is, they will be followed in short order by the fake President Joe Biden in the US, Justin Castrudeau in Canada, Olaf Scholz in Germany and Ursula von de Leyen of the EU., Other dominoes to fall will include the fake Pope Francis, and puppet leaders in Pakistan, South Korea, Japan etc. This financial crisis will lead inevitably to the collapse of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS and most international financial institutions as well as many governments. Systems failure anyone? [and from another] Israeli Gov’t in Crisis, Netanyahu to Speak on Judicial Plan March 27, 2023 Israeli media outlets are now reporting that Netanyahu is expected to announce a to pause his judicial overhaul plan. The unrest deepened a monthslong crisis over Netanyahu’s plan to overhaul the judiciary, which has sparked mass protests, alarmed business leaders and former security chiefs, and drawn concern from the United States and other close allies. [and from another] What are the proposed changes? February 20, 2023 Netanyahu has been formally barred from involvement in the initiative because he is facing criminal corruption charges, which he denies. The government has been pushing for changes that would limit the Supreme Court’s powers to rule against the legislature and the executive, giving the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) the power to override Supreme Court decisions with a simple majority of 61 votes out of the 120-seat Knesset. A second proposal would take away the Supreme Court’s authority to review the legality of Israel’s Basic Laws, which function as the country’s constitution. [and from another]

Bibi is a White Hat Double at present, even throughout the 2022 election. Israel is currently working as one giant sting operation to catch the remaining Khazarian Mafia who are trying to regroup in Israel. The Khazarian Mafia is losing the Ukraine as a money laundering center, and they want to switch this activity to Israel. The desire to support the Pfizer population sculpting schemes via mRNA vaccines can be seen in Bibi’s offer to Pfizer to operate its labs in Israel.

The Khazarian Mafia wants the western banking network to thrive, and would use an Israeli money laundering machine to fund or assassinate or bribe politicians as necessary.  The protests allow a cover to remove the Bibi Double, as maintaining a Double is always time consuming and the Double must operate as the Original did. The protests also allow the White Hats to identify the Khazarian Mafia participants and leadership, so they can be snared and eliminated.

Trannies are the story with the shootings. Hormone therapy creates imbalance and makes people psychotic, Testosterone. [and from another] Child SEX ABUSE COVER-UP at COVENANT Church of NASHVILLE SHOOTER In 2012, the police investigated the unnamed girl's sexual abuse allegations, which they substantiated. However, the girl accuser was 18 at the time & it was past the statute of limitations. No criminal charges were filed. 18 years old in 2012 + 11 years = 28 or 29 years old today. Was the shooter a child sexual abuse victim of the Covenant Church? [and from another] Church Accused of Covering for Molester October 24, 2013 A Presbyterian church covered up for a "confessed child molester," and "in cult-like fashion" put children in the molester's so-called "safe house," a family claims in court. Austin Davis and his daughter Daisy sued the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Nashville and its parishioner Dale Lewelling, in Davidson County Court. [and from another] Police Confirm Female Nashville School Shooter Identified as Transgender March 27, 2023 The identity of the Nashville Covenant Christian school shooter has been revealed to be that of Audrey Hale, a biological female that identifies as a male. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said on Monday that the individual who fatally shot at least 3 students and 3 adults at The Covenant School was 28 years old and was believed to be a former student. [and from another] The latest on the Nashville Elementary School Shooting March 28, 2023 Police continue to investigate a shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, that killed three 9-year-old children and three adults. The shooter, a 28-year-old Nashville resident police say was once a student at the school, was killed during gunfire with police. Police said the attack was targeted and involved prior planning. The shooter had drawn detailed maps of the school, police said, including the entry points to the building. Police have also located writings from the shooter that they are reviewing. [and from another] [and from another] Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with the "Sabbatic Goat" image, which contains binary elements representing the "symbolization of the equilibrium of opposites" (e.g. half-human and half-animal, male and female, good and evil, etc.). On one hand, Lévi's intention was to symbolize his concept of balance that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light; on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order. [and from another]

The list of school shootings done in the US by Trans individuals is striking, considering that the Trans percentage in the general population is almost infinitesimal, less than 1%. The susceptibility of Trans or gender confused individuals to be pulled into Satanist thinking is noted in Baal traditions, as the desire to change the birth sex is deemed going against God’s Law. Especially with the Biden administration’s influence, wherein the Trans individual is encouraged to feel discriminated against.

Thus the Trans individual dwells in anger. It is but a step further in this direction to picking up a gun. Then the Democrats coalescing around the Biden camp can insist that the 2nd Amendment must be changed.  Which raises the question in many minds whether this is an agenda. If school shootings will change the gun laws, then the Globalist agenda for control of the masses gains. This is part of the reason so many Trans people are in the news, shooting up schools. They are identified and encouraged early.

Hale had been molested at the Coventry school which she attended as a child. She was denied justice in the legal system.  Fuming with anger, and already on the road to becoming a Trans, the hormone cocktail required to make their transformation to a Trans often causes explosive emotions. Thus identified and then groomed and coached, these Trans individuals are virtual walking time bombs. This can be seen in the photos of Hale, once a smiling young woman to a scowling graphic designer.