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Issue 478, Sunday November 29, 2015
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Barter Economy

The Zetas predicted that the world would move toward the barter system, long before the hour of the Pole Shift. Paper money would be worthless, and survival items and the ability to grow food and build shelters would be in demand. Barter system websites have been increasingly springing up, as noted in Issue 119 of this newsletter in 2009. Moving toward the barter economy also seems to be the post bankrupt mode in Greece.

Total Collapse: Greece Reverts to Barter Economy for First Time since Nazi Occupation
July 29, 2015
Now, the situation has gotten so bad that our prediction from February has come true. That is, Greece is reverting to a barter economy. A growing barter economy that some Greeks deplore as a step backward from modernity, but others embrace as a practical means of short-term economic survival. Wild boar and power cuts were Greek cotton farmer Mimis Tsakanikas' biggest worries until a bank shutdown last month left him stranded without cash to pay suppliers, and his customers without money to pay him. Squeezed on all sides, the 41-year-old farmer began informal bartering to get around the cash crunch. He now pays some of his workers in kind with his clover crop and exchanges equipment with other farmers instead of buying or renting machinery.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2001: We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in all countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. This is a common practice in countries where the dollar is falling, and a natural migration as the thought occurs readily to mankind, the barter system being recent in their cultural evolution. What will this mean for the common man, and what will it mean for the rich? The common man will find they are pleased with themselves if they have had the foresight to secure goods of value, such as seeds or tools or dried food. The value of appliances that are dead and not able to run, even of cars unable to run over broken roads, will be zero. The value of items that can increase worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise a weed patch, will balloon. The rich will of course whine endlessly.  If you are an accountant, and cannot translate this skill into becoming a tailor or herdsman or cook, your skill is useless!

The barter system is as old as mankind himself, in place long before the concepts of corporate stock, trustee management, interest on loans, or currency exchange rates existed. Thus, per the Zetas, barter is very easy for mankind to adopt, like an old friend, rediscovered.  

Barter Economy
A barter economy is a cashless economic system in which services and goods are traded at negotiated rates. Barter-based economies are one of the earliest, predating monetary systems and even recorded history. People can successfully use barter in many almost any field.
Rise of the Barter Economy
April 26, 2012
Bartering may sound like a style of commerce more fitting to a backwater marketplace than a modern capitalist environment. According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association—an organization created to promote “just and equitable standards” in modern bartering—the U.S. barter market is a staggering $12 billion annually. In other words, $12 billion worth of goods and services are traded every year without any currency changing hands.

Europe Erupts

When the Charlie Hebdo attack happened in January, 2015 the Zetas predicted that sleeper cells in Europe would continue to erupt. Netanyahu was not welcome at the demonstrations, but showed up to impose himself anyway.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/17/2015: In a Europe that is increasingly embracing a Palestinian State, Netanyahu is no longer welcome but is refusing to stay away. Sleeper cells throughout Europe - primarily in France, Germany and the UK – have already been primed and will erupt. The elite may have been wanting to expedite Martial Law, but they wanted it on their terms. They wanted the common man starving and compliant, not militia trained and well-armed terrorists. Europe stayed too long at the party, and it is too late for regrets.

When Syrian refugees began pouring into Europe in September, 2015, the Zetas warned that Europe’s open border policy would soon change, and that Europe would soon tighten their borders.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/5/2014: Europe has been slow to establish a policy because there simply isn’t a viable solution. A huge percentage of the world is essentially bankrupt, unable to meet the growing demands of their citizens. Governments are running scared, squeezed between economic downturns that refuses to abate and Earth changes they fear will only get worse. When asked to take in refugees, Heads of State quiet shake their heads. There are no offers. We have predicted that countries will get increasingly strict when faced with a flood of refugees. Those who are already brutal will get increasingly brutal. Just where the push back occurs in Europe is yet to be seen, but it is surely coming.

Then Russia entered the fray against ISIS, joining with the Kurds and Iran. In short order, just before the Paris attack on November 13, 2015, the Kurds regained the highway between Mosul and Sinjar and the US killed Jihadi John in a drone attack.

Kurds Retake Strategic Highway in Iraq’s North from ISIS
November 12, 2015
Kurds retake strategic highway in Iraq’s north from ISIS. Sweeping down in hodgepodge convoys of trucks and buses, Kurdish forces and Yazidi fighters opened their offensive against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq with a burst of initial success: The forces cut off the main highway the jihadists used as a supply line, and they moved in to begin fighting for the town of Sinjar. The fall of that town to the Islamic State last year was the start of a wave of atrocities — the killing, enslavement and rape of thousands of people from the Yazidi religious minority — that led the Obama administration to step up its use of air power against the jihadists.
U.S. 'Reasonably Certain' Drone Strike Killed ISIS Mouthpiece 'Jihadi John'
November 13, 2015
The United States had been tracking Emwazi closely. He was seen leaving a building and getting into a car. Three drones went after that vehicle, which also had another person inside, and two Hellfire missiles were fired.  A missile hit Emwazi's car directly at 11:51 pm in front of an ISIS court in Raqqa. Citing a source in ISIS' de facto capital, the same group said that ISIS militants then ringed that vehicle and two others that had been struck to prevent anyone from getting closer.
Obama: ISIS is not Getting ‘Stronger,’ we have ‘Contained’ Them
November 13, 2015
Stephanopoulos asked Obama if ISIS was gaining in strength, to which Obama denied they were. “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain. What we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures,” he admitted. “We’ve made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part our goal has to be to recruit more effective Sunni partners in Iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense.”

Then Paris exploded, an attack by ISIS with hundreds dead or injured. Paris was chosen because it was to host an international Climate Change conference at the end of November, with important Heads of State from around the world attending. The message? You are not safe in your homes either.

At Least 100 People Killed in Coordinated Paris Attacks
November 13, 2015
Hollande announced that France will be closing its borders following the attacks. Hollande declared a state of emergency and mobilized the military. Under French law, the state of emergency can be decided in the event of “imminent danger following serious breaches of law and order.” A mandatory curfew has been instituted in Paris. This is the first mandatory curfew in Paris since 1944.
Paris Attacks
November 13, 2015
Gunmen and bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium at locations across Paris on Friday, killing at least 120 people in a deadly rampage that a shaken President Francois Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack. Some 40 more people were killed in five other attacks in the Paris region, the official said, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the Stade de France national stadium, where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a friendly soccer international.
Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015
The twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) will take place from 30 November to 11 December 2015, in Paris, France.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/21/2015: Coming the day after Jihadi John was killed in a drone strike, and two days after the Kurds cut a major supply line for ISIS in Iraq, sleeper cells in France were activated. Why was France chosen? Paris is to host a Climate Change conference at the end of November, with Heads of States from many nations attending. Security was being tightened in Paris, in preparation. The Paris slaughter was to make the statement that no Nation or its leaders would be safe, as long as ISIS was being attacked in the Middle East. Hollande was at the soccer game, an attack site.

We warned after the Charlie Hebdo attack that “sleeper cells throughout Europe, primarily in France, Germany, and the UK”, would erupt, and that “Europe had stayed too long at the party” hiring immigrants and then pushing them home when the economy slowed. We predicted in September that Europe would tighten their borders against the flood of refugees, but this will not save Europe. Only an extremely aggressive campaign to search and destroy all sleeper cells will afford Europe any safety, and this is against their traditional welcoming stance. Europe will resist this, and more bloodshed will result.  

It soon was evident that at least two of the Paris attackers had entered Europe posing as Syrian refugees. How many more of the estimated 752,000 pouring into Europe in 2015 were sleeper cells waiting to explode? Europe began to rebel against their open border policy. Though membership in the EU required that the country getting a refugee on their border is the one who must process that refugee, Poland refused to take part.  

Two of the Jihadis Sneaked into Europe via Greece by Posing as Refugees
November 15, 2015
It is believed two of the bombers were carrying Syrian passports. At least two others are believed to be French while several could also be Belgian. The disclosure that some may have entered Europe as migrants, which came amid claims of French intelligence failures, inevitably raises new security concerns about the safety of Europe's borders.
Poland to Shun Refugees after Paris Attack
November 14, 2015
Poland’s new government won’t accept migrant quotas imposed by the European Union, as the terror attacks in France have exposed the weakness in the bloc
National Borders must be Closed Across Europe to halt an 'Islamic invasion'
November 14, 2015
Holland is bracing to take in 60,000 asylum seekers by the end of the year.
Tensions in Germany Rise Amid Flood of Asylum-Seekers
November 14, 2015
Far-right groups were quick to seize on the Paris terror attack as evidence of a need to curb immigration. While it's the extremists on the far right who are grabbing most of the headlines, mainstream Germans are increasingly being drawn into inflammatory rhetoric - and at times anti-foreigner sentiment.
Paris Terror Attacks an Alarm Bell for Liberal, Borderless Europe
November 14, 2015
The ideal of free movement of people, conceived in an age when Islamic terrorism was unknown, was no longer feasible.

Growing Body Parts

The Zetas have stated they can grow body parts, when needed, on their Zeta bodies. Per recent news articles, mankind is getting ever closer to that state, growing tiny hearts, brains, and spare ears.

ZetaTalk Statement 7/15/1995: Where surgery is employed, it is in the form of reconstructive surgery, where the pattern known within the genes is awakened and requested to express itself. Thus, an amputee or patient with a diseased liver would find themselves growing a new one, with the diseased tissues washing away, for instance. There are limits on this technique, as a newly reconstructed limb looks nothing like the old one and is always smaller and puny looking, but this proves to be superior to a prosthetic device in any case.

First almost fully-formed Human Brain Grown in Lab, Researchers Claim
August 18, 2015
An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab for the first time. The team behind the feat hope the brain could transform our understanding of neurological disease. Though not conscious the miniature brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, could potentially be useful for scientists who want to study the progression of developmental diseases. It could also be used to test drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, since the regions they affect are in place during an early stage of brain development. The brain, which is about the size of a pencil eraser, is engineered from adult human skin cells and is the most complete human brain model yet developed.
The Man with an Ear on his Arm
August 13, 2015
Stelarc's ear was first constructed using a frame made out of biocompatible material that's commonly used in plastic surgery. Once securely transplanted into his arm, the artist's own tissue and blood vessels morphed with the material and the ear is now a living, feeling, functioning part of his body.
Watch Lab-Grown Heart Tissue Beat On Its Own
August 13, 2015
A team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has created lab-grown human heart tissue that can beat on its own. Using various enzymes and special cleansing detergents, the researchers stripped a mouse heart of all its cells to create a scaffold for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), adult human cells that are reprogrammed to act like embryonic cells.
Scientists Create Beating Heart Tissue in a Lab Dish
November 25, 2014
The tissues contracted 70 beats per minute, similar to the human heart, and mimicked responses to adult and newborn hearts while electrically stimulated in tests.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/22/2015: We the Zetas have stated that we can regrow organs and even new limbs, and do so in our Zeta and Hybrid cultures routinely when the need is there. This is not rocket science, as the saying goes. Life starts from a single cell and differentiates into specialties – this one skin, that a liver cell, yet another bone. The triggers that cause a cell to specialize are such that any cell can move in many directions, becoming a specialist, and thus the enthusiasm for these studies and experiments. Humans are using cells that have already become specialized, but the ultimate goal is to take any human cell and grow any organ or limb. Will mankind arrive there, during his reign on Earth? No, though replacement growth by already specialized cells has already been achieved.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Once again, a case of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) hits the news, this time in Germany and in plain sight. A rare occurrence, SHC was last addressed in Issue 337 of this newsletter in 2013. Per the Zetas, the human feels no pain during this process.

Spontaneous human combustion: Woman Bursts into Flames on Park Bench in Germany
November 6, 2015
Fire and smoke emerged from the woman, who is believed to be in her 40s and originally from Mauritius, as she sat on a bench in Flensburg, northern Germany. She has reportedly been left severely burned, despite the best efforts of a passer-by who tried to beating out the blaze with his jacket. Witnesses at the scene told local media the woman "did not say anything" as the flames engulfed her.
Spontaneous Human Combustion
In December 1956, Virginia Caget of Honolulu, Hawaii, walked into the room of Young Sik Kim, a 78-year-old disabled person, to find him enveloped in blue flames. By the time firemen arrived on the scene, Kim and his easy chair were ashes. Strangely enough, nearby curtains and clothing were untouched by fire, in spite of the fierce heat that would have been necessary to consume a human being. On August 19, 1966, Doris Lee Jacobs of Occano, California, burned to death in her trailer home at 1342 23rd Street. Although Jacobs suffered burns on over 95 percent of her body, the inside of the trailer was only partially scorched. Officials could offer no explanation for the fire, because it was the woman, not the trailer, who had burst into flames. On September 20, 1938, in Chelmsford, England, a woman burst into blue flames in the midst of a crowded dance floor. No one was able to extinguish the blaze that seemed to be fed by her own flesh, and in minutes she was but a heap of ashes.

ZetaTalk Description 5/15/1996: What causes spontaneous human combustion, a rare but frightening occurrence? Those who spontaneously ignite have inadvertently created their own cremation by fretting and eating, a combination that often occurs. If life feels out of control, then eat. Worry causes the liver to flood the blood stream with a fine oil, readily lit, in case the body may need to take flight or fight. In some humans a rare genetic condition exists that allows the combustion of this fine oil to continue, unabated. These humans, ostensibly fat and even jolly, are invariably found alone in their cremated state. This was a source of their self induced anxiety, as they chose to live alone, yet feared being alone, being their own worst enemy on all fronts. Does the human suffer? They feel no pain, as they become unconscious early in the process. A warm feeling, and then all goes black.

New Video Clips

New Video Clip recently added.

 Zeta Report 70 , November 23, 2015 - EMP is on the increase, distorting the magnetosphere, paralyzing airplanes, racing electric trains, causing blackouts, blowing up transformers, and creating magnetic swirls and neon clouds in the skies. Mankind gets the wozzies too. EMP arcs from the charged tail of Nibiru to the electronic screech in compressed rock, and is attracted to water and our electronics. On YouTube.

In addition monthly broadcasts on USAEBN have been made available.

alt=""> Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 2, 2015 on YouTube - Climate Change Impact: Mexico super storm, permafrost melting, Global Warming refuted, Earth wobble influence, Jet Stream torque, sea lions starving, starfish dissolving, bark beetle migration, crop shortages, drought and deluge, tornado increase, albino increase, deformed frogs, Morgellans, bee colony collapse, Pithovirus, fish and bird deaths, Saiga antelope deaths, Sleepy Hollow, Bighorn Mountain crevasse, hybrids, contact, Florida video promotion, Nibiru visibility.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 4, 2015 on YouTube - The Zetas advice going through the 7 Steps exercise to examine the safety of your current location. Nancy walks through these 7 Steps for six different locations. Nairobi, Kenya. Mumbai, India. The Northwest Territories of Canada. Guadalajara, Mexico. Buenos Aires, Argentina. And Moscow, Russia. 

alt=""> Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 7, 2015 on YouTube - Survival Tips Overview: Naked and Afraid level - civilization has been lost - starting fires, clean drinking water, desalination, eating bugs and worms, fish hooks, eating predators, rats and squirrels, weeds for vitamins, mushroom safety, seaweed vs algae, duckweed, kudzu qualities, temp tents, tiny houses, bamboo, bermed homes, hand tools, houseboat floatation devices, Growing Power, city gardens, hydroponics.

alt=""> Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 3, 2015 on YouTube - Pending disasters in N America. Signs that the New Madrid will start ripping. Caribbean Plate tipping, Methane at the four-corners, quake swarms in Connecticut and Oklahoma, deep crevasses in Mexico, Bayou Corne sinkhole, and Jade Helm 15 with Walmart 5 ready for disaster.