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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 8, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Is the Lou Dobbs' CNN insistence siding with the "Birthers" and apparently with the administration's Health Care Plan detractors just the tip of the iceberg of something more sinister? Was a coup d'etat in the works similar to the Honduran one, trying to have Obama deposed on a legal basis and have accuse him of being a communist? If so, who was behind it, and is the White House aware of their names? How does this relate to the Pole Shift?

We have mentioned before that the birthers are more than just disgruntled Republicans trying to throw mud on the Obama administration. Up until very recently they had the majority on the Supreme Court, and were hoping to run this issue up into that court and get a favorable ruling! Even with their forged data, they hoped to fog the issue so the court would rule that the issue had not been settled, thus throwing the Obama administration into illegitimacy. Now they don't have the votes, but those who they set on fire with this issue are still running with it. Lou Dobbs is not an Obama enthusiast, so has joined their ranks to express his resentment at the Republican outcome.

Are the so call "Brujas de Monterrey" that the policeman from Mexico saw, a real paranormal phenomena or are they hoaxes?

Within the recent memory of man, Mothman flew over the mountains of West Virginia, and the winged New Jersey Devil terrorized those it caught in the woods. This is another instance of Service-to-Self aliens trying to terrorize humans into their spiritual orientation, as a terrified human is less likely to be empathetic. The drug wars in Mexico have given them hope, and they are trying to be opportunists.

On last week chat you've told me I could not graduate to the 4th density after my current lifetime and I should tend to my lessons. What is the sign whereby you recognize people who aren't graduated yet for the 4th density?

We spoke to your soul, and the evaluation was an instant affirmation.

What exactly should one do (tend to lessons sounds somehow abstractly), if he anyway doesn't want to end as an octopus on a water planet. There are only few years left now (till death or transformation) and I'm asking my self, is this time enough to make people change? I know to do lots of STO stuff is important, but everybody understands good deeds differently.

Try thinking of someone besides yourself. That's what Service-to-Other involves.

How can one understand different grades of STO?

In order to be considered Service-to-Others an entity must think of others 50% of the time, the self 50% of the time. Service-to-Others does not mean being a pushover or a slave to the demands of others. Those who are highly Service-to-Others spend more time thinking about the welfare of others, and take action, often a great sacrifice to themselves.

Is there any method for forecasting the earthquakes few minutes before it appears?

We have mentioned the electromagnetic screech that rocks emit days and hours before a quake hits, but rock under stress may give this screech even without breaking to cause a quake. There are other signs known to humans such as pets leaving home, restless domestic animals, and the aches and pains and headaches that earthquake sensitives get. But beyond this there is no signal that humans can utilize.

Did the biblical Deluge coincide with the end of the last ice age? Is it true that Ice Ages nothing but shifted poles?

Yes on both counts. The ice pack over France ended approximately 10,800 years ago, three pole shifts back. This was the shift that caused the Flood.

One of the best "trump cards" of ZT site is photos from CDD cameras and infrared images from observatories. ../teams/tteam34x.htm But there are no any of them after April 2003. Why?

Planet X was visible in the evening sky in late March, 2003, and then moved within Earth's orbit so it was lost in the glare of the Sun. It has been within the Earth's orbit ever since, though has moved past the Sun to position for its outbound run.

Greetings from Amursk! On the last chat you probably have not understood what exactly I had in view of asking to you a question on a shower which for certain disturbs also many other things sympathizing people. On this page ../density/d16.htm you speak: "Young souls that dissipate because of lack of what we have termed a spark, have few connections, few substantial memories that create connections, and thus there is in essence nothing there." And what exactly occurs to such soul? What feels and the soul during while it dissipate sees? And after dissipate it continues to wander but loses ability to be embodied? Or it disappears at all but how it (soul) it feels and feels "disappearance" during dissipate? And what occurs to showers after that disappearances? I believed that anything in this world does not disappear, and simply changes the essence or the form, passing some kind of transformation.

A soul that dissipates does not have any feelings as it does not exist, per se.

Will comment please on this circles on fields appeared on July, 22th [and from another] Very fascinating crop circle from a couple days ago Shows some interesting alignments of spheres and what looks like orbital paths. Can the Z's comment? [and from another] Morgans Hill, Nr Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd August.

Woodborough is showing balanced orbits with an imbalanced center, due to presence of Planet X close to the Sun. In Windmill the circle is stating that the Earth will magnetically align with Planet X twice. It is aligned at present, and will again during the week of rotation stoppage. In between these instances will come the frightening increase in size that Planet X presents to those on Earth. Morgan Hill is a hoax. When we analyzed some hoaxes in 2004 we pointed out the characteristics - straight, rather than curved, lines, small in size, and in locations distant from public view. This current hoax also has very easy access from side roads.

Recent quake activity in the Gulf of California with several quakes along a stretch of ocean bottom. This was preceeded by some unusual quake activity in indonesia area. Were the two related?

We are asked at every major quake what it means, etc. We stated over a year ago that quakes were going to be increasing on an exponential, rather than linear basis. Even while dumbing down the magnitude of the quakes in the databases, and dropping all they can get away with, the USGS is being faced with the obvious fact. The pubic knows they are doing this, as houses shake when no quake is reported, and the scope of destruction is far too great and widespread to be of the magnitude they report. This trend will continue. The domino effect of quakes was something Nancy documented years ago, well before the year 2000. They tend to roll west to east, in this.

The British Government seems more keen then others to declare a swine flu pandemic to the point where they will knowingly diagnose people with swine flu when they know they probably don't have it. My father is a paediatrician and he has told me that the government directive is that if you have a fever and any 2 symptoms out of a list including (but not exclusive to): sore throat, headache, flu, body weakness, etc -- then you have swine flu. If Bush and Blair were still in power then I think people would suspect a more sinister plot behind it all but is there some other reason behind the current press in the UK to diagnose everybody possible with swine flu other than perhaps to create an enemy that will cause people to cling to the government as they do in times of crisis. Why is the UK government so eager to diagnose the whole country with swine flu?

The statistics for this current swine flu are such that it is an extremely mild flu, with a tiny fraction of the deaths normally associated with a flu season. It has been noted by many that the WHO seems almost frantic to develop a vaccine against this mild flu. They have publicly given the reason that they fear it will mutate into a stronger virus in the fall, taking everyone by surprise. But the truth is that they fear those who developed the virus in the first place will try again, and are hoping to create an immunity in the populace that will slow the spread of such a new monster.

Zetas stated about time of about 3657 years for Planet X. How much is it "about"? + / - how much time?

Within a few years. Since you have no baseline, not knowing the exact year when the last pole shift occurred, it is irrelevant.

My English is not good, but I will try. In March 2006 ../index/zeta265.htm "Did the government have anything to do with the deaths of any rebellious musicians?" Zetas have told that the government no have anything to do with the death John Lennon, but on April 2007 ../index/zeta366.htm Zetas tell, they was "the type of black ops the CIA runs all over the world were used". It is possible to receive explanation?

The first question was whether the government killed Lennon or Morrison. It was not an official government arm, as the second more expanded answer expains. It was black ops, which were used extensively, for instance, during the Bush/Cheney years but will never be called a government op. Black ops are almost always not an official arm, but the use of government funds to carry out what a single individual or small group within the government feels should be done.

Greetings from Ukraine! How "do onto others" applie to STS? "During the cataclysms, many highly Service-to-Other families or small communities may find they have a highly Service-to-Self child among them, or someone of this orientation who is physically dependent upon them in some way. Do they cast these young children or dependents aside, in order to become a fully Service-to-Other group? This is in conflict with the nature of those in the Service-to-Other, especially as there can be no certainty that the child or dependent person has truly decided on a Service-to-Self path. What if they are undecided, dithering, and abandonment would push them in the wrong direction? The Service-to-Other human wants to establish a tone of hope and caring, for all in the group" - ZetaTalk. On the other hand, "return good for evil" doesn't work with hardened STS, they will not change, and Zetas have repeatedly said that physical separation is the best solution in dealing with such individuals. That is to say, people who are not familiar with concept of orientations or have not figured this out and doubt evil/selfish intentions could be present in others insist that all should be included and not rejected and given a chance, endlessly.

This is one of the challenges facing young souls on Earth, who must learn to identify and deal with hardened Service-to-Self, while at the same time identify and tolerate immaturity in other young souls. A young child can be immobilized in a community, so it cannot hurt others despite its hardened orientation, and only ejected when able to function on its own. Most Service-to-Other individuals will end up in mixed society after the pole shift, due to their concern for those who are their dependents. It is their nature. Most highly Service-to-Other individuals who have been offered a lift during the pole shift will not even accept this, even though the lift only assures that they be alive after the hour is over, as they feel their dependents need them during that hour. Many highly Service-to-Self children are born to highly Service-to-Other parents so that both learn how to deal with each other, as their next incarnation will involve a separation of the orientations. It is their last chance to learn the nature of their opposing orientation, before this separation occurs.

What is Yahweh? Fiction? Negative? Positive? STS? STO? Demon? Reptilian? Annunaki? Grey?

A figment of man's imagination. Man worships many gods, whom they hope will care for them like parents care for children, and attempt to placate gods whom they imbue with human emotions, like children trying to placate their parents. The Annunaki were too real to be immaginary, but Planet X is referenced in the Bible as the Lord at times, rolling in on clouds and causing destruction on Earth. Even primitive religions feel their gods are nebulous, not concrete, and assume their gods can assume many forms. If the child fears a punitive parent, then their god is seen as cruel, ie Service-to-Self. If the child anticipates a giving parent as a god, then that god would be imagined to be Service-to-Other.

I was reading about Bigfoot on Zeta Talk. Since they are in 3rd density, are they aware of humans? Because if they are aware of humans then they would be aware of the quarantine and the alien presence. It's quite fascinating how they are under our noses, but we can't see them. Out of this world technology. And if they are not aware of humans, even more impressive.

Of course they are aware of humans. They are running from them often enough! Because these souls are incarnated into a more primitive ape than man, at present, does not mean that these souls are ignorant or inexperienced. It is man who is primitive in this regard.

I have not heard much news about fireballs flashing across the sky lately. Has the tail of Planet X taken a turn somewhere or are they still happening or increasing but only being reported locally?

Fireballs go in spates, as they accompany a waft of the tail of Planet X. This tail is not a single long strand, but a number of moon swirls, all of which dance around each other. Thus, there is nothing predictable about when a strand will waft over Earth again.

ZT stated "Anyone who is a Star Child has a good grasp on what mankind is like, or what 3rd Density existence is like, and has formulated an approach." ../index/zeta523.htm And yet, "Star Children are often misunderstood while incarnated as humans, simply because they have no way of communicating their vast background to their human neighbors." ../beinghum/b21.htm My point is that people just simply won't listen, not even pay attention if the message comes from someone who is not expected to deliver it - an illiterate "village philosopher", atypically wise child or seemingly "old" and experienced youth. And yet, I feel it is the way to go - down in the middle of the worst hell, stuck in a quag, to be there for those who need it.

Our statements are not in contradiction. The soul of the Star Child understands the mission and the best approach. The human incarnated may be confused. For those who are Star Children, the answer is to listen to their soul on these matters.

Some time ago the zetas gave a thoughtful and detailed example of what they would say if they were in charge of 'disclosing' the situation to the public. Who do they think should give that message then? The White House, the Congress, NASA, the mainstream media on its own, the UN, the "new" MJ-12, a combination of them, or who?

Anyone with the courage to buck the current trend, which is to say nothing.

Many if not most of the people that follow "alternative" media such as this GLP, nobody, Jeff Rense, et al, seem to have become Obama-haters lately. (The poster of him as the "Joker" in the Batman movie below this very thread is a prime example.) These are the very people both Obama and ZetaTalk seem to be trying to reach out to, to help. What gives then? Why are so many prone to believing the fake birth certificates offered up before believing the real one? Is it a classic case of racism, suppressed? Or are these folks just sore losers, who are displaying a foreshadowing of the insanity that the zetas have said will sweep through the populace? Or is there another reason altogether? [and from another] On the eve of the Iraq War, 69% of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11. Four years later, 34% still did. At a recent town-hall meeting in South Carolina, a man stood up and told his Congressman to "keep your government hands off my Medicare". Polls show that a majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government, or explain what the Bill of Rights is. 24% could not name the country America fought in the Revolutionary War. More than two-thirds of Americans don't know what's in Roe v. Wade. Two-thirds don't know what the Food and Drug Administration does.

Bill Maher presented a view that half the US is just plain dumb, giving very frightening statistics. IQ is an average 100 which means for every bright person there is a dumb person. But the primary problem is rigid minds, thinking with emotions rather then logic. We have explained that those who are Republican's tend to be insecure, and Obama makes them nervous in a way Bush did not because they cannot ramrod their needs into law as they felt they could under Bush.

On Pacifica radio last night, the host said that some of the people who have been recorded as the disruptive elements in the crowds of the town hall meetings have been noted as some of the same people who were involved in the voter fraud in Florida's vote recount in 2004. These people appear not to have been members of the communities who's meetings they were disrupting. He also mentioned that the so called grass roots movement that the republican comentators are talking about are actually sponsored by the corporations who would most benifit by them. Can you tell us what is actually happening and is anything being done to counter this ploy to hobble Obama's efforts to improve the condition of America's masses?

Obama understands what is occurring, and has been trying to point this out. Of course those who think nothing of voter fraud and an illegitimate president being installed quickly point the finger at Obama and claim he is abusing freedom of speech by trying to learn the source and content of the disinformation. These disrupters are Republican friends of the HMO's and pharma companies, who are at the very least trying to keep donations to their reelection funds coming.

If one cannot be sure about position of the Earth and PX at Passage, how close is the new poles and new climate estimates?

We are sure about the position of the Earth and Planet X at passage! Certain enough to have given specifics about the angle of placement from each other vs a vs the Sun! We have likewise stated the distance Earth will be from Planet X as 14 million miles at passage.

With the volcanic gloom descending for decades after the shift, will any of edible wild vegetation grow (like in Nancy's Finegan Fine) or all will have to be artificially grown indoors?

Weeds are far less particular about their environment than domestic crops. If there is more shade and gloom than bright meadows, then those weeds that like the shade will proliferate. There are crops, however, that do well in gloom - potatoes and scurvy grass, for example.

Why do most animals, per the Zetas, have telepathic abilities and humans do not, in the main? Was it engineered out?

Animals listen to this message, while humans block it out with their flood of thoughts about video games and getting laid and how to beat their coworkers out of the next promotion.

Why are human female cycles an exception among mammals, with only few monkey species having the same, meaning menstrual rather than estrous cycles.

It depends on the ape chosen for genetic engineering, and the traits that any donated hominoid genes might have had.

What does a little child experience after death, coming back into its true mature spirit form. Not much different from one who had been on earth for a lifetime?

This is correct. The soul recognizes the journey, regardless of the age or condition of the human body being left behind.

Given what you have said about TPTB and folks like Rumsfeld and the desire of those wishing to dispose of the common man/woman, how concerned should I be for my children that they might be asked to take Tamiflu this autumn? Is it a useful drug as far as the Zetas can see or are there hidden dangers for children?

There is no plan to poison the populace at present in any vaccination. However, there are inherent dangers in a swine flu vaccine, as the last attempt showed, with French Polio afflicting many, causing the only deaths (25) from the last swine flu epidemic. One should balance the threat from a mild flu to the threat from a vaccine in this regard.

A curious question for the Zetas regarding the Hybrids. Do the Hybrids eat animal protein? What do they eat to live so long?

Our hybrids eat, where we, the full blood Zetas, absorb our nutrients through our lungs and skin. We manufacture our nutrients. But early Zeta ate only bugs and vegetables, essentially a vegetarian diet, and this was by preference as much as due to what was available. Long life is due to genetics, primarily.

Do the zeta's or greys forget about their abductees when they are older? Do they have a plan for them?

Are you assuming that we discard contactees when they are old, as humans so often discard their friends or lovers or relatives when they grow old? It is a matter of the soul. We gain nothing from a visit but an obligation to counsel those humans who become our contactees. So there is nothing to lose, in a manner of speaking, in continuing this contact when the contactee is old!

What's with the rash of Rabbis getting arrested for either tax fraud, money laundering, selling organs, etc? Last week it was Rabbis arrested in wide New Jersey sting. Now there is another in Chicago I see today. Is there something larger behind the schemes?

Israel has less influence over the Obama administration than the former Bush administration, and Obama's Attorney Generals are given permission to prosecute.

Why do I feel you're evil, but I'm overwhelmed though by what is the message that you convey?

Your are listening to those you give the Call to, during your fear. You are giving the Call to those in the Service-to-Self, who leave you uneasy. They are also telling you that ZetaTalk is evil, which it is not. When you read the words in ZetaTalk, you have a dissonance. Give up your fear, and you will stop having such thoughts.

My question is this: there are many occurances when we were younger that were not kind or pleasant, and not intentionally cruel, but on retrospect, they were both. Will our next life time will be more in retrospect to our current life time or accumulation to our souls history or will our next life experience be judged by our current mistakes?

We have explained that karma does not exist from one life to another, though it may occur during a single lifetime. If a person treats others in a hateful and careless manner, he may find himself being isolated as a result. This is karma in a single lifetime, karma that he brought upon himself. The Spirit Guilds work with the Birthing Guides to determine what the next incarnation will be, and at times it is to teach the young soul empathy for pain it delivered to others in a prior lifetime. Thus, someone who was cruel to women, treating them like second class citizens without a thought, might find themselves in the body of a woman in a society which denigrates women. But this is the exception, rather than the rule, thus our statement that karma between lifetimes does not automatically occur.

The Zetas have stated that today on Earth about 4 billions human beings don't have a reincarnating spirit. We know that 1 billion people live today in China and 1 billion live in India and that life there can be very hard and one needs to struggle and take action to survive. It's nice to imagine that in these conditions many new souls will find the right conditions to spark to self-consciousness. Is this the purpose of overpopulation, to maximise the creation of new souls for the future Earth transformation?

Overpopulation is a product of ambitious humans who think selfishly. In India, for instance, one has 6 children so that one might survive to take care of the aging parents. Such logic creates the situation where children die from starvation and poor conditions. This is certainly not thinking about the child, but a selfish act on the part of the parent. In Africa, many cultures gauge a man by the number of children he has, so his wives must bear him children regardless of their health or the availability of food. The Catholic Church buggers the choir boys while demanding that couples have as many offspring as possible, even at the expense of the mother's health. Use contraception and you will be dammed to Hell, is the shout. Over population is not an assist to spiritual development.

Am curious as to why the majority of Crop Circles are in Britan. Would the Zetas comment on this?

We have addressed this in the past. Britain takes pride in documenting and publicizing their crop circles, and thus they get those the circle makers want to see go global. Simple as that.

What is going on with the North American plate as of late? If I remember ZT correctly, we have an inland plate not currently detected on the tectonic plate maps. Awful lot of inland activity lately. Can you comment? .

There is no such inland plate. The N American plate will rupture at the New Madrid Fault line, but the N American plate will not fracture into more than one plate.

Will abductees see their hybrid childen again?

We have explained that this is a matter between the human parents and the hybrid child. If both want a visit, then a visit can be arranged.

There were a few posts, here on GLP recently, regarding the noticeable absence of birds. The Robins have been gone for quite some time. a good 2 weeks now. It seems the migratory birds are flying South already, and many see this as being way too early in the season. Could the Zetas speak to this?

As we stated last January, 2009, the northern hemisphere will have colder seasons until the pole shift, due to the N Pole being pushed away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X. In many places, it feels like Fall has come early, and the birds are reacting accordingly.

My question is in regards to the shape of the universe. Is it possible that the universe follows the same pattern as solar systems and galaxies? What I mean by that, could it be roundish, flat and rotating? And if you were at the edge of the universe and looking into the void of space, would you be able to see countless billions of universes, so far a way, they looked like stars in the distance?

Since we do not know what the ends of the Universe are, we cannot say.