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Issue 437, Sunday February 15, 2015
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Rising and Sinking Land

Land rises and falls during the wrenching plate movements when Nibiru, aka Planet X, passes. The Pole Shift causes a crustal shift, and per the Zetas it is a scripted drama as to how the plates adjust. During the forthcoming Pole Shift, India and the western 2/3 of Australia are predicted to be plunged under the waves, but new land will pop up between the tip of S America and S Africa. This is in addition to Antarctic melting and becoming habitable. The new land will be as a result of the Antarctic Plate tilting.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1999: The overlapping and compressing plates on the Pacific side represent pressure and push. The separating and spreading plates on the Atlantic side represent an opening, so the Antarctic plate moves in that direction. Freed of tight borders, it is free to float or sink in the sea of lava that all plates ride upon, and as a land plate, being lighter than those that have sunk under the deep seas, it floats - new land!

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/2002: As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet, moves north, the crust is torn from the core and freed in this way, allowing pre-existing stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart during the slide northward. This frees the plates south of the tips of South America and Africa of stress. As the Pacific adjusts, reluctantly, pressure toward Antarctica, the one place on the globe not experiencing plate pressure, allows new land to pop up between the tips of South America and Africa.

Recently the impact on Australia, in the past, was in the news. Count back 3,600 years from the present day, when we are anticipating the next Pole Shift. 3,600 years ago was the time of the Jewish Exodus.  7,200 years ago was another Pole Shift. And 10,800 years ago was the time of the Flood. These cataclysmic times are recorded in the geography of the Earth. Geologists estimate the seas were 100 feet lower than today around 10,800 years ago, and the Aboriginal people of Australia remember. 

Stories of Ancient Sea Level Rise have Survived for 10,000 Years
January 28, 2015
Oral folklore tells how the Great Barrier Reef once formed part of the coastline of north east Queensland, while Port Phillip Bay in Victoria was once a rich place for hunting kangaroo and opossum. They say at this time sea levels rose as a result of the melting of the huge ice caps that covered much of the northern hemisphere around 10,500 years ago. The researchers now believe that these stories could constitute some of the oldest accurate oral histories in the world, passing through some 300 generations. If this is based on true geographical changes, it would mean it originated at a time when seas were around 100 feet lower than they are today, making it around 9,800 to 10,650 years old.

But if the Pole Shift 10,800 years ago during the time of the Flood resulted in higher seas surrounding Australia, the Pole Shift 3,600 years ago during the Jewish Exodus resulted in a dropped sea level worldwide. Ocean rifts rip open, allowing room for water, or new land emerges displacing water. It is a drama each time.

Earth in Upheaval by Emanuel Velikovsky
Chapter: Times and Dates, pp 202-203
From observations on beaches in numerous places all over the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level, which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago.  Kuenen and others confirmed Daly’s findings with evidence derived from Europe.

At one point in the past, there was a land bridge stretching from Asia to the continent of Australia. The Zetas confirmed a land bridge to Australia existed in the past when commenting on Homo Habilis skulls in the Himalayas. At the present time, the Sunda Plate holding Indonesia is being pressed down and under the curve of the Indo-Australia Plate. This has happened in the past, and thus the land bridge became a series of islands along the curve.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/21/2014: Early man roamed to Australia, due to land bridges present in the past, and throughout China and Russia.

As the Atlantic spreads, it pulls the plates on either side down, as there is a lack of support for the edges of the plates. This affects both sides of the Atlantic, the East Coast of the US, the western UK islands such as Ireland and Scotland, and Norway. The land that was formerly above the waves can be readily seen, and often tree trunk stumps or buffalo carcasses or roads and river beds can be detected.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: As we have stated, the Atlantic will widen and the Pacific will shorten. Where the Pacific effect will cause sudden and violent subduction of several plates, which are already subducting, in the Atlantic the effect will be the opposite. A gulf will appear, with plates torn apart and the softer magma under the plates exposed to the cold Atlantic water. Where this will harden the magma, and establish new plate surface, there will be less support for the abridging plates, those that attach however remotely to the shorelines of the Americas, Europe, and Africa. These non-supported plates will sink, somewhat, bringing their formerly above-water land masses down under the water in many places. As an instance, Europe and in particular the western islands of Britain and Ireland will find itself more affected than some other parts of the globe.

The Caribbean Plate has also been pushed down during successive Pole Shifts, as the Atlantic has been spreading and the Pacific compressing throughout prior Pole Shifts, thus the roll of the S American Plate. The result of this dual effect - a spreading Atlantic and a sinking Caribbean Plate – is land going under the waves in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. At one time there was a land bridge from Florida to Venezuela, now only a chain of islands. Roads are visible underwater near the Bahamas.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/27/2011: It is known that land off the East Coast of the US, and in the Caribbean, was once above the waves. The remains of forests can be seen beneath the waves, roads paved with carefully cut stones, and the clear outline of where rivers cut through the previous coastal area. It is clear from the ruins in Central and S America that civilizations existed in the past, and for reasons mankind cannot fathom, disappeared. The reason man struggles with this is that denial is much more comfortable. To imaging cataclysms that could drop the land beneath civilizations is too horrific to contemplate.

Erratic tides caused by the Earth wobble have revealed sunken lands surrounding the islands of the UK, as this Pole Shift ning blog details. Villages and tree trunks are exposed, dated to the time of the last Pole Shift 3,600 years ago.

Prehistoric Forest Arises in Cardigan Bay after Storms Strip Away Sand
February 20, 2014
Archaeologists also found a timber walkway nearby, exposed by the storms. It was made from short lengths of coppiced branches, held in place with upright posts. It has been dated to between 3,100 and 4,000 years old, built as the local people found ways to cope with living in an increasingly waterlogged environment. Human and animal footprints were found preserved in the hardened top layer of peat, along with scatterings of burnt stones from ancient hearths.

Across the Atlantic in New Hampshire is more sunken land, also dated approximately 3,600 years old. Per the Zetas, for the coming Pole Shift the western UK can expect significant sinking as can the East Cost of the US from Pennsylvania south through Florida.

Sunken Forests of New Hampshire
Near Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, this sunken forest is referred to as the "Drowned Forest". The roots of different coniferous trees (including white pine and hemlock) are visible at most low tides. Core samples taken from the roots indicate that the trees are about 3,500 - 4,000 years old. The Jenness Beach forest, much larger than Odiorne Point, is rarely sighted above sea level. The trees, eight to ten feet in circumference, have been carbon dated from 3,400 to 3,800 years old. Some estimates say that the coastline of New England used to extend 75 miles (121 km) east of its current position; a Native American of the era could have walked from Nantucket to southern Cape Cod without touching the Atlantic Ocean. Fishermen have hauled up mastodon and mammoth teeth miles offshore, suggesting that the forest extended quite far from its western shoreline boundary.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/27/2011: Just what part of the western UK will be permanently pulled down 150 feet during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage is not clear. We have predicted the UK in general to anticipate a drop of 75 feet, with Ireland, Scotland and Wales pulled down potentially by 150 feet, as will the East Coast of the US. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales face the Atlantic Rift more than the east coast of England, and thus take the brunt of the droop. One can see from the underwater shelf that lies to the west of these islands that this has happened before.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: The New England states will find themselves bouncing up during the shift, due to the quick ripping of the already separating St. Lawrence Seaway prior to the shift, where the southern states will find themselves pulled under the water prior to the shift. The entire peninsula from central Pennsylvania north, will experience a bounce, but being on the edge of this drama, Pennsylvania will have its toes in water but its head above water. For the East Coast south of the New England area, the land will drop in sea level, during the shift, 150 feet.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Low lying lands along the eastern coast of the United States will be drawn below sea level some 150 feet at the start of the pole shift, water rushing in over land pulled down temporarily by the stretch that the sea floor of the Atlantic will experience.

Parts of the Mediterranean have sunk during repeated Pole Shifts in the past. The African Roll pulls the African Plate from its attachments in the Mediterranean, so the land on either side of the rip point loses support. Per the Zetas, the Mediterranean was once a swamp, allowing migration of early man from Africa to Europe. This sinking can be seen in the sunken cities off Alexandria.

The Black Sea turned from a fresh water sea to a salt water sea approximately two Pole Shifts back - 7,200 years ago. This was once again due to further sinking of the Mediterranean floor, the African Plate border tearing away.

Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis
The Black Sea deluge is a hypothesized catastrophic rise in the level of the Black Sea circa 5600 BC due to waters from the Mediterranean Sea breaching a sill in the Bosporus Strait.

ZetaTalk Description 2/10/2007: We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a yaw in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop? The Black Sea participated in this drop, being inundated where formerly land above water. Istanbul lies at the center of the area that will first be affected when a serious roll of Africa occurs.

Rising land is more difficult to document than sinking land, but the most dramatic evidence of land rising from the sea is in the Himalayas. The rock there is composed of sea shells! The Himalayas were driven high during succeeding Pole Shifts.

Geology of Mount Everest
At the tops of the highest peaks, like Mount Everest, it is possible to find 400-million-year-old fossils of sea creatures and shells that were deposited at the bottoms of shallow tropical seas that are now over 25,000 feet above sea level. The summit of Mt. Everest is marine limestone. The sedimentary rock layers found on Mount Everest are limestone, marble, shale, and pelite that are divided into rock formations; below them are older rocks including granite, pegmatite intrusions, and gneiss, a metamorphic rock. The upper formations on Mount Everest and Lhotse are filled with marine fossils.

675 Foot Sea Level Rise

The Zetas have stated that after the Pole Shift, due to a combination of the former Earth poles melting and deep ocean water heated by the friction of the crustal shift, the sea level worldwide will rise by 675 feet. Mankind knows that the seas would rise 200 feet if the poles and the ice on Greenland melted. The additional rise would be due to the heat from friction. This will devastate many lands, as described at start of the ZetaTalk saga and as superimposed on the current Earth globe land placement today.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: After the cataclysms the existing polar ice will melt, while at the same time reforming over the new poles. The melting will occur faster than the reforming.  Where new poles take centuries to fully form, existing poles thrust under an equatorial sun melt rapidly. The melting poles will thus raise the sea level, worldwide, by 650 to 700 feet within two years. Any water at the new poles will freeze, but the buildup of ice on a pole is not altogether from the water that happened to be there when the pole took position. The buildup comes from precipitation, and this accumulates over hundreds of years. At some point an equilibrium is established, with icebergs breaking off and floating to warmer waters and the like. The Earth, therefore, will experience More Water in its oceans for some time after the cataclysms.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/25/2010: Water seeks its level, and when there is an ocean rise anywhere, this eventually distributes to all shores. The sea level rise, as we have explained, is due to the heat of friction during the pole shift, which will heat the deep ocean bottoms. This heat warms the deep ocean water, icy cold, and thus it swells. Warm water takes up more room than cold, so the waters of the oceans rise.

Houseboat Living

What to do when the water is rising and you have to keep stepping up out of the puddles. Tides roll further inland and the creeks swell. Rivers don’t drain and the basements start flooding. The solution? Build a houseboat. Grow key vegies like tomatoes or kale in containers on the deck. Fish for protein and if you don’t like the neighbors just pull up anchor and move on down the changing coastline. Collect seaweed if it floats by and hang some leftover morsel over the side to collect the crabs or attract fish.  The possibilities are endless. If you don’t take action, you could end up a refugee in a boat.

The entire Finegan Fine script and short story, made available to the public for free, is based on houseboat living. Situated in the southeast US, which will be pulled down and lose elevation, the story endeavors to describe survival techniques in an inundated world, as in the chapter titled Houseboat Living. Finegan’s houseboat is powered by a wooden paddle wheel. While not a speed boat, it gets him up and down the coast and in and out of swollen rivers, and keeps his legs in shape.

The Zetas have always highly recommended houseboat living. Siberia, the Amazon basin, the Mississippi valley, Indonesia, the islands of the new Europe - they all are candidates for houseboat living.

ZetaTalk Advice 2001: Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

Floatation devices can be anything that hold air and is airtight. Empty soda bottles from a recycling plant will do, as used for this Mangrove Island houseboat. Wood floats, even if water logged, and thus will keep a houseboat afloat. One could even use concrete if the air is trapped beneath baffles on the bottom. Be creative! Go have fun!

Building a Houseboat
You can build it on factory-built houseboat pontoons or build your own wooden pontoons.