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Issue 836, Sunday October 9, 2022
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Africa Rolling

The African Roll has been predicted by the Zetas as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements. They predicted Africa would roll its top part to the East while shifting its foot to the West. The shift of the foot to the West can be seen in the rock stress in the foot (as discussed in last week's Newsletter). The roll would create a wider gap at Gibraltar and around the Sinai Peninsula and widen the Red Sea. As Africa drops, it will scrape past Syria and Israel, creating disasters.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/1/2011: When the Africa Plate rolls to the east and drops, during the 7 of 10 scenarios, this will of course affect Egypt and its connection to the Sinai Peninsula. The Straits of Gibraltar will widen by 125 miles, as Africa drops, and Morocco will move 50 miles further east. Where the Sinai Peninsula is considered part of the African Plate, the Red Sea is clearly ripping open. Thus both the Red Sea at the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba tearing up into Jordan will rip open, leaving the Sinai Peninsula positioned like an island with few direct attachments.

The roll of the Africa Plate has been held back by a hook of rock that extends under Turkey. The Zetas have predicted that when this rock hook snaps off, the Africa Roll will accelerate, causing a void at the Azores to rip open and the New Madrid rupture to follow. As the Africa Plate drops down along its eastern side, it will scrape past Syria and Israel and cause the Saudi Plate to waggle back and forth. Disasters caused by this scrape and waggle are already apparent.  Sinkholes on a Tel Aviv highway are emerging.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2021: The African Plate has a notch at Syria which holds the African Plate in place. Thus to drop into the Indian Ocean, the African Plate must scrape past Syria and Israel, squeezing the Red Sea during this drop. Once past this squeeze, the African Plate will be free to pull apart the Mediterranean and many other dramas will emerge.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/1/2022: The African Plate will participate in the coming New Madrid Adjustment, doing so by a roll sufficient to tear open the Azores. This action precedes the final New Madrid rupture, and will occur when the rock hook near Turkey that is currently preventing the Africa Plate from dropping down on its eastern side snaps. This rock hook can clearly be seen in tectonic plate boundary maps, but what portion will stay with Africa and what portion become a platelet? All of the coastline of Turkey and the island of Cyprus will leave the Africa Plate during this snap, as will the Sinai Peninsula.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/25/2022: The dropping weight of the Africa Plate forces the rock hook that reaches under Turkey to snap off, and this allows the Africa Plate to slide down along the Dead Sea plate border. The effect of this Africa Roll will include disasters all along the Mediterranean and a rupture at the Azores, creating a weakness there that will allow the N American Continent to straighten out, correcting the bow that was imposed on its western side. This triggers the New Madrid finale. This domino effect of Plate Movement is in process, but at some point in the near future, within 2022, will create the New Madrid finale.

Large Sinkhole Opens on Main Tel Aviv Highway
September 17, 2022
It was not known what had caused the sinkhole to open.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/17/2022: In 2011 we described the African Roll during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, causing the connections to the Sinai Peninsula on both sides to widen and making the Sinai a virtual island. We also stated that the African Plate roll will deepen the Mediterranean floor above Egypt, widen the Red Sea, and waggle the Saudi Plate during the roll. In 2021 we described the Sequence of Events leading up to the New Madrid finale. The snapping of a rock hook under Turkey was a key part of this process and will not proceed without trauma for the region.

Not only will Sinai leave the African Plate, the trauma of the dropping Africa Plate will include lands with dual loyalties being subject to scraping along the Saudi Plate border with Syria and Israel. Where the Suez Canal has to be dredged, the Gulf of Aqaba is deep, as the Africa Plate has frequently rolled in the past, causing this plate border to leave its mark.  Now the Red Sea will likewise deepen. But as Africa is expected to participate in Continental Drift, the finale is not yet written for the Middle East. The crustal shift during the Pole Shift will create a holocaust amidst man's oil wells in Iraq.

Meanwhile on September 19 a massive quake on the Mexico coastline abutting the Cocos Plate dominated the quake maps. This was the largest quake in the world that day, and set all the Heliplots worldwide reacting. Buoys off the Mexico coast and near the Seaway reacted, showing the whole N American Continent was jolted. Just days before on September 17-18 Taiwan had a massive quake swarm, indicating the tilting of the Philippine Plate had increased, forcing the Philippine Plate under Taiwan. The Pacific had compressed, thus, allowing the Mainland Portion of N America to drop.

Preliminary 7.6-magnitude Earthquake Hits West Coast of Mexico; Tsunami Alert Issued
September 19, 2022
The preliminary magnitude 7.6 earthquake was centered near La Placita de Morelos, about 300 miles northwest of Acapulco in the relatively sparsely populated western central Pacific Coast of Mexico, according to the US Geological Survey. People as far away as Mexico City, which is over 300 miles away from the epicenter, reported light shaking.
7.6 Near Coast of Michoacan, Mexico
Date/Time 2022-09-19 18-05-06 UTC

M 6.9 - TAIWAN - 2022-09-18 06:44:17 UTC
M 6.5 - TAIWAN - 2022-09-17 13:41:19 UTC

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/19/2022: The Severe Wobble proceeding over the past few months is having an effect on the Plate Movements. The scripted drama wherein the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic yaws open is accelerating. This can be seen from the spate of major earthquakes at Taiwan proceeding to a major earthquake along the Cocos Plate at the Mexican border. The Mainland Portion of N America has been dropping, putting stress on the origin of the New Madrid Fault Line. This can be seen in the plethora of deep quakes at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec where the fault line begins.  

The domino effect of quakes is such that they travel West to East. This has been well documented within ZetaTalk. Thus the fact that the West Coast of N America reacted to the Taiwan quake swarm by allowing the Mainland Portion to shift down and to the West is not surprising. What can be expected next is a reaction in the Atlantic, which is spreading apart in the S Atlantic while the Africa Plate drops its foot into the void created. A large quake can also be anticipated when the Turkey rock hook snaps.

Denial vs Panic

The Dark Judge officially acknowledged the validity of ZetaTalk on February 29, 2020 saying in a tweet "Thank you ZetaTalk. The Judges acknowledge you." This is significant because where Q speaks for the US Intel community, the Dark Judges speak for the UK Marines and the White Hat Alliance in Europe. Just as Q has proven accurate, so has the Dark Judge. In particular, on identifying which parties had become Doubles, the DJ would mention a changed appearance and ZetaTalk would confirm. This can be shown in the Dance of the Doubles Newsletter feature. We were and are staunch teammates on these issues.

But on one issue, ZetaTalk and the Dark Judge hit a snag. When the Dark Judge was asked about the Nibiru passage, he confirmed that Nibiru was real but said not to worry as they have a way of dealing with it. No specifics were given, claiming the solution was classified.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/31/2020: We appreciate the Judges admitting that Nibiru exists. We appreciate them telling the public they should continue prepping. But stopping Nibiru, by deflecting it with nukes or attempting to disintegrate a planet 23 times as massive as the Earth and 5 times the diameter of Earth has been tried and failed. This is an inhabited planet, and the Council of Worlds does not allow one inhabited planet to destroy another. It's going to do a passage, so deal with it.

Now the matter of "not to worry" and "we have ways" has come up again. The Dark Judge joined the ZetaTalk Followers chat on Telegram and when asked about European preparations to warn the public or evacuate the coastlines during a Zeta predicted European Tsunami, they were again dismissive and refused to provide specifics. The Zetas suggest that just as the Junta in the US is avoiding civil war by delaying the reinstatement of President Trump, perhaps the White Hats in Europe wish to defray panic and riot.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/20/2022: The Dark Judge is part of the White Hat Alliance in Europe, and as such does not have the resources that the US Junta has in the US. There is a parallel between what the Dark Judge is doing, using denial to reduce riot and PANIC in the people, and what the Junta has done since the 2020 election debacle. The Junta is just now in the process of correcting this massive election theft, because they were faced with too many issues and fronts and chose to take them one at a time rather than exhaust their resources or lose a battle by stretching them too thin.

For the Dark Judge, working as a member of the White Hat Alliance, they are faced primarily with the Satanists, the Moloch crowd which tortures and sacrifices children for their adrenochrome rich blood. Europe and their royalty are and have been the source of this evil, and thus this mission is no small thing. If the US Junta has delayed correcting the 2020 elections to avoid civil war, the White Hats in Europe have delayed alerting the public about Nibiru and pending geographical changes to avoid PANIC in the people.

In this setting, one can get into a pissing contest with the Dark Judge about these issues or ignore his comments. Soon enough his claim to have ways to stop plate movements and the crop shortages caused by the Daily Earth Wobble will be disproven. Have he and his compatriots been able to do that? Stop the massive Taiwan quake swarm or the immense quake on the Mexico/Cocos border? If they have this means, then what are they waiting for?  Embrace and thank the Dark Judge team for the work they are doing fighting the Satanists and dismiss their ridiculous claims meant only to reduce PANIC in the people.

September 24 Speculation

On September 23, the day before the mysterious September 24, there were various theories about what was to happen. As reported in our recent newsletter, bugout bags were to be handed out to citizens in Denver and New York City on that day. German politicians were warned that something momentous was to occur on that day. What was to occur was never clarified.

Creepy September 24 video that Sparked Doomsday Panic and Fears the World will End in only Three Days Revealed
September 21, 2022
The widespread panic started after Friedrich Metz, a member of the German Parliament gave a speech, which was posted on Twitter. In the video, Metz said: "Dear Colleagues: September 24, 2022 will be remembered by all of us as a day which we will say, 'I remember exactly where I was?'"

The Zetas responded with the assurance that it was likely a planned event to announce a SCOTUS finding that President Trump was and still is the President, the 2020 election fraud overturned.  However, as this was all in the hands of man, it may or may not occur. The Dark Judge seemed to be confirming that with his September 23 posts. Very pro-Trump.  The Shadow of Ezra insider also seemed to confirm. And the Washington, DC, Visitor's Center still has Donald J Trump as president, no Biden!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/12/2022: Rumors about September 24 are all missing the mark. As we have confirmed, SCOTUS has reviewed the 2020 election theft and written a finding giving the election to President Trump. Prior to announcing this result to the world, President Trump would be sworn in as President by a member of SCOTUS. Thus the trip to DC, where SCOTUS has their offices. As with the Roe vs Wade reversal, this is expected to incite riots and even civil war in the US.

Then there is the Shemitah theory, that all debts will be forgiven on September 26, 2022. Since many if not most banks are run by Jews, in particular by the Rothschild clan, would these banks just forgive all debts and go bankrupt? This theory ran in concert with talk of a Market Crash, with the DOW and various indicators being watched closely on September 23. The GodLikeProduction forum was agog with alerts that the markets were crashing, with discussion titles such as "Markets are a sea of RED Friday 9/23" and "There will be a liquidity and credit crisis as banks and onlne payment systems are about to suffer a huge outage in the coming days" and "British Pound falls to record low against the US Dollar".

When is the Next Sabbatical Year?
The year 5782 on the Jewish calendar (Sept. 7, 2021 Sept. 26, 2022) will be the next Sabbatical year. the Sabbatical year has two practical ramifications: a) Produce which is imported from Israel must have rabbinical certification, and is also subject to certain laws and restrictions due their sanctity. b) The laws of debt absolution are in effect in all locations.
Shemitah Loan Amnesty: Pruzbul
Part of the observance of Shemitah (the Hebrew term for the Sabbatical year) is the forgiving of all loans. Any debts that are unpaid at the conclusion of the last day of the Shemitah year are canceled. Even if a borrower wishes to repay his debt, the lender may not accept it unless he reminds the borrower that the debt has been canceled, and the borrower still insists on giving him the money as a gift.

Then there is the Great Reset theory, wherein mankind is to benefit somehow by a financial reset, thought this is never clarified. The World Economic Forum (WEF) claims leadership but the rich and the Khazarian bankers in the West would likely be the ones to suffer. General Dunford kicked the Khazarian bankers out of the Federal Reserve boards in 2015, which spelled ultimate doom for the bankers who expected to extract interest from the US public taxpayer forever, via their control of the US printing press at the US Treasury. Per the Zetas, this was the reason for UN troops in London on September 23. London is the Khazarian financial center.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/25/2022: Where the Biden Double currently posturing as the President of the United States is under the control of the Junta, this has not stopped a swarm of Democrat Satanists from trying to take over the federal agencies. Once appointed by the Democrat Congress, they hire their cronies and the swarm increases in size. Thus the threat of President Trump being reinstated is particularly worrisome for the Khazarian bankers who demand interest from the Federal Reserve for a debt they did not earn. London is the financial center for the Khazarians, and thus riots in London was expected on September 24 if Trump were reinstated.

For those waiting and hoping that President Trump would be reinstated, there was action in China where a CCP coup attempt against President Xi was tried and failed. Did the CCP hope to hide behind the uproar over a Trump return during their coup attempt? Perhaps the coup attempt in the US wherein the illegal Biden was proclaimed the 2020 election winner will likewise be set right. Jennifer, who per Ben Fulford has excellent contacts in China, reports and the Zetas confirm.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/25/2022: Did senior members of the CCP attempt to remove Xi from power? Yes, while he was away from Beijing and thus away from many command posts and protective guards. This coup quickly failed and the senior members responsible sentenced to death. China is facing many hardships, some new and some long standing. Having 1.4 billion mouths to feed, starvation has always been a concern. If and when the 3 Gorges Dam breaks, much of their crop growing region will be flooded. Xi is a brilliant politician and has established relationships with Heads of State around the world. He would be difficult to replace for many reasons and we wish him well.