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Night View
New Zealand, on October 13, 2003

Night View again.
Marie, in Czech
Planet X approaches from below the Ecliptic, moving in a retrograde motion. When viewed from an extreme Southern Hemisphere location, New Zealand, this part of the sky is visible in the night sky. New Zealand is in early Spring in October, 2003. Thus on Oct 13, just ahead of dawn at 6:00 AM, the spot where Planet X is currently viewed is well overhead in the East, along the Ecliptic. Where the webcam faces West, there is evidence that Planet X has been tugging at the S Pole, so that the Earth is Tilting, then righting itself, so the location of Planet X comes within view on occasion in New Zealand. This showed up previously on Sep 12. [Note: see Moon Theory, that this object is the Moon.]

Facing WEST White Island Crater