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Second Sun
North Carolina, on Nov 17, 2003

Second Sun at 7 o'clock Atlantic Beach, NC.
The Sun is setting to the right, as can be seen in the 17:38 photo light reflections. In the 17:44 photo, the Second Sun casts its own reflection on the water!

The Red Persona, which creates an Occulted Sun when close to the Sun or a Second Sun when separate, is the bulk of red light from Planet X, which has bent toward the Sun aggressively and thus appears close to the Sun on all occasions. This persona is formed from light that took a boomerang path, moving toward the Sun but diverted almost directly toward the Earth. It moves aggressively toward the strongest gravity field in the immediate vicinity. Why would it head for the Sun and then be diverted, as the Sun is surely the strongest pull? Planet X is riding somewhere between the Earth and Sun, and thus the light from the Red Persona has choice, and moves toward Earth when emerging from Planet X on the blocked side of Planet X, thus is already headed toward Earth. It bends toward the Sun somewhat, but has not made the turnaround toward the Sun before arriving at the viewer.
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