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Moon Swirls
New Hampshire, on July 26, 2003

I have some photos taken with my Fujifilm Finepix 2650 3x digital camera at full magnification through welders goggles at 16:08, 17:29, and 17:30 DST. Very disturbing in that the series of pictures I took showed 'something'. Thinking that it was some sort of lens 'thing' I rotated the camera 360 degrees and the 'something' continued to show itself at the exact location relative to the sun, regardless of the camera position. I mean, if it was just a camera lens thing wouldn't the 'something' be consistent in relation to the sun?
David has also captured a dense moon swirl, something that had happened before on Dec 28 during the CCD Image session, and again on July 5 in a photo from Kentucky.