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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 20, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

This enigmatic tragedy happened in the Ural's Mountains, Russia, on 1 Feb (as official reports say) 1959. A group of 9 young people, students from the Ural Institute of Technology, a former city of Sverdlovsk, now Ekaterinburg), who had decided to make an expedition by ski through the mountain Otorthen (namely through one of its peaks, Sayat-Khasyl - from the Mansi's language meaning the mountain of the dead), found their mysterious death there (not only their death was reported through the past decades at that place and nearby). There has been around a lot of guessworks for their death (or murder?), including UFOs (some fiery spheres were often seen by the locals), Yeti, secret acoustic weapon, rockets, etc. Many thousands of people concerned in this tragedy needs to know the truth of what really happened there in 1959, since this mystery has not been disclosed so far. And the place they died at was then named after one of them as the Dyatlov's pass. [and from another] The Dyatlov Pass incident refers to an event that resulted in the deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural mountains on the night of February 2, 1959. It happened on the east shoulder of the mountain Kholat Syakhl (a Mansi name, meaning Mountain of the Dead). The mountain pass where the incident occurred has since been named Dyatlov Pass after the group's leader, Igor Dyatlov. The lack of eyewitnesses and subsequent investigations into the hikers' deaths have inspired much speculation. Investigators at the time determined that the hikers tore open their tent from within, departing barefoot in heavy snow. Though the corpses showed no signs of struggle, two victims had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one was missing her tongue.

The combination of injuries precludes a natural death as having one's tongue cut out is a universal signal, a warning to others that talking about what one has seen or learned is a problem. In the United States, there are places where MJ12 bunkered underground or above ground with the Service-to-Self aliens who approached them just prior to the time of Roswell. Area 51, the underground tunnels under Denver, Mt. Weather - all are or were secret installations related to preparations for the coming pole shift and alliances with aliens. Russia has had a similar path, and thus has secrets it still wishes to keep from its populace. Service-to-Self aliens, working in conjunction with humans, are responsible for cattle mutilations. Even without cooperation from humans Service-to-Self aliens attempt to keep humans from their enclaves, as the Skinwalker Ranch in the US demonstrates. Dyatlov Pass was an area defended by both humans and Service-to-Self aliens in 1959, so both cooperated in the demise of the hiking party, which had seen too much. Aliens are not allowed to harm humans, but they loaned their technological knowledge to the humans involved to effect mysterious deaths.

I understand that the Zeta/human hybrids will live past age 100. Will geriatric hybrids lead active, healthy lives and not be enfeebled by the aging process the way many humans are?

The hybrids will have a lifespan similar to the Zetas, who live on average 400 years. This does not include becoming feeble at 100 years. Man has an average lifespan of 70 years or so. Are you feeble at 17?

I am wondering about the role of leisure activities in the stressful lives of contactees busily preparing to survive the pole shift. I don't mean frivolous pursuits but rather activities that will help individuals relax and recharge and remain productive. I am inquiring because when I sense the need for a respite from my pole-shift preparations, I usually feel I cannot justify taking even a short break given the limited amount of time left to get ready for the upcoming earth changes.

Vacation or recreation time is often referred to as activites that are different from one's day-to-day. Sports for those with a desk job, travel to a distant land for those not well traveled, a cruise or beach vacation for those who have been land-locked. In that contactees preparing for the pole shift are planning for a lifestyle similar to one that existed 100 years ago, without the trappings of modern civilization, this is different. Those who have not gardened are now planning gardens, to practice. Those with electric tools are seeking hand tools and learning how to use them. Those living in the city are taking trips to the country, seeking land. In a manner of speaking, they're on vacation more in this regards, not less.

Why are there STS Zetas? Are they descendants from the Zetas who went to prison planets when the Zetans transformed to 4th density? I understand that in 4th density this decision has been made by each soul, and thus only incarnate into either orientation.

All young worlds produce approximately 95% Service-to-Other souls and 5% Service-to-Self. This varies depending upon many factors, but there are no young 3rd density worlds that do not produce both orientations. This includes, of course, the Zeta worlds, which were many.

1) The temperature here in Denver have been swing wildly lately. A couple days ago was very warm and yesterday was snowing alot. Will these wild swing in temperature make people even more sick?
2) The economy is not getting any better. There are more crime such as burgulary, theft, and robbery. What do the Zeta see in the next few years. Will it not safe to live in big city any more?
3) With wild weather and magnetic interference, will it more damaging to the electronic system such our computer, appliance, and of course Car electronic control units? Should we use surge protection for every equipment that are electronic sensitive.

You are obviously someone who is not well versed in our predictions. We predicted the current weather swings in 1995, and now that they are evident everywhere on Earth, we have requested that we not be asked endlessly what this means at every turn. Nevertheless we get asked at every turn if the weather will get worse, or what this means. It means our predictions were correct, and the seasons will eventually blend into one another, and yes, humans as all animals will have difficulty with this. A pole shift is predicted for your near future, which will cause all cities to collapse, bridges to drop, the grid to go down permanently, and starvation to be rampant because food distribution will no longer be in process. Does this mean that cities will be unsafe, and looting and robbery will be on the increase? Electromagnetic surge or pulse has blown up step-up transformers in a Russian dam within this past year, and created complete electrical failure in Air France 447. Of course the surging electromagnetic fields will affect electronics. Man knows how to protect this equipment, though the solutions are not simple nor cheap.

At what point in the pole shift will we jump in to fourth D? Will it happen at the start of the shift, the middle or the end? When we get there will there be other people there?

The shift to 4th density will only occur when the incarnating souls on Earth are at 89% of the total, and this is not expected to be the case until some 100 years after the pole shift. This type of information is in the Density section of ZetaTalk.The shift to 4th density is essentially transparent to those making this switch. All looks and feels the moment after the switch as it did before the switch, with the only difference being a feeling that the physical is lighter, and the soul, the spiritual, more easily sensed.

Just how much of an impact will nuclear power and nuclear weapon depots have during and after the pole shift?

This issue is a concern of many, voiced frequently. In the past we have stated that this was in the hands of man, and all concerned should take steps to contact power station operators asking them to shut down their plants at the first sign of a pending pole shift. We have also intimated that since the Earth was to be home to ourselves and other visitors in the future, we were being allowed to take steps to prevent nuclear pollution, so that disarming nuclear weaponry was in process. Nancy can attest to this, as during her engagement with MJ12 she was present at a demonstration whereby we poured a clear liquid into a radioactive vat and neutralized it. The great powers, the US and Russia, deny this is happening to their weaponry, so that they can posture as nuclear powers. Their weapons are being neutralized whether they want this or not. Recently, when asked about power plant operations, we have intimated that by giving the Call, en mass, many voices concerned about the effects of nuclear pollution on innocents, Chernobyl redux, that the Council of Worlds granted ourselves and others the right to step in and assist. Such is the power of the Call, out of love for others by those in the Service-to-Other. This does not mean that mankind should relax. This means that the pressure should not be abated.

In November of 1998, a website put together by "The Millenium Group" - and shows a selection of SOHO images that purportedly show a giant object, which they termed "the Orca", after which subsequent images were removed by NASA during a 90-day shutdown. The question is: was this the first SOHO sighting of Nibiru and its moons? If not, what was NASA covering up, and what were these "new members of the solar system"?

These malfunctions of SOHO are explained as packet loss or light overload or reflections from object near at hand to the satellite and the like, and are present throughout the history of SOHO.

Babylonian value for pi (3.125), then the circumference of the Sarsen circle equals 3650 imperial inches- which is represented in the great pyramid. Is this a coded message representing planet x's orbit?


What's the true story behind Ricky Ross and the crack epidemic that decimated the inner cities in the 80's? Was Poppy Bush, Reagan, or CIA/DEA involved?

It is a well known story that the CIA encouraged the drug trade, under the protection of George Herbert Bush and Ronald Reagan, in order to fund the Iran Contra campaign. But the real push was prior to the 1980's as MJ12 needed funding and had tentacles into all the intelligence organizations, in all federal agencies. During the Viet Nam war, drugs were imported into the US sewn into dead cadavers being returned from Viet Nam. Extensive money laundering was done throughout these decades, including using the Savings and Loan debacle and off-shore banking in the Caribbean.

We need a resounding chorus of voices demanding 'UFO technology disclosure' in tandem with Obama's April 15th NASA Space Summit. [and from another] 116 Years of Exotic Propulsion Craft Patents Let's get the ball rolling ...This was announced over two weeks ago, yet there has been no coverage on GLP in these regards. The White House has announced that President Obama will host a conference in Florida on April 15 that is focused on his new space policy. "The president's ambitious new strategy pushes the frontiers of innovation to set NASA on a more dynamic, flexible, and sustainable trajectory that can propel us on a new journey of innovation and discovery," the White House said in a statement Sunday. "After years of underinvestment in new technology and unrealistic budgeting, the president's plan will unveil an ambitious plan for NASA that sets the agency on a reinvigorated path of space exploration," the statement said. "The conference will focus on the goals and strategies in this new vision, the next steps, and the new technologies, new jobs, and new industries it will create."
JLN Labs
Alien Scientist
Identified Flying Objects
Archer Enterprises, Stardrive Device
the Nazi Angle
Viktor Schauberger

Our ships do not travel by propulsion. We explained this early in the ZetaTalk saga. Man is not to have the means for interstellar travel, as he is considered immature, and those leaning to the Service-to-Self among mankind would be up to mischief without the controls imposed on those in 4th density and higher densities.

Can the zetas tell us if some of us will have the opportunity someday to help the people of Nibiru, during their transition into 4th density as the zetas and so many others are helping us?

Yes, this opportunity will exist. We are in 4th density, and are here assisting in the Transformation of Earth which is a 3rd density world. It would be surprising if humans who had during their lives on Earth had encounters with the Annunaki would not be interested in seeing this story resolve in a positive way for the majority of those on Nibiru.

Zetas say there will be 9M EQ's all around the world at the time of poleshift - around means everywhere or just in places where EQ's are usual now? For example can we expect 9M EQ in Kiev, Ukraine (this place is on stable old plate) or will such EQ's be in Romania, Crimea, Poland and in Kiev magnitude will be not higher than 5-6?

The entire world will be on the move, the entire surface on the move. Thus, when this surface stops moving, there will be a jolt! It will be the same jolt, everywhere. Plate borders or fault lines may have more aftershocks, but the initial jolt will be everywhere. If a bus slams into a wall, is it only the passengers in the front seats that experience the jolt? Those in the rear of the bus experience the same jolt, and are thrown forward to the same degree.

I read someone claiming Bush and Clinton were dealing dirty with all the money going to Haiti while in office, and that is why they immediately went down there after the quake. Now I see they are both going back there again. I do find it odd that two aging Presidents are putting so much effort forth. Anything going on there?

We were asked a similar question when a Bush/Clinton team went to Sumatra after the December 26, 2004 quake, the tsunami quake. Our answer then was that both were hoping for positive PR, so that when the truth about Planet X came out, a fact known during their presidencies, they might be forgiven by more people, and seen as people of good heart instead. Same situation during the Haiti rescue effort.

I watch a program about the "cocaine mummies". Did Egyptian royalty at that time have the ability to get their hands on cocaine from the Americas?

Such drugs are manufactured from many plants, with similarity between Opium and Cocaine, for instance. After hundreds and thousands of years, deterioration occurs, so the exact composition of the original drug cannot be determined.

Recently people seemed confused over the moon crescent looking like a smile, which you pointed out is normal after the new moon. Isn't the point to look for how far north or south the moon rises and sets differently than the tables show?

This issue has come up for discussion on the Pole Shift ning numerous times because people hear that the Moon is not in the right place and have begun to look. One of the first things they observe is an odd appearance of the Moon, where it is a crescent Moon that appears to be smiling. Nancy has used her old Skymap program, resident in her computer for the past 15 years, to produce bitmaps showing this is what the Moon was expected to look like at this time. The reason for confusion is that the people making these observations do not normally look for the Moon on a daily basis, and are for the first time noting this odd appearance. Indeed, the aberration to look for is a extreme tilt to the orbit, such that between the New and Full Moons it is too far to the north, and between the Full and New Moon too far to the south. At the New and Full point, it will be where expected.

How similar is the Star Wars Saga to reality? Is the council of Worlds similar to the Council in the Episodes 1-3? Are the life forms in the series based on reality, such as Yoda?

The life forms seen in Star Wars are just some of the vast variety of life forms present in the Universe. We have explained that many authors and producers are contactees, often in contact well before birth with pre-birth agreements for the role they are to play during this time. They are taken early, as children, for introductions to other worlds, to prepare them for their roles. Many are Star Children who came from an environment where for many lifetimes they encountered the variety of life forms in the Universe, so can simply work from soul memory in describing them. We have described the Council of Worlds as disincarnate spirits, wise and massive, so any presentation of a council in the Star Wars series is not based on using the Council of Worlds as a model.

Are there any STS entities in the Council of Worlds? What is the highest density an STS can reach, is it the same as an STO can reach to?

The Council itself does not have any Service-to-Self members, but on occasion Service-to-Self worlds wishing to have the rules imposed upon them changed will request an audience. This is almost always refused, as such requests are merely self-serving. Engagements between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self groups are supervised by the Council or their minions also. As to higher densities, which are an obsession of many on 3rd density Earth, you need not concern yourself at this time. Your concern should be graduating to 4th density, and any focus on the far future is merely a distaction.

Is the orange dust in Beijing related in any way to Planet X? I understand they have had this in the past.

With wind patterns around the world becoming more erratic and atypical, there will also be dust picked up and deposited in unusual places. Red dust from Planet X has not as yet become thick on Earth.

What's the current stance of NASA?

In regards to admitting the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system? They hope to be able to make an announcement just before Planet X is unquestionably obvious to mankind in the skies, saying their new WISE probe has discovered this planet, perviously hidden from view. This will not work for them, though we decline to state why.

Is this similar to what is occurring in Nome, Alaska as in the movie "the Fourth Kind"? If not, what is happening to the people there. It's my understanding that people can say "no" to STS assaults, yet the people in this movie (and in real life) don't appear to have any control over their situations. What has happened to the missing individuals? The abductions also seem to have elements to them that are more like demonic possession. This was the scariest movie I've even seen about real events. Can the Zetas comment on what is happening there?

The movie the Fourth Kind is fictional, and in no way represents the contactee experience. The human is in charge, and can just say "no" at any point to end contact. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Self are essentially in a consulting mode, though they may promise to change the physical environment of the contactee requesting their counsel. These promises are lies. To gain an in-depth understanding of all this, read the Rules, Call, Visitation, and Orientation sections of ZetaTalk.

In percentage how many people are really informed about PS on earth?

This varies by region and country. In Third-World countries where communication with the outside world does not include TV or the Internet, there is only the sense of something pending based on observation of weather changes and the like, combined with any prophecy their culture or country might provide. Where communication tools such as TV or the Internet exist, and access to phone conversations with those outside the culture, some kind of talk that would connect the dots between the Earth changes personally observed and prophecy about 2012 or the Mayan Calendar or the End Times or a crustal shift or a passing planet exists for perhaps 17% of the population. For most, the lack of attention in the media or the lack of announcements from their government have left them simply uneasy over perceived changes in the weather. But this situation is about to change.

Will the Caribbean plate crush a few weeks or will it crush a few months before the pole shift?

This is a request for a timeline, which is a request we cannot honor.

How is the military reacting toward the Obama administration now that enough time has passed since the Bush era? Do they have faith in him and his military plans? I can only guess that there are many sleeper cells in all the military factions at this time.

The military was horrified when Bush took office, because his reputation as a vapid, drug and alcohol addicted dilettante preceded him. Where Obama did not have military experience, he was a sober thinker, who listened intently to counsel and was able to process many facts into his ultimate decisions. The militaries experience with him in the White House has exceeded their expectations.

How dangerous will be on the Caucasus mountains in the time of shift?

These are part of the Alps, in essence, which are not undergoing mountain building and are not expected to heave upward or experience snapping rock. Of course, magnitude 9 quakes, which are severe jolts, will loosens rocks which will tumble down and the like, so caution should be taken.

What are the common signs of someone who may become a possible contactee? I have experienced weird dreams and crying spells in my dreams. I wake up sometimes with tears in my eyes, but can't recall specifically what I have dreamt.

These are signs of a likely contactee processing his experiences and integrating them into his conscious. The emotional aspect of an experience is most often the first thing recalled.

This may seem an odd question Nancy but with infection being such an issue in the aftertime, I have been studying options in combating infection. There are many, but one intruiging possibility is the use of kefir. This is a live bacterial culture much like youghurt that has been used in the Urals, the middle east and the far east for ages. The people of the urals have been known to reach lifespans of 110-125 years, and in relative health. This is attributed to kefir consumption. This culture can be used over and over, in milk ideally but also in other nutritional drinks. Would others benefit from learning about and acquiring some of this culture made up of 35 beneficial bacteria and yeast?


When most of us reincarnate into a intelligent 3rd density octopi form, is this a form equivalent to our understanding of a cave person or is it more technically advanced?

It is neither, but we have declined to detail what your next incarnation will be like, as you will soon find out! Discovery is part of the fun!

Say, a person acts a certain way and does things over the years, such as planting a garden yearly, or feelings of security in the highlands as opposed to living by the sea, while all the time not knowing why they were doing it or having these feelings. After following ZT, it makes sense why such manuevers would be wise. Would this "glad I did that" be attributed to mass consciousness or being a contactee or both or neither?

Primarily from having experienced past pole shifts, so there is soul-knowledge, combined with being a contactee at an early age.

Can the Zetas tell us what our new pole star will be after the shift? I wish to corroborate some information I have received in this regard.

This depends on the exact tilt of the Earth when it restarts rotation, but we would suggest this. Given the New Geography we have detailed within the Pole Shift section, and given our statement that the crust will move almost 90 degrees, what stars would the new N Pole be pointing at?

It seems like the most important thing TPTB would need to maintain control after the PS is a self-powered communicative device that can be cheaply manufactured and distributed to the population. Is there such a device and is the technology just being held so TPTB do not get a hold of it?

Both the generation of electricity, battery technology, and communications without satellites or a broad range of towers is well understood by man. In essence, short wave, which utilizes the ionosphere and potentially the Moon as well as towers, is the likely means of communication. This is not a secret, and is used in emergencies around the world today.