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Issue 829, Sunday August 21, 2022
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Wobble Proofs

The Daily Earth Wobble has been afflicting Earth since Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003. When looking down on the Earth from a vantage point above the N Pole, the wobble takes the form of a Figure 8. This was well documented by an international team who took daily measures of where the Sun rose and set and its altitude in the sky at noon from 2003-2009. The location of Polaris was also askew. The Zetas stated that the wobble would get worse as Nibiru approached, and it has.

Book of Enoch
And all things on the earth shall alter,
And shall not appear in their time:
And the moon shall alter her order,
And not appear at her time.
And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.
And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed).
And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,
And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.
And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed,
And the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them.

Wobble proofs were at first difficult to come by, due to the establishment's reluctance to admit the presence of Nibiru. By 2009 the Jet Stream and weather maps were showing the wobble. The Earth Orientation Center measurements, which track where the N Pole of Earth is pointing over time, also showed the wobble.  All these measures are based on science, and confirm the Figure 8 wobble documented in 2003-2009.

Now comes yet another science-based sign that the Earth wobble is real and afflicting the Earth. Where Leap Seconds have always been a factor, forcing the official timekeepers to insert a Leap Second periodically, the Earth has now been speeding up - the opposite of slowing down. Now it is speeding up! The Zetas explain that this is caused by the Daily Earth Wobble where the magnetic N Pole of Earth is given a push as it rolls toward the East and over the horizon.

The Earth Broke its Record for the Shortest Day and the Effects could be Devastating
July 29, 2022
The planet completed a full spin on 29 June 2022, in a time that was 1.59 milliseconds - little over one thousandth of a second - shorter than its standard 24-hour rotation. It nearly broke the barrier again this month, with 26 July being 1.50 milliseconds shorter than 24 hours. Recently, the Earth has been increasing in speed. In 2020, the Earth saw its shortest month that has ever been measured, since the 1960s. The shortest day of all time was measured that year: 1.47 milliseconds under 24 hours, on 19 July. But when looked at over much longer periods, Earth's spin is slowing. Every century, the Earth takes a couple of milliseconds longer to complete one rotation. If the Earth continues to spin at an increasing rate it could lead to the introduction of the negative leap second, in order to keep the rate that the Earth orbits the Sun consistent with the measurement from atomic clocks.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2022: Why would the Earth be spinning slightly faster these past couple years? How significant is a "1.59 millisecond" per day increase? It is normal for the Earth to slow down at an almost infinitesimal rate, requiring the insertion of Leap Second periodically to keep mankind's Atomic Clock in synch with reality. The solution for a slight increase in rotation speed is once again the Leap Second solution, in reverse. But the Nibiru coverup is in a flap over this and any issues that can scientifically show the Wobble effect.

Nibiru is drawing closer, and its influence on the Earth's rotation is thus increasingly stronger. The N Pole of Nibiru is repelling the N Pole of Earth when they face off against each other, and when the N Pole of Earth is retreating over the horizon this push from Nibiru will increase the rate of rotation. The lean to the East that happens daily during the wobble after the Polar Push facilitates this retreat, also causing an increased rotation speed. Given the contortions that the Earth will go through as the time of the Pole Shift approaches, a millisecond increase in rotation time is hardly an issue.

The Compass has not been reliable for more than a decade, so it is not surprising that the Compass has on occasion been having fits. As documented by the ZetaTalk Followers these fits prove the Compass can no longer be the final word on which direction is North or South, or points in between. The Zetas, as usual, explain and the Daily Earth Wobble will only make the magma swirl faster.

"I cannot at this time acquire North on my Compasses, the needle won't stop swinging, and I am unable to accurately assess and evaluate measurements with my Sexton, I can tell you that Polaris and The Big Dipper are not where they should be based on visual confirmations with my reflector and refractor scopes at nighttime." ...
"I pulled out my camping gear today for vacation. I experienced the same thing with my compass. I use a Suunto Tandem used by the forestry department." ...
"So of course, we had to see for ourselves. My hubby been a boat captain a good portion if his life, knows due North, stars, tides etc. From a few minutes ago, compass is stationary. This is what happened.'' ...
"The electronic one in my truck was jumping around a couple weeks ago. ill check my real compass when i get home."  ...
"My compass is moving around, it won't hold steady. And it is reading 180deg off."

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2022: The Earth is in the throes of a Severe Wobble so that delays in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements caused in the past by the humming boxes will be counteracted, keeping the Pole Shift on schedule. In the past, the Council of Worlds granted a delay in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements to allow Obama a chance to make his planned announcement about Nibiru. Instead, Obama lost courage and the humming boxes were removed from plate borders and fault lines. The gradually increasing Severe Wobble approved by the Council of Worlds in June 2021 is now having its effect.

As can be shown by quake maps and the increase in volcanic activity, Plate Movements have become more violent. The Pacific is steadily compressing while the Atlantic rips apart, while Eurasia is being stretched. The Russian rip that will eventually form a new inland bay up toward the Ural Plains became evident earlier this year. The plates that are participating include Antarctica, which is migrating toward the South Atlantic, and Africa, which is rolling. S American and the Caribbean are falling over into the Pacific while the N American Mainland is dropping.

The entire world is on the move. While the Severe Wobble is causing weather irregularities above ground, it is also not gentle with the magma under the surface of the Earth plates. We have stated that the magma swirls at different speeds during the Earth's rotation, depending upon location, and that there can be contours that can inhibit or direct the flow. In that the magma is charged, rapid changes in direction during the wobble can give conflicting directives to the flow of Magnetons that form the Earth's Magnetic Field during the wobble. 

Ultimate Ukraine

The war in Ukraine will eventually end, especially with Winter approaching and most of Europe about to freeze. The NATO countries are already being encouraged to take cold showers. While Zelensky insists his Ukraine forces are actually winning, the picture that is painted by honest journalists is of a Ukraine leadership using their own citizens as human shields or killing these civilians while claiming that Russia did it. The truth will out. Meanwhile, the only question is what Ukraine will look like after the dust settles.

Former Russian President Presents Future Map of Ukraine
July 27, 2022
The first map showed Ukraine in borders prior to the US-backed coup in 2014, including Crimea and the two eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. A month after the militants backed by Washington seized power in Kiev, Crimea voted to rejoin Russia, while the two Donbass regions declared independence.  "Western analysts believe it will look like this, actually," he said, posting a second map. On it, "Ukraine" is reduced to Kiev and its surroundings. Seven regions in the West have been annexed by Poland, and three in the southwest by Hungary and Romania, respectively. Everything else is marked "Russia."

Truth Will Out

Truth will out and recently the truth about the Secret War the Junta and White Hat Alliance have been conducting against the Satanists is emerging. Since much of this will be a shock to the public, the public is being acclimated gradually. For instance, the little issue of the 2020 election fraud. How flagrant was the Fake News and outright lies that CNN foisted on the public? This will soon be front page news as a result of President Trump's lawsuit against CNN. Then there is the little matter of the Big Biden lie.

Trump Files 'Notice of Intent' to Sue CNN over 'False Statements'
July 27, 2022
I hereby demand on behalf of President Donald Trump that CNN (1) immediately take down the false and defamatory publications, (2) immediately issue a full and fair retraction of the statements identified herein in as conspicuous a manner as they were originally published, and (3) immediately cease and desist from its continued use of 'Big Lie' and 'lying' when describing President Trump's subjective belief regarding the integrity of the 2020 election.
Republicans Are Finally Learning Not to Obsess over the Corrupt Corporate Media. Good
July 27, 2022
The corporate media had a collective meltdown this week after realizing that the Republicans they love to bash and smear are no longer giving members of the press the benefit of the doubt. Much to their dismay, some GOPers are even refusing to engage with or acknowledge journos desperate to write hit pieces.

Biden's COVID Diagnosis to Hurt Dems Electoral Health
July 25, 2022
According to the White House, President Biden's case of COVID-19 is mild and the 79-year-old Democrat is diligently toiling away. "I'm doing well, getting a lot of work done," Biden said.
Tucker Carlson: Biden's COVID-19 Positive Test Steps on Vaccine Message
July 21, 2022
"Just take this shot and you will not get COVID. That's guaranteed." Joe Biden said that. He didn't just say it once. He said it many, many, many times.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/27/2022: How does one counteract the massive lies put forth by the Western media? These lies are coordinated and well woven so that they seem to be based on facts. But the facts are concocted and selected. Nevertheless, the American public is fed these lies via TV and radio and print, and unless they have an inquiring mind they are firmly of the belief that Biden won the 2020 election and many booster shots for the waning Covid pandemic are needed to ensure public health.

The Washington Post shocked the world when they reversed their position about Ukraine winning last June. Might CNN suddenly reverse their stance about the 2020 election, just ahead of the American people learning of a SCOTUS decision on the matter? NOAA is inviting the public to notice that the mid-Atlantic is regularly splitting open near the Azores, when just the day before Buoy 44403 nearby registered a 180 foot tsunami. Does the establishment hope an alert public will cooperate with an evac by these means?

To avoid inciting civil war in the US, the Secret War the Junta and White Hat Alliance has been conducting has required the use of Doubles while the originals went before the Tribunals at Gitmo. One by one the Doubles are being removed from public view, but will the truth ever be known? Is it by accident that the Biden Doubles have become more than obvious, or is this deliberate to allow the American people to understand the full context of the Secret War? Secrets weigh heavy, and perhaps the leadership wants to be free of this burden.

Pelosi Taiwan Trip

Pelosi, the 3rd in line for control of the US should the President and Vice President be unable to serve, recently set the world's hair on fire by announcing she intended to visit Taiwan when she went on a diplomatic trip to Asia. China threatened military action and the Biden administration blustered a response. Was World War III about to break out? Pelosi's agenda and purpose was not clear, but the Zetas explained. The trip had nothing to do with Taiwan.

"Non-threatening": US Warns China not to use Pelosi's expected Taiwan Trip to Escalate Tensions
August 2, 2022
The US has urged China not to use a potential trip to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to escalate military tensions in the region, saying the senior Democrat had every right to visit the island nation. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that while the US military was providing Pelosi with aircraft for her Asian travels, such a decision was ultimately hers. The Chinese Communist Party regards self-ruled Taiwan as a breakaway province that must be united with the mainland.
Nancy Pelosi Arrives in Taipei as China Sends Fighter Jets to the Taiwan Strait
August 3, 2022
Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker, landed in Taiwan late, defying threats of retaliation from Beijing and criticism that her trip was reckless and provocative. Chinese government-controlled media said China's air force jets had entered the Taiwan Strait moments before Pelosi touched down. The Chinese Army's Eastern Theatre Command said it would begin joint military drills including long-range firing and conventional missile firing on waters east of Taiwan. The rapid response suggests that further naval exercises and aerial breaches of Taiwan's median line could take place as Pelosi meets with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen. Pelosi, the second in line to the US presidency after Vice President Kamala Harris, was met by Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu on the tarmac at Taipei Songshan Airport.
Pelosi Created 'Flashpoint out of Thin Air' : Lavrov
August 3, 2022
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has condemned US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, branding it a display of American disregard for international norms. Washington formally acknowledges that Taiwan is part of China, but maintains a close informal relationship with its administration despite switching diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979.

As a result of the Tribunals authorized by President Trump to begin in January, 2019, dozens of treasonous politicians were arrested and taken to Gitmo. Biden is a Double under the control of the Junta, as are Harris, Pelosi and much of the leadership of Congress. To avoid riots and civil war that would overwhelm the US Military at a time when they are braced for the New Madrid Rupture to begin, the use of Doubles is only being hinted at.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/2/2022: Internet rumors are increasingly focusing on the fact that the Biden Double seen on TV is not the Biden of old. This is clearly being made obvious. The public is being gradually educated about the Secret War that has been ongoing since President Trump signed his Executive Order starting the Tribunals. Pelosi was one of the first to be executed for treason, and the public Biden and Harris are Doubles under the control of the Junta. Since the US has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015, the Doubles in the White House and in control of Congress are scarcely relevant.

So why would the Junta send their Pelosi Double to Taiwan for a visit? When Q returned and SCOTUS overturned Roe vs Wade, virtually on the same day, we stated that the Secret War had been won to the extent that President Trump could be reinstated. We have predicted that the New Madrid Finale would occur before the end of 2022, and the Junta is braced for this. The FAA weather cams have been blinded to reduce panic and the Military is being activated. Since the coverup over Nibiru is ongoing, the Junta wanted a reason for the military going on high alert. Pelosi's little trip is the excuse for the current military activation.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2019: As noted by Fulford on November 4, Pelosi has been replaced by a Double. Pelosi was guilty of treason as was noted by Brazil last January when she and Schiff fled the country to evade arrest, should things go wrong. She was aware of assassination plans more than once. Who runs and directs these Doubles? Since the original was executed by the Tribunals being run in the US, the Doubles for Obama and Pelosi are under the direction of the Junta. They are to act like the original, taking policy stances that the original would have made, but as future events unfold they may digress.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2020: In July we also confirmed that Kamala Harris had become a White Hat Double. The Biden campaign is now officially an under-cover sting operation, under the FBI, and thus is legal. This leaves the Junta with the outstanding problem of public perception, as they do not yet want to have the public aware that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015. To have full control of the Biden campaign, the Junta inserted their own White Hat Biden into the basement in Delaware and directed him to choose the White Hat Harris as his running mate.

The reality of Nibiru is still verboten, though it has announced itself regularly.