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Italy, on Nov 16, 2003

Those who are waiting for trumpets to be blown by earless angels will be highly disappointed.
Showing its position between the Earth and Sun, as a shadow is being cast toward Earth, lower left, by the Sun.

This persona, considered during the Fall 2002 CCD Imaging season to be the true size and location of Planet X, turned out to be pink when color photography replaced the black and white CCD Images. It appears small, pink or a small white orb surrounded by a pink dust cloud, and visible only when at some distance from the Sun. When close to the Sun, it gets lost in the glare. The exact location of Planet X in the inner solar system can be discerned by a careful study of photo images of this White Persona, from various spots on the globe, particularly at near-polar latitudes, noting the date and time stamp.
ZetaTalk: Planet X Personas