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Issue 810, Sunday April 10, 2022
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Russia Bay Rip

Predicted from the start of the ZetaTalk saga that a large inland bay would rip into Russia just east of the Ural Mountains. This bay would rise from just west of India and rise up toward the Urals. There has been evidence of this rip point – a methane explosion seen by commuters in the Urals in 2014, and light towers in Siberia on this path in 2008; and boiling water in a well in 2018. But there was no solid evidence that this ZetaTalk prediction was beginning at the start near India and the Indian Ocean. Until now.

The Zetas described the path in detail in 2007. And now in 2022 we have earthquakes suddenly presenting exactly along that path!  Day by day, there are more of these quakes, climbing up toward the West Siberian Plain to the East of the Ural Mountains.

I recently read in the news that in the region of Central Asia - Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - floods are now happening.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/2002: Europe, Russia, and Asia move further to the east - ripping this plate along the Himalayas - creating an inland bay into Russia.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2007: The new Eurasian Plate seaway is anticipated to run just to the east of the Iran border, going up through western Pakistan and Afghanistan and thence round along the eastern borders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan where the lowlands are skirting the foothills of the Himalayas. It cannot run up through Karachi as Pakistan runs into the Himalayas and there are rock bonds that will not pull apart. Yet rip it must as the Eurasian Plate has lost any friction preventing movement where the African Plate formerly snugged up against it through the Mediterranean and down through the Red Sea.

The Atlantic Rift has pulled apart, pulling the great Eurasian Plate to the west. To the east, where the Himalayas are glued to the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacific Plate, there is glue and resistance to move. Thus, moving in the direction of least resistance, the Eurasian Plate rips through the lowlands skirting along the highlands, a stretch zone adjustment that is silent and only deadly to those directly above the point of tear. This has happened before to the great Eurasian Plate, as the lowlands through his middle attest.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2022: We predicted early in the ZetaTalk saga that an inland bay would rip up from Persia to the Ural Mountains during the hour of the Pole Shift. We were very specific about the path it would take. We stated that this would be due to plate shifting during the hour of the Pole Shift. Now on March 24-25 there is a growing line of earthquakes along the pathway we gave. Why now, and how extensive will any inland bay tear become before the hour of the Pole Shift?

As the watch over the New Madrid rupture over the years has shown, a major tear like this does not happen overnight. Both the New Madrid and this inland bay into Central Russia have had predecessors in the past. These leave their mark, and the pathway becomes a Scripted Drama thus. Russia and the countries along the pathway to the Indian Ocean can expect regular quakes and methane towers. Prior to the hour of the Pole Shift, the exact route should be identified and the populace nearby temporarily moved to safety.

New Madrid Creep

Progress has been made since we last reported a week ago. The Mainland Portion is dropping heavily on Mexico and the Cocos Plate and the Rivera Platelet. The hard rock on either side of the town on New Madrid shows signs of fracturing. On March 22 a train derailment at Mt Juliet in central Tennessee showed this fracturing. Firmly in the hard rock to the East of New Madrid, the train just fell over while standing still, derailing.

Train Derailment under Investigation in Mt. Juliet
March 22, 2022
The company believes the derailment was caused when crews started unloading a rail car full of rocks. The train was already stopped on the tracks.

There had also been quakes nearby at Waverly, TN on March 23-24.

On March 24 another train in the news, this time in New Orleans where a train in the city just stopped, for no apparent reason. The train was described as swaying back and forth. New Orleans is dead center on the action path, where the separation between the Mainland Portion and SE Portion rises up out of the Gulf and unzips up the Mississippi River.

Traffic on St. Claude Avenue at a Standstill due to Stopped Train
March 24, 2022
At one point, the traffic was backed up across the St. Claude bridge. Witnesses say the train could be seen swaying back and forth at the Burgundy and Homer Plessy Way intersection.

Throughout the action on the N American Continent, the little town of New Madrid is never able to sleep soundly. Earthquakes, where small, continue daily, as a quick look on March 25 shows.

The New Madrid Fault Line ends at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and this region too is never at peace. The heliplots in Maine and Massachusetts are in a constant jiggle. This has apparently historically been a restless region, a sign of what is to come.

Earthquakes Hazards
The area of the northeast U.S. and nearby Canada has always been earthquake country.  The Native Americans of the region had many legends about earthquakes, and they had a word for earthquake (‘Naunaumemoauke’) in their language. The Pilgrims felt their first significant earthquake in 1638, only 18 years after the first landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, a careful look at the history of the New Madrid Fault Line, how and why it formed, explains why we should watch the hard rock bridge from the Ozarks to the Appalachian Mountains. This geological history lesson is provided by the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Clarity 3/31/2022: There is a bridge of hard rock just above the point where the Ohio River empties into the Mississippi River. The left branch follows the Mississippi River, going up to give Chicago a glancing blow when the New Madrid rupture finalizes. The right branch goes into southern Illinois and Indiana – the Wabash seismic zone. The New Madrid Fault line takes the right branch and runs along under the Seaway. It is not by accident that this bridge of hard rock is found above the Ohio River juncture. It has diverted and formed the New Madrid Fault Line in the past.

As we have repeatedly explained, the N America Continent is a flat top, and cannot roll. Thus frozen in place, the compressing Pacific and expanding Atlantic force it at first to curl into a bow shape, pulling the tip of Mexico to the West while the bulk of the N American Continent remains in place. When this is no longer tenable, the Mainland Portion of N America slides to the SW so the bow can relax. This is what is in process now. The New Madrid Fault Line formed when the natural weakness at the Seaway created a path, beckoning.

The Seaway has ripped open in the past, thus it runs all the way to the Black Hills of the Dakotas where the land is rumpled from such rips. To reach the Seaway readily the natural route is up the Mississippi River, which lies where the crust is thin and weak. The deep waters of the Gulf were another weak point taken advantage of during the formation of the New Madrid Fault Line. Taking the route along the Ohio at the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi was a more direct route to the Seaway than continuing along the Mississippi.

The hard rock bridge above this juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi is a remnant of prior ruptures of the New Madrid Fault Line. Each time it ruptured this hard rock was pushed to either side, to form the Ozark Mountains on the West and skirt along the Appalachia Mountains on the East. The pending and in process 2022 rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line will thus follow the Ohio River from the Juncture, on up through the Wabash zone. It is this spot that should be watched for the jolt that will expedite the final rupture.

Justice Thomas Poisoned

Yes or no, was Justice Thomas poisoned? It was announced he was hospitalized on March 20. It was clarified this was not Covid but details were not given. Per Ben Fulford, citing his CIA sources, he died and was poisoned. But later information states he was poisoned with rat poison – thallium - but recovered. The Zetas confirm.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Hospitalized
March 20, 2022
Spokesperson says infection is not COVID-related.
Letters to the Editor
March 22, 2022
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has already passed over to the other side, according to a CIA source. He was taken out by the KM satanic cabal. They are trying to come up with a cover story now. Let’s see how long they keep silent about it.
Supreme Court Silent on Justice Clarence Thomas Hospitalization
March 24, 2022
The Supreme Court did not respond when asked for information about the health of 73-year-old Justice Clarence Thomas. It was unclear whether Thomas was still recovering in Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., where he had been admitted after experiencing flulike symptoms.

Does he have enemies? Thomas’s wife Ginni is a fervent President Trump supporter. The Zetas weigh in and confirm. In 2020 Justice Thomas was supportive of recounts and a SCOTUS review of the election fraud.

phot1122.jpg GA approved

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Poisoned
March 26, 2022
Stories that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to Sibley Hospital in Washington D.C. after physicians diagnosed him with a viral infection are mostly false, said a high-ranking “White Hat” military source who claims our nation’s tenured conservative justice ingested a near-lethal dose of thallium. Soluble thallium salts (many of which are nearly tasteless) are highly toxic, and they were historically used in rat poisons and insecticides. Under care of White Hat doctors, SCJ Thomas received treatments of Prussian blue, a medication that flushes thallium through the digestive track.  He was able to recover.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2022: Justice Thomas was indeed poisoned with deadly thallium, an ingredient used in rat poison. Since his wife showed no symptom after their dinner out, it appears someone at the restaurant slipped him the poison. These types of assassination attempts are usually done via a hand-off, meaning that the person who served or cooked for him was unaware. His tastes are known, his expected menu selection anticipated, and the poisoned laced ingredients already delivered and waiting.

Justice Thomas was targeted because at this time many guilty Satanists and Deep State Cabal members are on the run, fearing they will be exposed and of course executed. It is not so much that court cases coming before SCOTUS would be decided against them, but that the selection of cases to be heard would exclude the guilty parties. The guilty do not want a SCOTUS hearing or decision, and Thomas would weigh in on the side of truth and true justice. Will the truth about his poisoning ever be revealed? Unlikely, more likely a retirement might be pending.

Survival Bible

Periodically we add to the Survival Tips list, and Juan of the ZetaTalk Followers has come up with an excellent addition – a steam powered buggy, using just water and heat from a wood fire - for zipping down the road in the Aftertime. Steam can be dangerous, inflicting serious burns. This Back Woods Home article goes into detail on how to get the benefits and avoid the dangers.

The last time we gave an overview of survival tips in the Newsletters was in 2015. Prior to that in 2013 we covered eating weeds, a lysine rich vegie diet, gardening and saving seed, urban gardens, keeping chickens and goats, farm guards, eating rats and bugs and earthworms, passive distillation of water, home-made windmills, and houseboat living. Duck Weed and Kudzu are not only edible, but contain protein.  Amaranth and corn combined provide the equivalent of red meat! These are grains that can be stored and keep well, as do buckwheat and various legumes. 

And don’t forget that saving seed is of prime importance. If you don’t properly save seed, you will have a one-time garden. There will be no running to the store for those little packets. Mother Nature wants her seeds dry and cool, so most seed only needs that preparation and protection. Many seeds will not spout unless gathered from a ripe fruit, so those peppers and squash and melons should be ripe before harvesting. Very ripe, almost to the point of rotting. Tomatoes too, need to have white mold eat away their slime, or the seed thinks it is still in the tomato and simply won’t sprout!

High tech gardening with hydroponics is possible too, which provides a garden free from any volcanic dust or raids by the wildlife. Water can be reused, and when the store bought hydroponic nutrient solution runs out, watering the earthworm compost beds will produce a brown nutrient solution runoff equivalent to the store bought version. I know, as we did this in the Troubled Times labs and leaf for leaf, blossom for blossom, the results were equivalent.

Urban gardens are becoming very popular, and can be done even on patios and above ground. Urban farming is even commercially viable. Keeping Chickens and Goats are a delight and a challenge, so get started as soon as possible so you put your learning curve behind you.  And when your herd and flock get large enough, invest in natural farm guards – geese and donkeys.

Looking for protein and tired of a vegetarian diet? Wildlife such as deer and fish scarfed up and scarce? Be resourceful! Rats and squirrels are certainly edible. Remember the movie the Hunger Games? Bugs and earthworms are some of the best nutrition the world has to offer, and are another greatly overlooked resource. They can be farmed -  nurtured and grown. Bugs are high in fat and protein. Locusts can be roasted on a stick, and earthworms are 82% protein.

Water filters will only last so long, and are not as effective as simply drinking distilled water. I can attest that this portable stacked pot system works, and produces hot water for washing up as a byproduct. This gets rid of parasites as well as heavy metals. If traveling through the desert, harvest the fog. Grid down and batteries worn out? Rig a windmill using car or truck batteries, and don’t forget to learn how to maintain or refresh these batteries. Wood gas can power your car or truck, and the specifications on how to retool your vehicle are available. Biogas use is becoming more popular, using methane from manure or garbage as the source.

For those in a flood zone, consider houseboat living. If you don’t like your neighbors, just hoist anchor and move. And don’t forget that short wave radio will be the communication avenue of choice when all else goes down. Hand tools will work to repair furniture and housing when electricity is scarce. And carbon arc lamps lit the streets of London as bright as day in years gone by, and don’t require glass light bulbs which can shatter and burn out and are difficult to manufacture. Pencil leads will indeed work in this regard.

Picking up the pieces to build a new shelter will give survivors lots of options. As long as one has hand tools then creativity should know no bounds! Fill old tires with dirt for an insulated wall. Soap can be made from water drained through wood ash, which is caustic, and animal fat. This is cooked to boil it down and then poured into molds. Moss makes a perfect diaper filler and works for feminine hygiene too.