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Issue 850, Sunday January 15, 2023
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The Finale

The New Madrid Finale is a process, and as defined by the Zetas in their actual words the Finale Timeline was defined as starting before the end of 2022 and as a process that would take “weeks, not months”. For those who assumed the European tsunami would occur prior to the end of 2022, the Zetas suggest they learn to read. Below, a scan of all ZetaTalk comments where the Finale was addressed. It is a process, and the process began on December 13, 2022 when the Rock Hook under Turkey fractured.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/1/2023: Nancy has carefully gone through all of our words where the word Finale was used, so the reader can determine for themselves what the word in context means. A Finale in any context does not carry a timeline. Even a sexual orgasm is a Finale that has an indeterminate timeline, but likely minutes, not days and certainly not years. But our concept of the New Madrid Finale definitely included the JOLT in the Rock Bridge over the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, with an “almost instantaneous” rupture at the Azores causing the European tsunami.

Examine our words. We do not state that the Finale would occur promptly after the Rock Hook under Turkey snapped. We do not state that the Finale would occur because the NE corner of the African Plate is scraping down past the Red Sea. We did not put the word Finale into any context except that it would follow the unzipping of the New Madrid Fault Line up along the Mississippi River and the JOLT when the Rock Bridge snapped. Those who are disappointed because they have not learned to read are destined to be disappointed again in the future.

Here are the Zetas' actual words, and the context of those words.

ZetaTalk Context 4/30/2022: Before the jolt at the hard rock on either side of the town of New Madrid occurs, signaling the start of the New Madrid rupture FINALE, the separation must travel up the Mississippi. … The Caribbean moves as a unit with S America, so the Caribbean Plate was likewise bumped. What will happen when the New Madrid FINALE occurs? Certainly Eurasia, which shares a long border through the Arctic with N America will get bumped. The Pacific Plate and parts West will react as the Mainland Portion is suddenly free to shift to the West. The Africa Plate will likewise be free to move when the SE Portion is released from its attachment to the Mainland Portion. Most of the world will thus get a bump.

ZetaTalk Context 7/31/2022: We have predicted that when the New Madrid FINALE occurs, Martial Law will be officially called and the fact that President Trump has always been president will be casually mentioned.  … If the New Madrid FINALE were to start its anticipated rupture up from New Orleans, the populace on the East Coast would be made aware of the process, even during a media blackout, by the FAA cameras. The constant pressure on the Mainland Portion of N America that precedes the New Madrid FINALE shows up on the Heliplots aplenty. … If the nexus of the East Coast and Ramapo faults were not enough, the New Madrid and the Brevard fault line rising along the Appalachian Mountains are also tugged back and forth. This will accelerate as the New Madrid FINALE approaches. … We have stated that the New Madrid FINALE will occur when the rock bridge above the New Madrid area snaps. … Once the rock hook under Turkey starts to give way, and the Azores start to rupture, the New Madrid Grand FINALE is highly vulnerable to the ongoing Severe Earth Wobble. …  The New Madrid Fault Line has separated from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec up through the Gulf to New Orleans and thence along the lower Mississippi River. There it seemed to stall some months ago but is again being tugged to separate up along the Mississippi. The FINALE is close.

ZetaTalk Context 8/31/2022: We have predicted that the New Madrid FINALE would occur before the end of 2022, and the Junta is braced for this. … We are not allowed to give a specific date for the New Madrid FINALE, but it is clear that the current rumors about President Trump's return are setting the timeline to put this SCOTUS announcement first. The New Madrid FINALE will be sudden but will be preceded by the steps we have outlined. Africa will slide into a void in the South Atlantic, and is already showing signs of this slide. The Africa Roll will not be gentle, from ripping at Gibraltar and the Sinai to increasing separation at the Azores.

ZetaTalk Context 9/30/2022: With the turmoil the pending New Madrid FINALE about to descend will bring to the UK, that will be the least of anyone’s concerns. … We have explained the sequence of events that will lead to the New Madrid FINALE as a movement of the Antarctica Plate into the S Atlantic, then a ripping open of the S Atlantic to allow the Africa Plate to slide into this void, thus putting pressure on a rock hook under Turkey that has until now prevented the Africa Plate from sliding down past the Sinai Peninsula…. As the Eurasian Plate pulls eastward away from the border it shares with N America Plate in the N Atlantic, Iceland emerges as the pressure point for a rip. What will change this dynamic will be the New Madrid FINALE …. The Mainland Portion in Canada can now cling comfortably to the Eurasian Plate in Europe, but the SE Portion of N America is put into play by the Africa Plate, which continues to drop and roll. The New Madrid FINALE is the outcome. … The sequence of events that would lead to the New Madrid FINALE are in process, and the S Atlantic is now spreading open, allowing the foot of Africa to shift over into the void being opened.  In 2021 we described the Sequence of Events leading up to the New Madrid FINALE.

As the Finale Process has unfolded, a number of Zeta predictions have come true. As we detailed in last week's Newsletter, the Zetas predicted that big quakes on the West Coast would emerge prior to the New Madrid Finale, and this ZetaTalk prediction has occurred. The Zetas have often referred to the foot of Africa shifting into the void in the S Atlantic as the Atlantic splits open. The scrunch of the foot of Africa toward the West can be seen in the SO2 distress maps, but also in the news where large waves can be generated near S Africa.

Massive ‘Freak Wave’ Kills 3 Beachgoers, Injures 17 others in South Africa
December 19, 2022
Three people were killed and more than a dozen others injured when a monster “freak wave” struck a packed beach in South Africa’s coastal city of Durban Sunday. The EThekwini Municipality said that those who died were swept out to sea by rip currents and drowned. At least 17 people were taken to area hospitals to be treated for injuries sustained during the incident. The patients were said to be in serious or critical condition.

Another ZetaTalk prediction that has been verified is the prediction that the top of the waggling Saudi Plate would cut through the oil and gas fields in Iraq, causing them to explode. This process can be seen on December 27 with a refinery explosion on the northern border of Iraq. Note the number of earthquakes where the top of the Saudi Plate cuts a swath during the Saudi Plate waggle.

Fire Erupts in Refinery in Iraq's Erbil
December 27, 2022
A fire broke out in a refinery in Iraq’s northern city of Erbil and attempts by firefighting teams to get it under control are ongoing.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq, which is what is building the mountains that separate Iraq and Iran. This takes Jordan and Syria for a ride, as they are in the rear seat and not where compression is occurring. But all of Iraq is crushed into the mountains along its border with Iran. This will explode the oil fields in northern Iraq, heave and split the ground, and make survival in this portion of Iraq very risky. The hills of western Iraq will be safe.

As the Africa Plate drops its NE corner, it scrapes along past the Sinai and the Red Sea, causing chaos in the Suez Canal. The Zetas have long predicted this as a time when the NE corner would “scrape” past lands to the East but provided timely details in November. In late December, the Suez was closed intermittently due to this process, especially at night when most earthquakes are generated due to the Polar Push happening on the other side of the globe. On January 9 a container ship ran aground. This Suez closure had been predicted by the Zetas. On December 30 the Erta Ale volcano at the end of the Red Sea - the site of many recent quakes - erupted.

Jordan: Tourists Evacuate following Flash Floods in Petra
December 27, 2022
Footage shows the moment tourists were evacuated from Jordan's ancient city of Petra.
Two Refugees Die, 232 Rescued after Boat Capsizes off Lebanon
January 1, 2023
Reports from the northern city of Tripoli - Lebanon's second-largest and most impoverished - said Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian men, women and children were on the boat that left northern Lebanon after midnight.
Ship Refloated in Suez Canal after Running Aground, only ‘Minor Delays’ Reported
January 9, 2023
Satellite tracking data analyzed by The Associated Press earlier showed the Glory in a single-lane stretch of the Suez Canal just south of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2022: We have stated that Sinai will become an island with 50 additional miles separating the Sinai from land, that the Red Sea will widen, that lands with dual loyalties along the Saudi Plate border will be subject to scraping, that a void will appear in the Mediterranean above Egypt, and that the slide of the Africa Plate through the Middle East will scrape down along the Dead Sea plate border.

When the rock hook under Turkey snaps, the Africa Plate will be immediately freed to drop, creating a void in the Mediterranean above Egypt. Due to the constant press eastward that the Africa Plate has endured, it will immediately shove against the Red Sea and the Sinai. The Suez Canal will close, and as the Africa Plate continues to drop the bottom of the Sinai will be pressed so the Sinai shifts up into the new void in the Mediterranean.

The Sinai is considered a platelet – the Sinai Subplate. When the Sinai is pressed eastward at its southern tip, the entire Sinai Subplate will swing counterclockwise into the Mediterranean void.  The Sinai will have a new orientation to lands on either side. Israel also resides on the subplate, so the separation at the Dead Sea Fault Lines will increase, and Israel may also become an island. Eventually, the Red Sea will open allowing shipping in the Suez Canal. All these matters are in God’s hands.

And on January 2 a quake swarm at the Azores began - multiple quakes toward the top of the Azores Triple Junction - and on January 3 more action at the bottom of the Azores. These are not the big #7 rupture at the Azores that would allow a tsunami to race toward Europe, but predecessor #4 tugging quakes. But once again, this is a Zetas prediction come true. Zetas RIGHT Again!

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2022: We have also detailed how the African Roll will tear open the Atlantic at the Azores, facilitating the New Madrid rupture.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/30/2022: When the Turkey hook snaps and the Africa Plate drops along its East side, the Azores will rip open.

Rock Bridge Focus

The New Madrid Fault Line Rupture will race to a rapid conclusion when the rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid snaps. This is #5 in the JOLT sequence, and per the Zetas when this occurs there will be an “immediate” rupture at the Azores and a resulting tsunami racing toward Europe. Thus #6, #7, and #8 happen in a flash.  This bridge is located at the junction of the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. There is hard rock to the right and left, and exactly where the snap will occur is not known, but the Zetas have stated that the Wabash Seismic Zone should be watched closely.

On January 7 there was significant shaking felt in the Wabash zone, as reported by Volcano Discovery. This is precisely the region the Zetas were suggesting should be watched. As the comments show, this area was broad and the shaking significant. An attempt was made after the fact to claim this shaking was due to a coal mine demolition nearby, citing a single source for this claim – a professor who was relying upon the same information we are herein reporting.

47711 (13.2 km E of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) : Heard and felt rattle. Lasted just a few seconds North side Evansville. Sister felt in posey co Indiana |
Palestine, Posey, Indiana (12.7 km WSW of epicenter) / Light shaking (MMI IV) / rattling, vibrating / 10-15 s : I was in a Horse barn and thought That something Had Run in The barn Like a vehicle or a tractor. There was a sizable shaking shaking of the barn for an extended period of time |
47620 / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 1-2 s : Really loud booming/banging. My dog started to whimper prior to, and especially afterwards. Not sure if it was a quake. Someone said demolition was going a couple counties over. |
Cynthiana, IN / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : House shook briefly (thought something large had fallen in or on thr house) then a small pause followed by a very short, less intense shake. Also heard a boom, similar to an explosion. |
Evansville Indiana (19.3 km SE of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibrating / 30-60 s : I was sitting on the couch when it started my wife was laying in the bed when she felt it and my brother was still in bed when he felt it also |
Florence, Comté de White, Illinois (20.8 km WNW of epicenter)  / Light shaking (MMI IV) : Standing at bathroom vanity I felt the house shake slightly, sounded like a extremely big, heavy truck passed close to the house. Very brief rattling and shaking of house made me feel off balance. |
Evansville, IN 47712 (15.9 km S of epicenter) / Weak shaking (MMI III) : All the cabinets in my kitchen shook for a couple of seconds. I was just standing at the counter when it happened. |
Owensville Indiana / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 1-2 s : There’s was a boom like thunder noise with it. |
Elberfeld, indiana (22.1 km E of epicenter) / Weak shaking (MMI III) / single lateral shake / 2-5 s : Felt like a 3-second rumble and vibration, more than just a heavy truck going past the house. |
Poseyville, Indiana (10.8 km NW of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : The apartment shook and the shop I work in felt it. Sounded like a bomb went off. |
Evansville / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 1-2 s : Sounded like a huge truck driving by and the glass in my storm doors was rattling. We get a lot of noise from traffic but this was bigger and there were no cars driving by when I heard it. |
Grayville / not felt : Some old mine silos outside of Keensburg, Illinois were demolished this morning at that time. That is probably what caused the shaking that some felt. |
Evansville (14 km SE of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) : I was sitting on the couch and thought a semi truck was passing by on the roD directly outside my home. |
Griffin, in (21.9 km WNW of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / single vertical bump / very short : Two bumps half second apart |
Evansville, IN (12.8 km ESE of epicenter) / not felt / very short : Very weak shaking. Sounded like the building got tapped by a vehicle then it was gone! | 2 users found this interesting.
Owensville, IN (17 km N of epicenter) / Light shaking (MMI IV) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : Light Shaking windows rattle and loud boom |
Wadesville Indiana (12 km SW of epicenter) / Light shaking (MMI IV) / rattling, vibrating / 5-10 s : Indoors. Felt vibration and deep rumbling sound |
Mount Vernon (25.6 km SW of epicenter/ Very weak shaking (MMI II) / very short : Heard more then felt |
Petersburg / not felt : It was a controlled demolition of a mine. Not an earthquake | 2 users found this interesting.
Mount Vernon indiana / Light shaking (MMI IV) / very short : Entire house shook. heard rattling/rumbling noise. |
10110 John Will Road, Wadesville, Indiana / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 1-2 s : Loud boom and building shaking. |
Evansville, IN / Moderate shaking (MMI V) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : House shook, was fairly loud. |
Home / Light shaking (MMI IV) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : Light |
Poseyville (5.8 km NW of epicenter) / not felt : Heard a loud explosion, no shaking. |
Evansville Indiana (10.5 km ESE of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibrating / very short : Sitting on my bed. The house shook |
Poseyville (7.9 km E of epicenter/ Moderate shaking (MMI V) : Shook a picture off my wall |
Evansville IN 47720 (5.7 km SSE of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) / rattling, vibrating / 1-2 s : Felt shaking in my home. Windows and rattled and floor shook. | .
Evansville, indiana (12.3 km SE of epicenter) / Very weak shaking (MMI II) : I felt my bed shake. |
Evansville Indiana / Weak shaking (MMI III) / rattling, vibrating / 2-5 s : It felt like a loud boom and then rattling and shaking windows |
Princeton / not felt : Heard a noise didn't feel anything |
Northern Vanderburgh county Evansville In / Light shaking (MMI IV) / 2-5 s : vibration/rattling of windows sound of trampling coming down stairs

Wobble at Work

Is the Severe Wobble set in motion by the Council of Worlds to assure that the New Madrid timeline would stay on schedule in process? This has been repeatedly mentioned by the Zetas, and many people have noted that the Sunrise and Sunset is too far South lately. Ms Sakamaki takes regular daily readings, posted on the Pole Shift Ning site, and the readings for December do indeed show the Sunrise and Sunset too far to the South.

ZetaTalk Followers
Texas Was facing almost true west and the sun is low in the south at about 210 on this compass so it's setting to far south; Denver I noticed the sun is too far south also… much further than normal. I’m about 40 degrees latitude outside Denver; Michigan And sunrise was too far south also.

The Sun is Currently Rising from the South
December 17, 2022
I noticed that too a few days ago. … I have noticed this too … My house just moved around a bit cause now the sun rises and shines right into my bedroom. It is very odd. The sun never poured into my room like this. Been here since 2009. Now I put a piece of cardboard in the area the sun is invading.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/24/2022: The Council determined to utilize a Severe Wobble to nudge the scripted drama of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements back on schedule. We the Zetas have stated that the New Madrid Rupture will be in effect by the end of 2022, and said this with confidence because of the Council’s ruling. As can be seen from the stress on the N American Continent and the Middle East where the rock hook under Turkey is ready to snap, the stage is set.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/17/2022: The Daily Earth Wobble has been dominated lately with the Polar Push, where the N Pole of Nibiru shoves against the magnetic N Pole of Earth. Lately, the magnetic N Pole of Earth is in Siberia, so when this appears on the horizon the Sun is over the Pacific – sunset in America. Thus the globe is tipped away from the Sun, which has been appearing about 20 degrees too far South for sunrise.

Then as the globe turns in its rotation, the magnetic N Pole tries to escape to the East, into what we have been calling the Lean to the Right. The globe is still tipped over at this point, providing a sunrise with the Sun once again too far South by 20 degrees. The Wobble has destabilized the globe at this time, because the 7 of 10 Plate Movements have stalled.

The New Madrid Rupture is not an easy path because many plates are involved, and long borders too. Africa is a massive land mass, solid and thick, and after it starts to roll the daily rotation of the Earth will stabilize. Meanwhile, this instability will be used by the Council of Worlds to keep the New Madrid Rupture on schedule. It will be as though a weight has been moved from the North and shifted to the South. Meanwhile, the Sun will be seen in the South in the N American Continent.