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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 17, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Why did Bush rush to Iraq for a surprise visit? Zarqawis dead, and now suddenly everything is going to be all right? They are running an offensive in Iraq, supposedly run by the new Iraq military, to clean up insurgents. Yet there seems to be no change in the number of bombs and deaths, daily.

We mentioned recently that Bush is lining up an alternative approach to Iraq in case he has to reduce the troops there, is forced to do so by the Congress. Loss of Congress is looming on the horizon for him, as the 2006 elections cannot be assured any longer by voter fraud, which is coming increasingly into the public's attention by the main stream media. He intends to hold onto the White House, declaring Martial Law is necessary, to prevent himself from being removed as President. The game plan, in his mind, is to force the issue into the Supreme Court, which he assumes will back him. In the meantime, before any such drastic moves are required, he wants to remain in Iraq, in the Middle East, on top of the oil fields. Martial Law would give him unfettered control over the US Military, or so he assumes, as the foot soldier, the grunt, has never been told the line commanders no longer consider him Commander in Chief. Bush plans to tip-toe past the issue of an Iraq withdrawal, increasingly put before Congress by those insisting on an immediate withdrawal or a firm time table, by a compromise, a partial withdrawal. He hopes to avoid a show-down on Iraq in Congress, by seeming to cooperate with a draw-down. He hopes to stave off an order in Congress for complete and immediate withdrawal.

To save face, since he has insisted on victory before withdrawal, he is faking victory. The timing of the Zarqawis capture was no accident. As with the 911 hijackers, Zarqawis had help, all along, in any insurgency strikes he achieved. The US and Britain do not want things calm in Iraq, they want turmoil, and have tried to stir civil war in Iraq to tumble the war over the border into Iran. Has anything changed in Iraq, for Bush to claim victory, and thus allow partial troop withdrawal to be arranged, to placate his opponents in Congress? The roadside bombs still explode, the death count still climbs, the Iraq government still flounders, and Baghdad is so insecure that Air Force One had to land and take off with the lights out, for fear of being shot down! Success can only be claimed if Bush were in control of the media, which is no longer the case. Within a week, the public will have the sense of what has happened, Zaquawi replaced by another eager to step into his shoes, the chaos and turmoil in Iraq continuing, the Iraq government ineffective, and the cries for withdrawal from Iraq louder than ever.