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Issue 812, Sunday April 24, 2022
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Ukraine Horrors

We documented media lies in a late March Newsletter. But the truth about Mariupol just keeps pouring out. But not in the Main Stream Media in the west. French journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel filmed interviews with citizens who were detained by the Ukraine Azov regiment and used as human shields so that Russia could not destroy their weapons depot. This is documented by an Italian journalist Fabio Mario Angelico who shows that the missiles causing destruction in Ukraine are in fact Ukraine missiles, due to their serial numbers.

Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine
January 4, 2021
But in the hacienda Delta hit paydirt. They seized several laptops and 300 million dollars in gold bullion. They also found crates of Chinese-manufactured Type 56 assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Even more disturbing, they found beneath the hacienda a maze of chambers and tunnels that ran for miles in every direction. Ankle and wrist shackles, bolted to the walls in various locations, held bits of necrotic flesh, and in an antechamber, they discovered twelve duffel bags filled with black tar heroin.

But some rumors about Ukraine activities are even more horrifying. If collecting Adrenochrome from the blood of frightened children is not enough, experiments on hapless citizens is also rumored per an anonymous report from the Ukraine.

Interesting things are looming in Mariupol. Who do the Ukrainian military so zealously want to evacuate from the Azovstal plant surrounded by Russian troops? Russian troops have already shot down more than one helicopter that tried to take people or some evidence out of there. Note the skyrocketing calls from Macron and others to Putin demanding humanitarian corridors under the auspices of the Red Cross. Ukraine has also revived - Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk announced plans for the Kyiv authorities to evacuate three humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, although before that the Russians had not been able to agree with Ukraine on humanitarian corridors, they were constantly under fire.

I suspect that in the underground floors of this plant (up to 8 floors down) there is a biological laboratory in which experiments were carried out on living people who disappeared somewhere from the Library prison at the Mariupol airport. And this is tens of thousands of people. Prisoners of the "Library" claim that they were regularly frightened by some kind of pit, from which they do not return. Many people think that this is a kind of pit. I think that we are talking about the dungeons of "Azovstal" - a whole underground city, where even diesel locomotives travel.

Everything is much more serious. If it was not difficult to remove the samples of infection from other laboratories in Ukraine - the volumes are not large, then how to hide this testing center and mountains of corpses?  It is not for nothing that there are statements that the Nuremberg Trial-2 is coming soon and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is massively collecting materials for the indictment case. It looks like there will be information about the "pit" soon. What do you or the Zetas think about this?

ZetaTalk Insight 4/30/2022: Is there any truth amidst the lies spread by the Cabal controlled Western Media? It is clear from reports on the ground in Ukraine that Zelensky was preventing the citizens of Mariupol from leaving the city when it was under attack, using them as human shields. There have also been reports from volunteers and mercenaries that Zelensky’s forces were taking their guns away and killing them to add to the body count blamed on Russia. It is of record that the Zelensky criminals were killing the Russian speaking Donbass citizens by the tens of thousands since 2014.

We have explained the Ukraine conflict as Putin pre-empting a push into Russia to gain their gas and oil fields when the Earth changes – the New Madrid tsunami – created chaos in Europe. As we have addressed, Putin was shown this plan, in writing, and took action. This leaked plan is a rare piece of evidence for the accusations and claims being thrown at Russia, or the reports of horrors from the Ukraine. We have stated that the intent of the US biolabs in the Ukraine, as elsewhere around the world, was to check for antibodies which give indication of what pathogens might be loose in the region.

But Ukraine under control of the Satanists has been a den of evil, so what else might have occurred under Zelensky’s direction? One can see from the evidence of Hunter Biden’s sudden wealth that Ukraine was a money laundering hub. Certainly given the need for Adrenochrome collected from raped and terrified young children, the Satanists would have been active in Moloch worship and traffic in young children. Certainly experimenting on the citizens of Ukraine in biolabs would be possible and even likely, given the Satanist agenda.

In demonizing Russia, the Satanists are trying to control the news, suppressing the evidence that Russia might have gathered.  Will the proof eventually be in the news? Yes, but this will be twisted to paint Russia as the perpetrators. One must take comfort that this den of evil is being disbanded. Russia will continue to gain from their victory. The Ruble is gaining in strength, and the Satanist plans to invade Russian or incite a war with Russia using US and NATO forces was foiled.

If the western media is lying about the Ukraine conflict, is the western public buying their lies? Apparently not. Based on a GodLikeProduction forum discussion, the media lies do not have the ring of truth. It is clear Europe lusts after Russian oil and gas fields, and wants the US to join NATO to this end.

Ukrainians have been dropping artillery on people of the Donbass region for over 8 years now. Ukrainians have tried to ban people from speaking Russian for a while now. … The Russians would not have any more tanks at that rate! It's estimated that the Russians had about 12,400 tanks before they started losing 3000 a day. … Do we suddenly think Mr. Putin is a stupid man when he has previously been described as a cunning adversary? Sooner or later one of the news sources will break ranks and broadcast something that is true but not yet I guess. …

In a nutshell, the same Satanic Deep State that persecutes Trump, created a fake pandemic, promotes critical race theory and drag queen story hour, is pro-pedophilia, pushes the globe/heliocentric lie, etc. also staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and has been using it for money laundering and bioweapons manufacturing. … Twitter is actively suspending any account that doesn't proclaim that the Ukrainian army is decimating the Russian army, that the Russians are killing civilians indiscriminately, and the Russians are shelling civilian areas. …

In other words, Twitter is full-on promoting the Ukrainian cause, even if the facts don't bear that out. … From what I understand, the goal of the West, which prominently includes the US, desires to collapse Russia economically, break it up and plunder the included natural resources. Once that goal is attained, the plan includes doing the same to China. … Zelensky is bombing his own people and blaming Putin, who was simply getting rid of the bioweapon labs and the child molesters.

Nibiru View

The Nibiru Complex is complex indeed. There is Nibiru, 4-5 times the diameter of Earth and heavily shrouded by cream colored dust. It is then surrounded and shrouded by red iron oxide dust that clings to Nibiru because it is a giant magnetic planet and the red dust is charged. Closeup shots of this cream colored Nibiru show the features under the clouds, and even show that Nibiru rotates in a retrograde manner.

Then there are the Moon Swirls that trail behind Nibiru. Two dominant Moons, both the size of Earth, trail closely behind Nibiru forming a Double Helix. These were visible as early as 2003 when Nibiru was inbound and crossing the Earth’s path to come closer to the Sun.

Then there are other moons that cluster together in a String of Pearls formation. This is distinct and obvious in photos, and if they stand between the Sun and Earth have been known to shine through the clouds. Count them, there are 12 in this particular string.

Then there are the Petrol blobs that can spark into a blaze in the skies or just mass and darken the sky. When first seen in 2019 they were seen as oil blobs in photos, then as fire in the sky when set ablaze close to the Earth.

Given the plethora of photos and evidence that the Nibiru Complex is a real and present danger, will anything new develop? The Zetas have stated that Nibiru rides approximately at the orbit of Venus, but because it is so shrouded by dust it cannot be discerned. But a photo showing its size has been captured recently. Could an analysis be done re this dark orb to determine its size when compared to known photos and the size of Venus? Nibiru is close now and huge and now even seems to be throwing spears!

ZetaTalk Comment 4/1/2022: What is that dark orb in the center of the Nibiru Complex? This is not an April Fool joke by any means, but a chance to gauge the actual size of Nibiru when seen from Earth at this time. So often shrouded in Petrol so that the distinct shape cannot be seen, Nibiru is also surrounded by its two dominant Moon Swirls both of which are the size of Earth or Venus. In these April 1st photos, Nibiru is too large to be the size of Earth or Venus. This rare glimpse of the unshrouded image of Nibiru will likely not be repeated often.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/1/2022: Alberto has noted what appears to be Space Spears approaching the Petrol haze that constantly surrounds Nibiru and its close hugging moons. The Petrol haze can be so dense when the iron oxide dust in the tail of Nibiru is in the mix that it almost blocks out the Sun. Here in this photo the Petrol mass is being assaulted by debris in the swirling tail of Nibiru nearby, and when encountering the Petrol mass is set alit. We have already confirmed that oxygen exists in space when present in chemical combos in the debris.

New Madrid Anticipation

It is apparent that the Mainland is sliding like a heavy load down upon the Cocos Plate. From the top of the Mainland Portion at the Seaway through the midlands and along the border with the Cocos Plate, the signs are everywhere.

The rupture between the Mainland Portion and the SE Portion of N America is now moving through the Gulf of Mexico. The likely path can be discerned from former ruptures, which left their mark.

Those of us who have been watching the Mainland drop onto the Cocos Plate know that this activity is due to the pending New Madrid rupture, wherein the forced bowing of the N American Plate is being allowed to go straight and this forces the Mainland Portion down upon the Cocos Plate. Now it appears that Mexico has confirmed this activity.

'We had Never Observed Them': They Detect the first Slow Earthquake Under the Sea on the Coast of Guerrero
April 7, 2022
After 13 days at sea and traveling some four thousand five hundred kilometers, the ship El Puma , which transported scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Kyoto University, concluded its mission off the coast of Guerrero , where the first slow earthquake was detected under the sea , a phenomenon that had not been recorded in the history of Mexico. The high number of tremors produced on the coast of Guerrero in the last five years serves to alleviate the energy accumulated by the coupling of the continental plates of Cocos and North America.

If the path up from the border between the coast of Mexico and the Cocos Plate is being watched closely, the path of the New Madrid Fault Line is also being watched closely. If the 1811-1812 New Madrid quake was an aftershock, then what will a full-blown rupture entail? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/30/2022: The New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812, which we have explained were aftershocks and not truly a New Madrid Fault Line adjustment, were notable for ringing church bells in Charleston and making the Mississippi River run backwards for a time. There are few stories to tell about the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate because it was relatively unscathed. This is because the SE Portion is jerked back and forth in a tug-of-war between its attachments to the Mainland and its attachments to the Africa and Caribbean Plates.

Current reports reflect the same situation. Breaking water and gas mains, collapsing buildings, rupturing roadways – these are all happening in the SE Portion. If 1811-1812 were aftershocks, what can the US anticipate during the pending 2022 rupture? Beyond the reach of the New Madrid Fault Line, there are several fault lines in the SE Portion – the East Coast Fault Line, the Ramapo, and another running up the Appalachian Mountains. These join in the New England states at the mouth of the Seaway.

Major earthquakes can be expected along the Mississippi River even beyond the junction with the Ohio River, dropping parts of Chicago into the canals under the city. Memphis and St Louis will be devastated with collapsed houses and buildings and bridges unusable. We have predicted that all bridges crossing the Mississippi River will be broken, primarily due to sinking land to the west of the Mississippi. Beyond earthquake damage is the danger of fire in cities where water to douse the fires will be missing. The grid will surely be down, and water mains broken.

We have stated that cities along the New Madrid will be devastated also – Cleveland, Toledo, and Buffalo will be shattered. It is the cities along the East Coast Fault Line that will be unexpectedly devastated because they were unscathed during the 1811-1812 aftershocks. These are populous cities, and smug in assuming they are safe from quakes. From Boston and New York to DC, the infrastructure will be irreparable - broken beyond repair. What will FEMA say to the citizens there when the trains and public transportation do not work?

Is DC expecting a tsunami? Why the sandbags on April 8, 2022? It is not hurricane seasons, as it was in 2011 when sandbags were distributed to residents. And DC is indeed a swamp with very low elevation.

USS Kearsarge UFO

Recently a credible report about the USS Kearsarge appeared in the media. Three glowing balls of light, each the size of a car, haunted the Kearsarge during a training exercise off the East Coast. Why do these UFO incidents happen so often with the Military? The Zetas explain.

U.S. Warship USS Kearsarge was Chased by two Car-Sized ‘Balls of Light’ UFOs that Dodged Anti-Drone Weapons
USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship commissioned in 1993 and remains in active service. The Wasp class is a class of landing helicopter dock (LHD) amphibious assault ships operated by the United States Navy. Based on the Tarawa class, with modifications to operate more advanced aircraft and landing craft, the Wasp class is capable of transporting almost the full strength of a United States Marine Corps Marine.
UFO Hunter Claims Navy Warship USS Kearsarge was Chased by 'two Car-Sized Balls of Light' during Training Exercise off the East Coast
April 4, 2022
Marines onboard becoming shocked when the Navy's anti-drone 'ghostbusters' did not deter the balls of light. The USS Kearsarge had been preparing for an overseas deployment before the sighting in October 2021. Marines had been training with anti-drone weapons to target potential enemies.
US Warship was Chased by two Car-Size ‘Balls of Light’ UFOs
April 4, 2022
A US Navy warship was shadowed by two car-size balls of light that were unaffected by anti-drone weapons, it is claimed. The objects are said to have been spotted at night by the deck watch — who could not gain a thermal targeting lock on them.  Marines onboard are said to have believed at first the unexplained objects were part of a surprise training exercise for the new anti-drone weapons. However, they discovered the countermeasures did not disrupt the objects — which were doing swooping maneuvers as they followed the ship.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/30/2022: UFOs have frequently been reported haunting military jet fighters or warships. The conversation revolves around whether they are real or a hologram, or whether the report has been silenced by the authorities, and on occasion whether aliens from outer space exist. Seldom does the discussion revolve around what the agenda might be. Why do aliens haunt the military in this way?  The USS Kearsarge exercise in October 2021 was to train “with anti-drone weapons to target potential enemies” and indeed, anti-drone weapons were deployed against these large UFO balls of light. This accomplished nothing. Anti-drone capability is not anti-UFO capability apparently.

In October, 2021 the fraudulent Biden Administration was still claiming leadership over the US Military. That Biden is a White Hat Double and the Junta in charge, and that President Trump was considered by the US Military to be the valid winner of the stolen 2020 election mattered little to some in the fraudulent Biden Administration, who were more allied with the New World Order quest to dominate the world. The USS Kearsarge warning included a telepathic message to forgo those ambitions - else benign aliens would cancel their quest.