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Issue 263, Sunday October 16, 2011
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NASA's Body Language

In Issue 260 of this newsletter we discussed NASA's attempts to take the lead on explaining a sky with two suns, aka Tatooine redux, and their renewed attempts to blame the Sun when satellite failures begin in earnest. The NASA blitz continues, with dispensations of new information on what the new SDO satellite has noted in ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, and what the new WISE probe has delivered.

The Secret Lives of Solar Flares
September 19, 2011
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), launched in February 2010, made the finding: about 1 in 7 flares experience an "aftershock." About ninety minutes after the flare dies down, it springs to life again, producing an extra surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, the ionizing action of extreme UV can bend radio signals and disrupt the normal operation of GPS.
Nasa: 'Dino-Killer Asteroid Not The Culprit'
September 20, 2011
Research by Nasa's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) seemed to have ruled Baptistina out. WISE surveyed the entire celestial sky twice in infrared light from January 2010 to February 2011.

How can anyone doubt that NASA is telling the truth about the near presence of Planet X, when they are collecting so much information? Per the Zetas, NASA hopes this is your conclusion.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/24/2011: NASA is blitzing the media these days, while their credentials are still good with the public. It is they who have the Hubble, the new SDO satellite, the new WISE probe, so how can anyone question their dispensations of wisdom? If electrical failures happen and no solar flares are present, NASA can preach the new SDO findings about delayed ultraviolet radiation. Does this change the way solar flares have always operated vs a vs mankind's electrical systems? No, but in the blitz of information from NASA, the public will forget that point. Wiz-bang, NASA wows them again, or so they hope. How could it be that there is a planetary presence nearby, lo all these years since 2003, when NASA has the WISE probe and has "surveyed the entire celestial sky twice". Who but NASA could be so wise about the sky, as they have the WISE probe.

As part of the blitz, the WISE team held a press conference on Near Earth Asteroids, during which the subject of objects in the solar system came up. The body language of Amy Mainzer said it all.

At 14-15 seconds, her eyes dart down and to the right. Notice that just prior to the point at which she states "there is nothing hazardous in the outer solar system," she makes a very long eye blink. At 18-20 seconds, she seems a bit confused in attempting to finish a difficult concept sentence and then in mid-sentence, instantaneously reboots herself. She closes her eyes entirely during that exact moment, and then freshly and ever so smoothly flows into an entirely new and obviously well rehearsed sentence, saying - "if there is something out there." In sum, Amy Mainzer's body language tells the tale of today's NASA Asteroid News Conference. I don't consider myself any type of body language expert, but this was just waaaaay too easy!


ZetaTalk Comment 10/1/2011: NASA's scientists are not chosen for their ability to lie. They are chosen, as we have long asserted, for their tendency to have tunnel vision, to have an accepting rather than questioning mind, so that they tend to the task placed before them and look no further. This is why membership in the Masons was often used as a selection criteria, as it indicated a willingness to follow nonsensical rules. Faced increasingly with press conferences where bold faced lies are required, they are put to the test. Lying does not occur within the organization, which requires extreme loyalty and slavish obedience to orders. Thus Amy was chosen based on her attractive and open face, assumed to be the picture of innocence by her superiors. They should have had her lie to them, prior to going before the cameras!

Elite Plans

In 2003, due to the explicit warning from the Zetas that the pole shift would occur "shortly after May 15, 2003" and the undeniably arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system by March, the elite were obvious in their scramble to their bunkers. Private planes were taking off and bunkers had been drilled into the sides of mountains in Tennessee and Alberta. The passage in 2003 was then revealed by the Zetas to be a "white lie". Although the arrival was right on schedule, the passage has still not occurred. The Zetas were hoping that the common man would be able to see the truth of their words via the behavior of the elite and their governments. They clearly thought the pole shift was about to occur, but were not warning the common man. As in the movie 2012, the common man was the last to be considered while the elite scrambled to save themselves.

Now the time of the passage appears to be looming closer again, with the progress of the 7 of 10 scenarios and details about the Last Weeks so clearly spelled out by the Zetas. Without a firm date, how are the elite going to react? As noted in Issue 250 of this newsletter on July 17, 2011, the Queen and the elite of Abu Dhabi are wanting to shelter in Australia. The Bush family has explored Paraguay, the Russian elite are planning to bunker in the Ural Mountains, US politicians are planning to invade Denver, Cheney's enclave in Wyoming is attractive to the ultra-right, and France is lately eyeing Libya's oil and aquifer. But trying to maintain the cover-up while being able to suddenly escape is not all that easy per the Zetas. The elite will reveal their plans and even the locations of their bunkers!

ZetaTalk Description 10/8/2011: When it comes their exodus will be packaged as being "unavailable" or they will be absent from meetings without an explanation. They may have staff or underlings lie for them, claiming illness such as the flu or a family emergency. It is quite possible that such exits may happen repeatedly, with the person returning to their job if the anticipated catastrophe does not occur. The danger, of course, is that such repeated exits run the risk of discovery, so the safe location and exit route become known, and the behavior is questioned. The bunker location is always a carefully guarded secret. Most in the establishment have several locations lined up, in case of discovery or in case they are caught away from their primary site. Many can only be reached by small plane, or by car after a plane flight to a wilderness landing strip. Thus it can be expected that as the Last Weeks approach, many of the elite will be planning hunting trips, or vacation getaways.

And many drugs are suddenly in short supply! Since the demand is there, and there is scarce regulation on the profits the drug companies can charge, why would this be? Per the Zetas, since this is a profitable business, there is no reason for shortages other than the fact that the elite are stocking up!

Growing Drug Shortages Create Headaches For Health Officials
October 3, 2011
FDA says shortages have been fueled by many factors, including a lack of raw materials used in the manufacturing process; increased demand for some drugs; and a company's business decision to stop making some older, less profitable drugs.

ZetaTalk Response 10/8/2011: Since medicines require a prescription from a doctor or some such official, the public cannot simply stock up! The elite have the means and the clout to arrange for "doctor's orders", and are indeed doing so in order to have supplies sufficient for years in their bunkers!

Populous Paralysis

And what about the common man, short on cash and often unable to leave their homes or jobs until the last minute, as where would they go, and how would they feed and support themselves and their families? Per the Zetas, the recent San Diego blackout gives a glimpse into what the government plans to do. On September 8, 2011 a blackout struck San Diego and vicinity.

Massive Power Outage Hits San Diego, OC
September 9, 2011
It could be as widespread from Mexico to Phoenix. San Diego Gas & Electric advised its customers via Twitter at 5:37 pm: "If you have a personal family emergency plan, please activate it now."

The public was told to activate their "personal family emergency plan". Per the Zetas, this was an example of what the public can expect, as far as warnings from their government. These plans cover at most a few day, not the duration the public can expect during the Last Weeks or after the Pole Shift.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/10/2011: Family Emergency Plans are primarily a way of making sure family members find each other, at designated spots, and have on hand a limited supply of medicines any family member may need. Short-term food and water supplies are usually also included. What the San Diego emergency did was give a glimpse into what cities are prepared to do. They are not planning on housing and feeding their citizens.

Given that, at least to date, no governments have alerted their public as to what is coming during the passage, and that other than Executive Order 13575, outlined in Issue 252 of this newsletter on July 31, 2011, no government appears to be making plans to shelter or feed their populous, what steps are being taken by the public itself? Surprisingly, very little, even if aware of the ZetaTalk message and taking the message seriously!

ZetaTalk Comment 9/3/2011: We have mentioned that denial will be the route taken by over half the populace, even as the proof of our words is at hand. Then there are those, the minority, who realize the warnings are correct but procrastinate for other reasons. Some are waiting for a rescue, an announcement by the government that transport busses and tent cities are awaiting and regular meals will be served. Perhaps some of the prophecies, albeit from sources with a zero accuracy track record, about rescue by benign aliens or even a Biblical rapture will come true? The desire to hold onto the daily life is encouraged by the existence of the cover-up. But even among those who sense they are being lied to, and will be abandoned, procrastination may be the norm. One hesitates to give up creature comforts, and explain the delay to themselves in many ways.

Occupy Wall Street

The failing economy has caused desperate people worldwide to protest and riot. In 2008 the bursting housing bubble, caused by greed on Wall Street and the support of the Bush administration which turned a blind eye to illegalities, started the international tumble into a second Great Depression. Bailed out and just as arrogant as ever, Wall Street seemed immune from repercussions, but no more. The Occupy Wall Street protests have shown no sign of slacking off.

Anti-Wall Street Protesters Vow to Keep up Fight
October 3, 2011
The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has garnered the support of celebrities such as filmmaker Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon, are protesting against home foreclosures, high unemployment and the 2008 bailouts.

At the same time that rage against Wall Street and the bankers and brokers is on the rise, the barter system is also on the rise. Long a Zeta prediction, the barter system is expected to replace paper money in the main, long before the pole shift.

Battered by Economic Crisis, Greeks Turn to Barter Networks
October 2, 2011
The first time he bought eggs, milk and jam at an outdoor market using not euros but an informal barter currency, Theodoros Mavridis, an unemployed electrician, was thrilled.

What do these trends indicate for the near future? More of the same, but not total collapse of the system, which will remain even while becoming irrelevant.

ZetaTalk Description 10/8/2011: As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, an economic crash would occur because the weather would affect crops and the earthquakes and the like would impact the insurance industry. A second Great Depression resulted, though it has not been called that openly. We predicted that controls would be put into place - price freezes, limited banking hours, and government control of the markets akin to legal insider trading. That there are protests worldwide and increasing use of the barter system should be no surprise. We have predicted all of this from the start. We have predicted that the banks and markets, protected from collapse, will remain, but that the value of any particular piece of paper will diminish and become, essentially, meaningless. You will be holding a piece of paper, but not have a buyer. The barter system, where things of value are being exchanged, will replace this.

Gas Line Explosions

Like a deluge, starting with the patter of single drops and picking up the pace until it is a thunderous noise, gas line explosions are on the increase. Excluding those caused by a careless homeowner or during construction, the stories of sudden horrific explosions are on the rise, as shown by the documentation on this conscientiously maintained Pole Shift ning blog. As with the singing and howling stretch zones, explosions when mankind's fragile and rigid infrastructure snaps will only be on the increase.

Gas Explosion Kills 1, Injures 5 in Philadelphia
January 19, 2011
A gas main explosion in Philadelphia Tuesday evening killed one utilities worker and injured five other people.
Rumaila Production Reduced After Explosion
September 20, 2011
Oil production from Iraq's largest producing Rumaila oil field will be temporarily curtailed as a result of the accidental explosion and eight-hour fire at a degassing station near the Kuwaiti border.
Warnings Helped Workers Reach Safety Before Okla. Gas Rig Blast
September 20, 2011
Authorities in Blaine County say an oil rig that exploded near Watonga and forced the evacuation of several homes caused no injuries. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.
Mall Closed After Gas Blast
September 29, 2011
Empire Shopping Gallery is one of the most frequented and popular shopping malls here, attracting thousands of shoppers daily. The effects of the explosion reached both ends of the mall, and all five levels recorded some form of damage. Several windows as high up as the eighth floor of the 12-storey office tower were also shattered.
Lingfield Fire: Eight Injured in Factory Explosion
October 3, 2011
Officials said the cause of the fire was not yet known and firefighters would remain at the scene overnight.
Regina Refinery Explosion Injures 10
October 6, 2011
Refinery officials say they have found the ignition point of the fire, and suspect the cause was a pipe leaking a mixture of hydrogen gas and diesel fuel that found a spark.

Per the Zetas, gas lines are a very real danger, not to be ignored.

ZetaTalk Warning 10/2/2010: Gas in any form is a danger. Oil and gas refineries explode when rigid piping cracks. Oil or gas wells explode when the ground around them moves. And the gas distribution lines running under cities are no exception. They likewise will explode. Gas lines, whether along the street or within a home, are rigid. In some cases automatic shutoff valves can limit the amount of gas available for an explosion by sensing a drop in pressure, but this is always after the fact. The explosion has already occurred. Utilizing gas on a planet prone to earthquakes was a mistake to begin with, but man never thinks of the consequences when striving for modern conveniences. We have advised turning off the gas at the street, though when the street explodes and your neighbor's homes are on fire you are not likely to escape the holocaust. A better alternative is to live in an area where gas is not available, as in your rural safe location where you will be doing a form of camping while gardening. A campfire at night, for cooking and washing and a bit of friendly light before bed. Nothing explosive.

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