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Persona Surround
Italy, on Nov 16, 2003

Those who are waiting for trumpets to be blown by earless angels will be highly disappointed.
The Surround Personas, which are light coming through moon swirls and their attendant dust and debris, can be seen both in filtered and unfiltered photos, and behind welders lens!

These cluster closely around the Sun, are represented in crop circles recently placed in Ohio soybean fields, and are light emerging from moon swirls. The dust cloud captures and disburses sunlight like fog in front of a street light, but to a greater extent as the sunlight is intense, and the dust cloud immense and stretching for long distances toward the Earth. Light normally lost is bounced back and forth in the dust that clusters around moon swirls, so the light arrives as though from a tunnel, to the viewer. In filtered photography, these Surround Personas can be discerned as round, but to the naked eye, the sun is just intensely bright, the glare increased.
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