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Issue 707, Sunday April 19, 2020
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Digital Dollars

When the Bitcoin craze emerged a decade ago, the Zetas did not have a good opinion of the matter. Housed on personal servers that could disappear in an instant, untraceable, not backed by any country so that a loss could not be recovered. It was all a rip-off waiting to happen. The Zeta opinion has not changed. So why has the push for a Digital Dollar in the US and Europe emerged? Does it not look similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Liberal Lawmakers Cheer a Fed-Backed Digital Dollar
March 30, 2020
Negotiations over the $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package signed by President Trump weren’t just historic for the cost, nor the speed with which it was reached. Though not included in the final package, Congressional Democrats used the debate to push for the creation of a “digital dollar,” that would be backed by the Federal Reserve, along with accounts for every American at the central bank — a historic step forward in support for widespread digital currency use that has been lauded by progressives and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike..."
Partnership between Accenture and the Digital Dollar Foundation aims to Promote Establishment of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency
The Digital Dollar Project was created to encourage research and public discussion on the potential advantages of a CBDC — or a "digital dollar." The Project will identify options for a CBDC solution to help enhance monetary policy effectiveness and financial stability; provide needed scalability, security and privacy in retail, wholesale and international payments; and integrate with existing financial infrastructures, including U.S. Federal Reserve-related projects. The Digital Dollar Project’s 22 new advisory group members include prominent businesspeople, economists, former regulators, technology luminaries and educators who represent a cross-section of distinguished experts in the fields of banking, capital markets, international standards, anti-money laundering, monetary policy, national security, and privacy and property rights.

ZetaTalk Opinion 12/7/2013: Bitcoin is a step closer to the barter system than traditional banking. This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously. As long as the Internet functions, Bitcoin is likely to do so also.

ZetaTalk Opinion 1/31/2018: Most of the new Cryptocurrencies are being established to eventually steal from the public. The schema is to allow the currency to go into use, encouraged by celebrities or chirpy reports on how easy the new currency is to use, then boom anyone holding the electronic currency suddenly finds it has zero worth and cannot be redeemed.

ZetaTalk Opinion 4/30/2020: The Bitcoin boom started in 2009 and rapidly spread to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is without borders as it does not have a home country, and thus where it is not backed by a country, it also has no supervision or accountability. Not all banks accept Bitcoin, but it flourishes elsewhere. But without official backing, Bitcoin can disappear instantly. It is virtual money, and resides on servers that can go offline, taking any value with it. Why then would there be a movement to link US citizens directly to the Federal Reserve via a cryptocurrency called a Digital Dollar?

Coming at a time when the European Union Central Bank is charging negative interest rates, this is clearly a sign that Western banks are failing. A negative interest rate is where the bank charges a depositor for the use of their monies. Remember the old days when a bank paid a depositor a fee for the use of their money in a saving or even checking account? Per the Zetas the Digital Dollar has very grim outcomes, good for the bankers, very bad for depositors.

Digital Dollar Project
The Digital Dollar Project is a partnership between Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and the Digital Dollar Foundation to advance exploration of a United States Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The purpose of the Project is to encourage research and public discussion on the potential advantages of a digital dollar, convene private sector thought leaders and actors, and propose possible models to support the public sector. The Project will develop a framework for potential, practical steps that can be taken to establish a dollar CBDC.
Former CFTC Chair Launches the Digital Dollar Project
January 16, 2020
In partnership with Accenture, the Digital Dollar Project is a multi-stakeholder initiative to explore options for a U.S. digital dollar WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 16, 2020
French Central Bank Puts Out Call for Digital Currency Experiments
March 30, 2020
France’s central bank wants to experiment with integrating digital currencies. We as central banks must and want to take up this call for innovation at a time when private initiatives – especially payments between financial players – and technologies are accelerating, and public and political demand is increasing. There will be no money creation, according to the bank. All exchanges will route across the bank’s own books with tokens destroyed at the end of each payment day.

ZetaTalk Opinion 4/30/2020: It is no secret that the Western banks are struggling, with countries and corporations close to bankruptcy. Banks in the European Union are already using negative interest rates, which means the citizen pays the bank to hold its money. Bank failures are pending, and with Nibiru’s approach about to create worldwide mayhem, what will become of the banking system? Central banks are erected to add dollars to the economy as the population grows, at a controlled rate that will not incite inflation. But bankers earn fat salaries and enjoy the sense of power and control they wield.  

The Covid-19 crisis has put stress on the banking network, in that many loans cannot make their scheduled payments. The banks have two options – force bankruptcy in those account holders, or defer payments or forgive debt. The reality of the network is that the Central Bank creates new money, loans it to the individual banks which are then allowed to loan it to the public many times over. None of this activity costs the bankers any money, as it is all shuffling numbers on a balance sheet. Deferring payments or forgiving debt is painless except that the bankers' salaries might not be met.

As long as a currency is accepted around the world, and inflation is not going rampant such that the country is not becoming a banana republic, there should be no problem in doing what President Trump has recently done by releasing money during the Covid-19 emergency. There is, in fact, no national debt due to such maneuvers in the past or present. The Central Bank and the banking networks did nothing to earn this status, thus are owed nothing. But given the rules that are promulgated, what is to become of the Western banking network when bank failure become endemic?

The Digital Dollar is designed to hide the fact that a bank is in fact bankrupt. It is designed to replace Credit Card use, pushing this activity into the arms of the Central Bank where evidence of bankruptcy can be hidden. The Digital Dollar is by nature ephemeral, as the French proposal states, with “tokens destroyed at the end of the payment day”. This is money laundering made legal. The alternative is to allow banks to go belly-up into bankruptcy, be absorbed into stronger banks, and eventually be absorbed into the Central Bank in any case. For the banking systems, these are truly the End Times.

Meanwhile, the barter system is catching on. Faced with stay-at-home orders during the Covid-19 pandemic, the obvious solution is to barter with neighbors. This emerged during some of the horrific snow storms this past Winter, but bartering quickly comes to mind as, per the Zetas, this is all in mankind’s recent past. So much better than relying upon the Digital Dollar.

Return of the Barter System where three Cans of Beer are Worth one Toilet Toll
April 1, 2020
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the barter system is making a comeback with people taking to Facebook and the Nextdoor app to swap items like eggs for toilet paper. When the coronavirus started to rapidly spread in the US last month and governors began announcing statewide shutdowns, panicked shoppers emptied most store shelves of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, paper towels and toilet tissue. The state lockdowns also fueled stockpiling of bread, milk, eggs and other necessities, overloading delivery services like Instacart, which said order volumes had risen over 150 per cent in the last few weeks.

Double Trouble

With the Tribunals operating in the US since the start of 2019, per President Trump’s EO on March 1, 2018, numerous Doubles have appeared among politicians, royalty, and celebrities. The demise or arrest of the original person is never announced in the media. Often the enigmatic Q or the insightful Dark Judge gives the public a clue, or the public notices a change in their appearance after a brief absence from the scene. Because the list is now long, and stretches over months and now into years, the Zetas decided to do an overview refresher. 

ZetaTalk Refresher 3/31/2020: We, the Zetas, have been doing Doubles analysis with our emissary Nancy since 2017 when Obama’s Double was first floated out for public consumption. The lack of a fleshy lower lip was noted and fixed prior to Obama’s execution. Doubles are only used when the personage is well known, publicly visible, and is influential or powerful in human society. Finding, training, and managing a Double is time consuming and not always possible. The lack of a proper Double has at times delayed an execution, as was the case with the treasonous Pelosi, who displayed her rage at what she knew was coming in the months before her execution.

The general public may sense something different about the personage, but because the use of a Double is not marked on the calendar, the public soon begins to think of the Double as the original person. The person to be replaced is often missing in action for a period of days or even weeks prior to their Double emerging, to create this confusion in the public’s mind. Despite that, the “tell” showing that a Double is being used is often obvious. Beyond Obama, executions for treason have resulted in the blue-eyed Hillary emerging this past year, the oval faced Schiff arguing impeachment, and the ISIS supporting McCain dying prematurely of Cancer 

During this time when frank Martial Law is not yet to be admitted by the US Junta or the UK Marines, a semblance of civil rule is maintained to avoid riot and panic in the public. Nibiru is not yet to be admitted, though it cannot be denied for much longer. Thus SCOTUS continues even though Ginsberg was executed for treason, and the Queen appears to be ruling despite her execution for participation in the murder of children. Those who would rule the Commonwealth are steadfastly being eliminated for similar Satanist practices, including Meghan and Harry, Prince William, and recently Prince Charles.

If the battle for the soul of Earth is now chasing the Pointy Headed aliens from their lair in Antarctica, it is no less intense in the US in chasing the Satan worshiping Moloch practitioners from their powerful positions in the US. Thus the Vanderbilt execution in 2019, and the Cummings sudden death from alleged pancreatic cancer. Madonna and Elton John have both been replaced by those with lesser talent, with concert music often dubbed. Bibi is still in hiding in a bunker in Israel, but knows he is hunted, as are the Dutch royals.

Some Doubles emerge because a criminal suffers a natural death, but the network of people surrounding them wishes their influence to continue. This was the case for Soros when he suffered a heart attack and was replaced by a man with much larger eyeballs, and for Erdogan who likewise had a heart attack. This will likewise be the case for Gates, who now has a slightly altered persona giving interviews. The use of a Double may signal an ongoing court action, such as Trudeau’s new look, which does not bode well for Trudeau. His crime? Theft of public funds, a type of treason.

Fire in the Sky

The Lomonosov bubbles first appeared in March, 2019 when the Russian satellite -  the Lomonosov - captured them exploding on the outer edge of the atmosphere. This is the point where the petrol in these bubbles first had access to oxygen. These were not Red Sprites or Jet Blues, not associated with lightning or atmospheric turmoil.

They were then captured on film by Alberto and others, where they appeared as odd dark spots in the sky. Alberto used a telescopic lens to examine them closely, and found petrol bubbles.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2019: The Lomonosov explosions are bright light because they touch the Earth's atmosphere where there is sufficient oxygen to burn the gaseous fuel. But further out in space, this fuel is but a potential, a charged clump of the petrol chemicals that are carried in the tail from having been gathered in the Asteroid Belt. These Lomonosov explosions appear as glowing orbs in Alberto's photos because he is filtering for light in the red spectrum. Where not yet set ablaze, they appear as dark chunks. Just as bolides are increasing, solid debris in the tail of Nibiru screaming to Earth, these Lomonosov explosions will increase, puzzling mankind.

Then the explosions began dropping lower in the atmosphere, even caught on camera in Clermont County, Ohio in February, 2020 when a throbbing sky glow could be seen both with the naked eye and as recorded by the garage video camera. The Zetas predicted that more of this would occur.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2020: Petrol bubbles are not controlled by gravity, and just as oil floats on water and just as methane gas rises high in the atmosphere, will seek to stay high in the Earth’s atmosphere. What then causes the neon clouds to descend, and what caused the lower atmosphere explosions seen in Clermont County? The petrol bubbles are chasing ahead of the rest of the tail trash, in essence trying to stay above the density of the trash. They would prefer to stay above Earth’s atmosphere, but during a heavy tail swipe, are caught between these two forces, and take the less dense route. More petrol bubble explosions can be anticipated, which will be excused as a type of lightning strike, accompanied by electrical disturbance.

And they are back! Alberto is capturing the petrol bubbles in the vast tail of Nibiru blowing toward the Earth. And perusing Mr MBB333’s recent video of sky phenomena, one sees more than neon clouds, methane gas spires, red dust from Nibiru’s tail, and the Second Sun phenomenon. There is fire in the sky!