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Lou Gentile Hour!
April 29, 2005

Yellowstone Supervolcano TV Special, the coverup and the cracks

Drawing on sound scientific evidence, and applying credible predictions and substantial research from leading geological experts, Supervolcano presents a fictional account of one of nature’s rarest and most cataclysmic events: a volcanic super-eruption.
BBC and Discovery Channels

Presented more as a docudrama than a fiction because of the scientific corroboration, Supervolcano reveals a cover-up pattern, and cracks in the cover-up! Per the producers, the UK's Geological Society, the largest in Europe, were consultants. Their web site shows a number of papers dated year 2000-2001, then another 2005 report released 'in concert' with the docudrama. Why the gap of 3 years? BBC indicates the 'programme that inspired Supervolcano', also dated year 1999-2000, again, a gap. It was during the gap years that Yellowstone began heating up, trails closed, elk leaving, fish dying, tremors, yet the worse it got, the less the public heard about it. Beyond the gap, during which the public heard little, the cover-up and the cracks in the cover-up were revealed in two additional ways by the docudrama:

  1. The warning signs for an eruption are equivalent to what occurred during 2002-2004 - rising lava, tremors, wildlife leaving - and as the docudrama is billed as scientifically based, this is making the statement that the public should have been warned about Yellowstone's potential during these years too.
    The docudrama counters the cover-up line that Yellowstone's restlessness is not a worry.
  2. In the docudrama, Homeland Security is shown as a villain, refusing to allow a warning to be given to the public, and insisting the USGS lie to back their statements. When the crisis finally erupts, they issue a 'shelter in place' order and tell people to rely on the 3 days of food and water advisory, their standard guidelines.
    The docudrama counters the line that Homeland Security is effective and looking out for the public's interest, as its primary concern was panic reduction.
The eruption will not be what many fear. There’s enough crust flakes overlapping that it is not just a direct siphon of lava to go kaboom in an explosion. But it will cause ash for some 100 miles in all direction.
ZetaTalk: Yellowstone, written Dec 5, 2003

Zetas RIGHT Again!, Torque Effect, Magma Slam, Volcanic Activity, Global Quakes, Giant Waves, and the Marburg Outbreak

Torque Effect
In January and February, we mentioned the torque effect, predicted by the Zetas in May 1, 2004 and showing up on earthquake charts following the Sumatra tsunami quake. This pattern has held steady since, in April more dramatic than ever. On April 11, despite 6+ Richter quakes striking in Peru, Indonesia, New Guinea, Loyalty Islands, and Japan, the West Coast is slumbering! Zetas RIGHT Again!

The overall effect will be a torque. Hold the globe with the left hand on the N Pole, the right hand on the S Pole, and turn in opposite directions. The N Pole going in the direction of rotation with the S Pole held back.
ZetaTalk: Torque Effect, written May 1, 2004

Magma Slam
The Magma Slam points described by the Zetas are less than points opposite on the globe from the high wind and Magma Void points, but do equate to the 140 degree skew reported by German scientists. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Energy traveled from the earthquake rupture zone, deep in the crust under the South Pacific, about 140 degrees away. If the Earth were homogenously solid or liquid, the seismic waves would have passed straight through to 180 degrees without any deflections or changes.
Discovery, Apr 20, 2005
Europe has experienced those, winds from the South, and on the other side of the globe from there a double whammy point, Tasmania. The US has experienced these vertical sudden windstorms, and on the other side of the globe lies the African Rift. Japan has been assaulted by sudden winds from the South in Tokyo, and on the other side of the globe lies the spine of the Andes in South America.
ZetaTalk: Magma Slam, written Dec 28, 2004

Volcanic Activity
Volcanoes that erupted April 6-20 were in the Comorus Island near the African Rift, Indonesia, and along the spine of the Andes in South American predominantly. This volcanic activity is in accordance with the Magma Slam points, not volcanic incidence. Per Volcanic Maps volcanic incidence is Indonesia/New Zealand 116, Aleutians 40, Japan/Mariana 36, Central America 27, West Coast/Mexico 22, South America 22, Africa 18, Mediterranean 12, Hawaii 12, Kamchatka 7, and Caribbean 4, so eruptions near the African Rift and in Chili and Ecuador are not where the preponderance of volcanoes reside. They are in the magma slam areas! Zetas RIGHT Again!

Global Quakes
Global Quakes at the Face/Dark points, when the Atlantic Rift is either facing Planet X as it rounds the Sun or in opposition, have been present since March, 2003, confirming the ZetaTalk statement about the magnetized Atlantic Rift. This pattern has no other explanation but the presence of Planet X, and is avoided utterly by the debunkers as an issue because it cannot be explained. Live seismograph charts are from the USGS, and show these positions as UTC 0:00 and 12:00 approximately. This was exemplified in 2003 in Yellowstone seismograph jitters, dramatically starting at the Face and easing at the Dark. This was exemplified recently on April 2, 2005 when Nord, Greenland had a 6.1 at 12:52:36 UTC and Indonesia a 6.1 at 00:59:22 UTC. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Apr 2, Inchon, Republic of Korea

While at some distance from the point of passage, it has gripped Earth to the point of not letting the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift go.
ZetaTalk: Stop Rotation, written Jul 15, 1995
This Atlantic Rift is itself a magnet as the tearing occurred during prior pole shifts and cooling magma was quickly aligned with the reforming poles, and thus becomes a third magnet encouraged to align with the Earth's core and Planet X during their encounters. At the point where the Atlantic Rift either faces or is in opposition to Planet X, this tugging to align occurs, creating the Global Quakes noted on live seismographs only during this past year, for the Earth, when Planet X has been in the vicinity.
ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble, written Jul 17, 2004

Giant Waves
Where recent satellite imagery confirms that giant waves are not all that unusual, and are suspected of being responsible for over 200 ship losses in the past 20 years, they have only recently been in the news hitting large ocean liners. Zetas RIGHT Again!

70-footer hits NY bound ship. The Norwegian Dawn, an opulent ocean liner almost 1,000 feet long, limped into Charleston, SC after it was creamed by the rogue wave after dawn. The vessel, longer than three football fields, was suddenly smacked by the freak wave.
NY Daily News, Apr 17, 2005
Swirling in the oceans and the air will only increase, not only becoming more violent. Forecasters will be dismayed. Water on the move, finding a blockage before it, mounts high, on land termed a tidal bore but in the ocean creating gigantic waves when the force of water moving in one direction meets another. These waves do not simply stand in place, they move in all directions, choppy, and huge.
ZetaTalk: Storm Clash, written Feb 18, 2004

Marburg Outbreak
On Aug 25, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the Safe Locations documentation that Africa should consider that Ebola type viruses, those similar to the Ebola, would spread beyond today's expectations. Marburg hemorrhagic fever is similar to Ebola, and the recent outbreak which reached Italy and countries outside of Angola, including an outbreak in Angola cities, shows the accuracy of ZetaTalk. Per WHO, this Marburg outbreak is larger than any previous Ebola outbreak. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Plagues similar to the Ebola virus will spread, under the influence of the continuous rains and drizzle that run for decades after the shift, to all parts of Africa, stopped only by the seashore. The Ebola virus and its cousins live in swamps, passed among the creatures that live there, and these creatures will find all of Africa to their liking during this continuous wet season.
ZetaTalk: Africa, written Apr 25, 1999

Survival Techniques, homemade soap, Vitamin C sources, and homemade cloth

Pouring melted animal fat into ashes will produce a primitive soap. The ashes provide lye, collected by collecting the drip from an ash wash. Animal fat, lye, and water are cooked until the mixture turns clear and is thick, then is poured into molds. Simple instructions are available in Troubled Times.

The Vitamin C content of 16 weeds in Ohio and Kentucky were determined - wild garlic, onions, and chive; shepherd's purse; wormseed; sorrel; and violet - and found pound per pound to be higher in Vitamin C than oranges. Pine needles are high in vitamin C, fresh green needles having five times the amount of vitamin C found in one lemon, and will cure scurvy. Scurvy grass, native to the British Isles, also lives up to its name.

Spruce tea can be made by steeping fresh evergreen needles in water, that will be as potent with the both preventive and curative ascorbic acids as the ordinary orange juice. You can get it even more directly by chewing the tender new Spruce needles, whose starchy green tips are particularly pleasant to eat in the spring.
Food Bible

Spinning and weaving or knitting the thread is not rocket science. Wool or cotton or flax fibers are combed, then twisted into a single strand, then these strands twisted in the reverse direction. Spinning wheels produce both the single, then multi-strand, threads. Twisting the single strand in one direction and the multi-strand in the other gives great strength to the thread. Looms are composed of warp and woof, the warp thread lengthwise and the woof thread passed back and forth as a bobbin of thread inside a shuttle. The lengthwise warp threads are then raised or lowered, by string loops called heddles which hold these warp threads up or allow them to be lowered. Once again, these simple instructions with diagrams are available on Troubled Times.

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