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Issue 757, Sunday April 4, 2021
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Biden Green Screens

Last July, 2020 when the Black Hat Biden Double was arrested and replaced by a White Hat Biden Double, the Zetas explained the options available to the Junta. One was to allow the Biden persona to “win” the election while arresting a rich harvest of traitors. This was described last February, 2021 by the Zetas as a continuing sting operation. Though months have gone by, we are still slogged down in that swamp and now also dealing with CCP soldiers in the tunnels under DC.

ZetaTalk Speculation 7/31/2020: Yet another scenario that could play out would be for the Junta to allow the election process to proceed with the Black Hat Biden Double claiming to be Biden. And in the event that the Democrat Party wins, all those aware of and running this fraud would be arrested for treason. Meanwhile, a White Hat Double of Biden would be installed in the White House, under the control of the Junta.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2021: As we have consistently confirmed, the current Presidential election is a sting operation. This means effecting the façade that Biden won sufficiently to allow the guilty to fall into traps.  The façade that Biden legally won the Presidency and is running the US government is required in order to flush out those at the helm of the coup. This includes finally turning some lights on at the White House, after it had been dark for over a week after the election. This includes allowing some videos showing the Biden Double exiting and entering official Air Force One transports after over a week of chatter on the Internet about Biden being forced to use alternative transports.

But per the Zetas, the public is provided proof that this is all a Biden Movie, so they can gradually awaken to the reality and scope of what has been happening worldwide. This is the final battle between Good and Evil, with the Junta and the White Hat Alliance in combat with the Satanists. It is more than just the 2020 election theft, though this will eventually be set right. Meanwhile, for those with eyes to see and questioning minds, here are the clues. Starting with the latest - the Green Screen interview.

Biden Glitchy Video with Reporters has People Spooked with Chopped Head and Hand Tricks
March 17, 2021
The internet was abuzz last night and this morning after video of Joe Biden talking to reporters appears to show his hand moving over a microphone and the top of his head cropped off. Joe Biden’s hand passes right through the microphone.
Biden Fakes Interview, Green Screen Fails
March 17, 2021
Washington Post's angle of the fake interview proves the reporters were not there as the microphone is far away from Biden hand's on the Post's angle while they are below his hands on the first angle. Both angles help prove each other are fake.
Situation Update: Fake Joe Biden now Confirmed… it’s all just a Movie
March 18, 2021
It’s now fully confirmed: Joe Biden is a fake digital mirage, and his “presidency” is completely staged using green screens and video compositing. This is why there’s no actual Joe Biden at the Oval Office, and it’s why the White House is dark. It’s also why there has been no State of the Union address. We now know with 100% certainty that the Biden videos being released are completely faked, using multi-layered video compositing tricks carried out with horrific, glaring errors that any competent viewer should immediately recognize.

The awake and intelligent public has noted many other clues. “President” Biden’s signature is so very different from his signature as a VP.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter as “President” Biden is only signing blank pieces of paper, with a pen that does not write!

But one of the earliest clues was the “Oval Office” setting where “President” Biden was holding forth, while the scenes outside the windows were clearly the backdrop at the Castle Rock Studios. Yes, Castle Rock has a movie set from the days when they filmed the American President. Though the scenes out the windows of the “Oval Office” are identical to the surroundings at Castle Rock, those in the Cabal determined to cement a “Biden” win for their advantage are unwilling to concede. The Zetas explain.

Fact check: Debunking Claims that Biden’s Oval Office is a Fake Movie Set
January 26, 2021
Reuters has examined each of these photos and found none of the claims to be true.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021:  We stated in the Summer of 2020 that the Black Hat Biden being run by the Cabal had been replaced by a White Hat Biden under the control of the Junta. This gave the Cabal few choices, one of which was to allow the Junta’s Biden to win the election via the election fraud the Cabal had already put into place. The Cabal assumed they would eventually regain control of the Biden persona. The Junta was busy running a sting operation at the time, and this was such a rich harvest of traitors that they allowed the Biden Double to win.

But the Biden Double was not actually sworn in as President on January 21, 2021 because President Trump had invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, 2021. This made any actions by Congress irrelevant as Martial Law was in effect at the time. The National Guard was installed in DC to assist with the arrests of traitors. The Junta intended to reveal all to the public but this plan was complicated by the discovery of CCP soldiers in the tunnels under the White House. Dirty bomb threats and other delay maneuvers by the Cabal also ensued.

Meanwhile, the public is watching a movie about the fake President Biden. Forced to delay by the need to fight a real invasion of the US by the CCP, the Junta allows their White Hat Biden to be used in video clips filmed at Castle Rock or Nellis Air Force Base to lend legitimacy to the Biden-as-President theme. These are presented by the Cabal controlled media as proof that a Biden Presidency is real, but the Junta allows enough proof of fraud to be included so the public will gradually become awake during the delays.

These clues include a darkened White House, Oval Office window views, blank Executive Orders being signed, signature differences, and now proof of a Green Screen. Meanwhile, the Junta has sworn in President Trump for a second term. The only legitimate Executive Orders being signed are those signed by President Trump. For example, the approval for the stimulus checks was given by President Trump. Are Heads of State worldwide aware that the Biden Presidency is a movie? Most are.

Political Fallout

Politicians rush to get elected because the positions they seek offer more than a good salary and the opportunity to serve mankind. They offer power and lots of perks. So is there a downside? Let’s ask Romney, who recently “fell” during the CPAC weekend, and his face showed it. Do we believe he fell, up there in Boston where he was visiting family? No. 

Romney Recovering after Weekend Fall left him with Stitches, Bruises
March 1, 2021
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said Monday that he is recovering after a fall over the weekend knocked him unconscious and resulted in "a lot of stitches." Romney was seen on Capitol Hill with a black eye and stitches above an eye and his lip. He told reporters that he "took a fall" while in Boston visiting his son and grandchildren. He briefly pulled off his mask, showing a puffy and bruised upper lip.
Trump says his "Journey" is "Far from Being Over" in first Major Public Speech since Leaving Office
March 1, 2021
Former President Trump returned to the public spotlight on Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, giving his first public speech since leaving office and since he was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial.  Mr. Trump laid out his vision for the Republican Party, called for states to pass new election laws, teased a possible 2024 run and criticized President Biden's first month in office.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2021: Romney’s mugging coincided with the CPAC 2021 celebration of President Trump as leader of the free world. The majority of Americans who voted for President Trump in the 2020 elections are seething that the election appears to be stolen from him, and stolen from them. President Trump will be reinstated eventually, though the Junta has their hands full at present with multiple threats to the Homeland, but in the meantime, the seething among the Patriots does not relent. Romney smugly assumes he is safe from any attack, but learned otherwise.

Then there is the issue of Bibi Netanyahu, who per Fulford has also fallen on hard times. Fulford says his Mossad sources claim Bibi has finally been executed, and a quick check on the eyebrows of the Bibi currently campaigning in Israel confirms that. In January, 2020 when “Bibi” visited President Trump in the White House, he looked different from his usual self. I was able to pinpoint the eyebrows, as the original Bibi is missing half his right eyebrow. The Zetas predicted his demise.  Now in his March 15 newsletter, Fulford states that Bibi has indeed been executed.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2020: Bibi has not been executed but has a double standing in for him during public events. He fears for his life. He has lost most of his power during the persistent cleanup of the Khazarian Mafia’s Moloch worship and their use of blackmail against those they have caught in pedo traps, thus leaving his threats toothless. The western banks are failing in the face of the reach and success of the BRICS banking network. Thus he lacks financial clout. Satanism has thus been proved worthless in the quest for power and money. Bibi hides underground in Israel, but those who hate or were hurt by him are legion, so it is only a matter of time before he is killed.

Attack on Khazarian Mafia Leadership Intensifies
March 15, 2021
The hunt is now zeroing in on Khazarian mob leaders such as members of the Habsburg family and their henchmen like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Fascists, Mossad, and other sources say. They also agree that crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been executed for war crimes, including the mass murder attack on Japan’s nuclear power station in Fukushima on March 11th, 2011.
Four Days before Israel's Election, Final Polls Give Netanyahu a Growing Chance of Clenching Majority
March 19, 2021
Neither major bloc secures a majority, polls show, but Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud may have an easier path. Meanwhile, prospect of fifth election also remains likely.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021: Has the White Hat Alliance finally effectively prosecuted Bibi Netanyahu and his Khazarian machine operating out of Israel, executing the lot? Yes, Ben Fulford’s sources are correct. Bibi’s lock on Israel included election fraud and the ability to use the Mossad as he chose. He has evaded being removed from office throughout several elections, and attempts to remove him from office for misconduct have repeatedly failed. When Bibi was to meet with President Trump in January, 2020 he sent a Double, as he feared an assassination. The Double is now campaigning in Israel, but the eyebrows reveal his identity.

Bibi’s crimes as the head of the Khazarian Mafia were more than misuse of government funds. They included using nuclear bombs to incite the Fukushima tsunami, taking out Russia’s Losharik sub, attempting to assassinate President Trump via a missile shot from an Israeli sub, bombing a Saudi oil refinery, partnering with Zuckerberg to track migrants in Africa and S America, and inciting war with Iran and terror attacks in Europe. If the Double wins the current election in Israel, he will operate as a White Hat Double under the control of the Alliance, just as the Biden administration is controlled by the US Junta.

7 of 10 on Steroids

The Zetas recently stated that the Earth had entered a period when the 7 of 10 Plate Movements were on steroids. They stated that the New Madrid Adjustment and the African Roll were proceeding hand in hand, at the same time. Certainly there are signs that the African Roll is suddenly progressing, with quake swarms in Greece, sinkholes in Croatia, and now quake swarms above Algeria. Does all of this have something to do with the odd Cloud Punch Holes seen over the Alps? Per the Zetas, there is indeed a relationship. Buckle up, there’s going to be lots more.

That’s not Natural! Mysterious Cloud Circles Appear over Swiss Alps
March 13, 2021
The eerie sky formation hovered over the Eiger, a 3,967-metre (13,015 ft) mountain of the Bernese Alps.
Why does the Trail from the Plane sometimes Last for Hours and what does the "Chemistry" have to Do with It?
March 15, 2021
Experts from the MeteoNews center report that these forms are clearly of artificial origin and, most likely, are condensation traces from the passage of military aircraft. The condensation trail consists of condensed water particles or tiny ice crystals. It's simply steam.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2021: The Eurasian Plate is clearly being stretched above the Mediterranean, with the top part of the African Plate being pushed against Greece and now the border to the East of Gibraltar being pushed to rip. The African Plate must drop for it to have room to roll, and this drop will commence shortly. Meanwhile, pressure points cause what are called earthquake clouds, striated lines in the sky that reflect puffing emissions from the rock below. The prevailing westerly winds and the Jet Stream push these emissions and the striated clouds up over the Alps.

Cloud Holes are being formed lately because the atmosphere is in turmoil due to the Daily Earth Wobble. We have called them incomplete tornados. One can see from the photos of the recent Swiss Cloud Holes that they are repeatedly punched, in step with the striation in the clouds. The populace along the Mediterranean should expect many unusual phenomena as the African Roll progresses. Recently we have had earthquake assaults in Greece and now Algeria, and a sudden sinkhole plague in Croatia.

Tsunami will result when the African Plate drops, as a void will open where the plate border pulls apart, causing rebound of water back against the coastlines. And due to the sudden lack of support for land along the plate border, which will droop, collapsing cities along the plate border will result. As the African Plate drops, it will pull the Sinai Peninsula away from its prior moorings, so that travel between Israel and Egypt will be disrupted. Commerce by boat in the Red Sea will likewise be disrupted during this turmoil, but after the African Plate drops the Red Sea will have widened, facilitating commerce.

Honorable Mention

The Strange Sounds site is well respected as is the Star Ship Earth site, and the Dark Judge knows what is real and true. Thus when they all referenced the ZetaTalk message, almost on the same day, it begs the question. Has the visibility of Nibiru and the obvious Earth changes of late made an impression? ZetaTalk predictions keep coming true. The Strange Sounds newsletter for March 18 quoted the ZetaTalk description of the Pole Shift. And the Star Ship Earth blog for March 16 linked to the latest ZetaTalk Newsletter.

We are Entering the Endtimes
Your Daily Dose of Natural Disaster and Amazing Phenomena
March 18, 2021
We wanted to end 2020 as fast as possible, but now Earth is slowing down… According to ZetaTalk, this means: “Then the Earth rights herself, side by side with Planet X, and begins her rotation slowdown. It is during this time that the Earth is drawn toward Planet X, so that Planet X quickly increases in size in the skies and is the writhing monster of legend. Slowing rotation is not a linear matter, but exponential as the Earth is pulled closer to Planet X. The Earth moans, groans, and complains as the core pulls at the crust but the crust is gripped, increasingly, and held by Planet X. The slowing is a lurching matter too, as when the Atlantic Rift is exposed, the grip slows the rotation, but when hidden, rotation tries to return. All this causes earthquakes and stretch zone accidents. Emergency management teams are beyond exhaustion, government services are in disarray, and travel has become almost impossible.”
Urgent Update for Tense Times for the Human Race
March 16, 2021
As Dave’s X22 Reports have said these are military operations; TRDJ concurs, as do the Zetas who feature a very interesting article at Zeta Talk at the link below. Wow. Who is in those tunnels beneath DC? You thought you knew? Maybe we were wrong. Are all the crazy things going on just distractions from this to avoid panic? Is that why the capitol lawns were smokin’?