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Nancy is live on GodLikeProduction every Saturday night, since Nov 12, 2005. Please note this is in the Forum on GodlikeProduction, not in the Chatroom there. The archive list below links to any new ZetaTalk emerging during the hour. The archives from IRC live chats between Nov 2001 and May 2003 are also available.


May 10, 2008Page1JFK speech, Catholic prophecy, Texas sinkhole, Oil price, Bird flu, Chile volcano, NASA announcement, Levitation dreams, Burma devastation, Fuel efficiency, Pole shift avoidance, Hillary's hopes, Obama assured, McCain's hopes, Cool April, Sunset haze, Jenna Bush, Canary Island risk, Alien historians, Hybrid mothers, Volcano threat, Deyo on Reno quakes
May 3, 2008Page1DNC Rules, Edwards' endorsement, Bush agenda, Denial, Survival preparations, Annunaki, Internet problems, Nuclear war, Buch 3 clone, Quake increase, Pelosi, Jesus, Sanchez/Franks vs Rumsfeld, DC Madam, Insanity, Planet X disclosure, Reverend Wright, Recreational drugs, Ecomomic collapse, Second Sun, 2012 movie, Tornado increase, Soul choices, Medical skills, Out-of-Body, Reincarnation avoidance
April 26, 2008Page1, Page2Reno quakes, Asphalt volcanos, Bible interpretations, Food rationing, Obama attacks, Dogmatic people, Phoenix lights, Undersea volcanos, Greenland ice, Jails, Dreams, PA primary, Crop Circle, Florida, Meditation, Hillary's chances, Petratus as CentCom, Contactee recall
April 19, 2008Page1Density shifting, Tail lashing, Obama potential, Slowing timeline, Quake predictions, Hillary's campaign, New Madrid reach, Iran war potential, Oregon swarm, London stench, Earth wobble, Freedom Tower plans, Obama timeframe, New Madrid relationship, 2003 setbacks, Real Foot quake, Pope's visit, Soul-to-Soul contact, Russian shuttle landing, Worsening times, Price gouging, Escape routes
Apr 12, 2008Page1, Page2FAA groundings, LIGO theory, Density shifting, Earth density shift, Passage timeline, Bush 3 fate, Clinton campaign fire, Iran mosque bomb, the Call, Vacines, Insomnia, UFO fraud, Planet X cover-up, Caldron Project, Pole Shift dreams, Subliminal advertising, UFO stories, Zeta humor, Bush clones, the Awakening, Disasters, Cigar UFOs, Christ hierarchy, 4th Density, Indo-Australian plate, Aftertime governments, Obama bitter comment
Apr 5, 2008Page1, Page2Food riots, Gordon Brown, Gore/Obama ticket, 911 cover-up, Putin, Economic collapse, Self determination, Planet X photo, Subprime crimes, Iraq war lies, Planet X proof, The Happening, Gore/Obama conversations, Bobby Kennedy, STS recruiting, Fear levels, US missile defense, Green Zone attacks, Pole shift message, Depression looming, Planet X outbound, Movies as message, Ted Westhusing, FBI subprime investigations, Gog/Magog
Mar 29, 2008Page1, Page2Clinton exit, STO identification, Financial collapse, Bush clones, the Lift, Orientation decision, Conscious contact, Crane accidents, False Flag ops in UK, Pole Shift date, Antigravity force, Earth Hour, Chemtrails, Planet X disinfo, Incarnations, Antarctic melt, Disclosure admissions, Croatian visitors, Bush clone switch, Afghanistan war, Virginia Beach, Insomnia
Mar 22, 2008Page1McCain senility, Passport breach, Eliot Spitzer, Cheney agenda, Sweeps absent, Bank rescue, Earth's transformation, HAARP, Ears ringing, Sun/Moon observations, Cheney health, Pole shift date, Olympic forest, Sensitive people, 2008 predictions, Politics obsession, FARC rumors, FBI cover-ups, October surprise, 2008 rated, California big one, White Sun, Minnesota bridge, Gamma rays, Bush clone
Mar 15, 2008Page1Fallon's resignation, Elliot Spitzer, British suicides, Michael Todd, McCain campaign, Bush 2 fate, Bush 3 persona, Strategic Oil Reserves, Lasik, Carlyle Group, WiFi dangers, STS planets, Suicide, Contactees, Pope's visit, Winter Soldiers, Congressional resistance, Kansas City bunkers, Kokomo, Atlanta tornado, Visitations, Price control, Elohim, Psychic impressions, Debt load
Mar 8, 2008Page1Democratic dilema, Cold tolerance, Bush clone, Economic collapse, Lizard man, ISS UFOs, STO/STS interaction, Mars avalanche, Submarine boom, Nuclear terror, Concentration camps, Elite exodus, NY bombings, Canadian agreement, Survival supplies, Patriot Act, Israeli aggression, Ralph Nader, Boeing contract, Canadian contactees, SolarWave, Zeta activists, Homeschooling ban, Technological advice, Underground bases, Oprah Winfrey, Katcam photos, Hotdogs for McCain
Mar 1, 2008Page1Global cooling, Planet X term, Norway seed vault, Florida outage, US Ships to Lebanon, Nancy as channel, Dmitri Medvedev, Probe behavior, Earth hum, Obama as Star Child, Organite, Second Sun, Eris as Planet X, Pole Shift flooding, Informed populace, Antartica video of Planet X, Bush mess, Mind-Machine revolution
Feb 23, 2008Page1Siberia Explosions, B2 crash, Puppet Master goals, Gore's endorsement, Gold and Silver, Norway/Nevada quakes, New World Order, Kosovo independence, Obama security, McCain smear campaign, Nigeria oil, Hillary's exit, Personal decisions, S Wales suicides, Chopper crash, Water sloshing, Bush in Africa, Bush blocking, MJ12 outcome, Bunkers
Feb 16, 2008Page1, Page2Blackberry outages, Indigo children, Iraq deployment, Bush martial law plans, Land values, Tracking ammo, New Madrid stress, Russian flights, Tulum accuracy, Disinformation, Conscious contact, Indigenous peoples, Parallel realities, Subprime agenda, Prisons, Obama safety, Psychics, Spy satellite demise, Manchurian candidates, Media message, Unemployment figures, Chelsea Clinton, Israel support, New Madrid timing
Feb 9, 2008Page1Hillary motives, Wobble denial, Establishment arrogance, Pole shift depression, Disinformation techniques, Ecliptic backwash, Pole Shift wait, Rumsfeld, Lying politicians, Oral Roberts money, Bush-Lite politicians, Senate role, I Ching, Pole Shift cresendo, Hillary vs Obama, Hillary's $5 million, WW III, Death Valley rocks, Sugar plant explosion, Hillary and McCain
Feb 2, 2008Page1, Page2, Page3Alexandria cables, Dubai cables, China storms, Christmas disaster, Inane questions, Inflation, Yahoo sale, STS counseling, S Atlantic anomaly, Clinton/Obama, Gemini telescope, Chupacabra, Earthquake lull, Second 270° roll, Republican tactics, Sweeps disappearing, McCain, Kevin Rudd, Israel, John Edwards, Zeta intentions, Hybrid hair, Birthing atoms
Jan 26, 2008Page1, Page2Light Towres, New World Order, Futility of preparations, Disabled satellite, Housing Bubble, Military organizations, Flight 93, Missing nukes, Disclosure, Poverty, Sahara dust, Aftertime rules, Awakening process, Perpetual battery pack, Venezuela attack, Stimulous package, Disabilities, Sheep circles, Blue haze, Media ban
Jan 19, 2008Page1Moon swirls, Texas UFO, San Diego UFO, Heathrow engine failure, Republican expectations, Volcanic activity, Cloned meat safety, UFO increase, Minneapolis bridge, Bush tax cuts, Contact, Tom Cruise, Chakras/Kundalin, Free energy, Weather wobbles, Moon craters, STS lies, McConnell as control freak, Date of last pole shift, Bush Middle East trip, Press coverage, US military independence, Manna
Jan 12, 2008Page1, Page2New Hampsire vote, Blame the Sun, Bank of America, Martial Law, Magnetic trimester, Bush/Clinton alliance, Date of pole shift, Sybil Edmonds, Asteroid threat, Nevada quakes, Puppet Master, Zoo rage, Repulsion Force, Chemtrails, Red glow at night, Hillary exposure, Last minute chaos, Animals as quake predictors, Rule of Non-Interference, Stress symptoms, ZetaTalk hatred, Emanation illness, Second Sun return, Christmas disaster, Racial hatred
Jan 5, 2008Page1, Page2Mercury's shroud, Vote fraud, ATM restrictions, Texas earthquakes, Nevada levee, Countering denial, Project Camelot, Canada quakes, Obama electibility, Osvaldo Pedrosa, Light towers, Left behind, Britney Spears, Incarnations, Bush bunker mentality, Soul knowledge, Personal action, Evolution, Africa's soul
Dec 29, 2007Page1, Page2, Page3Mexico UFO, Rh Negative, Bush veto, Elite health, Cover-up, Bin Laden, Men in Black, Bosnian pyramids, Comet 17P/Holmes, Distracted people, Stanley Meyers water buggy, New Madrid warnings, Christmas disaster, Prior pole shifts, Reincarnation, Karma, Personal decisions, Transmutations, Wobble figure 8, Soul senses, 2012, Identifying STO/STS, Planet X right, Bhutto assassination
Dec 22, 2007Page1, Page2, Page3Washington Monument, Mars asteroid, Christmas warnings, Sparking souls, Asteroid orbits, Economy faltering, Republican pedophiles, Spirit Guides, Blocking Bush/Cheney, Bush successor, Lakota Indians, Alchemy, Past lives, Ron Paul, Hillary, UFO warnings, Christmas hammer, Fog, Windmills, Satellite failure excuse, 2008, Chemtrails, Condi Rice, Revenge, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Travel restrictions, Cheney's fire, Christmas hammer
Dec 15, 2007Page1, Page2Sharing Supplies, Bush blocking, Financial collapse, Visitors in attendance, Congressional compliance, Video games, Pole Shift foreknowledge, Telepathic computers, Christmas disaster, North American Union, Norway seed vault, ISS companions, Flu pandemic, Seattle after the shift, Last weeks timeline, Star Children, ISS meteor damage, Paulson's agenda, Solar System changes, Remote Viewing, Europe, Ancient footprints and Maya
Dec 8, 2007Page1, Page2Nebraska massacre, NIE report, 270° roll, Gore as candidate, CIA torture tapes, Iran drops dollar, Powerful people, Dana Pareno, Christmas disaster, 535-536 AD, White House rigidity, James Casbolt UFO's, Astronomical events in December, NASA, Planet X photos, Nursing infants, Timeline of last weeks, Bush's bully pulpit, Israel's fate, Kidnation, Higher densities, Spiritual preparation, 2003 White Lie, Shag Harbour, 911 foreknowledge
Dec 1, 2007Page1China shelter refusal, Bunker safety, Bush/Gore chat, Minnesota pipeline bust, Puppet Master and 911, Conscious contact, Planet X dust cloud, Pelosi, White House investigations, December disasters, China/Russia plans, Zeta cultures, Port closings, Planet X sightings, Greenland on Google Earth, Essex high tide, Indonesia high tide, China salt tides, John Edwards, Contactee roles, Ted Turner's land grab, Cover-up breakup, Alien interference, Turkey's underground, ISS, Constellation view, NYC anti-terror funds, Killing the Universe, Shortages
Nov 24, 2007Page1Star Child agenda, Service-to-Other percentage, San Francisco UFO, Bush setbacks, Disclosure options, Bush clones, Mukasey on torture, Wobble increase, Pole Shift timeframe, Contact with governments, Soul-to-Soul contact, Materialism, Armageddon, Mississippi sloshing, Annunaki, Japan's chances, Judgement Day, Zeta evolution, Raw Food, Stephen Harper, Council of Worlds, Antarctic cruise ship
Nov 17, 2007Page1Alien photos, Zetas described, Zeta directives, Ron Paul, Wobble severity, Planet X signs, Puppet Master role, Countdown signs, Finnish school shooting, Screen memories, Disinformation scare stories, Psychokinetic ability, Illness explosion, Florida orangutan, Conscious contact, Dennis Kucinich, Planet X distance, Jesus, Senate fires and anthrax attacks, Non-Interference rule, Reptilian shape shifters, Nancy's role, Earth changes pace, Sling orbits, Saddam's location, Pole Shift goal, Ion plumes, Jupiter's moons
Nov 10, 2007Page1 UFO shows, Stock market gloom, Wanta's trillions, Denial, NASA disclosures, Solar kill-shot scenarios, Slowing rotation, Sex with aliens, Telepathy, Soul progression, Gravity, Africa, Earth wobble, Chemtrails, China dollar dumping, Fluoride, Brazil land reform, Pakistan martial law, Leadership earned, Israel in Iraq
Nov 3, 2007Page1Note: No live chat was held. New ZetaTalk this week: Israeli lies, Tabasco flooding
Oct 27, 2007Page1Computer programming, Staph infections, Twin flames, P17/Holmes, Bush insanity, Highway median stripes, Iran goading, Polarized incarnations, Financial crash, Nostradamus, Weather irregularities, California firestorm, Polarized Republicans, Cheney's naps, Telepathy, Prince George BC quakes, Al Gore, Bifurcated brains, Ancient human footprints, Hillary Clinton, Cancer cures
Oct 20, 2007Page1Junk Bond rescue, Earth changes pace, Hastert resignation, MK Ultra, Pole shift chronology, Tail lashing, Bhutto attack in Pakistan, Zeta past, Great Lakes water levels, Federal Reserve, Confused Birds, Past Lives, Puppet Master/Jesuit alliance, New Pole positions, Bush clones, Incarnations, N Pole drift, Firestorms, Ed and Elaine Brown
Oct 13, 2007Page1, Page2Steve Fossett, Gore's Peace Prize, Planet X visibility, Zeta technology, Crop shortages, Fox news, Panic in the populace, Service-to-Other telepathy, Bush clones, MJ12 assassinations, Iraq War for oil, QWest's refusal, Media lies, TOPOFF4, Israel, Dome cities, Annunaki, Phil Schneider, Bush clone switch, Community orientation, Hybrid program, CIA rendition flights, Massacres, Ozarks
Oct 6, 2007Page1Buried secrets, LaJolla landslides, Bush / Puppet Master families, Tau-9, Pace of the Awakening, Screen memories, Satellite problems, Gore as candidate, Media honesty, Weather extremes, Council for National Policy, S. Africa mine, Manufactured DNA, Revelation trumpets, Topoff4, Alien Visitors, Earthquake insurance
Sep 29, 2007Page1, Page2Bush at UN, Vietnam Bridge Collapse, History Channel, Pace of Earth Changes, Disclosure, Vacines, 2012 Books, Bush clones, Jed as clone, Zetas frustrations, G8 knowledge, Pig DNA, ZetaTalk goals, Tom Cruise bunker, Human phaseout, Whistleblowers, Calendar after Pole Shift
Sep 22, 2007Page1, Page2, Page3Military assassinations, Peru meteor, Indonesia, September 14 stand down, Fed rate cut, Falklands, Planet X return pass, Survivor show reality, California quakes, Dubai development, Aftertime technology, Cover-up purpose, Blackwater, Aftertime climate change, Venu huge, Annunaki
Sep 15, 2007Page1Sumatra quakes, Density levels, Puppet Master plans, Putin dissolving government, Gold and Silver as barter, Wal-Mart's role, Israeli ambitions, STO/STS identifiers, Ranting, Verichip agenda, Planet X at passage, Rand on C2C, DOD funds misplaced, Government spin, Incarnation rules, Contactee reactions, Gore's plan, Contact protocol
Sep 8, 2007Page1, Page2B52 Stolen nukes, Bin Laden tape, Planet X on TV, Gore in the news, Genetic engineering, Nancy's health, Prophets as contactees, NORTHCOM exercises, Zero Emissions, Bin Laden trade, Karachi bridge collapse, Blackwater, Iraq troop reductions
Sep 1, 2007Page1Craig's resignation, Gonzales resignation, 49° Tilt claim, Earth wobble, I-40 Memphis bridge, Chinese dollar threats, Zeta US focus, Spain bombings, Mexican truckers, Contact pace, Bush term limit, Puppet Master, US Breaking Point, Crop Circles, The Call, Lunar Eclipse, EM power source, Alien Invasion claims, UFOs on radar, ZetaTalk accuracy, Mark of the Beast, Bush blocking
Aug 25, 2007Page1, Page2North American Union, Aaron Russo, Climate cycles, Zeta Prophets, Bank panic, Gulf War syndrom, False Prophets, Crop Circles, Joseph Lando, Conversations with the dead, Dolphin disappearance, Space Ship shape, Metaphysics lectures, Dixie Chicks, Aftertime communications, Men in Black, Operation Noble Eagle, Spiritual polarization, Language evolution
Aug 18, 2007Page1, Page2Crop Circles, Inflation, Peru quakes, Shuttle Endeavor, Bank panics, Alex Jones, Domestic spying, Secret societies, Will to live, China bridge collapse, DNA flaws, Cheney, Bank operations, Land/Water ratio, Sex in future, Zeta warnings, High Tech in future, Satanism in Catholicism, Government crimes
Aug 11, 2007Page1Housing bubble, Foot and Mouth in UK, Ron Paul, Denial, China dollar dumping, NYC bomb threat, Nuclear power plants, Iraq casualty count, Utah mine, Bin Laden capture, Contactee OOB, Race-based weapons, Crop Circles, UFO frauds, al Qaeda, Erectile Dysfunction, Bush, Desalination techniques, Meteor showers, Black Hills, Barter system
Aug 4, 2007Page1, Page2Minneapolis Bridge, Earth changes, Latin language, Pelosi's awareness, Big Oil arrogance, Housing bubble, Hurricane season, God, Bush and Brown, Planet X visibility, Paramilitary firms, Orangutans, Zeta/Human hybrids, FISA legislation, Pat Tillman, Zeta withholding info, Nibiru communications, Great Depression, Superhighway, Eavesdropping agenda
July 28, 2007Page1Cover-up, Contactees, Gonzales, Aftertime assists, Stretch zone, Saudi arms deal, YouTube censorship, Spiritual orientation percentages, Service-to-Self alien lies, UK UFOs, NASA/Mojave problems, Crop Circles, Common ancestor, Genetic Engineering, Death-smelling cat, N Korea, Cheney, Pat Tillman, DOW plunge
July 21, 2007Page1, Page2Bush Executive Orders, Vatican crimes, Whitley Strieber books, Japan leaks, Satan, MJ12 autonomy, NYC steam break, Marriage, Flood dreams, Red Dust, Cover-up methods, Genetic Engineering, ET's on video, Fire the Grid, Submarines for the super rich, Algae blooms, Crop Circles, Aftertime militias, Bush surgery, Blackwater, Great Lakes, Media focus, Federal Reserve
July 14, 2007Page1Life-bearing planets, Mexico sinkhole, Chertoff gut feeling, Fire the Grid, Pakistan rebellion, Crop Circles, NASA retirements, Alien technologies, Mammoth baby, Proenza furor, the Subconscious, Reading humans, Chemtrails, new Polar Caps, Redeployment, N American Union, Red Dust, Memory, Polar Ice Age, Nancy as channel, Maliki dismissing US, Alien assists
July 7, 2007Page1Libby pardon, Putin's Arctic grab, Predicting the future, Cloud shapes, Internet lawsuits, Roswell confessions, Crop Circles, Planet X progress, Pink Dolphin, Rudy Guilliani, Mass Consciousness, Dimension shift, Oil Axis, Earth's dark twin, Chile disappearing lake, AI, Puppet Master, Mother Teresa, Free Energy machines, Survival communities, Contactee recall, Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Jun 30, 2007Page1, Page2,
UK Car Bombs, Martial Law Attempts, Excessive rainfall, EM drills, City dwellers, Conyers investigations, Planet X photos, Zeta assistance, 911, Slavery, China's CCP, Chinese seafood, ZetaTalk approach, WTC7 explosions, Australia land lease, James Casbolt, Puerto Rico, Season of the Pole Shift, End Time prophecies, Spreading the word
Jun 23, 2007Page1Chili lake, Cover-up scope, Blair's EU deal, Hail stones, Hybrids, Awakening process, Dan Burisch, Volcanic gloom, India floods, Vote power, Mob violence, Martial Law, Insomnia, Electronic Voice Phenomena, White House stance, Financial crash, Planet X progress, Lean to the Right, Twilight lingering, Nancy missing, 2012, Pole Shift signs, Earth species, Caribbean, CIA declassified, Last days, Survival groups, Slovenia crop circle
Jun 16, 2007Page1Hamas/Fatah, Chavez, Martial Law, ISS, Crop Circles, N London UFO, Blue ETs, Libby, Obesity, Congressional investigations, Sunni armed, Space Ship maneuvers, Appalachian Mts, Anti-Depressants, Pole Shift preparation, Weather, Washington DC
Jun 9, 2007Page1History Channel, Bush impeachment, Worldwide goodwill, G8 Summit, Pope visit, TBR news, General Pace, Cheney pacemaker, NASA timeline, Zeta protection, Water shortages, Contactee lists, Airport delays, Video preventing contact, Contactee recall, Sexual blackmail, Shuttle Atlantis, Travel restrictions, Presidential candidates, Off-Earth travel, Cover-up cracks, Ed Brown, China relations, Mark of the Beast, N Hampshire booms
Jun 2, 2007Page1Type 1 Diabetics, Bilderberg meeting, G8 riots, Bush emissions switch, Cheney demands, Housing bubble, Weather, Compasses, JFK bomb plot, Hurricane prediction, White Lions, XO-3B, Safe Locations document, Putin's stance, ZetaTalk monitoring, Red Dust, TB scare, Remote Viewing, Russia drill holes, Bush tantrums, ZetaTalk reach, UFO's in Peru/Chili, Queen's return, Incarnations, Zeta lifestyle, Discerning STS/STO, World Bank debt forgiveness, Food requirements, Disabilities, Crop Circles
May 26, 2007Page1Bush as dictator, History Channel doomsday, Gas gouging, Bush vs the View, Weather swings, Second Sun increasing, Planet X location, Gordon Brown, Seway safety, Cover-up options, Second Sun sightings, Satellite problems, G8 proposals, Martial Law excuse, Seismograph signatures, Rockies as safe place, Scotland violence, STS functions, Central Europe safety, 270° Roll progress, Hemisphere view of Planet X
May 19, 2007Page1Blair exit, Pilots cooperation, Military rebellion, N America rip, UFOs warnings, Polaris, Mutilated animals, High tides, 270° progress, Venus, Israeli Embassy arrests, Ron Paul, Static Electricity, JFK, Council of Worlds, Missing 3 GI's, Spiritual polarization, Fireballs
May 12, 2007Page1Yellowstone, Australia evac, Cover-up death, Ron Paul, Nicolas Sarkozy, French intel, White House setbacks, Queen's visit, Pakistan rebellion, Aftertime energy, Fort Dix, Melamine in food, Planet X position, 10 Biblical Plagues, Enoch, Marriage statistics, Europe in Aftertime, Humans in the Galaxy, Apollo 20 rumors
May 5, 2007Page1Cover-up breakdown, Good/Evil battles, Bush decapitation, Planet X gravity, new Earth discoveries, Service-to-Other worlds, Inflation, Atlantic Rift hole, Quake lull, Red Dust, NASA train derailment, Zeta/human hybrids, Lynch/Tillman admissions, Satellites during wobble, Insect behavior, Pelosi, Sense of dread, ZetaTalk awareness, Astronomer silencing, Queen's visit
Apr 28, 2007Page1Ghost ship, Istanbul, UFO disclosure, Republican candidates, new Earth, Chemtrails, Planet X visibility, Solar cycles, UK UFO and quake, Hurricane season, Saudi attacks, Lighning strikes, WWIII prophecy, the Lift, Secret Service shootout, Planet X denial, Australia's Howard, FDA agenda, Laura Bush, Ruth Montgomery walk-in prediction, Black Ops in Iraq
Apr 21, 2007Page1, Page2Virginia Tech, NASA shooter, Bush team setbacks, US Economy, Sunrise/Sunset off, Cho's motives, Hunan sword/eggs, Newfoundland slides, Anal probes, Sundogs, Halted orbit, Billionaires in space, Plate movement, Transformation process, Planet X orbit, new Internet, 3 Days of Darkness, Soul rank, Cheney impeachment, The Reaping
Apr 14, 2007Page1 Wobble cover-up, Global Warming contradictions, Debunker lifespan, Military rebellion, Pole Shift inevitability, Planet X orbit, Kurds, Blair's successor, NASA excuses, Algeria bombs, Velikovsky, FDA policy, Disaster movies, Air Travel safety, Young souls, Annunaki machine, Earth's orbit reversed, Life as opportunity, Peggy Kane, Yuri Gagarin, NESARA, Cancer, Incarnations, Stress diseases
Apr 7, 2007Page1 China UFOs, Gore, Israeli/Saudi rebutt US, Global Warming, Solomon quakes, Solar System warming, Alien protections, Puppet Master agenda, Bush/Blair demise, Pet food cause, Indonesian reactor, Bush crime family, UFO warnings, Hunter Thompson, ZetaTalk reach, Food shortages, Puppet Master identity, Zeta/human hybrids, The Call, Earth lurch, John Lennon, Survivor TV show, Weather lurch, GPS, Ocean lurch
Mar 31, 2007Page1, Page2Gonzales, Chilean airliner vs meteor, Bush decapitation, Murdock, Pyramids, Pope's edicts, Reptillian shapeshifters, Crop shorages, Rivers, Iran UFO's, Saturn's hexagon, Alien claims, Planet X visibility, Earth wobble, C2C photo, Planet X temperature
Mar 24, 2007Page1Iran/Brits, Chemtrails, Denial, Blair, Time accelerating, Wobble signs, Giant myths, Weather extremes, Vague feelings, Jeb Bush snubbed, France UFO files, Pink Moon, Human DNA, Bush decapitation, Zeta/human hybrids, Dolphins, Prayer as Call, Postshift recovery, Pet food poison, Bees, WWIII, MRE near Kokomo, Wobble sloshing, Young souls, Bush health, Siberian mine
Mar 17, 2007Page1Florida, Halliburton HQ, 911, Power lust, Asian markets, Antigua takeover, Khalid confession, Karl Rove fate, Chavez as boogyman, Retirement funds, Anxiety increasing, Zeta-Human hybrids, Greer's G7 announcement, Human electricity, Forehead marks, Iraq attacks, Moscow UFO, Florida submarine, Second Sun photo
Mar 10, 2007Page1Cheney indictments, Chemtrail targets, Cover-up management, Pole Shift date, ZetaTalk Americentric, Cover-up breaks, Second pass of Planet X, Post shift diet, Moses, Cyclone George, Venus, Russian journalists, Bush in Uruguay, Russian billionaires, Cheney's health, Planet X location, Cloud holes, Leaks and expose
Mar 3, 2007Page1Walter Reed/DU, Cheney attacks, Iran/Syria meetings, Awakening pace, UK tabloids, Iraqi assassination attempts, Atlantic Rift hole, Weather, San Diego boom, 2008 Iraq pullout, Red dust, Thatcher/Guinea coup, Probes/S Pole scope, Eclipse, DST change, New Madrid, Satellite outage, Chrysler buyout, 270° Roll, DOW drop, Hellyer admissions, 911
Feb 24, 2007Page1Bush erosion, Guatemala sinkhole, Spiritual lessons, ESA warning, Jesus bones, Prince Harry in Iraq, Big Dipper, Feb 25th prediction, Discovery Channel re chemtrails, OKC and TWA800, Backup Grid project, Bush/Cheney trips, Pyramid predictions, Puget Sound dust, Sphinx records, No-Smoking trend, Gurdzhiev
Feb 17, 2007Page1Bush determination, Alien Technology, UFO disclosure, Ohio booms, Rumsfeld's Aspartame, Iran rockets, Bee die-off, Earth change plateau, John O'Neill, Sun/Moon positions, Aliens in Zoos, N Korea, kidnapped Japanese, Miroku, Federal Reserve, Media distractions, Hokule'a's navigation, Marduk, Iran antagonism, Dropping Dollar, lost Mayan cities, Cracked Denver windshields, malfunctioning Electronics, Interdimensional contact, Gold price
Feb 10, 2007Page1, Page2Phoenix Lights, Blair, Pelosi's plane, Plunge Protection Team, Bill Clinton, Iran, Planet X exit, Anna Nicole Smith, Astronaut crackup, Mar's history, Cannabis, Baja predictions, 401k's, Zeta plans, Atlantic Rift quakes, Reincarnation, Libby trial, Connecticut ship yards, Bird Flu, Passover, wishful thinking
Feb 3, 2007Page1Cover-up futillity, ZetaTalk interest, Orange Snow in Russia, Halted Orbit, Moon positions, UFO blitzes, Earth wobble, Halted Earth position, 270° roll progress, Hubble disabled, Martial Law attempts, dropping dollar, Libby trial, forced Cervical vacine, Planet age, Birth defects, Bush impeachment, Iraq evac, John Smith assasination, NC UFO's, Iran attack, Iraq holocaust, Hillary Clinton, China's space debris, Comet McNaught, Cheney's terror tactics, Russian politics
Jan 27, 2007Page12008 projections, Libby trial, Dropping Dollar, Earth sensitives, Government trends, drinking Urine, Solar activity, Vitamin sources, Fault lines, Kentucky dam break, Mountain building, Alien interview, Baby Bell consolidation, Gore assassination attempts, Iran aware, Microwave crowd control, Antikythera mechanism, Earth orbit halted
Jan 20, 2007Page1Planet X on SolarSoft, Cancer cure, Balkan visitations, Assisted technology, White Lie purpose, Service-to-Self existence, US election intervention, 2012 date, Israeli/Iran attack, Winter storms, Weather swings, Distracted people, Dead fish and birds, Kentucky train wrecks, Arkansas UFO, Visitation phenomena, Hemp prohibitions, Barack Obama, Reiki and Acupressure, Libby trial, Contactee trepidation, Iraqi hangings, China in space, Spiritual growth
Jan 13, 2007Page1Chicago UFO, Bush's surge, Sulawesi crash, McNaught comet, Cheney resignation, Common Man, Betty Hill, Bush's photo-op, Congress re Planet X, Australia's alliances, 270° roll progress, 8+ Richter quakes, Amero $$, Genetically modified food, Ice storm in US
Jan 6, 2007Page1, Page2UFO's, Bush as Caligula, Wanta, Vertigo en mass, Phosphorous in Iraq, Sulawesi airplane, Negroponte, Sky vortex, Mabus comet, Galaxy alignment, White House UFO, Aurora planes, Nuclear war, MJ12, Industy leaders, Chemtrails, Saddam's counsin, Christian Fellowship Foundation, Colorado oil fields, French Carot probe, Aftertime children, Service-to-Self contactees, Fireballs and meteors, Antisemitism
Dec 30, 2006Page1, Page2Saddam Hussein hanging, Treasury Secretary Paulson, James Cobalt disinfo, Wanta rumors, Grant Chronicles, PROMIS software, Sun's Magnetic Trimesters, Cover-up breaking, Terror alerts, Moon North, Stan Deyo forcasts, Kepler's law, Service-to-Self future, Weather wobbles, Taiwan Internet outage, Michael Dornheim murder, Blair airplane skid, Body flush, President Ford, Cathy O'Brien report
Dec 23, 2006Page1Toll road sales, Grand Canyon formation, Terminator seed, Iran war possibility, Cell phone dangers, Russian UFO footage, Rotation slowing, Planet X tail effects, Bush impeachment, CIA psychic targets, Constellations awry, Holocaust count, Ilegal immigration, Service-to-Self protection, Planet X on SOHO
Dec 16, 2006Page1Senator Johnson, USGS muzzling, Alien misdirection, Stargate in Iraq, Iraq troop increase, Puppet Master's survival, McCain's anti-free speech, dropping dollar, China dumping the dollar, weather reports, UK 10th Planet article, Belgium test
Dec 9, 2006Page1Bush/Blair posture, ISS shuttles, Diana's death, Undeniable signs, Florida, Milwaukee Falk explosion, Bush in Paraguay, 2006 surprises, X9 solar flare, Mary Summer Rain, Timeline clues, Father Malachi Martin, Bush Sr.'s naked short meltdown
Dec 2, 2006Page1Cheney, ET Awakening, Hollow Earth theory, 2008 ID law, Civil War in Lebanon and Iraq, Venezuela elections, Moon's orbit, Phillip Taylor Kramer hyperparticle theory, Planet X on SOHO images
Nov 25, 2006Page1UK stolen laptops, Bush impeachment, Free energy, Bobby Kennedy, Alexander Litvinenko assassination, Bush family mishaps, Pelosi, Japan 8.3 quake, Contaminated food, Saturn storms, Post election denial, Tonga region new land, Dubai Port deal, Near Death Experience, Lebanon assassinations
Nov 11, 2006Page1Zeta election work, post Election gameplan, Blair's fortunes, Connecticut vote countes, Al Qaeda threats, Keith Olbermann, Puppet Master's expectations, Martial Law potential, 911 investigations, Chemtrail patterns, Bush impeachment plans, Oaxaca Mexico revolution
Nov 4, 2006Page1Rotation stoppage affects, Pole Shift sloshing speed, Gay Republican/Bush exposure, Rigged Sports, Iraq meltdown, Saddam trial, Chemtrails, Media truthfulness, Aspatrtame plot, Great Lakes exercises, Iraq nuke website
Oct 28, 2006Page1, Page2Exponential Earth changes, Hutchison effect, Animal behavior, Bush distress, Stereo probes, US Economy, Amelia Earhart, Bob Marley as contactee, Al Gore role after elections
Oct 21, 2006Page1, Page2Falcon depot, Planet X position, Iraq as Viet Nam, Hawaii quake, Condi, Denial, Media suppression, Pravda October comet
Oct 14, 2006Page1N. Korea nuke test, West Coast volcanoes, Whitley Strieber's Zetas
Oct 7, 2006Page1, Page2New Madrid, Tom Brown's vision, Backward Sunspots, Amish massacre
Sep 30, 2006Page1, Page2GOP scandals, Reincarnation, Torture bills, Crop Circle T367, Implants, Kissinger visits, Domino quakes, Dormant volcanoes
Sep 23, 2006Page1ISS/Shuttle floating trash, Bin Laden death, Rove's October Surprise, Stolen laptops, Bush Geneva Convention compromise, 270° roll progress
Sep 16, 2006Page1Doomsday on TV in UK, Bush tribunals rage, Gulf quake, Pope's comments
Sep 9, 2006Page1Blair resignation, Armitage confession, Weary of waiting, Mammoth Lake eruption, Russian creature, Obesity explosion, ABC docudrama
Sep 2, 2006Page1Expanding ISS via shuttles, Contactee radiation poisoning myth, Mars close.
Aug 26, 2006Page1Pope's astronomer sacked, Lightning on Shuttle, Bohemian Grove, hurricanes, UFO's in the Bible, Invasion of US, Lead Poisoning after the Shift
Aug 19, 2006Page112th Planet, Military 2009 plans, Crop Circles, Bush body language, the Economy, Mark Karr re JonBenet
Aug 12, 2006Page1 BP Pipeline, federalize National Guard, Australian UFO, Martial Law possibility, False Flag Ops
Aug 5, 2006Page1Texas Fireball, Lightning storms, Sleepwalking
July 29, 2006Page1, Page2Listing ships, SETI communications, Wanta trillions, MN lava beds, NORAD rumors
July 22, 2006Page1G8 Bush/Blair conversation, Shuttle Discovery safe landing
July 15, 2006Page1, Page2Hezbollah attacks, G8 Summit discussions
July 8, 2006Page1, Page2NASA insider, Shuttle Discovery foam, NYC Holland tunnel plot, Iran setbacks, Israeli aggression, Mexico elections, Ken Lay
July 1, 2006Page1, Page2, Page3Solstice simulation, Magnetic clash, Shuttle delays, Asteroids, Allergies, Continuity of Government, Crystal Skulls
Jun 24, 2006Page1Korea missile test, Laptop and identity thefts
Jun 17, 2006Page1, Page2Rove indictments, Bush Iraq visit
Jun 10, 2006Page1, Page2, Page3 Bilderberg, Continuity of Government, Zarqawis death, Stolen laptops, Vaccines
Jun 3, 2006Page1, Page2Rayburn shootout, CBS Reporter death, Ocean vortex, Peru Stonehenge, 264 foot wave, endangered species, June 6 2006
May 27, 2006Page1Bush/Blair visit
May 20, 2006Page1, Page2, Page3Morgellons, Rove/Bush Nazi connection, Cheney/Rumsfeld connection, Fitgerald indictments, Travel restrictions
May 13, 2006Page1, Page2Alien activities, China Mirage, Dropping Dollar, Missing AK47's, Gonzales
May 6, 2006Page1Increasing meteors, Porter Goss resignation
Apr 29, 2006Page1 Schwassmann Wachmann comet, age of Great Pyramids
Apr 21, 2006Page1, Page2Hu's visit, quakes, GRB, $75 Oil, orbs, 270° Roll, 2006 vote, Fascism
Apr 15, 2006Page1Schwassmann Wachmann, Agents on Posts, Stalled Orbit
Apr 8, 2006Page1, Page2911 Revisited, 1957 Virus as Pandemic Nudge
Mar 4, 2006Page1India Caper, Contactee %, Assassinations, Israel Influence