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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2022

Dr.Zev Zelenko has passed away. Would Zetas be so kind and give us a comment about this man's passing? How come he died so early as he had a thorough knowledge about keeping one in a good health? [and from another] [and from another] Dr. Zev Zelenko Who Saved Thousands of Lives During the COVID Pandemic – Passes Away After Long Battle with Cancer June 30, 2022 Dr. Zelenko has been battling a serious case of progressive cancer for some time. [and from another] Dr. Zev Zelenko Who Saved Thousands of Lives During the COVID Pandemic Is in Critical Condition – Transferred to ICU June 29, 2022 Dr. Zelenko has been battling a serious case of progressive cancer for some time. In a recent video, he announced that a tumor had been found on his heart’s upper right ventricle, with a blood clot sitting above the tumor. [and from another] [and from another] Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who Touted Unconventional COVID Treatment, Dies at 49 July 1, 2022 US physician, who served as Kiryas Joel community doctor for decades before parting ways, rose to fame in 2020 when his virus treatment was endorsed by then-president Trump.

Was Dr. Zelenko assassinated? He was certainly a candidate, advocating a cure for Covid-19 that actually worked, unlike the Pfizer vaccine that has killed more people than Covid-19. But he was protected in his endeavors. Protected by angels that stopped every assassination attempt. Why then was he not cured so he could have continued to be a spokesperson for the Zelenko Protocol? As we stated when confirming that JFK Jr died in the plane crash in 1999, many souls take the martyrdom path to have more influence in death than they had in life. Dr. Zelenko is back in the news again!

Would the Zeta's care to comment on the re-start up of CERN? [and from another] [and from another] Higgs Boson Researchers Mark 10 year Anniversary with Return to Particle Studies February 7, 2022 July 4th marks 10 years since scientists at CERN, the world’s largest research centre based near Geneva, announced the existence of the Higgs Boson. Halting the activity of LHC for three years, CERN took the time to upgrade it. On July 5th, For the third time in its history, the Large Hadron Collider, will restart to an unprecedented level of collision energy (13.6 trillion electronvolts). By restarting the Large Hadron Collider and studying the infinitely small fragments, physicists wish to further push the limits of our knowledge on topics like dark matter or anti-matter. [and from another]

The stated goals of CERN are to gain knowledge in matters such as anti-matter. The issue has been featured in movies such as Angels and Demons. From the Flat Earth theory to conflicting math for gravity -  where Newton's so-called Laws are in conflict with Einstein - mankind falters. CERN has shown mankind that his Faster than Light assumption is incorrect. What mankind has learned about sub-atomic particles has allowed him to build electric grids but also to build the bomb. In that the Earth is a schoolhouse for young souls, any discovery is likely to be used for evil as well as good, so mankind’s reach is limited. Thus CERN will not result in new discoveries.

Since we know "Gates" is already a double- would the Zeta's care to tell us if this is actually the Military purchasing the land or if the evil ones still have control over that money & have purchased it?  Either way, is the land likely to be used for the soon to be forced labor farms? [and from another] Bill Gates wins Legal Approval to Buy Huge Swath of North Dakota Farmland worth $13.5M after Outcry from Residents who Say they are being Exploited by the Ultra-Rich July 1, 2022 Gates is the largest private owner of farmland in America after quietly amassing some 270,000 acres across dozens of states, according to last year's edition of the Land Report 100, an annual survey of the nation's largest landowners. [and from another] Bill Gates, who already Owns close to 270,000 Acres of Land in the U.S., has been Granted the Legal Authority to Buy Another Huge Swath in North Dakota Despite Protests by Local Residents July 2, 2022 The state’s Republican Attorney General Drew Wrigley had inquired into the land sale, and on Wednesday issued a letter saying the transaction complied with an archaic anti-corporate farming law. The Depression-era law prohibits corporations or limited liability companies from owning farmland or ranchland, but allows individual trusts to own the land if it is leased to farmers, which Gates intends to do.

If Bill Gates and his wife Melinda were taken to Gitmo and executed in 2020 for their role in planning to depopulate much of humanity via a vaccine poison developed by the Pirbright Institute, then who is buying land with their money?  When President Trump signed the Executive Order in 2018 announcing the start of the Tribunals in 2019, he outlined that any funds confiscated as a result of Tribunals would belong to the Junta.

To avoid riots and civil war, the Junta has been running a Secret War on 4 fronts – the CCP invasion from Canada, Antifa and Defund the Police, 2020 election fraud, and Moloch worship and Satanism. Musk plea bargained but was directed to use his funds to take control of Twitter. To avoid premature public panic, the Junta wants any use of confiscated funds to look “normal”, and since Gates was already purchasing acreage in the US, the Junta allowed this direction to continue. How will this Gates land be used?

A quick check of the map shows that the Gates land is almost all high elevation land, which will not be flooded in the Aftertime. Starting with the New Madrid disasters, the US will have many refugees from the Fault Line ruptures along the Mississippi River and cities under the Seaway. The East Coast will experience a tsunami. Martial Law will be officially called. Where to put all those refugees who will need shelter and food? Productive Gates farmland awaits and refugees will be put to work growing food.

Been reading about the Georgia Guidestones getting damaged in an explosion! [and from another] Is this another attempt to get them into the news? [and from another] Georgia Guidestones Damaged by an Explosion July 6, 2022 State and local law enforcement and emergency agencies are on the scene at the Georgia Guidestones. [and from another] Part of Georgia Guidestones Damaged by Explosion, GBI says July 6, 2022 An explosion at the mysterious Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia has caused significant damage to the stones. The preliminary information indicates that someone detonated an explosive device at around 4 a.m. [and from another] [and from another] The Entire Monument has been Demonlished! [and from another] The GBI is releasing surveillance video from this morning’s explosion that destroyed the Georgia Guidestones.

We have described the Georgia Guidestones as instructions for survivors of the Pole Shift. The Guidestones were installed by New World Order advocates, who anticipated that the Pole Shift would reduce the world’s population by 90%. This was based on information gained from MJ12 insiders, who were privy to estimates given by ourselves and other visitors during the era of Roswell. The Guidestone estimate that 500 million survivors should live in harmony with Nature was to build an aura of accuracy and thus truth around the Guidestones. Thus, the Guidestones would be able to dictate to the survivors, a type of New World Order religion.

The Guidestones were destroyed by those who stand against the New World Order plans to dominate the world. Draconian control measures such as the endless lockdowns over Covid-19 and enforced vax campaigns that are more deadly than the Covid-19 deaths themselves are now being pushed. Beyond control, the Covid-19 vax campaigns are a depopulation scheme, causing babies to be aborted via a shriveled placenta. The destruction of the Guidestones are thus a message to this New World Order crowd that they are not in control.

"Get Ready!" Trump Dropped Bombshell Clue That He's Still President and Will Be Reinstated in Fall 2022!! Looks Like Biden, Harris and Friends Heading to GITMO Soon! July 6, 2022 [and from another]

Many lawsuits were mustered after the 2020 election fraud, and many reached SCOTUS but officially none were argued before the court. Was there a secret debate, with a secret decision, unknown to the public? The Junta does not want civil war, but as the return of Q and the Roe vs Wade decision shows, the Junta feels it is now strong enough to address the 2020 election theft. The evidence before the court would have included what 2000 Mules detailed and what the Kraken evidence documented. The evidence from many lawsuits that rose to the SCOTUS level but were dismissed for lack of standing would also have been available to SCOTUS.

The many rumors that President Trump is coming back and that the Junta does not consider Biden to be the Commander in Chief are due to insider leaks. As with the Roe vs Wade insider leak that proved to be correct, this rumor is likewise based on solid facts. The Junta wanted the matter to be addressed in civil process – recounts and decertification of Biden by the Swing States. This has been done sufficiently to show that a fraud was perpetrated, but not finalized for any of the states due to the threats made to public officials and state legislators. But the documented fraud and theft are undeniable and consistent across the Swing States.

What now?  We have predicted that when the New Madrid finale occurs, Martial Law will be officially called and the fact that President Trump has always been president will be casually mentioned. But is there another option, to occur potentially before the New Madrid finale? Sidney Powell wanted to take the Kraken evidence to SCOTUS but President Trump restrained her. Unless he participated, lack of standing would be the excuse for dismissal. What if she could proceed, with President Trump participating, armed with the absolute Kraken proof that the Junta holds? SCOTUS can act quickly when the matter is urgent.

British PM Boris Johnson steps down after scandals prompt a wave of resignation. Is the real reason for the resignation the pending European tsunami? What do the elites in UK plan to do about the tsunami? [and from another] British PM Boris Johnson Steps Down after Scandals Prompt a Wave of Resignations July 7, 2022 Scandal-ridden British Prime Minister Boris Johnson capitulated to mounting pressure to step down Thursday, announcing his decision after days of high-profile government resignations and calls from fellow Conservative Party members to quit. Johnson also said he planned to remain as prime minister until a successor is chosen — a move that may face opposition from others in an increasingly hostile Parliament.  He hailed his government's achievements, including supporting Ukraine after the Russian invasion and weathering the Covid pandemic. He becomes the third consecutive British prime minister to resign before their term in recent years, following in the footsteps of Theresa May and David Cameron. [and from another] Die-hard Boris Loyalist Andrea Jenkyns tells Goading Crowd gathered outside Downing Street that 'Those who Laugh Last, Laugh Loudest' July 7, 2022 Mr Johnson finally announced his resignation today admitting 'no-one is indispensable' - but is lining up a 'unity Cabinet' as he battles to stay in Downing Street for months longer. In a statement outside No10, the PM tried to sound an upbeat tone as he confirmed his MPs 'clearly' want a change and his time in office will come to an end when a new Tory leader is installed. [and from another] UK Ministers to tell Johnson to Quit as PM July 6, 2022 They could no longer tolerate the culture of scandal that has dogged Johnson for months, including lockdown lawbreaking in Downing Street. But at the parliamentary committee, and an earlier question and answer session with MPs in parliament, he defiantly vowed to get on with the job. [and from another] UK PM Johnson to make ‘Statement to the Country Today’: No 10 Spokesman July 7, 2022 He will resign as Conservative leader, triggering a party contest to replace him as prime minister. It follows more than 50 resignations by ministers of various ranks and their Tory MP aides, as Johnson’s support dramatically dropped away following a slew of recent scandals.

The New World Order crowd wanted to rule the world after the Pole Shift devastation and planned to own it well beforehand via debt slavery. Thus, driven to borrow money at high interest rates from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and using farms and homes and promissory notes as collateral, the public would be debt slaves working for the New World Order. It seemed nothing could stop this, but the BRICS network began offering a welcome alternative with low interest rates.

Coming from the Colonial era, when Britannia Ruled the Waves and controlled much of the world via the Commonwealth countries, the Satanic elements embedded in the Western countries seemed invincible. Even after the US declared her independence in 1776, infectious Satanist practices remained. Western banking practices survived within the US. If the common man had few weapons against these practices, the US Military and their associates in Europe did, and began a Secret War. To avoid civil war and panic, this Secret War required the use of Doubles to hide Tribunal trials and executions.

More than the Queen and Hillary were replaced by Doubles during this cleanup. Boris also was replaced and executed by the White Hat Alliance in Europe. Boris had seemed to be a man of the people, supporting Brexit, but this was a mask of lies. The Western media, owned by the Satanists, reported only what their masters desired.  The Secret War has now in essence been won so the time has arrived when the common man can learn the truth. Thus, steps are being taken to gently awaken the common man.

The return of Q and destruction of the Georgia Guidestones and reversal of Roe vs Wade are signals that this time has arrived. The return of President Trump to the White House at the hand of SCOTUS can also be anticipated. The Boris Double is seemingly being driven from power in the UK because a scapegoat is needed to focus the rage in Europe against the political landscape. The use of Doubles requires the appearance of normalcy, so the Merkel and Trudeau Doubles and other political Doubles will take the blame for the misconduct of the original they replaced. 

The former Japanese prime minister Abe was shot twice by shotgun from behind at point-blank range while making his speech on the street for the election. He died at the hospital where he had been taken to. The shooter was already arrested on site. Why was he murdered? And who is the true criminal behind this murder case? And what does it mean for Japan and the Japanese after his death during the election campaign? Did Abe's soul know this? [and from another] Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated during Campaign Speech July 8, 2022 The suspect reportedly told police that he was dissatisfied with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and wanted to kill him. [and from another] Japan's Former PM Abe Dies after Shooting July 8, 2022 Abe was taken to hospital in grave condition after a gunman injured him during a public appearance in the city of Nara in western Japan. He was campaigning for a candidate in an upcoming parliamentary election. a suspect had been arrested. The man as Yamagami Tetsuya, said to be in his 40s and to have served in Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force for three years. Witnesses said the gunman fired on at 67-year-old Abe from behind, and reported hearing two loud bangs before seeing the former leader collapse on stage. [and from another] Shinzo Abe, Former Japan PM, Dies after being Shot in Nara July 9, 2022 Nara city’s emergency services said he had been wounded on the right side of his neck and left clavicle. Abe was making a campaign speech on a street outside the train station. Two consecutive bangs were heard during Abe’s speech. His security personnel were seen rushing to his aid. [and from another]

The death of former Prime Minister Abe was a staged event, and the man supposedly shot in the back was not Abe. As Ben Fulford and ourselves have detailed, Abe was no innocent and was a puppet of the Khazarian Mafia. He cooperated with the Israeli bomb scheme that caused Fukushima. Japan politicians in the past felt vulnerable and sought the protection of powerful interests. Nakasone, another former Japan Prime Minister, cooperated with the CIA during the Bush/Reagan era and was subject to the US Tribunals in 2019 as a result.

Abe resigned in 2020 because mischief against the US mainland was being planned. Desperate to unseat President Trump, the Biden crowd had planned to bomb the mainland and needed Abe’s cooperation. Since he had cooperated during the Fukushima episode, the assumption was that he would cooperate further. When Abe resigned in August, 2020 - supposedly for health reasons - he was in fact arrested and taken to Gitmo. A Double was put in his place. It was the Double that collapsed during the staged event on July 7 in Nara. Why was this staged event arranged? During the current era of truth, political Doubles no longer needed will be eliminated.

Rogers wireless down since 4 am. Any thoughts on what's really causing this? So many lies in the media that I only trust Zetatalk [and from another] Rogers Network Resuming after Major Outage hits Millions of Canadians July 8, 2022 Rogers Telecommunications said its network was beginning to recover after a 19-hourservice outage at one of Canada's biggest telecom operators shut banking, transport and government access for millions, drawing outrage from customers and adding to criticism over its industry dominance. The interruption was Rogers' second in 15 months. [and from another] Massive Rogers Outage Cut Off 25 Percent of Canada’s Internet Traffic for nearly all of Friday July 9, 2022 Cloudflare personnel speculated that the outage is the result of an internal error at Rogers, as opposed to a cyberattack or other cause. They cited that pattern of BGP announcements, noting that with the Rogers network now failing to announce its presence, the rest of the internet can’t find it.

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we explained why mankind’s technology will not be operational after the coming Pole Shift. One can refer to this as the Broken Link, as indeed it takes only one broken link to bring a network or supply chain down. The Internet is structured to allow multiple paths for a transaction to travel, but access to this free flow must be made available at the start. Rogers is a private company and sought to eliminate all competition in Canada, where it already exacted hefty profits.

The Rogers outage was caused by incompetent internal management. An upgrade, insufficiently tested for flaws, can create a domino failure. Upgrades take time to reverse and reboot, thus the delay in recovery. The Earth is in a Transformation, where those operating in the Service-to-Self spiritual orientation are being reluctantly driven from power. This causes polarization whereby the Service-to-Self panic and increase their grasp for control. More profits, more rules and laws, more power. In their desire to dominate telecom in Canada, Rogers may have created their downfall.

Is the world on the brink of revolution? [and from another] Sri Lanka Leader Flees as Protesters Storm Home July 9, 2022 Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his official residence shortly before protesters, angered by an unprecedented economic crisis, stormed and overran the compound. Huge crowds had surrounded the leader’s home to demand his resignation, blaming government mismanagement for the painful downturn. As protesters surged at the gates of the President’s Palace, troops guarding the compound fired in the air to hold back the tide until Rajapaksa was safely removed. [and from another] video rushing house. [and from another] video burning house [and from another] Enraged Farmers cause Chaos throughout the Netherlands. What's Going On? July 7, 2022 Why are farmers protesting in every possible way accompanied by a huge fleet of tractors, causing chaos throughout the country? In many parts of the Netherlands nitrogen emissions need to be reduced by 70 per cent, according to plans announced by the Dutch government at the start of June. Nitrogen emissions can cause acid rain and fertilizer washed into waterways can be a threat to marine life and an excess of nitrogen compounds — such as ammonia — affects the biodiversity in nature reserves. Farmers in the most vulnerable areas are given the options invest in sustainability or move away.

When Global Warming sprang up as an excuse to cover for the Earth changes that Nibiru would soon cause, we pointed out the flaw in the theory. Global Warming does not cause the dramatic increase in volcanic activity nor explain why the ground is heating from the bottom up. Nevertheless, Carbon Footprints came under attack to create the illusion of a solution, using coal as fuel became shameful, and even cow farts were suspect. Though starvation was on the horizon, it had not yet appeared. Now the conflict between allowing farmers to grow food and pushing the Global Warming theory has become open warfare.

Outside of open revolution, which is coming next, what can the Dutch farmers do to feed their country? As we have repeatedly stated, control of the populace is the name of the game. Politicians do not fear riot and protest as long as the military and police will defend them and support their decisions. Even if obviously in the wrong, grim politicians determined to maintain their grip on power and be able to control the populace will refuse to compromise. This of course forces the inevitable, which is revolution and pushing the politicians aside. History is replete with these examples.

An example of what is coming next is the revolution taking place in Sri Lanka. Corruption among politicians takes many forms - taking bribes to grease the wheels of corporations intent on profits, frankly stealing public funds, and remaining in office by election theft. When this malfeasance creates starvation and homelessness among the people, anger boils over and revolution begins. The world is arriving at this point in many countries. The 7 of 10 Plate Movements are overlapping with the 8 of 10 sociological changes we predicted, which included revolution.

Why has the New York City Preparedness Management release a video about a nuclear strike? They usually make videos on hurricane preparedness but this one about a nuclear strike seems off. [and from another] [and from another] New York City Begins Preparing Population for Nuclear Attack July 11, 2022 In the video, they tell New Yorkers to get inside.   Good advice, if there's anything left standing to actually get inside of! [and from another] NYC releases PSA for residents in the event of a nuclear attack July 11, 2022 The PSA laid out three actions residents should take, with the first common-sense measure being getting inside as quickly as possible. “And no, staying in the car is not an option,” she says. “You need to get into a building and move away from the windows.” Once inside, New Yorkers are told to stay inside and shut every door and window. “Have a basement? Head there,” she says. “If you don’t have one, get as far into the middle of the building as possible.” City residents who were outside at the time of a blast are advised to wash up as soon as possible. “Remove and bag all outer clothing to keep radioactive dust or ash away from your body,” the PSA advises. [and from another] New York City Emergency Management Introduces Nuclear Preparedness Public Service Announcement (PSA) July 11, 2022 The City also uses several forms of media to alert the public in an emergency, including Notify NYC, the City of New York's free, official emergency communications program. New Yorkers are encouraged to sign up for these free emergency alerts in their preferred language and format by visiting the website at or by calling 311.

Heads of State around the world were warned by the Bush administration in 2003 that Nibiru had entered the inner Solar System and was headed for a passage. They were told that panic was the larger danger as riots would tear society apart, so cooperation with the Nibiru cover-up was paramount. When Nibiru became openly visible by early 2021, accompanied by flaming Petrol and Red Dust in the skies, Covid-19 lockdowns and vax passports and restricted air travel were used to prevent migration panic.

We reported last month that Shanghai was testing fear as a motivator when it came time to force the populace from coastal cities and head into the highlands. The East Coast of the US has similar worries but also anticipates a more immediate worry - a tsunami and panic caused by the New Madrid Adjustment. Without admitting that Nibiru exists, how to prepare the populace?  The kerfuffle that NATO has provided over the Russia sanctions is the current excuse for such warnings.

Staying indoors and away from windows is reminiscent of the Bush Administration’s warnings to Shelter in Place, which were generally ignored. If one wanted NYC residents to avoid running in the streets with hair on fire but instead be available for rescue by boat, literally floating out of their basements for the pickup, how would this be staged? Panic is contagious, so advise the public to close their windows and avoid the view. Instead, go shower. As Hal Turner noted, the advice given by the PSA is illogical, but beyond that shows that the establishment expects the New Madrid Adjustment to happen soon.

5 Reasons America’s Birthrate Is Plummeting June 6, 2022 Elon Musk recently tweeted, population collapse is the biggest threat to civilization. [and from another] Fertility Rates Keep Dropping, and it’s Going to Hit the Economy Hard November 25, 2016 Worldwide fertility rates began to fall substantially in the mid-1960s. While each country has its own underlying causes for this, it is interesting that in developed and developing nations, the downward trend is similar. [and from another] Kolbrin on the Exodus: The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. Fear walked the land and woman became barren with terror, they could not conceive, and those with child aborted. The days of stillness were followed by a time when the noise of trumpeting and shrilling was heard in the Heavens, and the people became as frightened beasts without a headsman. [and from another]

Global birth rates began plummeting in the 1960’s, for several reasons. At that time, the danger was seen as overpopulation, with demands from many sides that this be reduced. China instituted its one-child policy in 1979, and contraceptives were increasingly available and affordable. In many countries the tradition of having enough offspring to care for the parents when they are elderly forced large families, but with the availability of health care, attitudes changed. Women began to enter the work force and were reluctant to quit just to have babies. Many countries such as Japan tried to pay women to become mothers, with little success.

There is also an additional reason for the plummeting birth rates – disruption of the menstrual cycle caused by magnetic blasts from Nibiru. This was reported by the Egyptian Kolbrin during prior passages of Nibiru. Fear and anxiety, the general unease many feel as they subconsciously note the Earth changes caused by Nibiru but the establishment denies all. Looming starvation threats are discouraging potential parents. Despite Musk’s enthusiasm, not everyone can be a billionaire parent. And the coming Pole Shift will likely kill the very young and very old. But a new era filled with love and hope and joyous reincarnation will begin.

What can the Zetas tell us about FAA cameras being turned off? The New Madrid rip must be at hand. [and from another] [and from another] I'm in Northwest Pennsylvania, in a small place with no commercial airport closer than 80 miles. From early this morning I have been hearing sounds of helicopters, seeming to be flying in all directions. … I tried going on Flight Radar24 this afternoon to see live planes flying in my area of Texas and no flight data was shown. It's now showing flights again. … [and from another] Apparently nearly all the east coast cameras are down, 90 percent overall. Looks like they’re not hard down but are restricted from public view. Could be down for maintenance could be down due to large movements of military of government planes.

The FAA blackout is not due to any nuke threat, nor even due to any ongoing Military activity. What is evident from the FAA map is that the region of the US that would be immediately affected by the New Madrid Adjustment is under a full FAA blackout. This includes the SE Portion of the US along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway and the West Coast affected by any reflex action along the San Andreas. The Junta is known to want to contain panic in the public, and since the Junta is in control in the US, the FAA is following their directives. Notably, Canada is not affected by the FAA blackout.

What could be seen from the FAA cameras? If the New Madrid finale were to start its anticipated rupture up from New Orleans , the populace on the East Coast would be made aware of the process, even during a media blackout, by the FAA cameras. The New Orleans cameras are exempted from the FAA blackout as the New Madrid separation has already arrived at New Orleans. But beyond New Orleans, the rupture as graphically shown on FAA cameras would not be rumor or reports on social media.

What the FAA cameras reported would be taken as truth, and thus could incite panic along the East Coast. The Junta wants a controlled panic, a controlled evacuation, not one set off like fireworks by FAA cameras. 

Compasses worldwide on the fritz. What's going on? [and from another] "I cannot at this time acquire North on my Compasses, the needle won't stop swinging, and I am unable to accurately assess and evaluate measurements with my Sexton, I can tell you that Polaris and The Big Dipper are not where they should be based on visual confirmations with my reflector and refractor scopes at nighttime." … "I pulled out my camping gear today for vacation. I experienced the same thing with my compass. I use a Suunto Tandem used by the forestry department." … "So of course, we had to see for ourselves. My hubby been a boat captain a good portion if his life, knows due North, stars, tides etc. From a few minutes ago, compass is stationary. This is what happened.'' .. “The electronic one in my truck was jumping around a couple weeks ago. ill check my real compass when i get home.” .. “My compass is moving around. It won't hold steady. And it is reading 180deg off.” [and from another] [and from another]

The Earth is in the throes of a Severe Wobble so that delays in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements caused in the past by the humming boxes will be counteracted, keeping the Pole Shift on schedule. In the past, the Council of Worlds granted a delay in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements to allow Obama a chance to make his planned announcement about Nibiru. Instead, Obama lost courage and the humming boxes were removed from plate borders and fault lines. The gradually increasing Severe Wobble approved by the Council of Worlds in June 2021 is now having its effect.

As can be shown by quake maps and the increase in volcanic activity, Plate Movements have become more violent. The Pacific is steadily compressing while the Atlantic rips apart, while Eurasia is being stretched. The Russian rip that will eventually form a new inland bay up toward the Ural Plains became evident earlier this year. The plates that are participating include Antarctica, which is migrating toward the South Atlantic, and Africa, which is rolling. S American and the Caribbean are falling over into the Pacific while the N American Mainland is dropping.

The entire world is on the move. While the Severe Wobble is causing weather irregularities above ground, it is also not gentle with the magma under the surface of the Earth plates. We have stated that the magma swirls at different speeds during the Earth’s rotation, depending upon location, and that there can be contours that can inhibit or direct the flow. In that the magma is charged, rapid changes in direction during the wobble can give conflicting directives to the flow of Magnetons that form the Earth’s Magnetic Field during the wobble.

Why were the Nazca quakes on July 12 so huge? The border with the Pacific at the Easter Islands was hammered repeatedly, and again on July 15 along the Nazca border. And the quakes along the Andes continue? The S America roll portion of the 7 of 10 was supposedly completed, as was the rising of the Indo-Australian Plate at New Zealand, yet this also remains a high quake area. [and from another] [and from another]

During the violent Plate Movements caused by the Daily Earth Wobble, the Atlantic gets pulled apart while the Pacific is forced to compress. We have detailed how New Land rises at the S Atlantic, between the tips of S America and S Africa, as the Antarctica Plate is pushed to rise there. We have also detailed how the African Roll will tear open the Atlantic at the Azores, facilitating the New Madrid rupture. Ruptures along the Atlantic are ongoing, from Iceland on down to the Sandwich Islands.

The weakened Atlantic Rift can no longer hold the continents on either side of the Rift together, and this allows those plates with scant glue to others an opportunity to drift. Nothing is preventing S America from drifting further to the West, nor preventing Africa from drifting further to the East. They continue their rolls, non-stop. We have alluded to this in 2011 when the 7 of 10 plate movements were detailed, as part of the 8 of 10 to be clarified later. That time is now. S America is falling to the West, thus the pressure on the Nazca Plate.

I do not believe these lights are from fishing boats. Pilot never saw something like this. Lights are on the place of large pressure. Could that be from friction of the rock below the surface of the ocean? Looks to me like Hot Earth under the water. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] North Pacific mystery: Strange red glowing lights observed from commercial flight at 39,000 feet – No land around July 17, 2022 So, this was spotted over the North Pacific early yesterday morning from a commercial flight at 39,000 feet. Near 50N/167E; no landmass nearby.

In 2014 red lights were seen at night near Indonesia and were determined to be from fishing vessels hunting squid. The red lights were an attractant for the squid. Now in 2022 similar red lights are seen near Kamchatka, along the border between the N American hook of land that extends down toward Japan and the Pacific Plate border. These 2022 lights were recorded by pilots and by the ISS. Kamchatka has numerous volcanoes due to this plate border pressure, as do the Aleutian Islands, and this volcanic release occurs underwater as well on land.

The constant pressure on the Mainland Portion of N America that precedes the New Madrid finale shows up on the Heliplots aplenty. On a given day, there are only 3 locations that consistently go black – Tiksi and Bilibino on the border in the Arctic and Big Sur where the Mainland is dropping. We have stated that the rock hook extending down toward Japan will not snap off, but the pressure there is extreme as the bubbling magma that rises along the plate border shows. 

Huge sinkhole in the Bronx, NYC [and from another] A car falls into a sinkhole in Bronx, New York, amid heavy rain. [and from another] Video: Van falls into Sinkhole in the Bronx July 18, 2022 A van fell into a massive sinkhole on Radcliff Ave. on Monday night. First, parts of the street crumbled under one of the van’s rear wheels, then the entire van fell into the hole. A car parked nearby looked like it was in danger of falling into the hole. No injuries were reported.

New York City sits atop the convergence of two East Coast fault lines – the Ramapo and the East Coast Fault Line. As the SE Portion of the N American Continent is tugged back and forth - first to the East to remain glued to the Africa Plate and then to the West to remain with the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent – these fault lines break. The rock strata shifts and separates, and the ground above shifts accordingly. If the nexus of the East Coast and Ramapo faults were not enough, the New Madrid and the Brevard fault line rising along the Appalachian Mountains are also tugged back and forth. This will accelerate as the New Madrid finale approaches.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the cause of the explosion at Hoover dam? [and from another] Explosion at Hoover Dam: Huge fireball rises up from turbine house as black smoke engulfs the Nevada landmark July 19, 2022 Gould said that the Hoover Dam's A5 transformer caught fire at about 10am, and the blaze was extinguished within about 30 minutes by a fire brigade the Bureau maintains on-site. Video from the dam showed flames and smoke rising from a turbine house on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, at the foot of the 726-foot-tall dam, as terrified tourists were rushed to safety. [and from another]

When the Hoover Dam was designed and constructed in 1935, the engineers did not contemplate the current drought of 2022. The Colorado River had a steady and strong flow, so the only concern over water levels was being able to keep the waters of Lake Mead from topping the dam. Now under the Daily Earth Wobble caused by the presence of Nibiru, the SW is having severe droughts. The waters of Lake Mead are disappearing. What does that mean for the quality of the water being siphoned off to run the turbines of Hoover Dam?

The intake for a dam is normally positioned toward the top of the water source, to eliminate mud and trash that might settle to the bottom. As time passed, the slowing flow of the Colorado allowed this mud and trash to thicken and accumulate toward the bottom of the intake sites. The dropping level of Lake Mead accelerated this process, until the turbines were forced to deal with thick water that required more force from the turbine. Thus the turbine overheated in the middle of a heat wave for the SW.

This incident is not the total failure of the Hoover Dam spillways we predicted to occur after the New Madrid Adjustment. We predicted in 2012 that during the bowing pressure the N American Continent was enduring, the spillways could potentially be squeezed shut even before the New Madrid Adjustment. The obvious outcome of spillway failure would be flooding of Lake Mead waters into Las Vegas but this 2022 transformer fire is not the result of any spillway squeezing. To prevent any further fires the transformers need to be switched off, or the spillway water flow stopped.

Would the Zeta's be willing to address Ivana Trump's death.  Was this murder or did she just fall accidentally? [and from another] Ivana Trump Died of Blunt Force Injuries to her Torso, Medical Examiner says July 15, 2022 Emergency responders investigating a call from Ivana Trump’s home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side found her unconscious. They pronounced her dead at the scene and noted that there did “not appear to be any criminality”, police said in a statement. [and from another] Ivana Trump's Cause of Death Revealed as Friend Confirms Declining Health July 15, 2022 Trump's friend Zach Erdem said she had not been "feeling well" for weeks and had been unable to "get out of her house." Erdem reportedly said that Trump's mobility issues caused by a problem with her hip forced her to skip recent plans to visit him. Erdem said that he had urged Trump to visit a doctor the last time that they spoke but she refused, reportedly telling him "I hate going to doctors" and "I get more sick going to doctors." [and from another] Ivana Trump was Preparing for a Vacation to St. Tropez when she Died, Friend says July 15, 2022 Haskell said Ivana Trump was looking forward to going on vacation because she had "totally locked down" during the pandemic and "wouldn't go anywhere" because she was afraid of catching COVID-19. [and from another] Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, died on Thursday at 73. She was reportedly found at the foot of the stairs in her Manhattan home after a fatal fall. ‘Extra’s’ Carlos Greer spoke with her close friend, socialite Nikki Haskell, about their friendship, Ivana’s final days, and how she feared her friend would fall down a ‘treacherous’ staircase at her townhouse. [and from another] Ivana Double-Vaxxed Days Before Death July 19, 2022 It is being reported by Michael Baxter that Ivana Trump was double-vaxxed days before she died, according to sources close to the Trump family. The former socialite and ex-wife of Donald J. Trump reportedly received a second Covid-19 booster shot and a Monkeypox vaccination as a precautionary measure in advance of a vacation to St. Tropez. This much was told to news outlets by Ivana’s longtime friend, Nikki Haskell. Ivana had adverse reactions to the Covid-19 clot shots. Her initial vaccination caused temporary facial paralysis, which subsided after two days, and after the second dose she developed night tremors and a fever that spiked to 104. The first booster really did a number on her: she manifested a peripheral neuropathy in her legs that caused numbness, tingling, and nerve damage. After each incident, she had voiced concern to both her R.N. and primary care physician, both of whom told her vaccine side effects were mild, temporary, and part of the “new normal.”

Ivana’s close friends in New York paint a picture of a woman so worried about catching Covid-19 that she sought repeated boosters, and had yet another booster just days before her fall. Despite adverse side effects such as neuropathy in her legs, she continued to get boosters. The Pfizer vaccine is known to incite painless Bell’s Palsy and painless Guillain-Barré paralysis which can emerge with little warning. Ivana’s friends worried she might fall down the ‘treacherous’ spiral staircase, but it was vax induced nerve damage that caused her fall.

Is this preparation for the imminent Martial Law? [and from another] [and from another] MAJOR BREAKING :Martial law amendment snuck into the Ntl Defense Auth Act, Gives sole power of military to president Biden, no congress oversight Democrat leadership has the votes in the House and Senate. And when turned into law, HR 4350 will allow the president to use the military for domestic operations, which Jones described as unbelvably illegal. The said legislation has been added to the new spending bill last week by Representative Adam B. Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The amendment is set to be added to the act, which the House plans to take up this week. [and from another]

The Biden Administration is not expected to go quietly into the night. Though the Junta has control of the current Biden Double, most of the appointees done by this so-called President are Democrats, else the illusion of a Biden in control would not be believable. Those who maneuvered the 2020 election theft also want their advantage to continue. Now that the Secret War has in essence been won, allowing Q to return and the reversal of Roe vs Wade to be announced by SCOTUS, President Trump is set to be reinstated.

What is emerging now is panic among the Democrats and their handlers. Martial Law has been in effect since the Fall of 2015 when General Dunford took steps to remove the Khazarian bankers from any control over the Federal Reserve. A further tightening of Martial Law occurred after the 2020 election theft when President Trump issued another EO just before Biden was inaugurated. Due to having to fight several fronts at once, the Junta chose to proceed with a Secret War using Tribunals at Gitmo and Doubles. But the public is unaware.

Anticipating no longer being in power, the Democrats are trying to maneuver a dictatorship under “Biden”, with control of the Military under Biden and his appointees. The Dark Judge recently posted a warning about those in Blue States needing to flee. The only nexus to this comment and pending dangers would be that the Governors in Blue States must request that the National Guard be activated, and if they did not do this then the Military would not be able to proceed to quell riots.

Since so many of the leaders in Congress are Doubles, the originals taken to Gitmo, will HR4350 be approved and become law? No, but as in past coup attempts, if they can get the American public to believe the script, they hope to win. They hope that riots in Blue States will overwhelm the Military. They hope that the illusion that General Milley is in charge of the Joint Chiefs will force cooperation with his dictates. They hope to continue, by invoking chaos. So anticipate chaos!

The latest information about the confrontation between the Junta and the Cabal is very interesting. In this regard, I would like to ask a such question - why is the Cabal trying to gain complete control over the US military? What is the Cabal's plan after it overthrows the Junta? Obviously, this has something to do with the fighting in Ukraine. Did the Cabal try to send the US military to fight in Ukraine, but met with resistance from the Junta? Do I understand correctly that their ultimate goal is to go to war with Russia?

The US has the largest Military in the world, but beyond that, the US Military is larger than the sum of all others. Emerging from a revolution in 1776, the importance of being armed and ready was emphasized. Having fought a foreign enemy to gain its independence, the US was also assertive in international affairs, and today has more military bases to protect its interests worldwide than any other country.  For Cabal interests such as their ambitions to have a New World Order and subdue any resistance, control of the US Military is a pre-eminent concern.

The Cabal sprang from the Western cultures in Europe and their colonial interests. Satanism and Moloch worship was intrinsic, supported by the royalty in Britain and the Netherlands, and wedded to the Western banking systems known as the Khazarian Mafia. Thus, in that the US was a former child of the Satanist Cabal, there has always been an underlying attempt by the former European overlords to regain control of the US Military. This can be seen by the attempts to engage the US in NATO ambitions, such as the Ukraine conflict.

The 2020 election theft was an attempt to regain control. Though a Biden Double is currently posturing as the President, as we have detailed the Junta does not recognize Biden as President, and SCOTUS has secretly found the certification of Biden to be illegal and Trump to be the 2020 winner. This can be shown by the refusal of the US to join NATO in the current Ukraine battles, a maneuver which doomed NATO ambitions to gain control of Russian oil and gas fields.  Russia has never been considered the enemy by the US Junta, though the media paints a different picture.

Breakthrough Ukraine Grain Export Deal being Finalized & Signed: Turkey July 22, 2022 Turkey has announced that Russia and Ukraine are on the cusp of signing a deal that would allow for the resumption of crucial grain exports from Ukrainian ports, after days of intense negotiations in Istanbul. The New York Times is reporting that Ukraine may have compromised on a key demand regarding demining its ports. "The Turkish presidency says that a signing ceremony will be held to unveil a deal brokered between Ukraine and Russia" - which would allow some 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain to be released under the UN-sponsored plan, the Times reports. Turkish President Erdogan said he's about to give the world "good news" on grain exports. Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, has traveled to Turkey - presumably to finalize the deal. However the Ukrainian side is saying it will not sign any documents directly with Russia, but only that Ukraine and Russia will sign "mirror" agreements on grain exports with the UN. [and from another] US Discussing America-made Fighter Jets for Ukraine July 23, 2022 The United States is exploring whether it can send U.S.-made fighter jets to Ukraine, a White House spokesman told reporters, as the conflict with Russia is about to enter its sixth month and fighting rages in eastern Ukraine. While the Biden administration was making preliminary explorations into the feasibility of potentially providing the jets to Ukraine, the move is not something that would be done immediately. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy this week said his forces could inflict major damage on Russia as Kyiv leans on Western weapons in planned efforts to launch a counterattack and recapture territory. [and from another] Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine Predicts it will Recapture Kherson Region; push to restart Grain Exports after Missile Attack July 24, 2022 Ukraine is now predicting that it will recapture the southern region of Kherson by September. Kherson, which is an important region for Ukrainian agriculture, was taken by Russian troops early on in the war. But the Ukrainian army, bolstered by new supplies of Western long-range artillery, have been making gains in the area in recent weeks. [and from another] Congressman Gives Update on HIMARS Shipments to Kiev July 24, 2022 The United States and its Western allies intend to provide Ukraine with additional 25-to-30 rocket systems, Adam Smith, the head of the Armed Forces ?ommittee of the US House of Representatives, revealed. [and from another] Moscow Reveals Target of Strike on Key Ukrainian Port July 24, 2022 The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed striking targets in the major Ukrainian port of Odessa, revealing that its missiles hit military infrastructure and arms stockpiles. The attack also crippled a repair facility where vessels of the Ukrainian navy have been fixed. The strike on the target in Odessa, which is a major trade hub in the southwest of Ukraine, came a day after the signing of a UN-brokered deal to unblock grain exports from Ukrainian ports. According to Kiev officials, four cruise missiles were used in the attack on the port of Odessa, allegedly targeting grain silos located there.  The Russia-Ukraine agreement, which had been agreed on with the mediation of Turkey and the UN, sets out a framework for resuming Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea ports, which had been disrupted by the fighting.

A casualty of the Ukraine conflict was the export of grain from the Ukraine port of Odessa.  Russia has achieved occupation of the eastern Russian speaking regions of the Ukraine, which was their goal. But those wanting the Ukraine to return to business as usual are not willing to concede. The Ukraine is technically part of Russia. The Donbas region of Ukraine requested help from Russia as their Russian speaking citizens were being systematically exterminated. The Ukraine of today is the result of a 2014 coup by the West and their backsliding on the Minsk agreement.

Eastern Ukraine borders Russian oil and gas fields, and the European Union and NATO lust after these assets. Russia has proof of their plans to invade. The Ukraine has a history of using human shields and killing their citizens and volunteers in their attempts to blame Russia. Given this climate, why would anyone trust the Ukraine? Turkey and the UN tried to negotiate a deal whereby grain harvested in the Ukraine could be exported to the world. How realistic is this expectation?

To avoid the grain deal from being a cover for continuing Ukraine war maneuvers, Russia was clearing the field. Grain yes, imported weaponry from the US no. Russia openly admits this, that they bombed Odessa weapons caches supplied by the US. Now the grain silos can be emptied to feed the world. But this is not what the Ukraine politicians or backers want. If they can no longer use human shields to gain an advantage, then they want to use the grain of Ukraine for leverage. 

Something BIG happened off of the East Coast hours ago! Tsunami Buoy rise and fall over 200 feet!! 200 foot waves hours ago! [and from another]

The Atlantic is steadily pulling apart, from the top of the Atlantic Rift at Iceland down to the Sandwich Islands. As we have mentioned the Daily Earth Wobble is driving the Earth plates to slam back and forth. Weak points in a plate or its borders can rupture suddenly, causing an earthquake or if in a stretch zone, causing silent disasters such as sinkholes or an underwater gap. The July 24 buoy throb in Station 44403 near the mouth of the Seaway was caused by a combination of factors.  This can be considered a preview of what will happen during the New Madrid tsunami.

Buoy 44403 is located along an underwater drop-off, where coastal lands formerly above the waves are now below water due to rising sea levels in the past. Tidal bore can happen underwater as well as above water. If the mid-Atlantic pulls apart, causing a temporary void in the mid-Atlantic, water can rush into this void and rebound in many directions. This is the process we have described for the New Madrid tsunami. Rebounding water rushed toward Buoy 44403 and there encountered underwater land rises, where tidal bore resulted.

Is this a Masonic Crop Circle at Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire? What do you think? NEW 4K VIDEO. Could it show the freemason's compass with other intricate symbology in the design? Reported 24th July 2022. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

This Crop Circle design seems to include the Masonic Square and Compass or perhaps the Space Force symbol. But neither of these symbols contain the 180 degree swath overhead. In that a Severe Wobble is in process, and 180 degree swings can occur during a Severe Wobble, what is being implied? The Masonic design implies a top and bottom, which can relate to the North and South poles. Thus this design is relaying to mankind that the globe may lie on its side, with the N Pole pointing to the East or West or places in between. Masonic symbolism is being used to grab attention and encourage discussion. The wobble will be getting worse.

Was it just a rain that caused the flooding or is the ground heaving affecting the drainage? [and from another] [and from another] Flash Flooding causes Water Rescues, Road Closures across St. Louis Region July 26. 2022 Heavy rains and flash flooding impacted the St. Louis region. The Missouri Highway Patrol recommended drivers to not travel on interstates in St. Louis and St. Charles counties until after the morning commute to allow the water to recede. [and from another] St. Louis Flood Shows Dangerous Potential of Flood Threat to Come July 26, 2022 Historic flooding in St. Louis is just the first chapter in a multi-day flash flood threat that extends over a broad stripe from the Appalachians to the Front Range of the Rockies due to a classic, stagnant summer weather pattern. [and from another] How much Rain before South Florida Floods? September 20, 2013 In general, two or three inches of rain per hour creates only minor street flooding. Yet if eight to 10 inches pours down in an hour or two, roads usually are severely flooded and canals overflow.

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we predicted alternating drought and deluge in the years preceding the Pole Shift. We knew that the Daily Earth Wobble would develop and this would be one of the results. Rain gauges showed that indeed 9” of rain fell in the St. Louis area, but was this enough to cause the level of flooding that ensued? St Louis is directly on the Mississippi River and should have easy drainage thus, especially since the Mississippi is not flooding at the current time. What would it take to overwhelm the rate of drainage such that deep and lingering flooding would result?

We have stated that the New Madrid finale will occur when the rock bridge above the New Madrid area snaps. St. Louis is above this rock bridge so heaving land due to tugging to and fro on the rock bridge could slow drainage. The rock bridge is being pulled taut. This type of interference with drainage has happened before, to the extent that the Mississippi was blocked temporarily above Memphis in 2017. Heaving at the rock bridge will be intense.

An article is today being pushed in most newspapers. The seabed is far too clear, devoid of life in the pics I've seen. With all the quakes in the region and the wobble going on I would imagine the waters to be extremely cloudy to have such clarity of what appear to be perfectly fresh/undisturbed seabed holes [and from another] Scientists find Mysterious Lines of Holes 1.7 Miles below the Atlantic July 26, 2022 Explorers with the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration found some unexplained holes on seabed 1.7 miles below the Atlantic Ocean's surface. These holes have been previously reported from the region, but their origin remains a mystery. The Mid-Atlantic Range spans the north-south length of the Atlantic Ocean and stretches for 10,000 miles, making it the longest mountain range in the world. [and from another] Voyage to the Ridge 2022 July 27, 2022 May through September 2022, NOAA and partners will conduct Voyage to the Ridge 2022, a series of three telepresence-enabled ocean exploration expeditions on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer that will include mapping operations and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dives to collect baseline information about unexplored and poorly understood deepwater areas of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and Azores Plateau.

The Atlantic Rift has been pulling apart for eons, and is actively pulling apart at the present time. The Pacific compresses while the Atlantic widens. We have described the rupture that the New Madrid Adjustment will cause to be primarily a roll of the Africa Plate such that from the Azores on down the Atlantic Rift will be pulled apart. At the Azores, which is a tri-plate connection, the rupture will create a void that will cause the Atlantic waters propelled by the Gulf Stream to rebound toward Europe.

But the N American Plate is firmly glued to the Eurasian Plate from Japan through the Far East and thence through the Arctic and down to the Azores. It is this section under scrutiny for “mysterious holes” on the Atlantic floor. This area under scrutiny is also aligned with the tsunami bounce recorded by Buoy 44403 to the West. Though the media is being asked to pose speculation on what would cause such holes, this is actually a deliberate attempt to initiate public discussion, and thus eventually to break the cover-up over Nibiru.

Clearly, these regular holes are along the line where the N America and Eurasia plates are pulling apart. Weak points rupture, and often cleanly rupture as sheer cliff surfaces and long crevasses show. The debris on the ocean floor falls into these ruptured openings, with the regular jiggling that accompanies earthquakes creating settling on the bottom of each new crevasse. Regular wave action propels sediment to settle at regular intervals, with the spaces in between left as a gaping hole. Mystery solved.

I was wondering about this big announcement that Trump is suing CNN for defamation unless they retract EVERY lie they stated about him starting with Russiagate in 2016 through calling the 2020 election fraud the "big lie".  This document is 282 pages long!  Trump states that other news outlets will soon see similar letters.  My question is, is this part of the prep for the public to learn the truth as court cases can be slow and avoid media attention? [and from another] Trump Files 'Notice of Intent' to Sue CNN over 'False Statements' July 27, 2022 I hereby demand on behalf of President Donald Trump that CNN (1) immediately take down the false and defamatory publications, (2) immediately issue a full and fair retraction of the statements identified herein in as conspicuous a manner as they were originally published, and (3) immediately cease and desist from its continued use of 'Big Lie' and 'lying' when describing President Trump’s subjective belief regarding the integrity of the 2020 election. [and from another] Republicans Are Finally Learning Not to Obsess over the Corrupt Corporate Media. Good July 27, 2022 The corporate media had a collective meltdown this week after realizing that the Republicans they love to bash and smear are no longer giving members of the press the benefit of the doubt. Much to their dismay, some GOPers are even refusing to engage with or acknowledge journos desperate to write hit pieces. [and from another] [and from another] Biden’s COVID Diagnosis to hurt Dems’ Electoral Health July 25, 2022 According to the White House, President Biden’s case of COVID-19 is mild and the 79-year-old Democrat is diligently toiling away. “I’m doing well, getting a lot of work done,” Biden said. [and from another] Tucker Carlson: Biden's COVID-19 Positive Test Steps on Vaccine Message July 21, 2022 Just take this shot and you will not get COVID. That's guaranteed." Joe Biden said that. He didn't just say it once. He said it many, many, many times.

How does one counteract the massive lies put forth by the Western media? These lies are coordinated and well woven so that they seem to be based on facts. But the facts are concocted and selected. Nevertheless, the American public is fed these lies via TV and radio and print, and unless they have an inquiring mind they are firmly of the belief that Biden won the 2020 election and many booster shots for the waning Covid pandemic are needed to ensure public health.

The Washington Post shocked the world when they reversed their position about Ukraine winning last June. Might CNN suddenly reverse their stance about the 2020 election, just ahead of the American people learning of a SCOTUS decision on the matter? NOAA is inviting the public to notice that the mid-Atlantic is regularly splitting open near the Azores, when just the day before Buoy 44403 nearby registered a 180 foot tsunami. Does the establishment hope an alert public will cooperate with an evac by these means?

To avoid inciting civil war in the US, the Secret War the Junta and White Hat Alliance has been conducting has required the use of Doubles while the originals went before the Tribunals at Gitmo. One by one the Doubles are being removed from public view, but will the truth ever be known? Is it by accident that the Biden Doubles have become more than obvious, or is this deliberate to allow the American people to understand the full context of the Secret War? Secrets weigh heavy, and perhaps the leadership wants to be free of this burden. [and from another] June 12. 2022 The Sequence of Events that will trigger the New Madrid finale is in process. On June 12 more Antarctica quakes as the Anarctic Plate pushes into the lower Atlantic, popping up with New Land there eventually. The Atlantic quakes can be seen top to bottom but most along Africa where the Africa Plate slides into the void, encouraging the Africa Roll. The tension at the rock hook under Turkey can be seen almost daily. When this snaps off Africa will drop significantly down along the Dead Sea and Red Sea, tearing open the Azores. This will trigger the New Madrid adjustment.

As noted on the New Madrid Unzipping blog on June 12, there is a Sequence of Events that will occur for the New Madrid Grand Finale. As the Pacific compresses it squeezes the Antarctic Plate so that it is forced to emerge between the tips of S America and Africa. This has long been predicted by us, as the reason that New Land will emerge there during the Pole Shift. This process forces open the South Atlantic so that Africa can slip into the void, allowing Africa’s top portion to roll to the East.

This has been in process but is held back by a rock hook that projects under Turkey, preventing Africa from dropping. Quakes are apparent near Greece where the rock hook must snap. Is this process gradually happening? As Africa rolls, it ruptures the tri-plate juncture at the Azores where the N American Plate, the Eurasian Plate, and the African Plate touch. Once the rock hook under Turkey starts to give way, and the Azores start to rupture, the New Madrid Grand Finale is highly vulnerable to the ongoing Severe Earth Wobble.

We noted in our comments on Buoy 44403 that the 180 foot rise and fall recorded there on July 24 should be considered a tsunami preview. Now just days later on July 29 we have Buoy 44402 showing waves. Buoy 44402 is also on the same Latitude as the Azores. The New Madrid Fault Line has separated from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec up through the Gulf to New Orleans and thence along the lower Mississippi River. There it seemed to stall some months ago but is again being tugged to separate up along the Mississippi. The finale is close.