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Issue 184, Sunday, May 9, 2010
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Second Sun Explosion

Suddenly, photos of the Second Sun at sunrise and sunset are at hand, and from all quarters of the globe. These were all provided by members of the Pole Shift and Earth Changes ning, where such matters are under intense discussion. The first was taken in Catawba County, North Carolina, on April 27 at sunrise by Michael. Here the Second Sun is rising ahead of the Sun, along the line of the Ecliptic.

The second was taken nearby, in Arkansas on April 30 at 9:12 am, another sunrise. Kelly caught a series of photos as the Sun rose between clouds, so that the glare of the Sun was reduced and the light from the Second Sun could be more readily identified. In this set, below, the Second Sun is clearly seen to the right, along the line of the Ecliptic, even casting its own reflection on the water.

The third capture is from Manila in the Philippines, at sunset on April 20 by Frederick. These photos capture several light orbs around the Sun, a phenomena which occurs when the Moon Swirls of Planet X funnel light down their tunnels, so the light bouncing down the tube emerges from the end of the tube like a flashlight. There is, unquestionably, multiple sources of light in addition to the Sun. These light sources are also, unquestionably, round and orb shaped in nature, and strong enough to break through the clouds.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/12/2009: The Second Sun sightings occur when Planet X is not directly in the line of sight from the Earth, but slightly to the right so that there is an angle from which sunlight can reflect off the dust cloud thence to Earth. Planet X will indeed pull to the right prior to the last weeks, and increase the Second Sun sightings. We will not specify just when this will occur, as always wanting to keep the establishment off balance.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/29/2009: What could cause an elongated Sun viewed by naked eye, and dual orbs when captured on camera? When Planet X first arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, many of the photos were of the moon swirls, which form long tubes when seen from the side. These tubes focus light bouncing down the tube such that they appear as light orbs when the tube is turned toward the viewer. This focused light, coming down along a moon swirl tube, can be significant and mistaken for the shrouded Planet X corpus itself.

Blue Clues

What was that huge bright star with a blue hue captured on film in Illinois on May 2, 2010 at 9:20 pm?

I live in Illinois and tonigth at 9:20 pm Central Time I looked to the North/West and saw a huge super bright star! I took many pics. But, something happened in my camera or me moving it? But I did a lot more and they all came out weird! Having more than 1 star in the pics. 3 or more moving? Here is a pic with houses in it. The 2nd pic is the same but I used PhotoShop to zoom in on it. What is it? Any comments would help.

A lively discussion ensued on the GodlikeProduction message board where opinions ranged from speculation that it was a UFO, a photographer with a shaky hand, or a perfectly normal Venus. If it was a shaky hand, then the smaller objects in the sky did not squiggle accordingly, nor did the house lights captured on one of the photos squiggle. Certainly Venus was supposed to be at that general location, at Azimuth 292° Altitude 8°, which is in the NW, but Venus does not have a blue hue, nor it is cluttered in appearance with what seems to be debris. The object was huge, not starlight, as this actual size in the five photos shows:

The Dark Twin is a black hunk of rock which only reflects some blue and yellow light. We captured it in photographs in early 2004 when it came round the Sun, a target="_top">bluish/yellowish orb. People saw it naked eye at one point when the reflection of sunlight was good angle too, same coloration. The color in these photos is unmistakable, at first glance and when zoomed 600%. Color inversion also shows the opposite of a pale blue, a pale pink, to be the dominant color. In Issue 181 of this newsletter, a monster version of the Dark Twin showed up, where light fanned out and then was turned back toward Earth. This was centered at RA 11°, Declination 0°, so not that far from these recent photos which I estimate to be RA 4°, Declination 22°. So is this Venus, looming close, or the Dark Twin? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/4/2010: It is both, and thus the situation is confused. Venus casts light, and the Dark Twin adds to the hue. There is a astrophysics term called blooming, which means that light which passes by another gravity object pulls toward it, and thus the light emitted or reflected by that gravity object is increased. This is Venus, with light from the Dark Twin in the near vicinity pulled toward it, and thus the confusing picture of what looks like a tail, or swirling debris, around Venus. Does this mean that Venus and the Dark Twin are in line of sight with each other? The Dark Twin is behind the Earth, on the darkside of the Earth, outside of their shared orbit in an attempt to evade the Earth and to keep them from colliding. Having come up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, it is thus to the left of the Earth. Venus is in the cup, sunside of the Earth and also to the left of the Earth at this time though much closer than assumed. So these two planets are nowhere near each other. The light causing the blooming effect is sunlight that has bounced off the Dark Twin and returned almost directly toward the Sun, encountering Venus on the way. This light bends sharply due to the gravity of Venus, thus turning toward Earth. If you think this single happenstance is interesting, just wait! Things are going to get very interesting!

Could the Dark Twin really be that close? According to the magnetic simulator, which takes data from the ACI satellite, it is indeed! The ACE satellite rides in front of the Earth, between the Earth and Sun, and is scoping the area around the Earth. This is put into 2D graphs, so the magnetic field of the Dark Twin, shown slightly above the N Pole of Earth, could likewise be to the west of the Earth. 2D does not show depth.

About Real-Time Magnetosphere Simulation
The real-time magnetosphere simulation taken from the real-time solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field data observed routinely by the ACE satellite.
From Satellites: ACE Satellite
The ACE satellite is positioned about 1 million miles from Earth, and is always directly between Earth and the Sun.

Is this the Dark Twin? Per the Zetas, yes!

ZetaTalk Afirmation 5/5/2010: All planetary bodies of whatever size will have some magnetic field, because magnetons are everywhere and a very restless particle. The Dark Twin does not have a liquid core, but at one time did have this, as all planets coalescing from a Big Bang are first gaseous, then liquid, and then finally solidifying as they cool down. Is the magnetosphere simulator reflecting this slight field from the Dark Twin, which is as large as the Earth? Yes. Yet more proof on how very close to the Earth this twin is, as the ACE satellites is taking an Earth perspective on measuring space weather, and does not go all that broad. It is right next door!

Haiti Lessons

Just as with Katrina, where a delayed rescue inspired the Zetas to mention that Katrina was a preview of what to expect during and after the pole shift, Haiti is likewise a lesson in this regard. Thought Haiti has received aid, the social situation paints a picture of what some places around the world will become when devastation makes law enforcement scarce. Recently the fact that Haiti's prisons were not secure or were frankly opened hit the press, allowing prisoners to escape.

Many of Haiti's Most-Wanted on the Loose after Earthquake
April 9, 2010
More than 4,500 other inmates slipped out of a wing of the National Penitentiary. Since then, Haitian and international police say, the most notorious of the escapees have terrorized neighborhoods, stolen aid supplies and fought ever more pitched battles among themselves that threaten the stability of a fragile society still far from recovering from one of the country's worst disasters in recent memory.

The Zetas have long warned that prisons will be a source of Service-to-Self gangs in the Aftertime, but state these gangs will not live long as cooperation among the Service-to-Self is almost nonexistent.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/15/2002: Prison populations are well know to the public, who hears the horror stories of activities both by the guards and prisoners, in the news and in the movies. The guards are scarcely better than the inmates, being inclined to sadism and lording it over others when in control. During the shift, prisons will spill out and prisoners escape. These will as expected become the primary Service-to-Self gangs in operation after the shift. However, less the public expect Ghengis Khan to reincarnate in essence, the opposite will occur. Such gangs require a continuous supply of food and goods to continue a looting and savaging campaign. After the shift, supplies will run out quickly, and dead people offer no satisfaction to these marauders. They will quickly, as we have stated earlier, find themselves without the means to keep warm until the morning, and without anything but each other to eat. Weakened, and decimated by infighting, they will succumb to disease and defense by Service-to-Other communities who will give in return the aggression they sense in their attackers.

There are of course many other problems in Haiti that will be present after the pole shift. Opportunists abound, and law enforcement will be scarce at best. In Haiti, rape in the camps setup to house the homeless has become rampant.

Rape Rampant in Haiti's Earthquake Camps
March 17, 2010
Women and children as young as 2, already traumatized by the loss of homes and loved ones in the January 12 catastrophe, are now falling victim to rapists in the sprawling tent cities that have become home to hundreds of thousands of people. With no lighting and no security, they are menacing places after sunset. The quake that killed an estimated 200,000 people has made women and girls ever more vulnerable. They have lost their homes and are forced to sleep in flimsy tents or tarp-covered lean-tos. They've lost male protection with the deaths of husbands, brothers and sons. And they are living in close quarters with strangers.

Per the Zetas, this reflects a mixed setting, where those of good heart, the Service-to-Other, are mixed in with those who take advantage of others, the Service-to-Self, as well as the majority of humans who have not yet polarized to one side or the other, those the Zetas call the undecided. Per the Zetas, as we approach the time of the pole shift, people will migrate increasingly to be with their own kind.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/15/1995: Increasingly, the orientations separate of their own accord, as those in the Service-to-Other expel those who are not truly in the Service-to-Other and those in the Service-to-Self find compliance with the desire for a rigid pecking order only among those also in the Service-to-Self. The migration toward this dichotomy will increase in pace as the Transformation proceeds. During the Transformation the Service-to-Others find each other and take up abiding with each other, to the exclusion of abiding with those who are still spiritually undecided. Of course, as these individuals are usually a mainstay for others, the spiritually undecided clamor for their time and attention, but are increasingly given self help instructions and sent on their way. In fact, the spiritually undecided find the environment provided in a Service-to-Other community to be a drag, dull. No confrontations, everyone dedicated and preoccupied, just not lively enough. The Service-to-Self are generally driven from the ranks of both the Service-to-Other and the spiritually undecided as they are today. At times it takes awhile for them to show their colors, but this is quite inevitable.

But if not in a solidly Service-to-Other camp, with good defenses, lawlessness and opportunism can be rampant. The Zetas have suggested that militias may be needed, to effect justice, as the alternative is to allow injustice. In most cases, there will be no 911 number to call, no police available as they will be tending to their own families, and no rescue arriving.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/3/2004: In today's world, such vigilante justice brings harsh penalties, imprisonment, due to laws designed to keep the thugs off the streets but also due to the fear among those in control that their slave class, the working class, might rebel. But after the shift, with police and the military absent, phones dead, and determination of who the criminal and the victim are clear, standing back and letting the criminal have his way is not the option that is taken. Imagine trials where the victims of crimes determine the sentence, and you see the future of Service-to-Self gangs looting survivor groups.

Of course, by vigilante defense, the Zetas are not talking about rogue groups trying to establish control and disrupt law enforcement, case 4 below. Vigilante justice takes place where law enforcement has failed or is absent.

1. a member of a vigilance committee.
2. any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as by avenging a crime.
3. done violently and summarily, without recourse to lawful procedures: vigilante justice.

1. a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies.
2. a body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.
3. all able-bodied males considered by law eligible for military service.
4. a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights against the presumed interference of the federal government.

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