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Issue 393, Sunday April 13, 2014
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Increased Visibility

The Zetas predicted increased visibility of the Planet X complex during the 8 of 10 phase, (which is currently overlapping with the 7 of 10 phase). This became dramatically obvious during the month of March, 2014 in Alberto’s photos, inspiring a new Zeta Report video on YouTube. As noted in Issue 391 of this newsletter, Alberto uses mylar or the insert from an old floppy disc to filter for light in the red spectrum, but this increased visibility is now also apparent naked eye, in the normal light of day. Compare these photos, taken on March 31, 2014, from Alberto in Italy and from a FaceBook entry devoted to capturing chemtrails in Canada. These are unfiltered photos, showing the presence of the Planet X complex in normal daylight. Increased visibility indeed!

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/4/2010: This is information that coincides with the 8 of 10 scenarios, as yet undescribed, and with the anticipated position of Planet X vs a vs the Earth for enhanced viewing of Planet X from the astonished residents of Earth. This time has not yet arrived.

Philippine Plate Fold

In the 7 of 10 sequence of plate movements, the Zetas described a folding of the Philippine Plate. First the Sunda Plate is pushed down under the edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, the curve formed by Java and Sumatra. Then the Philippine Plate folds, tilting to push under the Philippine Islands and lifting on the eastern edge. The 7 of 10 plate movements are interative, a back and forth bumping with overlap and repetition occuring. The sinking of the Sunda Plate has been ongoing for some time, as has evidence of the folding Philippine Plate which followed after.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate. But it is the Indo-Australian Plate that gives way to incite change in these other plates, and this is what is manifesting now to those closely following the changes.

The 7 of 10 plate movement were slowed by the Council of Worlds, to allow Obama and other world leaders to break the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, and the pending passage. Slowed does not mean stopped, however, and these plate movements continue. The folding of the Philippine Plate obviously progressed on March 31, 2014 as noted in this Pole Shift ning  blog, when APCN and APCN2 reported two separate breaks in its network. Note that this network for the affected regions crossed the borders of the Philippine Plate repeatedly, most notably where the breaks are reported.

Damaged Undersea Cables affect Internet in PH, Asia-Pacific
March 31, 2014
One of the major international undersea cable systems in the region -- the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) -- recently suffered two fiber breaks in the areas between Taiwan-Japan and China-Korea. This has impacted on telecoms traffic in a large area of the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. As a result, this may affect your data service. The APCN consortium that manages the cable system is now undertaking repairs and expects to finish in mid-April.  The APCN2 is a submarine telecommunications cable that provides a link for 9 countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.


Landslides are on the increase, as this Pole Shift ning blog attests. Recent examples are a horrific slide in Washington State, where the hillside slid down over a town below, trapping the residents in a thick slurry of mud. The hillside was considered unstable, but the residents claimed no one had pressed that fact on them. Was it a disaster waiting to happen, or are landslides on the increase?

176 Reports of People Missing in Mile-Wide Mudslide
March 24, 2014
Officials said they have received 176 reports of people missing as rescuers continue to search the debris from a milewide mudslide in Snohomish County.
Fears Rise that More Than 8 Died in Mudslide
March 8, 2014
The 1-square-mile slide swept through part of a former fishing village about 55 miles northeast of Seattle. Of the 49 structures in the neighborhood hit by the slide, authorities believe at least 25 were occupied full-time. Authorities had to pull back some crews because of concern about the hillside moving.  Frequent, heavy rainfall and geography make the area prone to landslides. Less than a decade ago, another slide hit in the same general area. Geologists and other experts said the Stillaguamish River likely caused some erosion in the area that was carved by glaciers.

Landslides are occurring in many places around the world. Compare the slide above Seattle to this one in Italy. Horrific, and ongoing. Yet that castle was built atop the hill, in the past. Per the Zetas, landslides are on the increase, and the pace will quicken as the Pole Shift approaches.

San Leo, the Landslide Terrorizes: Evicted Homes, Schools and Barracks
February 28, 2014
Rock collapse in San Leo, Rimini, Italy. After a site visit and the meeting of the CoC, it was decided the evacuation of 10 apartments near the cliff. "Situations are unstable on the wall."

ZetaTalk Comment 3/29/2014: The causes of landslides are not a mystery to mankind. Layers of rock and soil such that rain running along a clay or rock layer can create a slippery surface for the weight of the layers above it is a common cause. A rock jumble from previous mountain building, broken or fractured rock easily dislodged. We have stated that the earthquakes man experiences between the periodic passages of Planet X can be considered aftershocks from the last passage, and this is true of landslides also. Mountain building rumples the landscape, so the land is not flat but has steep ravines and hill sides. Older mountain ranges are recognized for their rounded or smoothed appearance, because of frequent landslides distributing the rubble.

As we approach another passage, another Pole Shift, the pace of landslides has picked up. Why would this be? Plates under pressure will put pressure on regions that contain rumpled hillsides and deep ravines, as these give more readily than strictly flat land, thus act as a weak link. In addition, due to the wobble, the weather has gotten more extreme, with drought and deluge increasing in extremes. Dry ground, suddenly flooded with rainwater needing to seek its level as runoff, will create internal water slides between the rock and soil layers that constitute the rumpled hillsides. Is there an early warning system that mankind could use? The trembles that soil about to slide emits could be detected, yes. These are not earthquakes, and have their own frequency.  

Mankind has flat land and steep rocky mountain peaks and in between, rolling hills subject to landslide, as this Idaho geology site details.

Many landslides are initiated by triggering factors that increase stress and weaken slope materials. These triggers include: Heavy rains, rapid snowmelt, or irrigation that load slopes with water. Natural erosion or human activities that increase slope angles or undercut the toes of slopes. Shaking by earthquakes. Removal of vegetation by wildfire, logging, agriculture, or overgrazing. Loading of slopes with piles of rock, ore, or mining waste.

River Danger Zones

If living on hillsides composed of rubble and thus subject to landslide is dangerous, living along river bottoms will prove unquestionably disastrous during the Pole Shift. As with coastal developments, river bottoms allowed for ready transportation by boat, so settlements naturally sprang up along the banks of the river. River deltas are also fertile land, due to periodic flooding depositing soil washed downstream. As cities built up along the river banks, flooding in the populated cities was pushed back by levees, as relocating any large investment is expensive. Thus, the cities grew and grew, in an unsafe area. Look at this development, hugging the meandering rivers, in Shanghai, Calgary, London, and Germany.

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tsunamis: the World's 10 Riskiest Cities
March 25, 2014
With so many cities built on flood plains and river deltas, flooding is the most common risk they face. India and China face the most significant risks; with 11.7 million residents directly threatened, Shanghai is a particular hot spot for flooding, but other such risky cities include Bangkok, Mexico City, Baghdad, Paris and Doha.
Shanghai Ranks World's 8th Riskiest City for Natural Disasters
March 26, 2014
Shanghai, unfortunately enough, happens to be built atop a flood plane.

Epic Flooding in Calgary, By the Numbers
June 24, 2013
Officials and residents are beginning to clean up Calgary, where the worst flooding in Alberta's history forced 75,000 people from their homes. A torrent of water from the Bow and Elbow Rivers, which nearly overran the city's bridges, receded slowly over the weekend, leaving streets full of silt, waterlogged cars, and whole neighborhoods without electricity or working sewers.

What London Would Look Like If the Thames Barrier Failed
December 6, 2013
Of course, it's just a simulation; the barrier closed in time for a monster tempest that forecasters said could deliver the U.K.'s biggest storm surge in 60 years. The dire prediction that this gusty weather-socking could be as bad as the dread North Sea Flood, a killer of roughly 2,500 people in 1953, did not come true, although there is a report that sea levels were higher this time around.
Germany Deploys Troops to Assist Flooded Regions
June 4, 2013
Prague was flooded by overflow of Vltava river and immediate evacuations were ordered in the region. Reports suggest that this is the worst flooding experienced by Europe since 2002. Though flood waters in Danube dipped by 2.5 meters on Tuesday, downstream regions are expected to see further flooding as water flows down into the lower tributaries.

The Zetas have repeatedly stated that river bottoms will not only flood during the hour of the Pole Shift, they will be scoured. Rushing water will undermine building foundations, bringing the buildings down into the rushing water. Even well before the Pole Shift, river drainage is being adversely affected by heaving ground, so that even the levee systems will not suffice.

ZetaTalk Warning 10/30/2010: We have stated that river bottoms are situated along areas of a plate that are thin, and have thus sunk down, thus becoming a river bottom.

ZetaTalk Warning 8/13/2011: Attempting to survive the pole shift along a river or in river bottom lands is never advised, as the pole shift sloshing can bore up a river and the torrential rains expected during the hour of the shift will make them flood beyond all memory in any case.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/29/2013: What is lost in the reports on horrific and record breaking flooding is the role that heaving or shifting ground plays in the inability of water to drain in its accustomed manner. The N American continent is in a bow, the tip of Mexico pulled west while the top part of the continent stays in place. The Aleutian Islands and the tip of Mexico are the ends of the bow. What happens when the land to the east of the Continental Divide is stretched in this manner? Grab the edges of a rumpled blanket and pull it taut and watch the blanket almost rise from the bed. Rivers drain along the lowlands, and when these rise as the land is being stretched, the rivers cannot drain as before.

Examine this aspect of horrific flooding in various parts of the globe. Uttarakhand in India is where the flat land of India dives under the Himalayas. The land is being pushed down, changing the landscape for water that must drain away from this point. Water may drain as it did before, but more slowly, may accumulate at certain points before being released and then break through an earthen dam to be released in a rush. The Eurasian Plate is being stretched, sinkholes and twisting rails a plague from the UK past the Black Sea region and onto the far East. Thus stretched, river bottom lands in many places will interfere with drainage, causing flooding.

Levees built by man are arguing with a force of nature, which wants rivers to meander. Meandering becomes convoluted, and any analysis over time shows the meander moving and even repeating the course the river takes. Silt is being deposited over time, forcing a meander, but allowing for rich river bottom soil to be available for farming. Crops should be grown in the bottom lands, but people should live upland in safety.

A meander forms when moving water in a stream erodes the outer banks and widens its valley, and the inner part of the river has less energy and deposits silt.

New Video Clips

Two new video clips added on March 30-31, 2014 – March Madness and MH370 Disaster

The Zeta Report 61 – During the month of March, 2014 Alberto's photos of the Planet X complex showed that Planet X has come closer. Dramatic String of Pearls, slinging Moon Swirls, and the blast of the tail directly toward Earth. On YouTube.

The Zeta Report 62 – What caused the MH370 disaster? All evidence points to an electromagnetic pulse, as with AF 447, as the Zetas (right again) stated the day after the plane disappeared. On YouTube.