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In 1882, an Ohio Dentist named John Ballou penned the book The Oahspe, a true channeled book.
The book has a Biblical tone, done on purpose so that the locals in the Bible Belt would be encouraged to read it.
But there the semblance drops!
I quote from the cover page

Oahspe, a new Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors.
A sacred history of the dominions of the higher and lower heavens on the Earth for the past twenty-four thousand years, together with a synopsis of the cosmogony of the universe; the creation of planets; the creation of man; the unseen worlds; the labor and glory of gods and goddesses in the etherean heavens.

The book covers reincarnation, the interaction of aliens with humans and human cultures, and why the US Government was assisted to become a democracy in the past.
The Oahspe confirms pole shift history, calling Planet X the Red Star, and details the pole shift that sunk Atlantis, and describes why Atlantis was doomed, and portents the coming pole shift.
The Aftertime, with its many orphans, is described, along with the polarization of the good hearted from the selfish into different camps.
The Oahspe is not easy to read, due to its style, but its meaning is clear enough.

Lets start with the description of the Planet of the Crossing, Niburi, also known as Planet X or Marduk or Wormwood and in Sitchin's books as the 12th Planet.
The Oahspe calls it the Red Star.
Per the Zetas, the sling orbit of Planet X has been in place from the start, coming out of the Big Bang.

ZetaTalk: 12th Planet, written Jul 15, 1995
[Planet X] assumed its orbit around the Sun due to gravitational and motion issues, which were at play coming out of what some Earthlings refer to as the big bang. This was in fact only a little bang, a local affair, however. The orbit of [Planet X] is long and narrow. [Planet X] travels interminably between [two suns], not able to settle on an orbit around just one because of the momentum and path it originally took. It is caught. The path of [Planet X] is such that it spends most of its life out in dark space, slowly moving from one giant tug to another. As it approaches one of these giants, your Sun being one, it picks up speed, and reaches a maximum speed as it passes the attraction. Having passed, it now has double the gravitational attraction on one side, and quickly switches back in the other direction, zooming just as rapidly much along the path it just took. Out in space again, caught between the two giants that dominate its life, it settles down to a sedate few thousand years, only to zip around the Sun's counterpart in a like manner and head back toward your Solar System.

And what did an Ohio dentist, in 1882, describe?
A traveling world, not one that goes round and round in an orbit.
A world surrounded by moons and a dust cloud.
A world that is magnetic, clashing against other worlds, creating pole shifts.

Book of Aph
01. I, Aph, Son of God, trained in the change and tumult of corporeal worlds.
05. Proclaim my decrees of the red star and her heavens in the crash of her rebellious sides, for I will harvest.
07. A wave of breath speedeth forth in the broad firmament. The red star flieth toward the point of My whetted sword.
08. Fly with all speed where first the red star's vortex gathered up its nebulae, millions of years agone, and on the way say: God hath decreed a pruning-knife to a traveling world.
10. Tell them I have spoken, and the earth and her heavens near the troughs. I will scoop her up as a toy, and her vortex shall close about like a serpent hungry for its prey.
11. Hear me, O ye who have witnessed the creation of many worlds and their going out. Countless millions will fall into My net.
12. The central tones of music from Goddesses older than the corporeal worlds. To them the crash of worlds is as a note created.

What have the Zetas said about Atlantis, and its association with a pole shift of the past?

ZetaTalk: Atlantis, written Aug 15, 1995
The stories about Atlantis, which has never been found, are supported by myths of great cities destroyed suddenly by rising water. Well, that of course happens extensively all over the world every time there is a pole shift. There were lands that sunk under the sea in the Atlantic. Many cities in and around the European continent went under the waves during the past few pole shifts. This is because the Atlantic, as a widening ocean, tends to drag down the shore lines and outlying islands during each shift. Atlantis was not a human society, but a society composed, dominated, by the advanced [giant] homoinoids from [Planet X]. They used crystals for communications, had rocket power. These visitors did not disappear because they went under the waves. They disappeared because they were put into quarantine. The quarantine mentioned was decreed by the Council of Worlds because the giant hominoids from Planet X had enslaved mankind, creating a dark climate unsuitable for spiritual growth.

And what did an Ohio dentist, in 1882 describe?
Land that was deliberately sunk during a passage of the Red Star, because the inhabitants, described as spirits of darkness, had outworn their welcome.

Book of Aph
15. And now came Neph; his ship rose up, filled with his long-laboring hosts. And I greeted him and said unto him: By power and wisdom of God, the continent of Atlantis is to be cut loose and submerged, and her heavens carried away. Return thou to earth and bring all the spirits of darkness from all the divisions of earth and heaven to Atlantis, that I may carry them away.
16. Quickly, now, the ships of fire formed in line, extending from my place down to earth.
18. And I divided the line into sections, each with 250 ships, and there were 1,000 sections. And every ship was contracted 10,000 fold, which was the force required to break the crust of the earth and sink a continent.
Book of Aph
06. And the vortex of the earth closed in from the extreme, and lo, the earth was broken! A mighty continent was cut loose from its fastenings, and the fires of the earth came forth in flames and loud with loud roaring. And the land rocked to and fro like a ship at sea.
08. And again the vortex of the earth closed in about on all sides, and by the pressure, the land sank down beneath the water, to rise no more. And the corporeans went down to death.

The Zetas have described the pole shift, during the passage of Planet X, as being driven by magnetism, as Planet X is a magnetic planet with 23 times the mass of Earth, the bully magnet.

ZetaTalk: Weakest Link, written during the 2001 sci.astro debates
Place two magnets end to end, and they are happy to line up. Place two magnets side by side, and they both try to move so that they line up. Make one of these magnets several times the mass of the other, and the larger dominates in this motion. Thus, the Earth moves, in place, in its orbit, at the point where the passage itself occurs, the north pole of the passing planet no longer approaching the south pole of the Earth, but passing it, thus dragging this south pole along with its north pole during the passage.

The Oashpe refers to a magnetic field as a vortex, the magnetic field of Planet X overwhelming that of Earth, thus forcing a pole shift.
In addition to describing Planet X as a traveling world, on a sling orbit, and wrapping its vortex around the Earth, but also with writhing moon swirls described by those on Earth during a passage like a dragon in the sky.

Book of Es
02. Come, O ye Gods and Goddesses; come with me down to the red star; the earth is near the arc
07. And they looked across the firmament, far off, to see the slow rolling earth, where mortals still groped in darkness; whose people could not read the unseen heavens.
08. Here they deliberated; some to wonder how it was, that the earth, in all the time of her being, had only sent a few hundred thousand million angels into the heavens. Others surmised the lowness of her grades.
09. Then spake Atavia. She said: Oh, I remember the earth! Her side was crushed, and the form of her land changed by Aph, 24,000 years ago. O, it is a glorious world. I will be one, a volunteer, to go thithe.
17. Then upward, outward, rose the ship of fire, heading for the far-off red star, that coursed in the serpent's coil, a million and a half miles a day.
18. The earth, seen by the magnifying instruments of the Gods, seen in its little orbit round the sun, of half a thousand million miles.

The Oahspe describes guidance where the Earth's genetically engineered hominoids, the Races of Man, would eventually encounter each other.
The Zetas mention this also, in describing the Races of Man, where China Man was specifically introduced as a balance.

ZetaTalk: Races of Man, written Jul 15, 1995
China Man was developed to offset the ruthlessness of the inhabitants of [Planet X], who interbred with humans during their mining operations. The Oriental is slight, and given to ponder and consider the feelings of many before proceeding. It was foreseen that Earth's humanity would grow and eventually blend, as it has, so the ultimate Earthling was the target, and China Man was engineered accordingly. The hominoid stock used to build China Man was from those least likely to be impulsive, where deliberation brought rewards and had thus been selected for survival during evolution. In addition, a different ape was chosen as the base, one with a placid nature, where the apes selected for the other races did not have this quality at the fore. These qualities can be seen today in the descendants of China Man, who consult with one another, proceed only when there is consensus, and succeed best at those endeavors that require group dedication.

If the Zetas state that Earth's humanity would eventually blend, how did an Ohio dentist describe this process in 1882?
The Oahspe calls the period of discovery, global travel, Kosmon.

Book of Es
02. So, God sent down .. angels in his command to inspire migration to (America), and to make the country known to the eastern peoples.
04. And it came to pass, that Columbo, thus inspired of God, through his holy angels, did discover the western continent, not knowing he was under inspiration.
27. In the early days, behold, I kept man on certain continents and places, that I might unfold him in the glory for which I designated him.
28. But in Kosmon, I open the gates of the oceans, and the seas, and the rivers, and I say unto all My people: Come forth, behold your brethren; go ye in this country, and into that, and learn wisdom from that which I have provided. Be ye profitable unto one another, in the experience and practice of My hand upon all peoples.
29. For in Kosmon, man shall go abroad into all countries, one nation with another; and they shall profit by wisdom, to bring forth a new race with all the glories selected from the whole.
Book of Es
11. And the idolaters of the false Kriste did fall upon the Chine'yans and enforce the opium trade, and did also make many of them a drunken and worthless people.
14. And this also came to pass, [they] did fall upon the Algonquins, and caused the three millions of them to be put to death, men, women and children.

The Zetas have described the US as being the flagship of democracy over the past couple hundred years, and thus the country chosen for the contact resulting in Roswell and the formation of MJ12, the secret government.

ZetaTalk: Only the US, written Oct 15, 1995
[The] reason we desired an alliance with the US government was due to their position of leadership in the world, a position they still hold. The US is the signal democracy, which was assisted in its birth by many aliens in the Service-to-Other responding to The Call, and has more than met the expectations of those who assisted.

And how did an Ohio dentist describe this, in 1882?
The spirits of those who had died during the Inquisitions, assisted, out of rage for religious intolerance, out of rage for such acts done in the name of Christ, and the rights of Kings.

Book of Es
01. There came before the throne of God, a host of 7,000 angels who had been victims of the inquisition under the inspiration of the false Christ.
03. They said:
09. We have such strength as a mad wolf might be proud of. Therefore, use us.
10. We have not such mercy and forgiveness as becometh Gods. Therefore, give us rough work to do.
12. Not that we desire to glut ourselves in vengeance against the false Christ.
13. As such a matter, if an innocent lamb were pursued by a wolf, give us to rush in, and save the lamb.
14. Now, behold, the rumor hath come to us, that thou wilt establish America free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.
15. And it cometh to this; we are so far on the road to purification, that we can no longer catch the false Christ's angels and hurl them into hell.
16. Nevertheless, we are not so fastidiously pure, but we would seize his evil-working angels, and hold them by the throats till thou hadst thy great country founded safely for God's kingdom.
18. God said unto them: I welcome you.
19. What ye can do, that shall ye do; nor shall any but yourselves judge yourselves.
22. Behold, [they] will surely inspire a war, both in America, with mortals, and in the heavens thereof, with the angels.
23. My angel hosts shall inspire the mortals of America to found a government free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

The Oahspe goes on to describe that the writing of the Constitution was inspired, and those who fought for independence and penned the Constitution were under protection.

Book of Es
04. Chief of these men raised up by God, to establish the foundation of God's kingdom with mortals, were the following, to wit:
05. Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington.
08. These then were the doctrines of Paine, to wit:
12. That all the world is my country, and the same right alike to all men.
13. To do good, with all of one's wisdom and strength, is the highest religion.
15. That this is an age of reason, in which all men should be inspired, to read and think.
22. The false Christ, perceived the design of God, and sent down to earth, to America, angel warriors to overthrow Paine's doctrines and to precipitate the colonies into war against the home governments in western Europe.
24. Now assigned the army of the inquisition, the 7,000 angels, to be the protecting hosts.
25. Besides these angels, who were generals and captains of the hosts, there were on non-commissioned angel officers, 2,784, who had also been martyred as to earth-life, by scouring, and by the rack, and by being pulled in quarters, and by being burnt, who were distributed amongst the mortal armies of soldiers.
26. Such then, were the inspiring hosts, who remained with the soliders of the republic during the war, day and night, inspiring them to fortitude and manipulating them to give them health and strength and endurance.
28. For seven years the war lasted, and during all the while, the earthly commander, Washington, was under the guardianshp of the commander of the angel hosts. And there were detailed to guard Washington, day and night, one 1,000 angels. And though he was shot at, and in many ways sought for to be destroyed, these angels saved him, even catching in their hands the bullets that were fired at him.
29. And in like manner were many other mortal leaders and privates in the war protected and saved from harm by he angels.
30. And yet all this while the angels fought on the other side, endeavoring to pull away the guardian angels, and so make the mortal leaders vulnerable.
31. But these angels were lower in grade and less potent, and, withal, not so enthusiastic, for they had not suffered martyrdom.
32. And God said: Rather let a man glory in martyrdom for righteousness sake; for herein he taketh high resolves against evil; which resolves are a great power to the soul when it enteredth heaven.
33. And it came to pass that the republic was established.

The Zetas state that reincarnation exists, and approximately 1,000 lifetimes are required to reach a solid decision on spiritual orientation, to be empathetic or self focused.

ZetaTalk: Many Incarnations, written Jan 25, 2003
Humans tend to underestimate the number of incarnations they will have before advancing to light form, the stage where a body no longer is a learning tool. They explore their past lives, digging about with a past life regression therapist, and remember only those that are pleasant or put their actions in a good light. The horrific times, or times when they behaved so badly they prefer not to dwell on the matter, are not brought forward. Incarnations run into the thousands, in the main, before a graduation to [the next] spiritual [level] is achieved.

And the Oahspe states:

Book of Judgement
Thy young spirit must remain within the atmosphere of the animal creation for a long season ; like unto like, hast thou fashioned thy spirit to the flesh of thy body. Consider thy corporeal body as a ship, in which thy spirit is sailing across a wide sea of water. After death, it flyeth in the direction thou hast shaped it.

ZetaTalk describes the development of the soul as sparking, taking on the stuff of souls to increase in mass, stating that infant spirit are often so poorly formed that they aborts after the death of their first incarnation, and describing that the spirits elected to head the Council of Worlds as wise and massive.

The Oahspe likewise descibes several levels of spiritual development, and roles that sound like what the Zetas describe for Sprit or Birthing Guides.

Oahspe, Glossary
Es'yan : A newborn spirit. When a mortal dies, and his spirit departs into Heaven, it is called an es'yan. An infant spirit.

Chaotics : Deranged angels, such as are killed in war or in anger.

Asaphs : Angels in Heaven whose office it is to receive the spirit when a mortal dies, and bear it to the place prepared for it. Their rank is next below Ashars.

Ashars : Guardian angels who are appointed over mortals, to be with them during life. They deliver the spirit in time of death into the hands of the Asapha. They also keep the record of the mortal, which is also given to the Asapha in Heaven, along with the newborn spirit, which is called an es'yan for a certain season. Ashars are next in rank to Loo'is.

Loo'is : Angels who provide the pre-natal condition for such mortal births as are designed for especial work by the Gods or Lords.

Daveas : Bad angels, spirits that deceive and tempt. A prince of liars.

The Zetas have stated that ghosts do indeed exists, are restless spirits whom the birthing guides allow to linger as they have unresolved issues.
Thus, not yet ready for another incarnation.

ZetaTalk: Ghosts, written Jul 15, 1995
All humans have visits from those they knew in the past, now dead. These spirits, who are primarily disincarnate but can come from their next incarnation in an Out-Of-Body, are trying to settle things they feel were left outstanding. These matters can be as simple as an apology they wished to express to you, or a bit of information they felt you needed, intended to be told to you when you next met. Death interrupts the plans. Ghosts are such disincarnate entities.

But per the Oahspe, if the Spirit Guides are not attentive, things can get out of hand!

Book of Aph
7. Many angels assumed they were the All Highest, they put aside the commandments, one of which was: To suffer not the spirits of the newly dead to return and dwell with their mortal kindred.
8. And it came to pass that when one commandment was set aside the others were also; and it followed that the spirits of the newly dead, who were without knowledge of heaven, led mortals in their own way.
9. For they dwelt together and slept together; and for desires of the flesh they found acquiescence in spirit.
10. And as one spirit returned and fastened itself on a mortal, so did another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew it not; and they became void of direct purpose because of the confusion of soul.

This sounds like something the Zetas call a crowded incarnation.

ZetaTalk: Crowded Incarnations, written Apr 15, 1997
On worlds where incarnations are beginning to repeat, where [souls] have sparked due to incarnating into intelligent species and are re-incarnating again and again, crowded incarnations seldom happen as there is a plenitude of bodies for the [souls] to incarnate into. However, in a situation such as the Earth is due to experience, where the majority of bodies will die suddenly leaving the formerly incarnated [souls] without opportunities, chaos can and does ensue. Crowded incarnations are very temporary. For instance during the forthcoming pole shift this potential may exist for several months. The normal procedure where immature [souls] are gathered upon death of their body and amused or otherwise occupied until the next incarnation can be arranged is difficult due to the numbers, so at times these [souls] roam about and try to arrange their own incarnations.

The Zetas have described possession, or walk-ins, where the original incarnating spirit leaves and another takes over.

ZetaTalk: Walk- in, written Jul 15, 1995
A walk-in is where a naturally evolved Earth [soul] vacates its human body and then a [soul] from another world enters, incarnating. When a walk-in takes place, it is not because the [soul] has left temporarily, but, like death, has left permanently. This occurs when the [soul] essentially wishes to commit suicide, and would do so if the walk-in were not allowed. The spirit guides are aware of this, conferences take place, and all is agreed. Since this changes the nature of the incarnation agreement, it is like an amended incarnation agreement.

And what did an Ohio dentist say, in 1882?

The Book of Judgement
But this shall happen unto many : leaning to speak by entrancement or by inspiration, they shall imagine themselves controlled by certain angels, when, in fact, it is only their own spirit, eliminated from the corporeal senses. Others, being influenced, shall imagine it is themselves and not an angel, whereas it is an angel speaking through them. To them, that have not experienced elimination of the spirit-self from the coporeal self, all speech is believed to be of the corporeal senses only, or of a diseased condition. For many such, even after death, will not admit they are dead, because of the darkness upon them. Let no man say that only seers and prophets and such persons as work signs and miracles are under the influence of spirits ; for even as much as these, so are other mortals under the dominion of spirits. Yea, the infidel, the disbeliever, the philosopher, the lawyer, the judge, the preacher, the fanatic, and all others, are more controlled by the spirits of the dead than by their own personal spirit.

The Zetas describe alien/human interactions as being under the control of humans, who give The Call for counseling.

ZetaTalk: Awaiting the Call, written Feb 15, 1996
We have stated that aliens are restrained from interfering with the free will of humans, must await The Call, and can only affect human affairs through human actions at this time. Do aliens just watch and wait in agony? Where The Call is being given almost continuously, and where the Earth is virtually swarming with alien visitors at this time, there is neither an excess of calls awaiting an answer or an excess of visitors awaiting The Call - a good balance.

What does an Ohio dentist state, in 1882, about contactees?
The ability of the visitors to move into another dimension, the struggle between good and evil that human souls have, as young souls, that the visitors must influence humans only by counseling, which the Oahspe calls 'inspiration', that free will exists, and thus a human may switch from being Service-to-Other to become Service-to-Self, and Out of Body, or astral, travel occurs.

The Book of Judgment
06. And the angels shall demonstrate the subtlety of corporeal things, and the capacity of one solid to pass through another solid uninjured.
The Book of Judgment
04. And my angels, by inspriation, control the marriages of certain mortals, that heirs may be born into the world suited to the work I have on hand.
05. For many generations, my (angels) labor to this end, raising up thousands and tens of thousands of mortal heirs according to my commandments.
6. So, O man, my (angels) shaped mortal births to bring about the armies of thy God.
29. And it came to pass, that many whom I had designed for exalted work, fell into the hands of [those] .. Full of boasting and short-sighted wisdom, seeking the applause of the multitude.
30. And, so, my angels sifted them and sorted them, in order to find such as were willing to sacrifice self for the sake of the Father's kingdom.
The Book of Judgment
12. And angels will come to them;
15. And many shall attain adeptism, and, in spirit, go out of their mortal bodies, and appear hundreds of miles away, and there make themselves known; and they will return again to their mortal bodies, unharmed.

ZetaTalk has described the battle of good and evil as a developmental issue, where a young spirit must learn empathy and thus become Service-to-Others or stay self centered, remaining Service-to-Self.
They describe the latter as essential a failure to grow from the initial state, which is self focused, like a newborn babe.
ZetaTalk has stated that actions, not words, are more important when judging the spiritual orientation, and that one should look carefully at the motives and effects of actions to determine a true orientation.
It's not a simple matter.

ZetaTalk: Key Characteristics, written Jul 15, 1995
There is a common misunderstanding, that being that Service-to-Others is all bleeding heart concern and the Service-to-Self is snarling greed. Nothing could be further from the truth. These animals come in various sizes and shapes. One must look for the key characteristics, in fact, to even identify them. The Service-to-Self are often misunderstood. As we have mentioned elsewhere, they can be charming and diplomatic. The key is the goal, not the goal stated, which may be packaged to appeal to those to be duped, but the actual goal. A reduction in pollution laws, packaged as enabling employers to stay in business, is in fact a power play by those who resent any restrictions on their power. The unemployment rate has nothing to do with this, but is waved about as a reason. In sum, the Service-to-Others individual may be gruff, distracted, disheveled, and inaccessible. But what are they working toward? How do they react when a truth test comes, where they must be willing to sacrifice themselves for others? Do they come through? And the Service-to-Self individual may be suave, seemingly generous, even defending others. But when their welfare is lined up against another, when they must truly share and words are asked to be replaced by actions, what then?

The Oahspe spends a great deal of time emphasizing this, that it is actions, not words, that count.
and the result of the actions, showing the true intent, should be examined.

The Book of Judgment
03. And thou be a rich man, and adorn a city by donating unto it a park, with statuary and pleasure-walks, hoping to glorify thyself thereby, and be praised by men; therein thyself burieth thyself in the first resurrection. And the act lowereth thy grade instead of raising it.
04. For in whatsoever thou givest, thou shalt consider, first, the lowest of the low, whether they have bread to eat, and a place to sleep. And the sick, whether they have attendance and good provision.
05. And thou be a rich man, and contribute a house for orphans or for the helpless and aged who cannot help themselves, it raiseth thee in grade.
06. But so far as thou doeth this for the applause of men, thou detracteth from the rate of thy beneficience.
07. Neither doth such a good work help thee more than the poor man helpeth his own grade by assisting one poor orphan.
08. For thy resurrection dependeth not on the quantity thou givest, but as to whether thou givest according to what thou hast
10. A certain rich man, being converted from the desires of earth, went about casting his money freely in the streets, and in giving to whosoever asked him therefor.
11. And some gathered it up, and fed and clothed themselves; others took of it, and went and got drunk, and became worse than before.
12. The measure of righteousness of that man's behavior was not in giving what he had to the poor, but in the good and evil that came of it, being weighed, as to which outbalanced the other.
15. A certain rich man, being converted to do good works, went and built a score of soup-houses to feed the poor gratuitously.
16. And all the poor people of that town went therein and were fed. But the next year, behold, there were twice as many poor.
18. Judgment is therefore rendered against that man for his supposed beneficence.
19. For, whilst he did a little corporeal good, he did a great spiritual wrong, because he lowered the grade of manhood and womanhood in those that he fed. His benevolence promoted dependence.
20. A rich man founded a place of labor for the poor, who had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. And he said unto them:
21. The Creator hath given you hands to work with; come ye, be men and women.
22. And they went and worked and earned their living.
23. Judgment is rendered in favor of that man, for he raised the spiritual grade of the poor. This is a beneficence that extendeth into heaven.
24. Let thy charity be to the sick and helpless, but be thou wise in directing the ablebodied to help themselves.
25. For all charity tendeth to lower the self-respect of the receiver, and casteth him lower in the grades in heaven.
28. Better is it for thee and for them, that thou arouse them from their degradation.
30. Consider not so much what thou shalt do to raise thine own grade, but what thou canst do to raise the grade of those within thy reach.
31. Remember, all men and women are thy brothers and sisters, and thou shalt labor to make them make themselves a glory unto the Creator.

The Zetas likewise have little respect for organized religion, which is full of rules and little compassion and especially where the Catholic church is concerned, seeks to gain riches from the poor.

ZetaTalk: Pope Ratzinger, written Apr 22, 2005
We have, throughout the life of ZetaTalk, spoken of organized religion as preaching not love and empathy and the practices that Jesus taught, but insisting on control and rules and suppression by fear - excommunication, kept from Heaven, exiled from the comforts that the Church claims it can provide. Pedophilia is protected while the use of contraception in marriage is a sin. Protecting the wealth of the Church for the use of the elite within the Church is a prime concern, while demands are made on the poor to support the Church.

The Oahspe speaks of this as the false Christ, the false church.
And like the Bible states that a rich man who does not share with the poor is not Heaven bound.

The Book of Judgment
11. And thou shalt suffer to fall in darkness such mortals as consult the angels in regard to riches, or to marriage, or to self, or for curiosity, or frivolity, or for anything of an earthly nature for profit's sake. They shall prosper for a season, but end in being confronted with folly and falsehood.
20. And to whomsoever worshippeth Gods or Saviours because of miracles and signs through unclean spirits, and through mortal mediums of low grade. Yea, thou shalt let spirits of darkness assume to be these very Gods, that mortals may be made to know what manner of evil spirits dwell in their churches and temples.
21. And to the rich man, who maketh pretence to righteousness, but who doeth not toward the poor as to himself, give thou him a host of spirits of hypocrisy and lying, that he may realize the company he is preparing his own spirit for in heaven.
28. For I will make man understand that he shall accept nothing from angels or men because of the name professed. On the merit only of wisdom and truth, and such good doctrines as raise men up our of darkness and poverty and crime, shall they accept either spoken or written word.
29. And they shall try to organize to carry out good works, but they shall fail. For many will desire to be leaders, being under the influence of selfish considerations, desiring the applause of men.
30. And they will profess freedom, but they will not pledge themselves to any sacrifice, either of money or opinion for sake of the public good.

ZetaTalk has described the current time as a time of polarization, where the spiritual orientations pull away from each other, in anticipation of being in different camps, physically, in the near future.
After all, those highly STS will be taken away to their prison colonies, and those highly STO will remain on Earth or reincarnate in future, on an Earth only for those in the STO.

ZetaTalk: Increasing Dichotomy, written Nov 15, 1995
Increasingly, the orientations separate of their own accord, as those in the Service-to-Other expel those who are not truly in the Service-to-Other and those in the Service-to-Self find compliance with the desire for a rigid pecking order only among those also in the Service-to-Self. The migration toward this dichotomy will increase in pace as the Transformation proceeds. At first there is a virtual homogeneous mix of the orientations, equivalent to the grade school environment where all youngsters are enrolled. During the Transformation the Service-to-Others find each other and take up abiding with each other, to the exclusion of abiding with those who are still spiritually undecided. In fact, the spiritually undecided find the environment provided in a Service-to-Other community to be a drag, dull. No confrontations, everyone dedicated and preoccupied, just not lively enough. The Service-to-Self are generally driven from the ranks of both the Service-to-Other and the spiritually undecided as they are today. At times it takes awhile for them to show their colors, but this is quite inevitable. Thus, those in the Service-to-Self find themselves banding together by necessity, and establishing the pecking order is the first order of the day. The spiritually undecided, larger in number, protect themselves from these marauding bands as they do today, by keeping guard and standing firm.

The Oahspe describes the STO community, during the time after the pole shift, and what types do not fit in.

Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth
63. Tae inquired once more: Who, here, hath faith in Jehovih, and, if we labor together in His name, living our all highest light, that His kingdom will be founded?
64. Hundreds and hundreds said: It depends on having plenty of money and a good plantation. With money it can be accomplished; without money, it can not be.
65. Tae said: Your faith being in money, I have no use for you. I called for those with faith in Jehovih. Therefore, go your ways also.
66. Tae asked again: Who here are capable and desirous of being leaders, let them speak?
67. More than a thousand cried out: Here! That is my part. I am suited to it by nature and by experience and by great wisdom.
68. Tae said unto them: Behold the spirit of the age in which we live! No man desireth a leader or dictator over him. For that reason, go your ways also, I have no use for you.
69. Tae asked again: Who here have made a study of this subject, and are prepared to be lecturers and teachers and advisers, let them speak?
70. And behold, another thousand cried out: That is my strength. I can explain all subjects; of diet, clothing, social intercourse, health, marriage and worship!
71. Others cried out: I am a trance speaker; I have angel guides two thousand years old!
72. Others said: I am inspirational; the ancient prophets are my spirit guides! St. John, the revelator! Confucius! Hosea! King Solomon! Daniel!
73. Tae interrupted them, saying: Behold, the signs of the times show us that, as to founding the Father's kingdom by words, sermons and lectures, they are worthless.
74. See here; I have gathered together hundreds of helpless orphan babes. They care for none of the things that have been offered; they need washing and feeding, and their clothes are to wash and mend.
75. Who, so believing in the Father, that he will give up self, in all respects, and work for these little ones, having faith that Jehovih will provide justly and sufficiently unto all, let him come.
79. Who, then, is ready to join in this labor without money and without price, devoting his life to training them up to practical knowledge, not only of books, but to use their hands in trades and factories.
84. Thus it came to pass, out of all the thousands and thousands who came, only fifty were accepted.
85. And the others went their way, mocking, saying: A most beautiful Father's kingdom on earth!

In this, the Oahspe was giving a test, to determine who is willing to take action, true action that would be STO.

ZetaTalk: Orientation Test, written Dec 7, 2002
The proof is simple. Go into a messy human situation, into poverty, disease, helping the lowest of mankind as Mother Theresa did in India, living among them. One does not have far to go for this, as misery is everywhere. If one balks, makes excuses, cannot stay for more than a moment, then you have your answer!

Per the Oahspe, the STO communities after the pole shift will have no need of managers, salesmen, lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, bankers, or soldiers.
But those in all other professions and trades will find a nitch.

Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth
3. How say ye, then, shall we appoint groups this day?
4. Thereupon, different persons spake, and the sum of their wisdom was that there should be:
5. A group of architects;
6. A group of clothiers;
7. A group of dietitians;
8. A group of engineers;
9. A group of manufacturers;
10. A group of horticulturists;
11. A group of agriculturists;
12. A group of botanists;
13. A group of nurses;
14. A group of physicians;
15. A group of artists;
16. A group of musicians.

And, as advised in ZetaTalk, the STS groups should be left to their own devices.

Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth
14. A colony shall stand as an individual before Jehovih. A colony may thwart its own righteousness by living for itself only.
16. The selfishness of a colony shall be, therefore, guarded against, even as the selfishness of an individual.

ZetaTalk has likewise stated that during polarization, when those in Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self tend to migrate to live and work and associate with each other, that whole nations or regions may take on these characteristics.
Certainly, political parties within the US have shown the polarization.

ZetaTalk: Conservatives, written Apr 29, 2004
However the political parties around the world are described, they seem to fall into categories that define the spiritual orientations, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. What are the characteristics of Service-to-Self? They want control over others, a clear pecking order so that whatever status they have achieved cannot be challenged, and they want this status conserved. Since they aspire to be at the top of the pile, they want this pile conserved, not altered, and protecting the spoils of the rich is thus a precept of their philosophy. What is missing in this equation is the conservation of comfort and security for the common man, who must be sharply punished if they challenge the status quo and especially if they rebel and are thus out of control of the conservatives seeking to maintain the status quo. The status quo disempowers the common man, who is so exhausted from trying to feed and house a family they have scarce energy to protest, who can be threatened with being thrown out on the street with no recourse if they protest or are reluctant to be under strict control in all aspects of their lives.

What are the characteristics of the Service-to-Other? They are concerned about the well being of the least among the populace, welfare and health benefit programs, a fair distribution of the wealth accumulated from the work the common man is invariably bound to on a daily basis, and open access to facts. They are liberal with the distribution of accumulated wealth, and stand for liberty or freedom of access to information and services. This pits them at odds to their counterparts, who oppose freedom while seeking to establish control over the common man, and demand accumulation of wealth for the few.

How will the parties align during the coming pole shift precursors, and during the shift and in the Aftertime? Expect those with wealth to be shrill during devaluation, demanding taxpayer supported protection for their assets to be the priority over any assistance to the homeless - guard against looting warehouses, back insurance settlements, and ignore the homeless. If unable to secure their assets during the shift, they will be shrill and aggressive in trying to take over any found in a survival community. They will claim superior abilities to lead, the right to replace lost possessions, or any other right they can assert, loudly. Expect those with concern for the common man to be at last in their element, able to place this priority as the rule, the Golden Rule, in their survival communities and operating with great consensus in this mode. Those valuing assets of caring over others will be identified quickly and ejected. Thus ejected, they will band together and spend their energies making demands upon each other. Karma, at last.

The Oahspe refers to countries, controlled by politicians, and how to judge their actions.

The Book of Judgment
20. Consider thy nation, and as the relative proportion of individual grades rise or fall, so shalt thou determine whether thy nation is ascending or falling in grade. Number its paupers and criminals as to increase or decrease.
21. Consider not its wealth, nor its ships, nor its armies, nor its great buildings. These all together are of no value as to the spiritual grade of its people.
ZetaTalk: Oahspe, written Apr 15, 1997
The Oahspe is a book read by few but with staunch devotees, as it speaks to truths mostly unspoken by man. Written at a time and in a place where Christianity was the only dogma allowed, the Oahspe could only have come from the mind of the man and by the hand of the man who wrote it.

Thus it is clear to those who encounter it that it is channeled work. The Oahspe addresses such subjects as
* immature spirits,
* spirits so poorly formed that they fail to prosper
* the fluidity that incarnations can experience when there are more disincarnate spirits than bodies to accommodate them,
* the rapture that some spirits find in corporeal pleasures.
* reincarnation with a mission to right wrongs done during previous incarnations
* administrative oversight of developing worlds by spirits in higher planes
* the approaching transformation of the Earth and the interest in this among gathering spirits from many other worlds
* the use of the periodic passages of what the Oahspe calls the Red Star to create change on Earth
* the mentoring of democracy in the world in keeping with its approaching transformation

Read with an open mind, letting what is being relayed sink in. Treat this as a garden you are walking through for the first time, and experience it fully without trying to categorize it! Much of what you will learn will be processed in your subconscious, and influence your conscious mind later.