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The ZetaTalk Newsletter
Issue 364, Sunday September 22, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Survival Tips Refresher

There have been many survival tips detailed in this newsletter in the past, and a treasure trove on the Troubled Times pages. Here’s a refresher. When the grocery shelves are empty, and food distribution just not happening, you will have to feed yourselves. You should not wait for this time, but prepare! We are used to thinking of standard garden fare, but need to think outside the box. Highly nutritious weeds are right at hand, such as duckweed and kudzu. Everyday weeds such as plantain and dandelion have vitamins and minerals, as well as calories. The list is almost endless, and no need to tend the garden. These are hardy vegies!

One of the best kept secret is meatless meals, possible if you have lysine rich vegies in your diet. Amaranth and corn combined provide the equivalent of red meat! These are grains that can be stored and keep well, as do buckwheat and various legumes.  Why haven’t you heard about this on TV? It’s all about the latest big burgers, making you think you could not survive without them. Where is the amaranth and corn combo PR campaign?

And don’t forget that saving seed is of prime importance. If you don’t properly save seed, you will have a one-time garden. There will be no running to the store for those little packets. Mother Nature wants her seeds dry and cool, so most seed only needs that preparation and protection. Many seeds will not spout unless gathered from a ripe fruit, so those peppers and squash and melons should be ripe before harvesting. Very ripe, almost to the point of rotting. Tomatoes too, need to have white mold eat away their slime, or the seed thinks it is still in the tomato and simply won’t sprout!

Are you stuck in the city and despairing? You can certainly garden and learn to save seed, and unless zoning laws forbid can keep chickens! Urban gardens are becoming very popular, and can be done even on patios and above ground. Urban farming is even commercially viable.

Keeping Chickens and Goats are a delight and a challenge, so get started as soon as possible so you put your learning curve behind you.  And when your herd and flock get large enough, invest in natural farm guards – geese and donkeys.

Looking for protein and tired of a vegetarian diet? Wildlife such as deer and fish scarfed up and scarce? Be resourceful! Rats and squirrels are certainly edible. Remember the movie the Hunger Games? Bugs and earthworms are some of the best nutrition the world has to offer, and are another greatly overlooked resource. They can be farmed -  nurtured and grown. Bugs are high in fat and protein. Locusts can be roasted on a stick, and earthworms are 82% protein.

Water filters will only last so long, and are not as effective as simply drinking distilled water. I can attest that this portable stacked pot system works, and produces hot water for washing up as a byproduct. This gets rid of parasites as well as heavy metals. If traveling through the desert, harvest the fog.  

Grid down and batteries worn out? Rig a windmill using car or truck batteries, and don’t forget to learn how to maintain or refresh these batteries. Wood gas can power your car or truck, and the specifications on how to retool your vehicle are available. Biogas use is becoming more popular, using methane from manure or garbage as the source.

For those in a flood zone, consider houseboat living. If you don’t like your neighbors, just hoist anchor and move. And don’t forget that short wave radio will be the communication avenue of choice when all else goes down. Hand tools will work to repair furniture and housing when electricity is scarce. And carbon arc lamps lit the streets of London as bright as day in years gone by, and don’t require glass light bulbs which can shatter and burn out and are difficult to manufacture.  Pencil leads will indeed work in this regard.

India Sinking

The Zetas have described the tilting of the Indo-Australian Plate, pushing under the Himalayas and lifting at the edge near Australian and New Zealand. Primarily this will happen during the hour of the Pole Shift, but is an ongoing plate movement, very much in evidence during the 7 of 10 plate movements unfolding.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2001: Due to the compression of the Pacific during the forthcoming pole shift, India is forced under the Himalayan highlands, with a violent thrust of the Indo-Australian plate, which is strong enough to remain whole, yet the edges of which will separate from the surrounding plates so that it is free to move and slide under the Himalayas. Those in India will find, after the first strong jolts, that water is rapidly rising, coming in from the coast for those who live there, and coming from whatever area might be considered the lowland for those inland. Giant waves will not occur, just a rapid rise in the water, which will force man and animal alike to tread water for as long as possible, then drown.

That India is being pushed down, losing elevation, was obvious from reports this past August from the East, the West, and the interior of India. As this Pole Shift ning blog reports, flooding in Pakistan is once again focused on Sindh, which borders the ocean. The Indus Valley lies along the plate border, so as India sinks, the Indus Valley sinks.

Pakistan: Huge Flood Tide Enters Sindh, 591 Villages Submerged
August 23, 2013;-591-villages
National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said that heavy monsoon rains prompting floods have affected nearly one million people across Pakistan during the last three weeks.
PRF Report on ’Flood-2013’: Sindh Govt Urged to Take all Depts on Board
August 18, 2013
The government must have taken measures to avoid the fourth consecutive flood in Sindh.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/4/2010: The Indus River is one of the points on the Indian sub-continent that is being pushed under the Himalayas range, as a close look at where the mountain building along the northern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate occurs shows.  What should be watched is how well the flood waters drain, and whether a drop in elevation is noted along the Indus River and its outlet into the Indian Ocean.

In the interior of India, along the edge of the Himalayas where land is being pushed down and under so that the normal flow of rivers has been pinched by compressed land, even a small amount of rain brings flooding as this Pole Shift ning blog reports.

India: Uttar Pradesh Flood Situation Worsens
August 27, 2013
Yamuna was also flowing above the red mark at Auraiya, Kalpi, Hamirpu, Chillaghat and Naini, the sources said. River Betwa at Sahijana and Sharda at Palia Kalan were also flowing above the danger mark.  Met office said that light to moderate rains and thundershowers took place at isolated places in the last 24 hours.
Floods Destroy Standing Crops in Punjab
August 22, 2013
While basmati export has already plunged to low of 0.6 million tons from 2.1 million ton in 2013, the recent floods have ruined the 50 per cent of the Basmati growing area in the country.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/29/2013: Uttarakhand in India is where the flat land of India dives under the Himalayas. The land is being pushed down, changing the landscape for water that must drain away from this point. Water may drain as it did before, but more slowly, may accumulate at certain points before being released and then break through an earthen dam to be released in a rush.

And to the East, in Bangladesh, land directly on the coastline, bordering the sea, is sinking. This selective flooding is hardly due to rain, it is due to sinking.

Bangladesh: Over 60 Villages Flooded in Bhola, Hatiya
August 21, 2013
Locals said, water gushing through the breached points of the dyke inundated over 50 villages.

N Pacific Crunch

On the heels of a tilt of the Indo-Australian Plate, the N Pacific gives evidence of compressing. Per the Zetas, this region of the Pacific is composed of two plates, overlapping along a ridge from Kamchatka to Hawaii and down to the Society Islands. As the N American bow increases, the Pacific Plate bordering N America must either subduct under the West Coast or shift westward along the mid-Pacific ridge. It clearly did the latter on August 30, 2013 when a magnitude 7.0 quake struck the Aleutian Islands, followed by numerous large aftershocks. This set the buoys rocking in the N Pacific region.

But preceding these quakes on August 29, 2013 British Columbia started to sing. In the city of Terrance, BC the trumpets sounded from the deep rivers along the mountains there, as this Pole Shift ning blog details.  These trumpets show the rock under tension, vibrating as rock strata is pulled in different directions. Why would Terrance experience this tension just ahead of a quake in the Aleutian Islands? Because the N American bow and the compression in the N Pacific go hand in hand! 7 of 10 plate movements in process.    


ZetaTalk Explanation 8/28/2011: Whether the sound is a tone, a rumble, a howl, or a hum the etiology is all the same - the ground is vibrating. A tornado is reported to have a freight train sound, produced by the vibrations of the air itself as air masses slam into each other, rapidly.

UFO Lore Unraveling

Area 51 is intimately associated with UFO lore, and is suddenly in the news.  The CIA has declassified documents, so that the long denied secret Area 51 base is now admitted. And almost at the same time,  a dying CIA agent reveals he visited Area 51 on a special mission on behalf of President Eisenhower. Eisenhower resented the rule that Vice Presidents could be privy to MJ12 secrets, but Presidents could not. Per Bill Cooper, this rule was put into place to provide the President with deniability.

Area 51 Exists, the CIA Admits
August 16, 2013
UFO buffs and believers in alien encounters are celebrating the CIA's clearest acknowledgement yet of the existence of Area 51, the top-secret Cold War test site that has been the subject of elaborate conspiracy theories for decades.
President CIA MJ12 UFO True
June 14, 2013
A President of the United States had to threaten a military base with a military invasion if that base did not reveal to him what was going on. Initially, the President was told that what was at the base was too important even for him to know about. It was only under that direct threat of an ordered invasion by the 101st Airborne by the President of the United States Area-51 complied and it’s unprecedented.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2013: This video is legitimate, the dying ex CIA agent telling the truth. As with Bill Cooper and Bob Dean and others who have broken with their code of silence to bring the truth to the public, the story is 100% true. Eisenhower heard rumors, and consulted his Vice President, Nixon. The rule that he was to be kept in the dark infuriated him, as Generals are not used to such treatment in the best of times. Area 51, and the CIA elements working with the DOD, were working hand in glove with the Service-to-Self aliens who had loaned them space ships and promised them technological rewards. This was all a lie, of course, but there were many in the CIA and DOD, members of MJ12, who saw themselves controlling the world. Eisenhower sensed this and demanded regular briefings thereafter. Neither he nor MJ12 wanted a public fight over the issue. Subsequently, any President challenging MJ12 self-determination was killed, ala JFK.

Element 115 is another UFO lore term suddenly in the news. Scientists are claiming they have manufactured, for however brief a time, the artificial and rapidly degrading heavy metal Element 115. Per the Zetas, these topics, suddenly in the news, are a clue that disclosure about the alien presence is in process.

Remember the Periodic Table? Now there's a New Element to Learn
August 28, 2013
'Ununpentium' is a heavy man-made element and is currently 115th in the periodic table. Some people have claimed ununpentium is used by UFOs as a component in gravity wave generators.  However, due to its unstable nature, its uses in the real world are likely to be few and far between.
Periodic Table
All elements from atomic numbers 1 to 118 have been discovered or synthesized. The elements from 1 to 98 have been found to exist naturally, although some are found only in trace amounts and were initially discovered by synthesis in laboratories. The elements after 98 have only been synthesized in laboratories.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2013: Element 115 is among the heavy metals that do not occur naturally, but are manufactured. It is one of the elements we use to force density shifting and faster-than-light space travel. Thus man, who does not have this ability, has been salivating over the possibility of manufacturing Element 115 since the early days of MJ12. Why are matters such as the manufacture of Element 115 and the reality of Area 51 suddenly in the press at the current time? They relate to UFOs and the alien presence, which will become a white hot topic of discussion soon. The cover-up is currently unraveling, and the announcement over the nearby presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, will accelerate the process. It will be obvious that ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk was correct on dozens of topics, including mankind’s science misconceptions. It will be obvious that the ZetaTalk information is not and has not been coming from Nancy.

Now we also have the 1938 Orson Welles scare, redux, in Alabama. Is this once again the CIA trying to prove the public is not ready? The Zetas explain.

Alabama Residents Panic After Radio Station's Joke Alien Invasion
August 30, 2013
The broadcast's joke about aliens taking over the station was only meant to publicize a programming change. But Star 94.9 got more of a promotional boost than they had bargained for when residents took the aliens' threats seriously.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/7/2013: If Area 51 and Element 115 can hit the news without public panic, UFO lore admitted as a reality, is it time for disclosure on the alien presence? The elements within the CIA and DIA who want the cover-up to continue certainly hope not. They hope to avoid facing their years of lying to the public. Hope to continue the mystique that UFOs are somehow secret government air craft. And hoping to prove that the public was not yet ready for disclosure, arranged yet another test. We have explained that the very reason a mass landing would never be allowed to occur is because it would tend to create panic and anxiety. Thus in addition to scary Hollywood movies about alien invasions, the cover-up utilizes fake mass landings, ie Orson Welles in 1938, to “prove” their point. The Awakening has been slow and steady, with individual contact established first, then building up to group contact. Unfortunately for those clinging to the cover-up, at least half the world’s population is now getting the truth directly from the source – the aliens themselves.