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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 30, 2022 This appeared a hundred or so feet out over Lake Erie, about 20 to 30 feet above, over the lake last night right after sunset. [and from another] One time saw an orb floating from South Cleveland towards Lake Erie. It took over 15 minutes for the orb to get over to the lake. I closely watched it and once over the lake, it soon disappeared. It just disappeared! [and from another] I've seen the spheres over the lake since I was a child. Never very far from the surface, various colors, random. Sometimes, I can see them illuminate the water as they float above it. [and from another] Reminds me of something I captured from my garden last summer.

Unlike the Mothership photo capture from 2021, these Lake Erie orbs are but a type of ball lightning, suspended above the water. Lake Erie lies along the tense New Madrid Fault line, and thus the rock is under tension and supports the electronic screech that rock under compression emits. Note the association of water for these sightings. Lightning wants to ground in water and would do so unless the particle flows coming up from fault lines under the water is too forceful. The lightning thus migrates to the water but can go no further until it eventually dissipates into the air.

Lots of internet buzz regarding this pic. Would the Zeta's care to detail what exactly we are seeing here? Is it the Nibiru complex or Petrol blob? [and from another] Ontario, Canada: Nibiru Visibility

This streak of burning Petrol appears to be in motion only because of the Earth's rotation. The camera is fixed on the setting Sun, so as the globe turns toward the East is it coming under the burning Petrol which was an hour or so ago between the Earth and Sun in the view from Ontario. Thus the appearance of a streak as the Petrol burn lingers in the upper atmosphere. We had recently predicted that more such signs of the Nibiru complex would be apparent in the skies, and this is an example.

Would they use this method to drive the populace of city folk into the uplands of Mongolia? Is this a test? [and from another] Shanghai in CHAOS as Residents Rush to Flee the City following Rollback of COVID-19 Restrictions June 3, 2022 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has officially rolled back most of its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in Shanghai. But this sudden relaxation of restrictions only created chaos as residents en masse packed up their bags and fled the city amid concerns that Beijing could force them back into their homes. Those who could not board trains or buses and did not have cars were seen trekking miles across the city's main highways with their luggage. Municipal authorities warned that the reopening was conditional on COVID-19 infections not increasing. Within a day after the rollback, city health officials announced the discovery of seven new COVID-19 cases in four neighborhoods in the districts of Pudong and Jing'an. These neighborhoods were immediately sealed off and designated as  medium-risk areas. [and from another]

Months after the total lockdown in Shanghai, the CCP has decided to lift the lockdown. What occurred was celebration among the people but also a surprise rush to leave the city. We stated when the Shanghai lockdown started that the CCP was terrified of what would occur when the public became aware of Nibiru. Anarchy. But lockdowns cannot be perpetuated forever, especially as Nibiru has been announcing itself. Of course, control of the media and control of access to the Internet has and will take place to create a false sense of well being among the populace.

How might this proceed in the near future? Shanghai has an estimated 26 million residents, who work in various industries and support the active Shanghai port. China itself has the highest population in the world, some 1.4 billion. Moving this massive population away from the coastlines and into the highlands of inner Mongolia where China has established Ghost Cities is a massive undertaking. Various plans have been debated for years with the lead plan being to frighten the population into moving to safety.

Coaxing runs into reluctance, because neighbors and family and favorite shops and schools and jobs are established and moving requires replacing these things. As the Shanghai lockdown has shown, if life in the city has become frightening, then the population will bolt out of the city at the first opportunity. Was the Shanghai lockdown a test? Yes, in part, to settle the debate so the CCP can establish firm plans on how and when to start the move to China's highlands.

These are not the Azores, but close, and not on the Africa Plate border. Why is the Atlantic tearing there?

What is the connection between the Heliplot in Bilibino becoming steadily black recently and the recent swarm of quakes just above the Azores in the Atlantic? These points lie on opposite sides of the long, flat plate border that runs through the Arctic. The Azores are on one end, Bilibino on the other end. Both these points are being tugged while N America adjusts, moving from a tight bow along the West Coast to relaxing into its former vertical posture. The N American Plate is pulled away from Bilibino when the Daily Earth Wobble causes the Earth's N Pole to lean toward the East. But when the N Pole leans to the West, the Atlantic just south of Iceland is being tugged. 

6-8-22 Berens River, Canada. Solar Phenomenon Mystery of the red triangle accompanied by many other smaller ones. I have seen this and many smaller triangle in other videos for sometimes now? [and from another] [and from another] What Is Lens Flare? January 22, 2022 Flares are caused by very bright light sources and typically occur when shooting in the sun, but they're also seen when heavy background light is used in studios. They manifest in two different ways a yellowish-white haze across the image and as visible geometric artifacts, such as polygons and circles. The shapes of the flare depend on the shape of the aperture. If the lens has a 6-bladed aperture, the flare may appear as a hexagonal pattern. [and from another]

What would cause a red triangle lens flare to emerge on photos the past couple years? Lens flares are a camera effect and usually result in a line of circles or a vertical line or halo. An experienced photographer knows how to avoid flares, but they bedevil inexperienced photographers.  NASA released a Cassini photo in 2007 that presented a Hexagon on the surface of Saturn. This was not a lens flare but a result of particle crowding avoidance, as we explained. This phenomenon causes flares on the Sun to be hexagonal or cross shaped.

Alberto provided a detailed photo of various Moon Swirls in 2017. Two of the six sorted the moons into a Triangular shape. The Berens River photo and other photos showing a triangular reflection are not lens flares but represent the shape of a Moon Swirl standing between the Sun and Earth. Of course this shape fans out, appearing larger than the physical shape of the Moon Swirl. An object standing close to a light will look larger where the shadow is cast. As the Nibiru Complex draws closer, more new signs in the skies will be presented to mankind.

I noticed that Juan o'Savin was missing from Before Its News a couple months ago, since March it seems, but suddenly Before Its News has several interviews with him. Timeless subjects, but close exam shows they are dated from the past. A Google search shows Mel K and others using audio from his lectures in podcasts, dated as though in the present. Has he been ill or assassinated? Today, June 10, Before Its News has 4 of Juan's interviews on their main page, a flood. What's up? [and from another] June 10 BIN date Join Juan as he discusses where we are as a Nation, the fight ahead and who we are fighting. As alway, a thorough discussion on what is being done to help restore the Republic and what you can do to stay involved. [and from another] June 7, BIN date Juan O Savin With David Nino Rodriguez Bombshell Update! - Must Video (Note: references Daily Mail article dated Feb 12, 2022. [and from another] June 5 BIN date Juan O Savin - Don't Worry! ~ Q Plan! - Must Video [and from another] June 9 BIN date (Note: has discussion about meeting Robert David Steele, now dead for almost a year.) [and from another] May 21 Podcast date

Juan's frequent interviews showed he was moving around from city to city. His face always concealed. This is a sign he feared being assassinated and wanted confusion among those who would hunt him. Juan was fiercely pro-Trump and anti-Satanist, and as an insider spread the truth. He is not dead nor sick but took himself out of the public arena recently due to a scare. Before Its News is using old material that is timeless to stand in at this time for Juan, whom they expect to find a way to safely return. 

Exactly ten years ago, ZetaTalk followers learned about a possible announcement re Nibiru. The announcement turned out to be a colossal failure. From Obama to the prongs to Russian admission, all attempts to admit Nibiru have failed. Now the Nibiru complex has come much closer, the wobble is getting severe, and visibility is greatly increasing. What is the status of the announcement as of now? After a decade of failed attempts are we being poised for admissions re Nibiru or is the scientific community shutting down and admission not likely to be made until the last weeks have arrived in 2026 or 2027?

Indeed, Obama was poised to announce the presence and pending passage of Nibiru by the Fall of 2015. General Dunford had called the Jade Helm exercise to handle any riots that might ensue. But as we stated at the time, Obama lacked courage and the announcement stalled. Due to Obama's inability to stand up to the Cabal, General Dunford instituted Martial Law at that time, which has continued to this day. The Council of Worlds then encouraged what we called the Prongs - the announcement done by private astronomers. This too met opposition and threats and stalled.

Where Russia is much more open about Nibiru - their Patriarch Kirill admitting that the globe is in the End Times - the possibility of an announcement coming from Russia has been countered by the falsehoods the western media alleges about Russia. Russia has prepared their Far East, and China likewise with their Ghost Cities, but it is the Satanist controlled establishment in Europe and the Commonwealth countries that fear losing control if the public learns of Nibiru. Britannia no longer Rules the Waves, as they did in former colonial times, so truth is forbidden in the western media.

The US Junta and White Hat Alliance in Europe are arresting and executing Satanists and replacing them with Doubles. After the 2020 election theft the Junta found itself with a Chinese CCP invasion and a Deep State so infected with Satanism that announcing Nibiru was the least concern. Now the Junta and White Hats have gained the upper hand but in the meantime starvation due to weather induced crop shortages looms. In the short time remaining until the Passage of Nibiru yet more chaos will emerge due to Plate Movements.  

The fear that riots will overwhelm the military in the US is paramount for the Junta. The fear of Civil War in the US has even delayed reinstating President Trump, though the Junta considers him their Commander in Chief. We have stated that the lockdown tests in Shanghai are being done because China frankly fears anarchy. Meanwhile Nibiru is announcing itself daily in a distinct and measurable wobble and signs in the skies such as flaming Petrol. Rather than an official announcement that Nibiru is approaching for a passage, the populace should expect a tighter grip by the establishment controlled military.

Aircraft crash, and everyone ignored the EMP. They would rather have the public blame pilot error, even though they're the most experienced pilots in the world? [and from another] US Navy Declares  Safety Pause  after Three Aircraft Crash in a Week June 12, 2022 The US military has ordered a temporary halt to some non-critical missions, in order to conduct a risk and error review, after a Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey, as well as Navy MH-60S Seahawk and a F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet all crashed within a single week in southern California. On June 9, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60S Seahawk helicopter crashed near Naval Air Field El Centro, California. On June 8, a US Marine MV-22B Osprey crashed near Glamis, California, killing all five Marines on board. On June 3, a US Navy fighter jet pilot was killed when his F/A-18E Super Hornet crashed in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. [and from another]

Mexico is buffered from direct subduction of the Pacific Plate by the Cocos Plate. The Northern West Coast of the US is likewise buffered from direct subduction by the Juan de Fuca Plate. In between these zones the N American Plate does not have a buffer, so as it relaxes from the bow stress imposed upon it for years while the Pacific compressed and the Atlantic widened, it has extreme subduction friction along the West Coast. The Pacific Plate pushes under N America all the way to the Continental Divide.

As we have endlessly emphasized, rock under compression will emit electronic screech. The Cocos and Juan de Fuca plates absorb this friction, but for that stretch of the West Coast direct subduction occurs for many miles inland, even to and past the Arizona/California border. On March 26, 2019 President Trump issued an EO on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses, but there is no better safety during an EMP storm than landing planes. Use drones instead. 

Quakes along the ZetaTalk path for the new bay to be ripped into Russia keep happening. Why now? [and from another] Tajikistan and Afghanistan 14 Killed in Flash Floods and Mudflows May 14, 2021 At least 14 people have lost their lives after heavy rain triggered flash flooding and mudslides in Tajikistan and northern areas of neighbouring Afghanistan. This is the second severe flood event to strike in Afghanistan in the past week. [and from another] Kazakhstan  Houses Destroyed After Landslide in Almaty Region May 17, 2022 Disaster authorities in Kazakhstan say at least one person has died after heavy rain caused a landslide in the Almaty Region.  Heavy rain, combined with warmer temperatures and melting snow caused rivers to rise in other parts of the country last month. The Ministry of Emergencies reported flooding areas of the regions or provinces of Mangystau, West Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Akmola, Karaganda and Pavlodar from early April 2022. The ministry said 1,165 people were evacuated in total and around 270 buildings including homes were damaged by floods, along with transport infrastructure and agriculture. Heavy rain triggered flooding in Saryagash and Kazygurt Districts in Turkistan Region on 24 April 2022. Around 70 buildings were damaged and 50 people evacuated. [and from another] Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan 15 Killed in Floods and Mudslides July 13, 2021 Floods and mudslides caused by heavy rains swept away houses in two villages in the Aksy district in Jalal-Abad Region of western Kyrgyzstan on 12 July, 2021, close the border with Uzbekistan. At least 15 people across the two countries have died as a result. [and from another] April 10, 2022 Newsletter

The stretch zone that will result in a new inland bay for Russia stretches all the way from Persia to the plains just east of the Urals. The Pole Shift will ultimately allow ocean waters to flood this bay. The recent intensity of quakes along our predicted route for this inland bay into Russia is in step with the African Roll. As Africa rolls it ruptures attachments to other plates. The Africa Plate attachment to the Saudi Plate is ruptured along the Red Sea, and its attachments to the Eurasian Plate are ruptured along the Mediterranean. And of course its attachments to the Indian Plate are already creating sinking in the Rift Valley stretch zone in Kenya.

Until these ruptures occur the Africa Plate is tugged to remain in place. In the meantime, the Atlantic is the weak point, being pulled apart to rupture from the South Atlantic to Iceland and parts in between. This creates a stretch zone across Eurasia, and the weak links succumb. As we have mentioned, the new Russian inland bay route is likely to develop lakes, and their recent flood history shows this in process. Stretched land will sink, as our prediction for the Embayment to the west of the Mississippi River shows. It is this sinking land, which will drop dramatically at the New Madrid finale, that will rupture the bridges that cross the Mississippi River.

What would cause such a thing like this?? Maybe the cause was something like release of methane but I checked the last 9 days in that area. It hasn't been any major earthquake around the zone. Would the zetas care to comment on this subject? [and from another] What's killing the cattle in the USA? [and from another] [and from another] Extreme heat and humidity kill thousands of cattle in Kansas June 15, 2022 This week, temperatures reached up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit with little cooling factor from wind.

The clues as to what killed mass numbers of cows in Kansas is their behavior just before death. If overheated, they would not group together as this prevents cooling by wind. Grouping together is something the cows would do in the dead of Winter if trying to get warm. Why would a herd mass by the fence, as though trying to get away from something offensive? Methane deaths in sheep and antelope and especially fish and birds are of record during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, and the entire Mainland of the US is being shifted westward at this time. These were methane deaths.

This is from a live YouTube broadcast. I think this comment is from one around Yellowstone. What's going on there? [and from another] Record Flooding and Mudslides Force Closure of Yellowstone National Park June 13, 2022 The entire park, spanning parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, will remain closed to visitors as officials assess damage to roads and bridges.

As the Heliplot charts have been showing for several months, Wyoming and Montana are constantly nervous and jerking around. They never have a calm day. As the quake maps show, the entire mountainous West of the US has been peppered with minor quakes too, continuously. As the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate relaxes from the bow shape it was forced to assume for the past couple decades, there are movements within the rock strata. Heaving and dropping land will cause landslides, and the rain was not the cause of this.

Here we have two new videos about seemingly a new phenomenon, something like a black line or a shadow in the sky, in possible connection to the chemtrails. In the first video, that line stands vertically to the sky, while in the second video it is like following the chemtrail. We would be grateful for your comment! [and from another] It came from the airplane that sprays the chem trails they just shut off some of the mixture so it doesn't keep the spray continuously. They do it here in Colorado a lot. Watched it many times. [and from another] [and from another] here is another video with black shadow where people wonder what would that be I'm free to assume that it could have something with a residuum of oil burning in the sky in connection with chemtrails?

A normal chemtrail from a jet plane fades as it disburses, but retains its white cloud appearance to the end. Chemtrails designed to fog the sky so the populace below cannot see the Nibiru complex have added chemicals so the fog lasts and does not disburse completely. While airborne, the crew hired by the wealthy wanting the Nibiru coverup to last can find their stock of some of their additives running low. They can choose to stop, or continue. If the latter, their trail may be dark but will still act as a fogging agent.

Sri Lankan Economy has 'Completely Collapsed', Leader Says June 22, 2022 Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said the country's economy has "completely collapsed", leaving it unable to pay for essentials such as oil imports. It follows months of shortages of food, fuel, and electricity, and the realisation that even the credit lines from neighbouring India that have sustained the country so far will not be enough. In April, it suspended payment on the equivalent of 9.8bn in foreign debt. [and from another]

Barely a month ago we noted that political corruption was responsible for the Sri Lanka crisis. Rather than properly manage the economy into a self-sustaining focus, their politicians were bribed to cater to such avenues as tourism. Loans from monetary funds are limited by the threat of inflation. Without the Paper Promise that keeps the banking industry afloat, there is only the barter system and rage. Lots of rage. Sri Lanka may be the first country to have their corrupt political system collapse, but this will soon become the norm.

mb4.9 Southern Iran

The series of quakes along the southern border of Iran are at the Saudi Plate border with the Eurasian Plate. The Saudi Plate is under pressure from the rolling African Plate, which is pushing both East and dropping to the South on this location. As the Africa Plate presses East it is tweaking the Saudi Plate to push its northern end toward the East, destabilizing its border with Iran. More drama is in store for the Middle East when the rock hook under Turkey snaps off, freeing the Africa plate to scrape down through the Red Sea.

What does Q mean this time when they ask "Shall we play a game once more?" and "Are you ready to serve your country again?" Does this mean the same economic collapse will happen sooner than we think in the US, as it did in Sri Lanka, and that everyone needs to prepare NOW to utilize the barter system? It seems as though that is what the 2nd question Q asks points to. [and from another] "Official trip code Verified ..from the site he only posts on" [and from another] Day 12.08.2020 >>11953143 ... We're Not Gonna Take It ; Day 06.25.2022 >>16504957 ... Shall we play a game once more? ;  >>16505677 ... It had to be done this way. [and from another] QAnon, a Year after Q Dec 8, 2021 There was no text on drop 4953, posted around a month after the previous message, just a link to a music YouTube video. For a movement ignited by lengthy and byzantine clues, the final Q message, released exactly a year ago, felt like an anticlimax.  Nor was there any sign off from Q, the alleged high-ranking government employee, whose three-years' worth of posts had helped build massive online communities of self-proclaimed researchers across the world. QAnon, as the movement came to be known, had for months been prophesying a huge win for Donald Trump in the November 2020 US election. When the opposite transpired, the posts just vanished. [and from another] We're Not Gonna Take It We're not gonna take it; Oh no, we ain't gonna take it; We're not gonna take it anymore; We've got the right to choose it; There ain't no way we'll lose it; This is our life, this is our song; We'll fight the powers that be just; Don't pick our destiny 'cause; You don't know us, you don't belong; We're not gonna take it; Oh no, we ain't gonna take it; We're not gonna take it anymore; Oh, you're so condescending; Your gall is never ending; We don't want nothin', not a thing from you; Your life is trite and jaded; Boring and confiscated; If that's your best, your best won't do. [and from another] QAnon Creator Q Returns After Nearly Two-Year Hiatus June 24, 2022 On Friday night, someone with access to Q's login credentials posted on 8kun, the anarchic internet community where Q last posted in December 2020. "Shall we play a game once more?" the first post marking Q's return to the board read, signed Q. The Q poster followed up with two more messages on Friday night. Asked why they had disappeared for more than a year, they wrote, "It had to be done this way." "Are you ready to serve your country again?" Q wrote in another post. "Remember your oath." [and from another] After Roe v. Wade overturned, battle over abortion rights shifts to states June 24, 2022 The Supreme Court's watershed decision to overturn Roe v. Wade drew outrage and celebration across the country Friday, culminating in a series of nationwide protests Friday night that were largely without incident. Trigger laws put in place before the ruling meant that abortion is now effectively outlawed in 13 states automatically or through swift state action following the Friday decision. Abortion providers in several other states stopped offering services because doctors fear criminal charges.

What is the nexus between SCOTUS overturning Roe vs Wade and Q's return? When Q left on December 8, 2020 an immense fraud on the US 2020 elections had just taken place. Electoral integrity in the Swing States had been so eroded by the Deep State and the influence of the Satanists that there was no clear path to correcting the stunning vote fraud. The US Junta found the US was being invaded by the CCP along the Canadian border, so the Junta was also fighting a 2-front war. In that the Satanists drunk on Adrenochrome were being directed by the Pointy Headed aliens in Antarctica, this was in fact a 3-front war.

President Trump began Tribunals at Gitmo in March, 2018. This was to be a Secret War, a silent war. With the exception of McCain, executions were disguised by the use of Doubles. The Junta knew that President Trump was elected because they had the Kraken evidence, but given the 3-front war the Junta felt they could not handle a civil war, which would have made it a 4-front war. So the Junta proceeded with a cleanup to level the playing field. The civil war threat was obvious, with Soros funded Antifa and Defund the Police campaigns.

Child trafficking networks were cleaned up. Treasonous politicians appeared with ankle lock boots and then returned looking a bit different. Money laundering hubs such as the Ukraine were eliminated, and though the public was allowed to think of Russia as the enemy, the Junta has always been working closely with them during the Secret War. Q left the public arena on December 8, 2020 as a clue that the way forward was via a Secret War. It is symbolic that the Satanic abortion law trend to allow even full-term live births to be aborted to be harvested for Adrenochrome is ending on the day Q is returning.