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Planet X Moons, the Zetas Explain
on Dec 4 Images

Going into the analysis of the Nov 15th images, we advised the team to start looking for the tail and the Swirl of Moons and debris within. Although coming under much Ridicule on Sci.Astro for stating that the moons of Planet X follow in a swirl, a perpetual dance among themselves for dominance in being the closest moon to Plant X, this is precisely what the imaging is now presenting! As Nancy would say, Zetas RIGHT Again! Since Planet X is both heading dead on toward the inner solar system, the swirl will most often be seen around the Red Persona, but as it is, in the Dec 4, 2002 images, moving to the right, the moons can be seen drawn out to the left, trailing. Steve has created a contrast to show the debris he noted were new, but as can be seen in the frames themselves, the moons are not at all as large or bright in the images as Planet X itself. They are reflecting light, solely, not generating it as Planet X is, and thus will always be the lessor. How many moons, and how large are these, in comparison to Planet X? They rival the size of Earth’s moon, and are numerous in the dozens when the smaller moons are included. That so many could have been captured by Planet X is due in part to its rapid passage through the solar system, as a stationary setup, with circular or elliptical orbits rather than a trailing swirl, would have pushed them out from each other far enough to cause some of them to be lost from the gravity snag of Planet X.
Moons Enhanced by Contrast Moons NOT Enhanced by Contrast