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Issue 780-Addendum, Tuesday September 8, 2021
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Wave#2 Slow Mo

The Zetas have recently stated that the big New Madrid rupture can be expected by the end of 2021 or very early in 2022. They stated that preliminary ruptures would occur in waves, coming up from the Gulf. They stated that these waves would come up from Mexico where the New Madrid Fault Line starts. Wave#1 emerged in early May when the Colonial Pipeline was suddenly closed and the I-40 bridge into Memphis snapped a truss. Those watching the New Madrid have been anticipating Wave#2, which seemed to be occurring in slow motion, having started in late August.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2021: The New Madrid will start unzipping at the Gulf, then up the Mississippi River. Then following this first wave, another. A second wave will proceed up from the Gulf, this time tearing some bridges. This will be an iterative pattern.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2021: If one examines the subterranean relief map of the Gulf one can envision the next step as the N American Continent is torn apart. The Yucatan Peninsula will side with the Caribbean Plate and Florida and Alabama. Solid rock all around. There is a ridge under the Gulf, with the deepest parts of the Gulf on either side of this ridge. Note that the Mexican fault line running up from Mexico City has a nexus at the Ku Maloob Zaap pipelines. The N American Continent is being torn apart there, parts going East, and parts going West.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/31/2021: This massive quake south of Alaska and on the border of the N American Plate carries great meaning. The buoys were set to throbbing and bobbing. What does this adjustment mean for the pending New Madrid Adjustment that we have predicted to occur by the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter in early 2022?

Wave#2 cleared its throat on August 19 to cause a train derailment in the Wabash Seismic Zone in southern Indiana where the New Madrid Fault Line passes through. Then on August 22 there was activity up from the start of the Fault Line at the tip of Mexico. Another Pemex gas field explosion, accompanied by seemingly endless quake swarms at the tip of Mexico. On August 23 a buoy over the deep Gulf waters above the Yucatan Peninsula throbbed for days, the Raspberry EQ site reported a magnitude 6.1 quake at New Orleans, and a sympathetic train derailment occurred along the Fault Line in W Virginia.

Several Detours in Place in Shelby County after a Train Derailed near Fountaintown
August 19, 2021
Nothing was harmed except for the track itself. CSX says the impact of the crash pushed 100 feet of rails off the ground.
Train Derailment
August 23, 2021
An excursion train carrying 99 passengers and seven crew members derailed in Bemis in Randolph County. Responding to the scene in addition to the Sheriff's Office were the Randolph County EMS and several local fire departments, including the Harman, Beverly and Elkins departments.

Fire Erupts at Pemex Platform in Gulf of Mexico, Injuring Five
August 22, 2021
A fire broke out at an offshore platform in the southern Gulf of Mexico run by Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), injuring at least five people. The blaze, which occurred at the E-Ku-A2 platform at Pemex's Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field in the Bay of Campeche, was brought under control around 4.30 p.m.
A Pemex Marine Platform Burns Down in the Gulf of Mexico
August 22, 2021
According to reports, the fire apparently occurred in front of the Mexican state of Campeche (Yucatan Peninsula), precisely on the Ku-Alfa platform that is part of its largest producer complex. The fire started after an explosion which occurred in a gas and crude distribution center, destined for other oil installations.

The Gulf buoy was still throbbing on August 25 when Wave#2 traveled up the Mississippi River to destabilize Oklahoma on the West side of the Fault Line. The Oklahoma quakes registered for almost a week. Then Wave#2 traveled all the way up the Mississippi to destabilize the Seaway, where numerous quakes had been popping off. This resulted in the expanding Seaway pulling open the rip point at the end of Lake Superior. A bean field inexplicably tore open there on August 26, puzzling experts. These New Madrid waves do indeed outline the entire vulnerable SE Portion of the US, where the grip is weakening.

Bean Field Collapses in Northwestern Minnesota
August 26, 2021
Some consider it a geological wonder. A crack in the soil of a bean field in northwestern Minnesota has caused the ground to collapse 25 feet, creating a quarter-mile-long ravine.
It looks like the Grand Canyon! Bean Field Collapses and falls 25 Feet Overnight in Rural Minnesota, Baffling Farmers and Experts
August 28, 2021
Consequence of the extreme drought in Near Climax, Minnesota, a small crack in the ground has grown, causing a quarter-mile long stretch of bean field to fall 25 feet. Few have ever seen anything like it.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: From the start of the ZetaTalk saga we have warned that the St. Lawrence Seaway would split further open. We warned that this would happen during the Pole Shift, but will be in process well ahead of that time. In 2006 when a pipeline carrying oil from Saskatchewan to Chicago ruptured, we explained that this was due to the Seaway expanding underground, all the way from the Seaway exit into the Atlantic to the rumpled Black Hills of S Dakota.

The N American Plate is under extreme stress at present, locked in place at its flat top in the Arctic while the tip of Mexico is pulled toward the West. While the SE Portion of the N American Plate holds tight and refuses to rip from its moorings along the Mississippi River, the tugging on the rock strata finds other weak spots to relieve the tension. It is notable that our suggestion that a line drawn from the Seaway exit to the Black Hills would show the line of tension, and Climax, Minnesota is right on that line.

Hurricane Ida slammed New Orleans and roared up the Mississippi in the midst of Wave#2, disguising some Wave#2 Fault Line twitches. Ida and the Fault Line literally overlaid one another. On August 29 it was reported that the Mississippi ran backwards, which happened during the New Madrid adjustment in 1811 but does not happen during hurricanes. Thus this heaving land is a Wave#2 incident.

On August 30 one can see the stress tugging on the SE Portion, which not only includes the entire SE of the US but reaches across from the Seaway exit all the way to the Azores and down to include the SE portion of the N American Plate at Venezuela and Trinidad. The lower part of the Gulf of Mexico is included in this SE Portion, reaching past the Pemex disasters to the tip of Mexico.

On August 31 a Mississippi highway collapsed, dropping a large portion that crossed the highway by dozens of feet. This was blamed on Hurricane Ida, but how could blowing winds affect the land in that manner? There was no flooding evident. Note that the New Madrid Fault Line splinters in several directions just above New Orleans, branching off to the East to run up the East Coast Fault Line, and branching off to the West also. Thus for there to be a Fault Line tug in George County, Mississippi where the emergence of the East Coast Fault Line begins, makes this highway collapse a Wave#2 incident.

2 Dead, up to 10 Injured in Mississippi Highway Collapse
August 31, 2021
The Mississippi Highway Patrol, emergency personal and rescue teams were called to a roadway collapse on Highway 26 in George County. The collapse is around 50 to 60 feet in length and 20 to 30 feet deep. Seven vehicles were involved in the incident.
Mississippi Highway Collapses 30 Feet Deep Killing 2 and Injuring 10
August 31, 2021
The hole is around 50 to 60 feet long and 20 to 30 feet deep. Seven vehicles were involved, including a motorcycle. A crane was brought in to lift them out of the hole.

Then as Ida blew East through Pennsylvania and New York State, massive flooding occurred. But was this all due to Ida? The RaspberryShake earthquake site showed the tugging on the SE Portion. Quakes above the Seaway show the Seaway is being pulled apart, and a simultaneous quake in the Michigan thumb and West Coast of Florida directly below show the SE Portion itself is being stretched and pulled toward the Azores. Thus, compressed rock affected drainage, and Pennsylvania  dams failed while New York City flooded. These can be disguised Wave#2 incidents, as the collapsed buildings in Kensington, PA show.

Heavy Rain Prompts Evacuation below Johnstown Area Dam
Cambria County emergency management director and 911 center head Art Martynuska said the water level at the Wilmore dam reached the height that required evacuation. The Hinckston Run Dam was also being monitored and may require evacuation. The dam is performing as intended - water is flowing into the emergency spillway, which helps to prevent further degradation of the structure. However, the emergency plan for the Wilmore Dam calls for downstream evacuations when water flows into the spillway.
2 People Injured in Kensington Building Collapse
September 3, 2021
Two people are lucky to be alive after a building collapsed in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. The Department of Licenses and Inspections says a total of four buildings collapsed or were damaged. Officials will return to the scene Friday for emergency demolition.

The issue of land pulled taut - pulled down so drainage is affected - arose again when the Mediterranean side of Spain was affected by flooding. The Zetas predicted that during the African Roll, the African Plate will shift 125 miles to the SE along the Mediterranean at Gibraltar. Gibraltar has been getting a spate of quakes at the same time Spain flooding occurred. The African Roll and the New Madrid adjustment go hand-in-hand, per the Zetas. Thus this could be considered an associated Wave#2 incident.

"We left it in God's hands": Floods Wreck Spanish Seaside Town
September 2, 2021
People in the town of Alcanar in north-east Spain have been assessing the damage caused to homes and businesses by flooding produced by intense rain that fell over large areas of the country. Other parts of Spain's central and northern areas, including Madrid, also experienced flooding.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/4/2010: The roll of Africa, as we have described, will be more of a twist in place. The plate overall drops enough that having the top part shift to the east does not do damage along the plate boundaries. The Straits of Gibraltar will open an additional 125 miles and the northern point at Morocco will move 50 miles further east.

Landslides and ruptured roads are usually accompanied by moving ground, not just rainfall - whether from earthquakes or being pulled apart in a stretch zone. If water caused the damage, then scouring from raging water is evident or long-term washing away of the soil is evident. On September 3, the New York landslide has no evidence of water damage, and the Rhode Island street does not show water erosion in the lawns, though it does show that heaving ground in the lawns occurred. Sinkholes emerged in NJ, NY, PA, and CT during Wave#2, clearly not from excessive rain. This is Wave#2 once again, disguised as Ida damage.


An oil spill emerged on September 2 close to New Orleans, where the New Madrid unzipping emerges. This once again is being blamed on the high winds of Ida, but the source of this spill is not structures above the waves or even structures that could be blown about by high winds. The source is deep under the water, as was the BP Gulf oil spill in 2010. Divers soon confirmed that this oil spill was from a broken pipe on the Gulf floor, ruptured by ground movement.

Cleanup Boats on Scene of Large Gulf Oil Spill Following Ida
September 2, 2021
An oil slick is shown on Sept. 2, 2021 south of Port Fourchon, La. The U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday, Sept. 4, that cleanup crews are responding to a sizable oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Ida. The spill, which is ongoing, appears to be coming from a source underwater at an offshore drilling lease about two miles (three kilometers) south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana.
Divers to Try to Locate Source of Reported Oil Spill in Gulf after Hurricane Ida
September 4, 2021
A private dive team will try to locate the source of a suspected oil spill spotted in the Bay Marchand area of the Gulf of Mexico. Images showed a miles-long brownish-black slick spreading in coastal waters about two miles off Port Fourchon, Louisiana, an oil and gas hub.
Divers Point to a Broken Pipeline as the Source of the Gulf Oil Spill
September 5, 2021
Divers at the site of an ongoing oil spill that appeared in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida have identified the apparent source as one-foot diameter pipeline displaced from a trench on the ocean floor and broken open.

On September 4 Montgomery County, Tennessee experienced a boom and shaking from what is being called an "unknown phenomena". There were earthquakes in the area the day before and after this episode. An additional earthquake also registered off-shore from the East Coast on September 6. The SE Portion is indeed being tugged to stay in place.

"Unknown phenomena" caused Ground to Shake in Clarksville
September 5, 2021
Multiple agencies in Montgomery County spent hours searching for the source of an "unknown phenomena" that involved reports of a loud explosion and the ground shaking.

Wave#3 Begins

Then on September 8 the tip of Mexico -  the start of the New Madrid Fault Line - had a massive 7.3 quake. Earthquake lights filled the sky in Mexico City. The Zetas had advised to watch the tip of Mexico for clues as to when the New Madrid adjustment might occur. This Mexico quake went hand-in-hand with a significant quake at New Madrid. Is this the start of Wave#3 from the Gulf? Wave#2 might have been slow-mo but Wave#3 appears to have started with a bang. 
ZetaTalk Prediction 8/28/2010: Mexico will lurch to the west as this major quake occurs, with a settling of land to the west of the Mississippi almost instantly afterwards. The Mississippi will seem to have widened, and those to the West will see a new view as they look East, as their land will have shifted to the Southwest as well as dropped.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/31/2020: The nudge against the N American Plate at the tip of Mexico that we have predicted will trigger the New Madrid adjustment.