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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2015

The following video was filmed in September 2015 by a woman in Florida and posted online in October and she asks, "What is this "planet?"".  There is something high up in the sky above what appears to be the sun in the clouds.  The object is very round and bright as if reflecting light from the sun.   I've seen some people say that the object in the sky is the sun and the glowing area in the clouds is just a reflection of light on ice crystals.  Others have said that the object in the clouds is the sun and the round "ball" in the sky above it is a sun dog.  Neither of these seem likely to me but I am not a scientist so I wanted to ask your insight.  Is the object in the video Planet X/Nibiru and if not, would you mind commenting on what it actually is? [and from another]  It was Friday or Saturday [October 9-10] of last week about 7ish… Parheliums, solar pillars and mirages are uncommon but they do happen… It is the sun. The brighter light below it is the reflection off the water. [and from another] What is this Strange Fiery Globe Spotted off the Coast of Florida?  A video has emerged that shows what some people believe is the mysterious 'Planet X'. Conspiracy theorists claim Planet X, also known as Nibiru, orbits at the edge of our solar system. They say its gravitational pull could spell the end for humanity by disrupting the flow of energy on Earth. Nasa has dismissed these claims as an 'internet hoax' and says 'there is no factual basis for claims' given astronomers are yet to spot the so-called planet. The video seems to show a bright circular shape poking out above the sunset, sparking rumours that it may be the mythical planet. [and from another]  Melissa Huffman captured the footage at the Sanibel causeway in Florida. Melissa claims she was with a friend at the time, who also saw the mystery orb. Theories about strange light have ranged from the Nibiru cataclysm to a burning red dwarf star.

The key to sorting out the dual orbs in this genuine video and visual sighting by witnesses is the reflection on the water. The large dominant Sun can be seen below the cloud bank at sunset, casting an unmistakable reflection on the water. The brilliant orb at 11 o’clock to the Sun is a Moon Swirl, very much of record during captures of the Planet X, aka Nibiru complex. Moon Swirls are particular to Nibiru, which has more than a two dozen moons trailing behind it. The moons can never begin the circular orbit of moons known to man, due to Nibiru’s speed during its travels. They are perpetually caught in a dance among themselves, forming long tubes that funnel light bouncing down their length, thus the brilliant light emerging from the end.

While those in denial that Nibiru has returned will claim the orb is a Sun pillar, or a sundog caused by ice crystals in the air, or a reflection of the Sun in the clouds,  all these claims fail upon analysis. Nor is this a lens flare as the video photographer moves the cam around, a technique which identifies the flare as it moves during this motion. Nor is it a camera ghost, a reflection of the Sun in the camera lens, as a ghost is the same size as the Sun.  Nor is the orb one of the known planets such as Mercury or Venus, which are currently below, not above the Sun. Nor as the video photographer demonstrated, is it the Moon which was on the opposite side of the Sky.

What is unique about this rather ordinary capture of a brilliant Moon Swirl is that it hit the press. Equally compelling examples have been presented in Nancy’s newsletters over the years. The result has been for ZetaTalk and Nancy’s newsletters to be ignored or ridiculed, even to the extent of having NASA instruct the public not to pay any attention to Nancy Lieder. What has changed, and why did the Mirror article take pains to mention “Nibiru Cataclysm” as one theoretical explanation? This phrase directly relates to the top Google search article on Nibiru, a wiki article, wherein Nancy Lieder is pronounced the originator in 1995.  What changed? The announcement is at hand!

They are saying this has been caused by springs on either side of the collapse. Beggars belief! [and from another]  Over the weekend a number of reports came in about a crack in the earth showing up in the southern foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Estimates by some put the area at 750 yards long by 50 yards wide. An engineer from Riverton, WY came out to shed a little light on this giant crack in the earth. Apparently, a wet spring lubricated across a cap rock. Then, a small spring on either side caused the bottom to slide out. He estimated 15 to 20 million yards of movement. With no earthquakes and a small amount of movement recorded by the USGS we will have to go with that explanation until someone comes up with another.  [and from another]  [and from another]  The Bighorn Mountains are a mountain range in northern Wyoming and southern Montana, forming a northwest-trending spur from the Rocky Mountains extending approximately 200 miles northward on the Great Plains. They are separated from the Absaroka Range, which lie on the main branch of the Rockies in western Wyoming, by the Bighorn Basin. [and from another]  The angle of subduction was shallow, resulting in a broad belt of mountains running down western North America. Since then, further tectonic activity and erosion by glaciers have sculpted the Rockies into dramatic peaks and valleys.

The Bighorn Range in Montana and Wyoming represents mountain building in the past. Lying east of the Continental Divide, this land is being simultaneously raised by the press of subducting plates and pushed eastward. Such mountain building can be ongoing even without evidence of earthquakes or plate movement elsewhere, as plates many layers deep can shift to cause a reaction far inland. The Bighorn crevasses are a case in point. The Juan de Fuca is pushing under the N American Plate, and where the surface has not yet rumpled on the West Coast, deep layers can and do shift. The pressure is transferred to the point of least resistance, to the easternmost edge of the Continental Divide.

Mysterious Corpse Washes Up In Paraguay. Any comments please. [and from another]  A bloated corpse that washed up in Paraguay last week is causing a sensation in the local media, with some speculating that the body is that of the legendary chupacabra. Ron Pine, former curator of small mammals at the Smithsonian, told Doubtful News that it's likely either a type commonly called the black howler monkey or a type of capuchin monkey. Scientists believe the origin of the chupacabra legend may be coyotes suffering from severe mange, according to National Geographic. However, other animals such as raccoons and monkeys have occasionally been mistaken for the chupacabra. In other instances, animal deaths likely caused by illness are blamed on the chupacabra.  [and from another]  It’s really a monkey. [and from another]  [and from another]  [and from another]

This is clearly a monkey carcass, but the real issue is why this has been presented in the media – the UK Daily Mail, Mirror, the US Huffington Post, and the Russian RT sites - raising the issue of the Chupacabra once again. In these cases, a DNA check would put the matter to rest. Why is this not even mentioned for the Paraguay corpse? Chupacabra is back in the news because it relates to the alien presence. It is an alien threat, and would allow former members of MJ12 cover for why they kept the truth from the public for so long. The matter is also presented as debatable. Yes there are real dead Chupacabra young found, starving and hairless. But there are also frauds and panic over dead monkey carcasses.