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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2022

The rock hook holding Africa is getting a lot of quakes lately.

The African Plate will participate in the coming New Madrid Adjustment, doing so by a roll sufficient to tear open the Azores. This action precedes the final New Madrid rupture, and will occur when the rock hook near Turkey that is currently preventing the Africa Plate from dropping down on its eastern side snaps. This rock hook can clearly be seen in tectonic plate boundary maps, but what portion will stay with Africa and what portion become a platelet? All of the coastline of Turkey and the island of Cyprus will leave the Africa Plate during this snap, as will the Sinai Peninsula.

Looking for comment from the Zetas. I think there is something strange and amazing going on with the SCOTUS. Now I hear that Roe vs. Wade is on the way out. What is causing the turn to righteousness? [and from another] Supreme Court has Voted to Overturn Abortion Rights, Draft Opinion Shows May 2, 2022 The Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and obtained by POLITICO. The draft opinion is a full-throated, unflinching repudiation of the 1973 decision which guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights and a subsequent 1992 decision - Planned Parenthood v. Casey - that largely maintained the right.  Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,  Alito writes. [and from another] [and from another] Biden Releases Statement on Supreme Court's Decision Draft to End Roe v Wade   Doesn't Mention Unprecedented Leak to Press May 3, 2022 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts released a statement on the unprecedented leak. Roberts reportedly confirmed its authenticity and called for an investigation. [and from another] [and from another] Supreme Court Draft Opinion Would Overturn Abortion Ruling May 4, 2022 The draft, written in February, is consistent with the tenor of December's oral arguments in the case challenging Roe, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, concerning Mississippi's ban on abortions after 15 weeks. The draft was labeled the opinion of the court, implying a majority of justices had agreed with it.

SCOTUS case 19-1392 is a Roe vs Wade case constantly under appeal, and the leaked draft written by Justice Alito has been acknowledged as legitimate. What has changed since this matter was openly debated by SCOTUS? There has been a press, and even legislation that allows a mother to terminate her baby even after a full-term live birth. Such abuse of abortion rights, which are in most minds the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy within the first few weeks, has colored the atmosphere so that a majority of voting justices now do indeed want to reinstate abortion limits. 

I've heard that Putin has cancer and is allegedly transferring over power while he has surgery. In this, we see him talking in Russian and gripping the table, tapping his foot. probably not important, but the grip on the table could indicate pain. The post is not always honest, but the article indicates he will transfer over power. NewsWeek, indicates this is a rumor, and may not be true, the video in the post may be theatrics. Yahoo, claims he has been visited dozens of times by doctors and takes rejuvenating baths, in deer antler blood? Really? then saying he has thyroid cancer. I've met a lot of people with that disease and usually the thyroid is removed and people are put on thyroid meds.These discussions go on and on. This is all over the news. Is this a mislead of the public by the fake news? [and from another] Putin to Undergo Cancer Surgery, Transfer Power to ex-FSB Chief May 2, 2022 Putin will transfer control of Russia's government to Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian federal police's Security Council, while he is incapacitated during and after the procedure. [and from another] Putin Cancer Surgery Rumors Swirl over Alleged Report from Kremlin Insider May 3, 2022 Question marks over the Russian president's public appearances, in which he appears shaky and unwell, have fueled speculation about whether he has a serious illness. [and from another] Kremlin Coup Rumours Growing in Moscow May 4, 2022 The top of Putin's former employer - the Russian security service FSB - is said to be so frustrated about the lack of military progress in Ukraine that it has reached out to a number of generals and former army officials, according to various analysts and local media reports. In particular a group called the Siloviki - which comprises of former FSB officers who are active in Russian politics - is said to be pushing hard to replace Putin, together with former officers from the GRU, KGB and FSO, other Russian intelligence units.

Is the war in Ukraine going badly for Russia? They were winning from the start as all honest analysis states, despite the flagrant lies the Western Media spews forth. Unable to actually win the war, or even portray a battle where they gained ground, NATO and the Satanists trying to remain in power in Europe or push into the Russian oil and gas fields are using the media to weaken Putin. He is sick, he is making bad decisions, he will be replaced they say. These are all lies and sour grapes over having lost in Ukraine. 

GodLikeProduction discussion today stating "Sudden rise of unvaccinated children with liver damage, were breastfed (by fully vaccinated mothers)". The data they are pointing to has quickly been removed from the web, because it is anti-vax. One gets a 503 error when attempting to seek this data. [and from another] The children are unvaccinated, but the breastfeeding mothers (in 100% of the cases) have been vaccinated with at least 2 doses. The incidences of hepatitis is also hitting the 11 - 16 year old age group, with the majority of the cases in that group having been vaccinated with at least one dose. The majority of cases are in the 1 month - 4 year old age group, and that 100% of the cases in that age range are being active breastfed (or have been breastfed within the last 12 months) by fully vaccinated mothers. [and from another] [and from another] Mystery Liver Disease Kills Three Children in Indonesia May 5, 2022 Three children in Indonesia have died from a mysterious liver disease, the country's health ministry said, raising to at least four the global death toll of a fatal ailment puzzling doctors from the US to Asia. This severe strain of acute hepatitis has been identified in nearly 230 children in 20 countries, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, raising concerns of the disease's unknown origin. According to the WHO, the majority of the cases have appeared in Europe, particularly in Britain when there was an unexpected significant increase in cases among young, previously healthy children. [and from another] Hepatitis Outbreak in Children: What to Know May 3, 2022 The worldwide outbreak of acute hepatitis in children totals nearly 200 cases in 16 countries. Of the worldwide cases, 17 have required a liver transplant. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver and can be caused by infection, autoimmune disorders, or medication.  Interestingly, fever was not described as a common symptom in these cases. None of the usual viral culprits - hepatitis A, B, C, and E - have been found infecting the children in the current outbreak. Instead, doctors have found one type of adenovirus, type 41, in about half of the worldwide cases. [and from another] Increase in Hepatitis (Liver Inflammation) Cases in Children Under Investigation April 6, 2022 The usual viruses that cause infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A to E) have not been detected. The cases are predominantly in children under 5 years old. Findings continue to suggest that the rise in sudden onset hepatitis in children may be linked to adenovirus infection. As it is not typical to see this pattern of symptoms from adenovirus, we are investigating other possible contributing factors, such as another infection - including coronavirus (COVID-19) - or an environmental cause. We are also exploring whether increased susceptibility due to reduced exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic could be playing a role. [and from another]
Wondering about COVID-19 Vaccines if you're Breastfeeding? October 26, 2021 When a person gets vaccinated while breastfeeding, their immune system develops antibodies that protect against COVID-19. These antibodies are passed through breast milk to the baby. Newborns of vaccinated mothers who breastfeed can benefit from these antibodies against COVID-19.
[and from another] Breastfeeding and Hepatitis Unfortunately, breastfeeding has been implicated as a possible mode of transmission of various forms of hepatitis from mothers to their infants. Acute viral hepatitis is a frequent cause of liver disease in the United States and results in significant illness and sometimes death. The range of viruses of concern is expanding significantly and has become a true alphabet soup, with hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and now hepatitis G as well. Fortunately, transmission of most forms of hepatitis via breastfeeding is rare.

The reason why the cause of a sudden increase in Hepatitis in young children is a "mystery" is because the obvious reason is, once again, the Covid-19 vaccines. The Pfizer mRNA vaccine is implicated in sudden heart attacks in healthy young people, massive clotting seen by morticians, triggering abortions even in healthy full term pregnancies by shriveling the placenta, AIDS caused by depressed and exhausted immune systems, and autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barre. But this information does not appear in the Main Stream Media.

What is known about Hepatitis in young children is that the rise in cases seems to be in step with Spring head colds. About half the cases show that the adenovirus is present. This is only half the cause. The link to nursing and vaccinated mothers is missing as the data is quickly scrubbed from the web. One of the causes of Hepatitis is an autoimmune reaction, which the Pfizer vaccine has been known to incite. Can a nursing mother pass the spike protein via nursing? This has been proven to be the case for antibodies and even the Hepatitis virus.

Consider that the hidden data on 100% of young children being breast fed is correct. They received the spike protein messenger. Consider that any older children developing Hepatitis have been exposed to shedding of the spike protein. Many autoimmune reactions such as Guillain-Barre syndrome occur when the body fights a normal flu or cold, and has been shown to occur as a result of the Pfizer vaccine. Thus the recent increase in Hepatitis during Spring head cold season is a double whammy, a dual cause.

Growing sinkhole, Lake Erie shores Ontario. There is sinking land near where I live, it's growing quite large, almost 1000 feet long, I visit there often and every year it grows. Can the Zetas give us some idea as to how much bigger this will get and in what direction? I could not find any info as to if this is part of a fault line. Would be valuable information for those in its path. Here are the Google earth co-ordinates 42 37'40"N 80 44'07"W

The Seaway will rip open during the Pole Shift, such that it will become a wide bay, and to a lesser degree during the New Madrid adjustment. The path of this Seaway expansion will run along the rock strata that allowed the Seaway to form in the past. This rock strata border can be seen coming inland along the St. Lawrence River until it bridges over from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron. Toronto is spared, being below this path, as is Michigan. Wisconsin is protected from the Seaway split by the volcanic Midcontinent Rift.

Thus the trauma of a Seaway split during the New Madrid Adjustment goes inland beyond Duluth.  What can be seen from the earthquake charts and Heliplot charts is distress within the Seaway path and above this path in the hard rock of Canada. Despite this tugging, Canada will not be affected by the New Madrid Adjustment that will shatter the US in her lands below the Seaway. The Seaway rip westward from Duluth will rumple the Black Hills of S Dakota, but Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected though the locks along the Seaway will be broken.

What is it that we are seeing here in these pictures? It appears to be a string of Moons and Hexagon shapes. [and from another]

The confusion here is due to the assumption that the brightest blob in the sky must be Nibiru. As noted in the most recent Newsletter where the naked Nibiru is featured in the Israeli video and confirmed by your and Alberto's photos - Nibiru is not shrouded by Petrol and red dust as formerly. Instead, this Petrol mass is being swept to the side by the retrograde rotation of Nibiru. Why is the Petrol no longer clinging to Nibiru? Nibiru has drawn closer to the Earth, into a crowded field of planets that includes Venus, the Earth, and the Dark Twin. They pull on the magnetized Petrol masses, distancing them from Nibiru.

What is the meaning of 7 in mythology? This number appears in Revelations for 7 bowls and 7 seals. Many gods from Siberia to Iran and India and over to Mexico are depicted with 7 heads. [and from another] [and from another] Seven Bowls Seven angels are given seven bowls of God's wrath, each consisting of judgements full of the wrath of God. Loathsome Sores. The sea turns to blood. The waters turn to blood.  A major heatwave to scorch the planet with fire. A thick darkness overwhelms the kingdom. The great river Euphrates dries up. A global earthquake causes the cities of the world to collapse. [and from another] Revelation 8:6-7 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

Revelations mentions 7 bowls and 7 Seals symbolically, but the stress on the number 7 is for a reason. Revelations also mentions Trumpeting by 7 angels which as we have explained is upper atmosphere lightning between Nibiru and the Earth during a passage. The number 7 depicted throughout Eurasia and among the Aztecs is due to the Annunaki, who mined for Gold in those regions. When Nibiru appears in the skies, it is accompanied by the two Dominant Moons and a large String of Pearls. Interpreted as a God or a threat to be slain, after a passage only the symbolism remains.

Blood red sky blankets city near Shanghai sparking Armageddon fear. Surely Nibiru related. [and from another] [and from another] Hello Nancy and the Zetas. What will be the comments on this? In the Chinese urban district of Zhoushan, it seems that the apocalypse has begun. [and from another] The sky turned blood red, and so far no one can name the cause of this phenomenon. [and from another] Saskatchewan, Canada: Yorkton sky this evening (Sunday) 5/8/2022, it was so red it looked like it was on fire, and 15 mins later it was gone. Never seen it so bright. Laurie Steele shared image. [and from another]

Red skies were noted after Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003. These were either ignored by the establishment or claimed to be pollution, even when rust red fell on the white snow of Siberia and blood colored water in bird baths tested positive for iron oxide. Nibiru and its wafting tail are drawing closer to the Earth, and of course this will result in more intense blood red skies. The public knows this is an End Times sign, thus constant denial by the establishment will only enrage the public. Thus the establishment will just fall silent.

Recently on the newest season of paranormal caught on camera, there is a new video of a bigfoot and its also very clear, someone tied the camera to a tree and caught it. [and from another] May 31, 2013

These images of a Bigfoot mother and child were taken in 2013, and that was the year we confirmed that increasing introductions between man and Bigfoot would be made. Mankind will be driven to the forests and fields, forced out of their cities by earthquakes and starvation. Thus they will encounter Bigfoot, and in anticipation of this the Council of Worlds has approved a gradual introduction. It is known that Bigfoot is a version of Early Man, and since some hybrids have emerged, should be considered another race of man. They are peaceful, unlike some in mankind who can be war mongers.

The meme stock craze with Wallstreet Betz is over today officially. The stock market bubble is bursting today. Crypto crashing like never before. 28k new low, was at 60k not long ago. Coinbase saying bankruptcy would put all crypto owners assets at risk of loss. Zetas said stay away from crypto! They are right again! Question for the Zetas: Could the Zetas address how the New Madrid rupture will disrupt the financial markets of the world? Will the world wide markets crash and be halted never to return online after the rupture? Haven't seen it addressed. Likely as you can't eat money, no matter how much you have. But the markets are currently crashing already. What about the ultra rich that own most of the financial markets, as most Americans live on Main Street USA and own zero investments. Will they see their wealth evaporate over night? Instant Karma? London is a financial hub of the world that would be wiped out by the new Madrid rupture tsunami in one day. [and from another] Ruble Surpasses Brazil's Real as Year's Best-Performing Currency May 11, 2022 Ruble extends gains as Moscow Exchange reopens after holiday. Real's rally loses steam as rate differential to US may shrink. [and from another] 40% of Bitcoin Investors are now Underwater, new Data Shows May 10, 2022 Bitcoin is off nearly 55% from its November peak, and 40% of holders are now underwater on their investments, according to new data from Glassnode. In the last month alone, 15.5% of all bitcoin wallets fell into an unrealized loss, as the world's most popular cryptocurrency plunged to the $31,000 level, tracking tech stocks lower. [and from another] Crypto Exchange is now Warning that Bankruptcy could Wipe Out User Funds May 11, 2022 Hidden away in Coinbase Global's disappointing first-quarter earnings report in which the U.S.'s largest cryptocurrency exchange reported a quarterly loss of $430 million and a 19% drop in monthly users is an update on the risks of using Coinbase's service that may come as a surprise to its millions of users. In the event the crypto exchange goes bankrupt, Coinbase says, its users might lose all the cryptocurrency stored in their accounts too. [and from another] Coinbase Coinbase Global, Inc., branded Coinbase, is an American company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coinbase is a distributed company; all employees operate via remote work and the company lacks a physical headquarters. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume. The company was founded in 2012. [and from another] Dollar Index Slips from 20-Year High, Fed Rate Path in focus May 6, 2022 The dollar index hit a 20-year high overnight on safe-haven demand, following Thursday's sharp stock sell-off driven by concerns about the Fed's aggressive tightening and as European currencies weakened on worries about growth in the region. The dollar index reached 104.07, the highest since December 2002, before falling back to 103.64, down 0.09% on the day.

We have long stated that banks would fail and be replaced by the barter system, where something real can be exchanged. We have called the financial industry a Paper Promise, essentially a confidence game where something real is replaced by a promise. The value of a currency is dependent upon the economic health of the country issuing the currency, and history shows that the Banana Republic syndrome can hit any country. Certainly, the pending Pole Shift will do that to all.

Bitcoin promised to be free of country and bank affiliations but is now collapsing on the fact that it has no worth other than on a spreadsheet. A coin without a country has no support. We predicted that the BRICS network would be strong against the western banking network of the World Bank and IMF and that has been the trend. The US Dollar is currently holding its strength as a currency, primarily because the rest of the world is struggling. But under the management of the Biden Administration, this will soon falter.

We are being asked to detail our prediction so that those in the finance industry can plot their course as they march toward the cliff. We have mentioned that as banks fail - forced to payout savings accounts and cash out portfolios and unable to pay their fat cat staff high salaries - they will fold into the Central Banks. Meanwhile, as the Earth changes create corporate bankruptcies so that any of their real assets become just another spreadsheet entry, and as foreclosures force home auctions at rock bottom prices, those who considered themselves wealthy will be bereft. The time of the Barter System will be at hand.

There has been a remarkable lineup of quakes on 5/17/2022 along the Okhotsk block and the Pacific Plate. Where some scientists think this block is separate from the N American and Eurasian Plates, the Zetas say this is attached to the N American Plate and will not snap off. Thus this end of the N America Plate and the Aleutian Islands are constantly being hammered with quakes as the Pacific compresses and the N American Mainland shifts to relieve the bow and slide to the SW. What does this lineup of quakes on the border of the Okhotsk block mean? [and from another] Is a Russian Peninsula really Part of North America? May 2, 2006 In this view of tectonic plate convergence between North America and Asia, the Kamchatka Peninsula lies on the Okhotsk block in the box at the center of the map. For many years geologists have harbored a belief that the Kamchatka Peninsula, shrouded in mystery and secrecy on Russia's east coast, actually sits on the same tectonic plate as the mainland United States, Canada and Mexico.

There is great pressure on all parts of the N American Plate as the time of the New Madrid Adjustment is at hand. That the Mainland Portion is sliding to the SW and landing heavily on the Cocos Plate is well established. This has caused a rash of quakes through the mountainous western half of the N American Plate. But the key to the New Madrid Adjustment is the snapping of a hard rock bridge just above the town of New Madrid. What these Okhotsk quakes mean is that all that can adjust has already moved or is already in motion, and naught is left but the New Madrid snap itself.

Crisis in Sri Lanka = Signs of Things to Come! No Gas, no Food, Country is Bankrupt, Politicians Beaten and Murdered, Government Buildings on Fire May 18, 2022 Western elites don't understand that what is happening in Sri Lanka is mathematically inevitable on a global scale. A group of politicians stripped and on ground begging for their lives. If you create inflation by increasing prices, and you decrease the contributor class's purchasing power through wage suppression, taking jobs overseas, and automation, and you evade taxation by offshoring corporate wealth instead of paying taxes, you create poverty and desperation that eventually erupts as violence. Increasing prices + decreasing purchasing power = inevitable poverty, followed by violence. Politicians and elites cars being dumped in the ocean.

The Sri Lanka crisis shows why the Nibiru coverup crowd is in a panic. They know the rage that will erupt when the public realizes the impact of a Nibiru passage, and connect the dots to understand how and why they have been lied to over the decades. The Sri Lanka crisis is not over Nibiru but over the usual political corruption where many politicians become wealthy via gifts that are essentially bribes. The banking industry ensures that the top 1% grows while the poor shrink, and the control of assets and thus the control of lives continues.

We have from the start of ZetaTalk predicted what will become of the wealthy elite during the coming turmoil. They have their bunkers and enclaves, and hired militia guards to protect them, but all this will fall away. The money they plan to use to protect themselves will be worthless, as will precious art and metals. Starvation will make those who know how to grow food kings in the Aftertime, and survival groups that know how to share and care for their members will be the groups that will thrive. 

I've been reading all this information and threats that each country will be forced to hand over their sovereignty to the WHO and the WEF. Obviously what's left of the global one world order cabal crowd wants this to happen to take full control of humanity. According to the article below, the WHO will dictate the next plandemic and the next round of vax bioweapons with intent to kill off 90%, by altering a treaty. There is allegedly no getting out of these evil peoples vote to control the world. Would the ZT's care to comment on how this could play out under the circumstances of all the doubles, and the WHO just moving forward and voting on this choice without any other country making the choice for themselves to join or to not? Is this all part of the 8 of 10 events? What are the living statistics of the STS remaining now? [and from another] United Nations Security Council The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN) and is charged with ensuring international peace and security, recommending the admission of new UN members to the General Assembly, and approving any changes to the UN Charter. Its powers include establishing peacekeeping operations, enacting international sanctions, and authorizing military action. The UNSC is the only UN body with the authority to issue binding resolutions on member states. [and from another] World Health Organization Is Preparing Vote to Strip the US and 194 Other Nations of Their Sovereignty Move would give WHO total control April 29, 2022 On May 22nd, the World Health Organization (WHO) will vote on whether or not to strip 194 countries, including the United States, of their sovereignty. As part of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset goal, the WHO is aiming to alter a treaty that would give them global control over human health. The WHO World Health Assembly will vote on the issue from May 22 to 28.

One of the reasons the UN has had such little impact on world affairs is that they are nothing more than a platform whereby countries can proclaim their opinions and push their goals. The UN has no power, despite collecting membership funds. The Security Council theoretically has the power to muster a military action but only via the willingness of member states to provide this military power. There must be agreement among the 15 Council members and the veto power any of the permanent members holds can put an instant stop to any such action. Thus, any ambitions or plans that the Cabal or Satanists might have to use the UN to achieve their goals will not happen.

What do the global hot spots on quake maps tell us? What is next?

What can the global hot spots on the quake maps tell us about the plate movements in process?  During the last 7 of 10 Plate Movement status last March we stated that the African Roll, the Eurasian Stretch, and the New Madrid had not yet completed. It is not surprising that all 3 show up on the quake maps at this time.

For Africa to drop the S Atlantic must spread, allowing the bottom of the Africa Plate to torque in that direction. We have long predicted that new land would rise between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa as the Antarctic Plate is pushed there during compression of the Pacific. This is clearly in process and making room for Africa to drop. The weight of Africa sliding into the Atlantic will force the rock hook near Turkey to snap, and this will trigger the rest of the New Madrid process. The Mainland Portion drop onto the Cocos Plate is clearly ready and just waiting.  

As the Atlantic is pulled apart and the Pacific compresses, the Eurasian Stretch is encouraged. This is dramatically shown by the recent emergence of our long predicted inland bay in Russia. Where we predicted this would emerge during the Pole Shift, the route is being prepared inland and will result in new inland lakes all the way to the Urals. The Pole Shift will rip land near the Indian Ocean, allowing ocean water to flow up into Russia.

Is Monkeypox being deliberately spread? Why did Bill Gate mention that Smallpox might be the next pandemic? Doctors are saying a compromised immune system can facilitate the spread and the Covid vax causes an exhausted immune system so they are easy prey. It this deliberate? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Dr. Paul Alexander: Smallpox Vaccine to Prevent Monkeypox Could Cause Global Smallpox (Variola) Epidemics May 21, 2022 Dr. Paul Alexander: "The smallpox vaccine is known to be very ruthless (causing the orthopoxvirus  smallpox  viral disease itself) in immunocompromised persons. I just described COVID vaccinated persons.  Immunocompromised vaccinated persons." [and from another] Monkeypox: 80 Cases Confirmed in 12 Countries May 21, 2022 More than 80 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in at least 12 countries. Infections have been confirmed in nine European countries, as well as the US, Canada and Australia. Monkeypox is most common in remote parts of Central and West Africa. [and from another] Monkeypox: Time to Worry or One to Ignore? May 20, 2022 Small numbers of cases have cropped up elsewhere in the world before but all can be immediately linked to somebody travelling to an affected country and bringing it home. That is no longer the case. For the first time the virus is being found in people with no clear connection to Western and Central Africa. It is not clear who people are catching it from. [and from another] Everything You Need to Know About Monkeypox April 3, 2022 Monkeypox is a rare zoonotic viral disease similar to the now-eradicated human smallpox. The virus belongs to the genus Orthopoxvirus in the family Poxviridae. Variola virus, which is the cause of smallpox, cowpox virus, and vaccinia virus, which is part of the smallpox vaccine, are also from genus Orthopoxvirus. Monkeypox is most prominent in areas of central and west Africa. Though milder than smallpox, it can also be fatal. [and from another] Dr. Scott Gottlieb says rising Monkeypox Cases suggest its Spread "pretty Wide" This is a virus that's difficult to spread. Monkeypox, which reemerged in Nigeria in 2017, has been spreading in several countries in the last few weeks, leaving health officials scrambling to warn clinicians and the public about the virus. The virus is endemic in some countries, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo reporting anywhere from five to 10,000 cases a year.

Suddenly, just as the new cases of Covid-19 have dropped and the public has become rebellious about wearing masks and cooperating with lockdowns - Monkeypox emerges. If the timing is suspicious, the infection route is even more suspicious - starting in Europe, Canada, Australia, and in the US. Have these citizens suddenly decided to visit the Congo? Monkeypox is so rare that it only became known to western medicine since 2017. It is from the same family as Chickenpox and Smallpox, so vaccines for these cousins is likely to be given to the populace.

Why is this a problem? Many vaccines have been developed with live virus, assuming the immune system will keep the vaccination process in check. But those vaccinated for Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine, and especially those being boosted, will have a weakened and exhausted immune system due to the constant production of spike proteins. Thus, as doctors are warning that ADE -  a type of Aids - will allow those who have been vaccinated to develop full blown Monkeypox when they are vaccinated for Monkeypox or a virus from the same family. Just what the frightened elite wanted to reestablish lockdowns.

Real or fake crop circle? [and from another] Little Down, Nr Hippenscombe, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May

The arguments over Crop Circle designs - whether they are manmade or made by aliens - continue. The circle makers felt this could be easily proven by a simple challenge - require the design to go around an object in its path, rather than mow through the object. Thus the May 22 Hippenscombe design has, in its center circle, a cluster of wheat shafts that are tied together in places. Thus forming a barrier for the normal mowing and swirling that a circle design requires. The legitimate circle makers swirled around this, rather than mow it down.

Per James Coon May 20th 2022 SE Idaho - Nibiru with the debris tail / moon swirl tubes moving about. [and from another]  [and from another] [and from another] Per James Coon - May 23-2022 SE Idaho Nibiru with its outstretched wings and tail wafting. [and from another] [and from another]

What those used to seeing static images taken by James and Mario were stunned to see when these were collected into a video short is the motion in the Petrol masses. They literally writhed. This stands in contrast to the body of the Sun, which is not in motion. Nibiru is seen close to the Sun at about the 5 o'clock position. The vast tail of Nibiru stretches out toward the Earth, as the N Pole of Nibiru is blowing its magnetons out from that pole toward the Earth. The Petrol masses seen are closer thus than Nibiru, between the orbit of Venus and the orbit of Earth.

These Petrol masses are clustered around Moon Swirls, Strings of Pearls, and heavy debris. The Petrol clouds are charged, as is the entire tail of Nibiru. Magnetically charged objects both attract and repulse each other, as magnetons want to be constantly on the move. As we have stated, this is part of God's plan, as without motion all is stagnant and thus there is no life.  The desire of magnetons to move toward each other is the impetus for magnetic fields, but this motion also includes the desire inherent in all particle flows to avoid crowding.

The extreme throbbing seen in these video compilations done by James and Mario show the dance of the charged Petrol. These clouds are free to move both toward each other and away from each other, thus the appearance of throbbing. This will be a changing picture over time, with large masses breaking up and new clusters forming. What will become of the Petrol as it nears Earth's atmosphere? Encountering oxygen, the Petrol will burst into dramatic flame. But much of the Petrol will follow Nibiru back out into space after the Passage.

Disasters are occurring all along the New Madrid Fault Line but still no break in the hard rock bridge over the little town of New Madrid. What is holding the finale back? [and from another] Major Traffic Delays around Bluebonnet Boulevard after Gas Leak May 24, 2022 Workers first closed off both directions of the highway at the I-10 overpass shortly before noon Tuesday. DOTD said the closure was prompted by a gas leak in a nearby building along Bluebonnet. [and from another] Sinkhole Opens up in Downtown Intersection, Closes 2 Lanes of East 8th Street May 24, 2022 A sinkhole has opened in a crosswalk at the intersection of East 8th Street and Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati Public Services said the hole is 13 feet 3 inches deep [and from another] Region High School, Middle School Closed by Gas Leak May 24, 2022 A gas leaked forced the evacuation and closing of both River Forest High School and Middle School. There is no construction in the immediate area linked to the gas leak. [and from another] Sinkhole Reported in Penitas May 24, 2022 The city is reporting a major sinkhole that is causing road closures. [and from another] Water Main Break Shuts Off Service to Area of Glastonbury May 23, 2022 A water main break shut down service to properties within the Minnechaug Mountain area.

As we detailed recently when the Antarctica Plate shifted, there is a domino effect that will bring on the New Madrid finale. As is clear from recent quakes around Hawaii and further tilting of the Philippine Plate, the Pacific is compressing. The endless quakes on the Pacific side of the Indo-Australian Plate show this compression pressure, as does the recent quake on the Pacific side of the Nazca Plate. When the Antarctica Plate is pushed into the lower Atlantic, a void is created there that allows Africa to shift and drop into that void.

The dropping weight of the Africa Plate forces the rock hook that reaches under Turkey to snap off, and this allows the Africa Plate to slide down along the Dead Sea plate border. The effect of this Africa Roll will include disasters all along the Mediterranean and a rupture at the Azores, creating a weakness there that will allow the N American Continent to straighten out, correcting the bow that was imposed on its western side. This triggers the New Madrid finale. This domino effect of Plate Movement is in process, but at some point in the near future, within 2022, will create the New Madrid finale. 

What to make of this uptick of mass shootings? From Buffalo to Uvalde. Are the STS souls auditioning for prison planets because they deep down sense we're living in end times and they have nothing to lose? [and from another] Kids Be Scared: Texas School Gunman Bought Two Rifles on His 18th Birthday May 24, 2022 Several former friends said he had stopped showing up at school and was not going to graduate with the senior class this year. A neighbor said Ramos, who lived with his grandparents, was angry that he didn't graduate and got into an argument with his grandmother. Ramos was often bullied over a speech impediment that included a stutter and lisp. He used to egg people's vehicles and shoot random strangers with a BB gun from a car. [and from another] Biden Demands Gun Control following Uvalde, Texas, Elementary School Shooting May 24, 2022 A shooter identified as Salvador Romas opened fire at Robb Elementary School, killing at least 18 students and one teacher. The gunman also died. [and from another] Gunman Kills 19 Children, 2 teachers in Texas School Rampage May 25, 2022 An 18-year-old gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school barricaded himself inside a classroom, shooting anyone that was in his way, an official said Wednesday, describing the latest in a gruesome, yearslong series of mass killings at churches, schools and stores. [and from another] School Massacre continues Texas Grim Run of Mass Shootings May 25, 2022 Once again, one of America's deadliest mass shootings happened in Texas.  Past shootings targeted worshippers during a Sunday sermon, shoppers at a Walmart, students on a high school campus and drivers on a highway. The cycle in Texas a mass shooting followed by few if any new restrictions on guns mirrors GOP efforts to block stricter laws in Congress and the ensuring outrage from Democrats and supporters of tougher gun control. The shooting in Texas happened days before the National Rifle Association is set to hold its annual meeting in Houston.

Mass shootings, in particular school shootings, have been on the increase and not just in the US. We have pointed out the relationship to the Transformation, whereby Service-to-Self souls are increasingly frustrated by the increase in Service-to-Other souls on Earth who refuse to be victims. The shooters are counseled by ambassadors in the Service-to-Self who advise them to go out in a blaze of glory, and by this means achieve a high position on the Prison Planet that will be their new home. They take a graduation step and perpetrate a massacre.  

This was the situation during several massacres in the US - notably Columbine in 1999, Amish School massacre in 2006, and the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.  In many of these cases the perpetrator shows their spiritual orientation by harboring a lifelong smoldering rage.  As we have mentioned, this is a key sign of a Service-to-Self individual. Salvador Romas had this smoldering rage, and had a history of being bullied for having a lisp and failing at school.

Not all shootings fall into this category, as indeed there are homicidal individuals who can be influenced by remote viewers, as was the case for the Navy Ship Yard shooting in 2013. The famous Sandy Hook shooting was another that had a traditional cause - murder for profit. The shooter was about to lose his inheritance so killed his mother at the school while leaving his brother's ID at the scene. Why does it seem the US has more of these incidents than the rest of the world? Due to the 2nd Amendment, guns are readily available and due to the politics involved these cases get lots of media attention. Just what the Service-to-Self counselor wants! 

Peru had a monstrous quake yesterday. Now we have the Antarctic border having quakes again. What is causing the Pacific to compress like this?

Early during the ZetaTalk saga we explained the torque effect Nibiru would have on the Earth as it approached for the passage. Nibiru points its N Pole toward the Earth, pushing the Earth's N Pole away while at the same time tugging on the Earth's S Pole. The rotation of the Earth is such that these maneuvers take turns. By being jerked around, the Earth's plates are loosened and the Indo-Australian Plate is set in motion, driving under the Himalayans and rising at the New Zealand end.

The recent Peru quake was under the influence of this torque, as is the compression of the Pacific in general. Every adjustment in any plate position will generate a reaction in another plate. In detailing the 7 of 10 steps that would unfold, we mentioned the Scripted Drama that plate movements follow during the hour of the Pole Shift. At present the drama includes Antarctic, the S Atlantic, and the Africa Plate. The Peru quake is being accompanied by a push to the Antarctic Plate which will result in the S Atlantic yawing open. The hand that is making this happen is the Daily Earth Wobble.

Google this issue and WaPo has been until the very end, saying Azov is winning etc. Zelensky demanding support. Now Zelensky wants to "negotiate" with Putin. Sudden. Also many politicians flying to Kyiv to chat with Zelensky, in the middle of a war zone! The fake news is obvious. [and from another] In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic-Conditions, Collapsing-Morale of Ukraine Front-Line Forces May 27, 2022 With Russia's war in Ukraine now in its fourth month, mainstream media consumers have been treated to seemingly endless headlines and analysis of Russia's extensive military losses. At the same time Ukrainian forces have tended to be lionized and their battlefield prowess romanticized, with essentially zero public information so far being given which details up-to-date Ukrainian force casualties, set-backs, and equipment losses. But for the first time The Washington Post is out with a surprisingly dire and negative assessment of how US-backed and equipped Ukrainian forces are actually fairing. The report references a video widely circulating online this week wherein a group the size of a platoon declares they simply can't fight for lack of weaponry, ammunition, food and proper command support: [and from another] Ukraine lays out Peace-Talk Demands as the West braces for Escalation May 6, 2022 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky outlined his conditions for entering peace talks with Russia, demanding a restoration of preinvasion borders, the return of more than 5 million refugees, membership in the European Union and accountability from Russian military leaders before Kyiv would consider laying down its arms. [and from another] Ukraine Needs to Face Reality and Talk to Putin, Zelenskiy Says May 27, 2022 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday said Ukraine was not eager to talk to Russia's Vladimir Putin but that it has to face the reality that this will likely be necessary to end the war.

Western media has been controlled by the Satanist Cabal for decades, and thus the truth about the stolen 2020 election and other Cabal maneuvers such as 911 or attempts to steal Gold from Fort Knox is suppressed. The truth is presented as a conspiracy theory. If the truth about any of these big lies is about to be revealed, a cover story is released, but seldom is the truth openly admitted in headlines. That this has happened with the WaPo Ukraine chatter is the real news. The WaPo reversal is sudden and the truth supported by evidence in their article. What happened?

As we have stated, there is a Secret War going on behind the scenes. The US Junta and the White Hat Alliance in Europe have been arresting the leaders of the Satanist Cabal, taking them to Gitmo, and in most cases executing these leaders while replacing them with Doubles. This has not been in the media because the Junta fears civil war in the US. The public has been fed lies for decades by the media, and is thus primed to resist the truth. How is this grip on the Major Media in the West to be broken?

The big lies spread by the media are arranged and controlled by the top editors, who issue memos on what can and cannot be discussed. They take their orders from unseen and unknown handlers -  New World Order honchos. Since the media is protected by the 1st Amendment, it cannot simply be shut down. Packed with funds from the Cabal, it seems to be a train without brakes.  The WaPo capitulation on the Ukraine story indicates this train has been derailed. This story cannot be corroborated, as it will never appear in the media. The New World Order honchos that have been arrested are not even known to the public. The WaPo capitulation may be the first, but will not be the last. 

Very intriguing. How high does the ladder go? [and from another] Greetings to all from Russia. In connection with the aggravation of the conflict in the Donbass, I would like to ask such question. In the past, we have already talked about the crash of a Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine, that the flight was shot down on the orders of the Kyiv authorities. But the details of this incident are still unknown, which could prove, that power in Ukraine seized are hidden criminals and terrorists. I attached a map of the Boeing route on the day of the crash. Could the Zetas answer - what happened at the point above Poland? Why did the flight route change? There is conflicting information about this. And then what happened at the point above Avdeevka, when the plane turned sharply to the left? How did events develop further, what did the Boeing crew do, and why was it necessary to use a military attack aircraft of Ukrainian aviation? Perhaps this will help in bringing criminals to justice. [and from another]

The hands at the very top that are directing events in human society cannot be located by a simple name or the name of an organization. They are silent and unknown to human society, for a reason. These events encompass political trends, with candidates selected and campaigns disrupted and assassinations. These events encompass economic conditions with price hikes and arranged shortages and secretly blacklisted corporations. These events encompass arranged pandemics with germs that are carried across borders and spread by human hands.

Great wealth facilitates these operations, but following the money only brings frustration because the funds are repeatedly laundered. This is one reason Ukraine was valued by these silent masters, as like Hong Kong and the Caribbean it is a money laundering hub. Where Soros is blamed he is only a front man, dead years ago from a heart attack with his foundation now run by his son. Klaus of the Great Reset is also blamed but he is already under arrest. The same is true of NAZI groups, or the CIA or Iran. It is individuals within these groups that are but a layer in the command structure, not the top, not the silent masters.

These front men are chosen to have a role because their normal activities make the tasks done for the silent masters believable. Their assigned tasks fit the mold that the public associates with the front men. But one cannot find the silent masters by interrogating the front men. They can only point to a contact which once again is nameless and silent. How then are the Junta and White Hats finding these silent masters? Using the time-honored police method of following the trail upward but also using psychic info such as our ZetaTalk assists. What are the goals of the silent masters? World domination after the Pole Shift, with control of all assets and survival groups.

The jet stream and gulf stream coming down from the UK is looking a bit odd. Does it have anything to do with a wobble? The stream is going East to West as opposed to its usual course West to East. [and from another]

The Jet Stream normally goes West to East with slight waves at times due to weather fronts - high and low air pressure. Since Nibiru has entered into the inner Solar System in 2003 and the Daily Earth Wobble has commenced, the Jet Stream has gotten more extreme but still following the basic route of West to East. Since the Council of Worlds has authorized a more severe wobble to allow the Earth changes to catch up from the delays the humming boxes caused, the Jet Stream has gotten even more erratic.

Since 2004 when Nancy documented the result of the Daily Earth Wobble with an international  team, the Polar Push has occurred when the Sun is high over the Pacific. Today this is dragging Arctic air down over Europe. Then when the Earth turns and the Sun is over India the N Pole of Earth leans to the East, shifting this Arctic air toward the West, which is contrary to the normal Jet Stream route. Finally, when the Sun is over Italy, the N Pole of Earth leans to the West, creating a vortex in the Atlantic.

A week ago there was a torrent of press releases from global institutions all mentioning the same exact same concern: Food shortages within the next 3 to 6 months. Are food shortages coming? Long predicted by the Zetas. [and from another] War in Ukraine Causes Global Food Shortage May 28, 2022 In 2021 alone, Russia and Ukraine ranked as global export leaders for barley, corn, rapeseed, sunflower seed, and sunflower oil. Together they exported almost 30 percent of the world's wheat supply. Russia exported 17 percent of global wheat while Ukraine accounted for 20 percent of the world's rapeseed. [and from another] The Coming Food Catastrophe May 19, 2022 Ukraine's exports of grain and oilseeds have mostly stopped and Russia's are threatened. Together, the two countries supply 12% of traded calories. Wheat prices, up 53% since the start of the year, jumped a further 6% on May 16th, after India said it would suspend exports because of an alarming heatwave. [and from another] Food Shortages in Six Months - the Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next April 29, 2022 It is the sanctions on Russia that are a problem well beyond Ukraine, however, as Russia also produces around 20% of global ammonia and 20% of global potash supplies. These are key ingredients to fertilizers used in large scale industrial farming. The expectation among US agricultural experts is that China will fill the void where Russian supplies disappear. The death rate of covid almost everywhere else in the world we see a median infection fatality rate of 0.27% for covid; meaning, over 99.7% of people in the world on average have nothing to fear in terms of dying from the virus. But in China, the CCP is acting as if they are dealing with the Black Plague. Why? I would suggest the possibility that China might already be engaging in an economic war that many Americans and Europeans don't even realize is going on. This may be a beta test for a shut down of exports to the US and Europe.

Since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995 we have been extolling the populace to become self sufficient in food and energy production. We have encouraged the populace to eat bugs and weeds, for the fats and proteins and vitamins they provide. There are vegetarian combinations that can provide lysine protein equivalent to red meat. The steps the establishment would take when food runs out have long been looming. We predicted as early as 2009 that exports of food stuffs would be stopped.

Now that time has arrived. Trying to blame the food shortage on Global Warming (long the excuse for the Earth changes caused by Nibiru) or on the Covid-19 lockdowns (when Covid was just another flu) or on the war in Ukraine (when NATO and European plans to invade Russia for the oil and gas fields was the cause) does not change the outcome. Our advice over the years has not changed. Start gardening in yards or porch containers, saving seeds, and growing earthworms in compost and manure. Keep chickens, free ranging if possible, and allow goat herds to eat your shrubs and grass.

Since the majority of the Earth's population lives in cities, the establishment may have little choice but to strong arm the population into forced labor to feed themselves. The alternatives are a Mad Max existence where the strong take from the weak or frankly eat the weak during cannibalism.  For those that want to avoid Martial Law and forced labor, establishing self-sufficient communes will forestall these steps by the establishment. There should be no delay in learning how to garden or grow bugs or maintain flocks and herds, as there is a learning curve. Having a bag of seeds is not enough.