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Issue 27, Sunday Jun 10, 2007
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G8 Russian Roulette

This week the G8 are meeting.

The Group of Eight (G8), formerly G7 until Russia joined, is an international forum for the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Together, these countries represent about 65% of the world economy. The eight countries making up the G8 represent about 14 percent of the world population, but they account for nearly two thirds of the world's economic output measured by gross domestic product.

Per the Zetas the official agenda and the real agenda differ. The Zetas have often referred to the White House plans to dominate the world after the pole shift by commandeering all the oil fields of the world, including those in Russia. Russia has been steadily antagonized by Bush, starting with Bush canceling the disarmament treaties in 2001 …

US Withdrawal from ABM Treaty, December 13: Announcement & Reaction
Dec 13, 2001
Remarks by President Bush on National Missile Defense: the need for America to move beyond the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty. Today, I have given formal notice to Russia, in accordance with the treaty, that the United States of America is withdrawing from this almost 30-year old treaty.

to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, both invasions having oil as the driving factor …

The Deadly Pipeline War: US Afghan Policy Driven by Oil Interests
Dec 9, 2001
George W. Bush justifies his bombing of Afghanistan as a war against terror. A twin motive, however, is to make Afghanistan safe for United States oil interests. Prior to September 11, United States policy toward the Taliban was largely influenced by oil. Former French intelligence officer Jean-Charles Brisard and journalist Guillaume Dasquie document a cozy relationship between George W. Bush and the Taliban. Caspian oil, landlocked between Russia, Iran and former Soviet republics, presents formidable transport challenges. Afghanistan is strategically located near the Caspian Sea.

to the interference with the elections in the Ukraine, Russia has been encircled and threatened by the US.

Russian Roulette
Oct 30, 2004,1518,330294,00.html
Meanwhile, the Russians - in Russia itself as well as in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea - can hardly be thrilled about the attempted revolution in Kiev.

The battles have been mostly behind the scenes, for instance with the giant Russian oil company, Yukos, taken over by the state, forcing US oil company interests to lose their bid for control.

Russia Plans to Proceed With Yukos Oil Auction
Dec 17, 2004
Russia pledged Friday to ignore a U.S. court ban on the looming auction of oil giant Yukos' key production unit. Russian officials said the ruling was irrelevant on Russian soil and promised the auction would go ahead on Sunday. Russia's state-owned natural gas monopoly Gazprom is expected to win the auction, making it -- and by default, the Russian government -- one of the biggest oil businesses in Russia virtually overnight. Yukos management and outside observers say the back taxes and the jailing of its former chief executive Mikhail Khodorkovsky on fraud and tax evasion charges are aimed at neutralizing Khodorkovsky's political activities and reasserting state control over Russia's economically crucial oil industry.

Russia has also supported Iran, its neighbor, by blocking US seeking sanctions at the UN, as has China which gets much of its oil from Iran. In the push to block Russia, Bush has tried to ally strongly with Europe, especially with some of the weaker Eastern European states abutting Russia. Going into the G8 on a weak footing, Bush is trying to put on a good face regarding Global Warming, as the US is one of only two countries not agreeing to the Kyoto Treaty re emissions. Per the Zetas, this is a stalling posture on the part of Bush, who is being insincere and is seen as that by the Europeans.

Bush Urges 15 Nations to Reach Global Emissions Goal by 2008
May 31, 2007,2933,276681,00.html
Bush called for the first in a series of meetings to begin this fall, bringing together countries identified as major emitters of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. The list would include the United States, China, India and major European countries. The president outlined his proposal in a speech ahead of next week's summit in Germany of leading industrialized nations, where global warming is to be a major topic and Bush will be on the spot. The United States has refused to ratify the landmark 1997 Kyoto Protocol requiring industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2012. Developing countries, including China and India, were exempted from that first round of cuts. Bush rejected the Kyoto approach.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/2/2007: The Bush families arrogance toward emission control is legendary, the Senior Bush roaring around on his cigar boat declaring that the US has a right to protect and demand their way of life be perpetuated during an oil crisis, for instance. That the US, the biggest polluter, has been demanding an exemption from the rules as their corporate interests would be discomfited has stood in opposition to the rest of the world which has been agreeing to change. What changed, in the weeks going into the G8 summit? Bush is on the ropes, and has been increasingly mouthing the right words over this past year, in an attempt to fool the sheeple. He has plunged in the polls, the true numbers not reported as they are worse than might be imagined. He is hated around the globe, by rich and poor alike. He is seen as vapid, insecure, incompetent, unworthy of a leadership position, and when faced with difficult decisions, stubborn on getting his way regardless of the costs. The G8 posture is simply a way of trying to get good press for the US, as he has no intention of changing anything. This will fool few, as his record stands for itself, and his recent attempts to mouth the right words on many issues is seen for what it is.

Last week, the battle with Russia finally broke into the open, with Putin calling Bush on his reasons for wanting to install missiles in Eastern Europe, pointing at Russia! Just ahead of the G8 meeting, Putin declared that Bush had started it, and he would have no choice but to defend mother Russia by a return to the Cold War, if necessary. Russia would be forced to install missiles pointing at Europe!

Bush Opens Europe Trip on Jarring Note
Jun 4, 2007
President Bush's European trip was jarred as it began Monday by deteriorating relations with Russia and threatening words from President Vladimir Putin. In a diplomatic poke in the eye at Putin, Bush bracketed the summit with stops in the Czech Republic and Poland - the two countries where the United States wants to build a missile defense system for Europe. Already complaining of being encircled by NATO's expansion, Putin said putting missile defenses on Russia's doorstep would ignite a new arms race. He threatened to retarget Russia's missiles toward Europe. Bush says the anti-missile program is intended to protect Europe from states like Iran and North Korea, but Putin said neither country possesses the rockets the American system is intended to shoot down.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/2/2007: Russia, as all countries, is looking out for their interests as the pole shift approaches. They can see the US will be chased out of Iraq and not even be a player in the Middle East after the shift. They are in contact with Iran, China, and any other country likely to be a player after the shift on their continent. Putin takes a stand against the Bush Administrations attempts to use Europe as their puppets, to incroach into Russia. The invasion of Afghanistan had Russian oil as the goal, not Bin Laden, who was allowed to escape to remain as the boogyman.

Bush has tried to assert leadership among the Europeans by chiding Putin over democratic ideals. But at a time when the US had a clear record of voter fraud in the 2000 and 2004 elections, keeping Bush in power, and erosion of liberties under the Patriot Act, this all has a hypocritical ring.

Bush Says Russia has 'Derailed' Democratic Reforms
Jun 5, 2007,1518,486713,00.html
On the eve of the G-8 summit, US President George W. Bush has told Russian President Vladimir Putin he has nothing to fear from the planned US missile shield in eastern Europe. But his statement that Moscow has "derailed" democratic reforms isn't likely to break the new ice between Russia and the US. Opinion polls show 60 percent of Czechs are against the shield.

Faced with this uproar, matters not going well regarding the planned missile installations, Bush attempts to speak for Putin. Do you suppose Europe is reassured and Putin is pleased that Bush has become his spokesperson?

Bush Says Russia Won't Attack Europe
Jun 6, 2007
President Bush on Wednesday discounted Vladimir Putin's threat to re-target missiles on Europe, saying "Russia is not going to attack Europe."

Indeed, Russia has used the price of its natural gas as a political tool, letting Europe know whose hand is on the spigot. This, done in the middle of winter! Poor Europe, in the middle between the US and Russia! Where this seems to be a battle of words over terrorism and democracy and oil and emission controls, there is something much deeper under the surface, per the Zetas. These major countries are drawing a line in the sand, carving up the world, for life after the coming pole shift! Russia, China, Venezuela, all telling the Bush crowd 'Yankee go home!'. Here's what the Zetas had to say about the real agenda after Hu's visit to Washington DC a year ago.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/21/2006: We have repeatedly stated that the heads of major countries are aware of the pending passage of Planet X and what this means. These matters are not discussed on the phone. They are not discussed by email or any kind of electronic means that could be hacked or potentially spewed over the Internet. Face to face only. When Bush and Cheney go over to Asia and the Middle East as they did recently, or Bush and Condi go to Europe, what are they talking about? They're having face to face meetings. When in Europe, there is the US Puppet Master, the House of Rothchild which is headquartered in Europe. What was discussed during Hu's visit? Where will China sit? What will China do? What will the US do? At what point is there a border that is considered sacred? Or are there borders that are considered mushy? What lands that the US might want to invade or take hold of during the pole shift would China allow in US hands. What does China consider sacred? What lands around China were considered too close for comfort? Stay out of Iran, because we would not allow the US with the greatest military in the world to rush over into China's borders. What about Japan? The US is an ally of Japan, but Japan is small and expected to be devastated during the pole shift. It's on the Ring of Fire, with so many volcanoes. Up for grabs. Korea likewise. The US is already pulling troops out of South Korea, and telling South Korea 'you're on your own'. So this was a discussion about territories, and also along the lines of China's alliances with Brazil and alliances in South America. The Bush administration would like to consider all of South America their back yard. They're already trying to get a foot hold in Argentina and conducting military games down there and being told 'we would like you to leave'. Israel is also down in Argentina, as it is presumed to be a country that will do well after the pole shift, not be flooded like Brazil. What does China mean by selling armaments in South America, and how does the pushing and shoving and the desire of the Bush administration to control both of the America's fit? Basically, China told them not to consider South America their playground, that Russia and China are making alliances there and would like to continue those alliances even after the pole shift.

Crop Circles

Where most of the crop circles this season look small and balanced, a couple stand out. May 25, 2007 at Winterbourne, UK.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 6/2/2007: Most of the legitimate circles laid this season are reflecting the quiesent period of late, the last couple months, while the Earth is attempting to align with Planet X in a type of side-by-side arrangement during his 270° roll, and thus not jerking back and forth in an attempt to align magnetically with the Sun. We have explained that this is temporary, a return to the wobble and lurch and a lean to the left to start, with a vengeance. Imagine Earth in the center of this Winterbourne circle, being battered back and forth between two opposing magnetic fields! The Sun is dominant, with its N Pole pole pointing up. Planet X is next dominant, and will be pointing its N Pole out. The poor Earth, who swings here N and S poles around daily to present to the Sun and Planet X, will attempt to please both masters. If you thought the wobble was extreme before, just wait! What will this mean for the plate, which have been loosened up, rock fingers along the edges broken off, so they are slippery. More quakes, larger quakes, more distance during each movement, and the stretch zones pulled upon hard. The New Madrid, already showing stress, will not hold out much longer.

And another May 30, 2007 at Yatesbury, UK.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 6/9/2007: What is immediately noticed is that this is not a hoax, as the circular lines are too precise, in a barley field, too narrow to allow for correction in a manmade circle. The second immediate observation is that this circle is an oddity, compared to prior circles. Spirals have existed, but the placement of circles like beads along the spiral is new. Where the spiral outward is regular, the placement of beads seems to have no pattern. We would point to another recent circle showing the jaring, rattling effect that competing magnetic fields will have on the Earth, soon. We have long warned that the lean to the left, leading into the 3 days of darkness, would be a time of great change on Earth. We have stated that there will be Earth changes we have not detailed, deliberately, so as to knock the establishment off its equilibrium so that the coverup might crack and the common man become aware of that which the establishment has been hiding from them. What does this crop circle tell man, about the next events to unfold? That they will be increasing in severity, thus the number of beads as the spiral unfolds. That the Earth wobble will surely get worse, and be accompanied by events that will happen irregularly. That these events will have no discernable pattern that the establishment can use to plan their path.

N Hampshire Booms

N Hampsire was rattled last week by booms, as they are called, sound waves coming from the Earth.

Earthquake rattles NH Seacoast
June 3, 2007
Hampshire's Emergency Management Agency says a mild earthquake shook the state's Seacoast area during the night. Many residents called police to report hearing explosions and authorities are still trying to figure out just what happened. They say the blasts might have been underground methane explosions. Emergency Management says a 1.4 intensity earthquake hit at 10:30 and was centered about a mile and a half north of Exeter. At the same time, and also a couple of hours earlier, police in Portsmouth received numerous calls from residents reporting they had heard explosions and felt concussions that nearly knocked pictures off their walls. Then, around 12:45 this morning, Portsmouth police reported finding unusual levels of methane gas escaping from the ground. Crews are digging holes to vent the underground gases. Police say they don't know for sure if the explosive sounds were from an earthquake or underground gas explosions or both.

Indeed, a couple small quakes had occurred.

Magnitude 1.9
Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 7: 56:02 PM

Magnitude 1.4
Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 10: 35:06 PM

Quakes this low are hardly noticed, even at the epicenter. So what was this?

All Shook Up: Seacoast Jittery Over Series of Baby Quakes
June 4, 2007
The quakes recorded so low on the Richter scale that Jim Van Dongen, public information officer of the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said he is surprised anyone even felt the rumble. It practically feels like a logging truck going by. But Alfred Seyins of 10 Elwyn Road didn't agree. It was one instance, but it shook the whole house. Nearby on Edgewood Road, Myrna Promer said she felt something similar. Nothing was broken and nothing even fell, but the whole house shook.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/9/2007: Earthquake monitors measure movement in the rock, but not movement in the air above ground, which is what this was. Methane, escaping from pockets released to the air by the movement of rock layers, especially in the stretch zone where these rock layers are being pulled apart, can fumigate the area while rising (as happened on Jan 8, 2007 during a large Earth Fart) or can explode. Tunguska in 1908 was a methane gas explosion, lighted by lightning. Methane is highly combustible, like natural gas, and consumes all the oxygen in the immediate area when such explosions occur, thus preventing the spread of explosion to nearby areas. If in an open area, as in the out of doors, it quickly rises and disburses unless a large pool is being released. Methane pools along the Eastern seaboard are from rotting material long underwater when this land was pulled under the waves during prior pole shifts. Such a stretch to submersion pulls rock fingers apart, but also pulls some rock fingers over decomposable material.

JFK Bomb Threat

Here we go again! Another group of yahoos, closely watched by the FBI, being asserted as master minds over a real threat to the US. This certainly was the hype on TV. Where the goofballs hoping to make a name for themselves hoped it would be 'worse than 9/11' there was no hope they would ever pull this off, nor would trying to explode jet fuel at JFK done much damage, per the experts. But the headlines shouted 'worse than 9/11', giving the implication that a holocaust was in store.

Authorities Arrest 3 for Alleged Plot to Use Explosives at JFK airport
Jun 2, 2007
Despite what has been deemed a "credible intent to commit violence," many sources admitted that the groups plans were neither operational nor even feasible.
FBI Official Believes Attack Could've Been Worse Than 9/11
Jun 3, 2007
In an indictment charging the four men, one of them is quoted as saying the plot would "cause greater destruction than in the Sept. 11 attacks." Despite their "extraordinary efforts," the men never obtained any explosives. Richard Kuprewicz, a pipeline expert and president of Accufacts Inc., an energy consulting firm that focuses on pipelines and tank farms, said the force of any explosion would depend on the amount of fuel under pressure, but it would not travel up and down the line.

Why promote this pathetic group to such a level in the media? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/2/2007: This is another well watched plot that would never have come to fuition, and we predict the news will report that the FBI was watching them, stopping just short of providing them with the means to pull it off! Had the FBI not been aware, they would have failed and you would never have heard about this plot. In any case, this fuel is not highly flamable, and is not stored in any kind of quantity where equipment or humans are about. It would have been harmless fireworks, at best. But of course, those in the administration who are desperate to have the old days when they were regarded as strong defenders of the people come back, will grasp at anything.

This is akin to that group planning to blow up the Chicago Sears Tower who were given weapons by the FBI, or the Toronto teenagers who were given fertilizer by the Mounties, or concealing explosive in sports drinks taken aboard planes, or more recently, the Fort Dix attack. None of these plans could ever have succeeded, but are being touted as evidence of the continuing threat against the US by terorists.

Radicals Wanted to Create Carnage at Fort Dix
May 9, 2007
The federal government has charged five alleged Islamic radicals with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The case began to take shape in January 2006, when an employee of a store told the FBI someone had brought a "disturbing" video to be duplicated. Two paid informants infiltrated the group, one in March 2006 and the other in July. One of the informants claimed to have connections with an arms dealer who could sell the alleged conspirators AK-47 automatic machine guns and other weapons.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/12/2007: Indeed, this is a false terrorism alarm. In this, as in the Florida case a year or more ago, and the Torondo case near that same time, there were genuine Muslims involved, but they did not have the capacity for any serious threat in and of themselves. In the Florida case, the FBI gave them the weapons, and this group was equivalent to a bunch of teen agers thinking themselves grand and powerful. Take down the Sear Tower? With a few hand guns given to them by the FBI! In Toronto, the matter was revealed to be a case where the Mounties likewise suppied the 'terrorists' with fertilizer with which to manufacture their bombs! This is the same plan, to strike fear in the populace by a faltering Bush and Co government. They failed, as they have with their other attempts and sudden announcements. No one takes this Bush Administration seriously anymore. No one.

ZetaTalk Video Clip on LA as Safe Location

The Zeta Report 8, Jun 10, 2007 - Why LA is not a safe location during the coming pole shift. Where should LA residents dash to, in the last days?
Click on the image to play.

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