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Tail Haze Visible on Nov 15 Images

Prior to analysis of the Nov 15 images, the Zetas suggested to the team that they examine the larger area as the swirl of moons and dust, the tail of Planet X, would begin to become visible.

We have described the swirl of moon, dancing behind Planet X, as perpetually caught in a Swirl behind the traveling planet, as these moons were captured during rapid passages through the solar system in the past when trailing in a swirl behind Planet X was the only motion possible. This tail will change direction, during the rapid inbound motion of Planet X during the next few months, always pointing away from the direction of motion. At times, the swirl will appear to simply surround Planet X if it is dead on toward the scope in its motion.

And sure enough, a haze, printing away from the direction of motion of the giant comet/planet, is becoming evident.

The "white" circled spot shows a small bright spot but also shows a darker more diffuse "haze" above and diagonally to the left. I think the Sum image is probably the best one to use for a best "haze" shot. I increased the contrast to darken it up a little. If you zoom in on the "white" location you should be able to see the main dark spot with about four or even more smaller dark splotches fanning up and to the left on about a 45 degree angle in an almost triangular shape. The "red" location shows something very similar except the three or so visible splotches go up and to the left at a shallower angle, maybe 15- 20 degrees or so.
Steve Havas