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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 13, 2010

I am new to the forum, although I have been following this matter on books (thank you Mr. Sitchin) and on websites since several years. Being short minded and a little dumb, expecially at reading pictures, no matter how strong I try I cannot understand the moving of the magnetic poles. On these pages there is a nice scheme where it is shown that the N magnetic pole moves, roughly 90°drawn from the proximity of planet X. The crust follows, slowly after, of the same degrees. Then when the magnetic N pole returns to the original position (in respect to the sun?) the crust seems to remain there. I humbly ask, why? Why it shouldn't follow the magnetic pole in his wandering? And what about the rotation axis of this planet? Would it change position in respect to the Sun?

There are many points of confusion about the pole shift, due to man's lack of understanding on how closely the core and crust bond, what causes rotation and the conflicting attractions the core and crust have to the neighborhood, and how the status quo is affected by drag and momentum.

Normally, the core and crust are bonded, and the core (which turns slightly faster than the crust) drives the process. The magma, which lies between the core and crust, is somewhat in motion and not homogeneous. The more solid parts bond the crust to the core, while the more liquid parts swirls about, creating volcanic activity. During the pole shift, due to the rapid push given to the N Pole during the passage of Planet X overhead, the core and crust bond is ripped. It doesn't re-establish until the core turns to point its N Pole again to the north. Why then does the crust not follow?

Man tends to think of the motion of planets and their moons according to what they term Newton's Laws, which are merely math used to describe what man sees, not explain the motion. Man is almost completely ignorant of sub-atomic particle and their flow patterns or ability to attract or repulse other particles. Particles group, then disburse due to crowding, and often as with electrons or magnetons establish flow patterns to deal with this. The Moon faces the Earth, perpetually, due to such attractants. Planets establish the direction and pace of their rotation due to clumps in their liquid interiors pulling toward or running away from factors in the Universe around them. During the hour of the pole shift, all the parts of the globe (core, crust, and magma) have flopped 90° to the side, but after this they do not all move in synchronization.

After the hour of the pole shift, when the core is quickly righting itself, the liquid parts of the magma likewise adjust to begin rotating in their old familiar directions. This is what causes rotation to resume in its familiar direction, west to east. The crust however, has other dictates, in that it has attraction to various points in the Universe that the core and magma do not consider. The status quo prevails in this matter, as to change means tearing an attraction apart, and this change must build momentum sufficient to counter the drag of the status quo. Thus, during pole shifts, the crust tends to remain when it has landed. It is the last part of the globe to reestablish itself after the shift. The core moves first, the magma next, and the crust is last. During the delay, attractants in the vicinity adjust to the new position of the crust, strengthening bonds with the crust, creating a new status quo for the crust.

There are different theories about what was behind the sighting of those fireballs. [and from another] Great balls of fire over Canada: NASA investigates [Nov 4] Great balls of fire were reported swooping recently over Eastern Canada and several U.S. states and there are different theories about what caused the sightings. Even NASA's on the case. An agency spacecraft got a closer look at one of the possible sources when it made a scheduled flight past the Hartley 2 comet. Scientist Peter Brown says that, last month, his meteor group at the University of Western Ontario tracked one of two fireballs while the other was detected by NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. Those two fireballs, which were seen by two separate networks, were fairly similar. The position where they came from the sky, however, was a bit different and their orbit was only in a vague sense similar to Hartley 2. Hartley 2 is very bright, so the peanut-shaped comet can be seen faintly with the naked eye. So what caused those mysterious fireballs that were sighted in mid-October? They were part of the Taurids meteor shower, coming from a comet called Encke.

This is a sad attempt to explain the increase in fireballs screaming across several provinces or states or countries around the world, a wide area. The incidence is many multiples of what has historically been experienced. The incidence cannot be denied as millions see them and record their trajectories on the Internet, flooding the Internet with photos and videos. At first NASA tried to claim this was all space junk, finally making a re-entry. But as meteors have financial value, the portion of the fireball that did not burn up was regularly retrieved and in the news. Not space junk. NASA has periodically muttered that the fireballs are related somehow to meteor showers, and this is still the favored excuse when the fireballs coincide. As anyone familiar with meteor showers can attest, these flaming fireballs, lighting the sky so it looks like day, are not the little streaks of light mankind calls meteors. The meteor shower excuse is growing thin. Now NASA is trying to associate fireballs with passing comets. The hope is that for a period of time, this new excuse might be adopted by the public before they begin to question again.

Not far from my town is a place where people go on summer vacation. There does not have any amenities (TV, etc.) who would detain people in their homes, and people all day outside of them. In the evening having nothing to do they observe the stars. I so once observed too, but instead of stars I have counted 16 UFOs for over two hours! One of the first ideas that visited me - there near the base of UFOs. Almost all of the objects were flying in one direction. Now, it seems logical and the conclusion that there is some kind of "road" on which you fly. After arrival home, I looked at the sky half the night, but could not see something. 1)What explains the high number of observed UFOs in one place and complete absence of visible traces of a UFO in another? 2)Is it a good idea for people to settle in these places (where it is often seen UFOs) after the pole shift?

Do UFO's establish highways in the skies, in order to keep from crashing into one another? Certainly some kind of coordination is required as there are over a thousand different life forms visiting Earth at present, and all with some type of mode of travel. Does one make a reservation to put on a display over a particular part of Earth at a particular date and time? Yes. Do space ships that can conflict with one another in the particle flows involved in their movement need to ensure they do not clash? Yes. Are mutual missions that might share a space ship coordinated to create less crowding in the skies? Yes. Does the placement of any of these space highways account for the displays any given human may see in the skies? No. Scarcely any of the travel we do involves a visible sighting by humans. When ships are seen by humans it is to give a message, and while we have your attention, we transmit a telepathic message about the coming times.

Is there a reason for an STO person to be living with a STS person? How does the disparity ever work? Is it supposed to work? Is there a bigger lesson to be learned? Is there growth that is supposed to happen, is the STO person supposed to "inspire" something in the STS? Is it the job of the STO to raise the STS person up to a higher level? Are there lessons to be learned from the STS for the STO? I am asking because I do not want to "check out early" due to selfishness, I want to do the right thing for everyone... Yes, for everyone; Is this an impossible task? I am asking because I am a very giving person, and my husband seems to come across as self centered. We are totally disintegrating as a married couple. We have children. I feel he will be an asset during and through the pole shift because he can rise to the occasion when needed, and we work well together when necessary; so I don't feel like it is imperative for us to separate. I want to help each other and help the family survive, together. I don't think it would be good to separate our resources. This would probably work; Excerpt: we are having a very hard time getting along, as we are coming to a head in the collapse of the marriage. I am frustrated and so is he. So to clarify: Is there a higher purpose to working out these differences? I sometimes feel like it is my job to hold everything together because it is causing the least of amount of pain and disruption. Or am I doing a disservice to everyone by holding on? I think this could be a good question because as we are getting closer to TSHF, more and more divisions and frustrations are erupting between families and loved ones....I just really want to do the right thing, for everybody. Thank you so much for all the insight and help I have received from the wise words of the past; I look forward to more insight in the future!

We have often spoken of the polarizing period, when those who are Service-to-Other will tend to find each other and group together and expel or refuse to deal with those who are firmly Service-to-Self. This is primarily a trend whereby those who are Service-to-Other refuse to be taken advantage of anymore, as the Service-to-Self certainly do not want the status quo to change. There is also a separation between those who take the Earth changes and our warnings seriously from those who prefer denial. This is not necessarily along the lines of spiritual orientation as there are those who are highly Service-to-Other who simply cannot bear to think of the horror, and those who are highly Service-to-Self who are determined to survive. However, it is certainly true that the Service-to-Other individual is more likely to plan for the safety of others, and work at this, where the Service-to-Self individual will party until the end, planning to loot and take advantage of the work others have done. Given all that, there can be an additional reason that couples of families separate as the times get more tense.

It is not a true statement that all those who are highly Service-to-Other get along with each other, or have the same view on approach or overall agenda. Just look at Service-to-Other alien groups, who do not agree on how to present the pending pole shift to mankind! The Pleiadeans do not want to be the bearer of bad tidings, so sugar coat the coming changes. Yes there will be some rough times but how wonderful at the end! We on the other hand feel mankind should be empowered by knowledge, to better their chances of survival and their chances of being alive so as to help other survivors such as orphans or the injured. Yet both groups are highly Service-to-Other!

We have mentioned Mother Teresa as an example of a highly Service-to-Other individual, and Yoda as another example in fiction. Yoda could be brusk, firm, refuse assistance, yet would throw himself into the fray without hesitation when it was called for. Mother Teresa gave to all, unfailingly, at sacrifice to herself. Some mistake a tendency to simply give to all as an expression of being Service-to-Other, and it certainly is a trait of those in the Service-to-Other to be highly giving. But others, equally concerned about the general welfare, equally Service-to-Other, will be more firm with others, insisting they contribute as much as possible, not be lazy, not have unrealistic expectations of others. These views clash, often. The one who is overly giving does not meet with distress when times are good, but will encounter distress when there is not enough to go around. A challenge among humans in the Service-to-Other going into the rough times ahead will be to learn to live with and respect each others viewpoints.

Can we expect a sudden cut-off from ZT-info (chat)? When things heat up (7-8-9/10 etc) landlines and satellite communication might be destroyed and thus no updated ZetaTalk. No Internet. Is this likely to happen do you think? Or will Internet still be there even during and after the PS?

We have stated that total satellite failure can be expected as the last weeks approach, with increasing failure up until that point. Certainly, during the last weeks, the 9 of 10, total failure can be expected. Prior to this time electromagnetic surge and pulse will affect clear communication via satellite, and cell phone usage. This leaves land lines as a route for communication, for the Internet, for phone lines, and for cable news. Static from rock under compression disrupts even these, however. It will be a matter of diminishing capacity, and will certainly start during the 7 of 10 scenarios. Nancy and others have taken extraordinary steps to provide mirror site services to the existing ZetaTalk and survival information, on several continents and at several sites per continent in many cases. When land lines drop from being torn by moving plates, especially between continents, this will help people access the existing pool of knowledge. In the future communication by short wave will be assisted for Service-to-Other communities, and as time passes and these communities become dominant and flourish, there will be other assists from aliens in the Service-to-Other.

Is all the flooding in Thailand from rain, as purported? If Thailand is having so much rain, then why not the surrounding areas? Is this sinking land? And what is the relationship to a new apparently volcanic island near Bali? This new island rose, but is not steaming as a volcano would. Some land rises, others fall?
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align="right" hspace="0" width=205 height=388>Where Bangkok is certainly low land, so low in elevation that it would be under water with a mere 10 foot rise in sea level, there are many regions in SE Asia just as low who are not experiencing flooding. If Thailand's flooding were due to rain from a tropical depression, then why are all the neighboring countries with a similar elevation not flooded too? Vietnam south of Ho Chi Minh is far more vulnerable, and for a broader area, yet is not in such distress. Note the mountainous regions to the east and west of the valley in central Thailand. We have mentioned that when a plate tilts, rising one side and sinking on the other, that this plate may bend where the plate is thin. This is happening to some degree in the Coral Sea off the east coast of Australia, where the bending plate causes an uneven rise there beneath the buoys. It is also true that thin places on a plate can give rise to buckling when that plate is under compression, being squeezed. The tongue holding Indonesia is certainly under such a squeeze. As the tongue is pushed together, the eastern portion pushed toward the west, the valley in central Thailand is buckling, being pushed down. Simultaneously, a new seemingly volcanic island appeared between eastern Java and Bali, where the tongue is under pressure as it is being pushed down under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate. Where this is causing extensive volcanic activity in Sumatra and Java, it is also finding weak places in the plate holding Indonesia, which can buckle in such a manner as to rise. The new island is indeed volcanic in origin, having been formed years ago under the sea, but is no longer an active volcano. Thus, rising land, due to buckling, is the only explanation. The squeeze is acting like an accordion, as it comes together. Some parts rise, some parts fall during the compression.

I have done a search of zeta talk, but cannot find anything about the push to put fluoride in our water supply. Why would tptb want to put this poison into our drinking water? Is it to poison us? To dumb us down? To make us more docile?

Fluoride, in small doses, helps prevent tooth decay. There are many helpful substances that man ingests in small quantities that would be poisonous in large quantities. Vitamin A is an example. So why the consistent rumors about the nation being deliberately poisoned by fluoride, to create a docile population? Studies with rats or other studies done in the lab do not use a dosage consistent in potency with what man puts into his water supply. The idea in these studies is to see where harmful effects are evident, so more is added until these harmful effects show up. There has been, as we have detailed, many plans by the elite to reduce or control the population. Infections spread via vaccination, a bird flu pandemic, infections spread via chemtrails, dirty nukes set off in inner cities - all this selectively reduces a populace the elite would like to see eliminated. But flouride did not work fast enough or to the degree desired, so was discarded as a means of reducing or controlling the population.

Why wasn't the American press allowed full access to the original meeting in between Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan. Is this just a small misunderstanding or were they trying to have Planet X / Indian demise conversations in private? Gibbs is reported to have had his foot lodged in the door being shut in his face. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs grew so angry with Indian security officials on Sunday that he got into a heated shouting match with them -- and even blocked a door they were trying to close with his foot. The altercation came during the third day of President Obama's visit to the country. Indian officials, citing security, attempted to cut the number of White House reporters who would be allowed to cover a meeting between Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
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Meetings between heads of state on matters that relate to the pending passage of Planet X never take place in front of any reporters, and in fact are not even on the schedule. They are intensely private and occur just ahead of or after official meetings, when both parties are in the same building, the same vicinity. Here, there were some reporters allowed in, and Gibbs was feeling that those from the US were being slighted. This slighting had occurred earlier also, per reports. Why were they slighted? In India, in this part of the world, bribery is standard. If you want something done in India, you slip a bribe. This is true in the country's administration, in the court system, and within the corporations. It is considered the equivalent of tipping a waitress for good service. Gibbs had not given into this practice, out of principle, and was throwing a fit at being continually pressured to pass a bribe. .

Maybe the Zetas can tell us what is going on. [and from another] Australia-US sign space surveillance pact: November 8, 2010 Australia and US have signed a pact for increasing space surveillance in the Asia-Pacific region as American defence secretary Robert Gates said Washington was looking at enhanced presence in the Asian region. Acknowledging that preventive steps were necessary, Gates and his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith said the two countries were working "hand in hand" to expand military cooperation in new domains such as space and cyber-space. A space situational awareness partnership statement issued after the annual security and military dialogue between the two countries here said that the US and Australia shared a deep concern about the "congested and contested nature of outer space".

If the US has the ISS and various military satellites up above the Earth's atmosphere, peering in all directions, then why would they need a "space surveillance" partner in Australia? This is not quite what it seems, as the US can determine if China or N Korea has launched a missile without the assistance of another country. They have monitoring equipment on various bases and ships. What then is the mysterious object or situation requiring surveillance? Of course it is not any missiles launched by another country, but early warning about the appearance of the Planet X complex in the sky. What the ISS sees, and what the military satellites relay, is a consistent appearance of the Planet X complex. But what the populace can view through the atmosphere is another matter. The Sun looms large at sunrise or sunset, due to bending of light rays in the red spectrum by the gravity of the Earth. This is not the view of the Sun seen from the ISS, which is a consistent size. Australia and the US are on opposite sides of the globe, and thus this offers more coverage.

Does this "mystery launch" have something to do with NASA? Are they perhaps trying to sneak one past the alien visitors? [and from another] The Pentagon is unable to explain images of what appears to be a high-altitude rocket or missile launched off the coast of southern California at sunset. The Pentagon and the North American Aerospace Defense Command were investigating video shot by a news helicopter operated by CNN affiliate KCBS/KCAL showing an ascending orange-colored contrail high into the atmosphere. The Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Jane Harman -- whose coastal districts are closest to the offshore contrails -- were at a loss to explain the images. [and from another] An interesting contrail cropped up off the coast of San Clemente, Orange County, California on December 31st 2009. The curious shape led some people to think it's a missile launch, which it does kind of look like (all taken from San Clemente)
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[and from another] Notice to Mariners No. 45, 06 November 2010, Sea Range. The majority of missile firings take place 1400Z TO 2359Z AND 0001Z TO 0200Z daily Monday thru Friday in area bound by
34-02N 119-04W, 33-52N 119-06W, 33-29N 118-37W,
33-20N 118-37W, 32-11N 120-16W, 31-54N 121-35W,
35-09N 123-39W, 35-29N 123-00W, 35-57N 121-32W,
34-04N 119-04W.
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At first glance, a rocket, but upon closer inspection, this type of contrail image can occur at dusk or sunrise and has been photographed in the past. Are the clouds, at dusk, colored orange? They appear orange only because the light spectrum coming from the setting Sun is selective, in the red spectrum. The reason for this flap is the many people expecting change in Washington due to the mid-term election. Obama and the White House staff are out of the country on an Asian tour. Obama flew into a danger zone, at Jakarta near the burping Merepi volcano, and could theoretically be killed due to a natural disaster. Pelosi, the third in line to ascend to the Oval Office, is being replaced by a Republican. And only Biden would stand between the Republicans regaining the White House! The hearts of the ultra-right fluttered uncontrollably. Palpitations! Is a military coup in the works too! What drama!

NASA asserts that the Stereo satellites, launched in October, 2006, are both moving apart at the pace of 22.5 degrees each year. Thus, after 4 years, they are almost 180 degrees apart. But they are fuzzy about and do not explain whether this whole complex is static or moving! The position in the diagrams only makes sense if the Earth orbit is halted, as the Zetas state. Then each satellite would be moving at a steady and equal pace. They never come out and say this, though the diagram seems like a tacit admission that the Earth's orbit is halted. If one is to assume, by default, as most of the populace would, that the Earth is still moving, then this would mean that the Stereo Ahead satellite is moving faster than the Earth in her orbit (which is counterclockwise) and the Stereo Behind satellite is chasing the Earth but moving slightly slower than the Earth. If the goal is to see what is behind the Sun, why not just nudge the Ahead satellite real fast so it gets there, and have the Behind satellite stop for half a year! Why is this so vague in the NASA explanations, avoided?

The contradictions noted are revealing, as NASA is indeed giving a tacit admission that the Earth halted in her orbit. As with everything NASA does, the goal is to determine the trajectory of Planet X, its speed, its direction, and to triangulate so that its approach to the Earth can be viewed from an optimal position. The diagram being displayed by NASA conveniently avoids stating where the Earth is in its orbit, despite throwing Mercury and Venus into the diagram. What is clear is that they are showing the spread, in either direction, of the stereo satellites. This is what would happen from a static position of the Earth. As with the SOHO images, which are so obviously heavily edited, the edit lines clear evidence of cut and paste operation, almost all of the images are an inserted background. Stars, constellations, passing planets, all this is inserted.

NASA does this to continue to fool the public, as the only thing they are interested in seeing is the progress and position of Planet X. Thus, in explaining the sudden appearance of Planet X in the Stereo Behind images, we had Nancy place the Earth in the August position in her orbit (when the Earth shown on the NASA diagram is considered to be in the October position, the launch position). Yet the satellites themselves have moved their steady pace of 22.5 degrees per year. Why does NASA not go into detail to explain why it seems to take 3 full years to put the Stereo Ahead satellite further ahead of a purportedly orbiting Earth? Even their probes move at a faster pace! Because, as we are stating, the goal is not to see the backside of the Sun, but to get a broad view of the trajectory of Planet X, a triangulated view!

My question is with regard to the world wide wobble that we are seeing almost daily on the seismographs. I assume that this is due to the sudden lurching that the earth experiences as it tries to avoid the PX poles and earth's poles pointing at each other. The Zetas have stated that they occasionally move the earth in its orbit to simulate seasons and for other reasons. Does this movement on their part also cause the same seismograph readings?

When Earth is raised upward above the Elciptic, or slowly lowered, this is gradual, so does not cause any of the worldwide seismographic shuddering you see. The dance between Planet X and the Earth, however, is magnetic and thus subject to sudden switching about. If you toy with magnets on a glass plate, moving a powerful magnet under them in various directions and from various angles, you will find sudden jerks into different postures. This is what the Earth is trying to do.

Will the statement below have any effect on people locked down by martial law, (such as Colorado/Denver area), or should we surrender to being abused until death with no way out? Under martial law in this area, is it foreseen we will be taken out of our homes to be herded as animals into some sort of camp? Any feed back on what will happen to all the animals left behind? I'd prefer the Sudden Silence, but may not be able to get out. ../transfor/t165.htm "Then one day there will be unexpected visitors, odd looking, or humans who could not have arrived on their own. This will be the contact that will open doors, and eventually provide a route into cities or communities where high tech communications are far superior to the old Internet and phone lines and postal service. Thus, for those anxious about being cut off from information, from chats, we suggest that the answer lies in attention to the Service-to-Other lifestyle! It is this that is your ticket! "

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a government worker - a federal official, an agent or any of the numerous arms of the government, a general or officer in the military. This has been your life and for most who choose this route as a profession they see it as a lifetime occupation. The pay is good, the benefits comprehensive, the likelihood of a layoff inconceivable, and the sense of the power in the fist behind your mission a heady boost to your morale. These people, in the main, cannot imagine being bumped from their secure position any more than the wealthy can imagine being without. Unimaginable. Where the wealthy assume that civil services will be reinstated, the infrastructure repaired and the common man set to work at their former jobs so the wealthy can get back to shopping and traveling about, government workers have a similar illusion. They feel, in their gut, that some form of martial law will be instituted so that they, and other government workers, can continue their functions.

If they are considered a vital function, they have been moved to one of the carry-on government site, like sites such as Denver or Kokomo, Indiana. They are surrounded by military people, members of Congress, and intelligence agencies. Federal databases documenting citizens by social security number and felony offences are available and electricity at least temporarily generated for the carry-on government enclave. If the president has not issued executive orders, when communications are cut off, those who presume to be standing in his stead will do so. Once they have taken stock of the situation, and realize they are isolated, then what? The food stocks will be the first item to be inventoried. The nearby populace, coming to their door and demanding to be fed will be the second item demanding attention.

A bit of computation and those who formerly felt powerful and secure now realize they are isolated and about to be overrun by demanding former taxpayers and about to go hungry. Will they allow the tables to be turned, where instead of collecting taxes and living off the taxpayer, they are the ones having their assets confiscated? A type of martial law, the details of which will depend on who is in charge in any given installation, will emerge. Protection of those who are government employees will be the first concern, and thus those citizens considered trouble makers will be interned (and likely starved) or perhaps shot. The second move will be to commandeer any food in the area or food producing sites such as farms and gardens, and the food collected will not be distributed among the citizens but taken to government warehouses to feed government workers. After all, that's how tax collection works! The final step will be to select the strong and healthy from the citizen worker base and conscript them into farm and construction workers. All others will be pushed aside to starve to death.

Could you please give any explanation about UFO activity in Uralsk town, Kazakhstan region? Was it warning of coming flood after poleshift? (Video Comments: October 17, 2010 UFO in Kazakhstan (Uralsk) UFO hovering above the ground. Survey was conducted. camera Nikon S60.)
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Also can you kindly give any recomendations about Almaty city with population of 2.0 mln in Southern Kazakhstan, whether it safe place or will be better to move to the Northern region of the country? Your kind assistance can save a lot of people!
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Uralsk, also known as Oral, is above the Caspian Sea in western Kazakhstan. This area will flood in the Aftertime, when the sea level rises 675 feet. Consider the population of western Russia, who will in the main survive the pole shift as their land is not immediately flooded. Picking themselves up after the devastation that collapses their cities and blows the landscape about in unaccustomed hurricane force winds, the survivors will at first feel the worst is behind them, especially since the climate has become more moderate. Then the slow but steady encroachment of water, at first up the rivers and then spreading to all lands with a lower elevation. Those who thought they were on high ground, well drained and well away from any river flooding, will find the river waters coming to them, and still rising. Migration is inevitable - large numbers of people on foot or by whatever means, trying to move to higher ground. When this high ground starts melting underneath them, then boats will be constructed out of whatever material floats.

Northern and western Russia is a huge area, well populated today, and almost all of these people will be migrating in the Aftertime. Some will migrate west toward what they know is high ground, to Sweden. Some will migrate south to another region they know is high ground, to the Alps, but where further east within Russia they will consider the Ural Mountains or the high ground of Kazakhstan to be their salvation. The crowding in those migratory routes will be intense. Those with wet boots, and exhausted, finding a spot to rest for a moment will be overrun by those coming just behind them. And no food anywhere. Most of drowning central Russia will attempt to go to the Ural Mountains, which is Russian territory and closest at hand. When the fighting over a spot of dry land becomes too intense, many who have arrived on boats or have managed to fashion them will move south, along the Ural Mountains, toward what they know are other swatches of dry land within Russian territory.

Thus, they will arrive at Uralsk, where they can go no further. The Ural high lands have run out, and water everywhere before them. This is where they must bridge over to the known high ground of eastern Kazakhstan, which will visibly be above the waves in their view to the east. We have advised that the people of Kazakhstan prepare to feed themselves heavily by fishing in the rising waters, as fish will be propagating, feeding on the dead and the decaying vegetation. Those who have drifted south to Uralsk will have learned to do this, but the crowding in Uralsk as the jumping off place for a boat trip to lands east, will be intense, and anxieties high. Moving a make-shift boat along the edge of land is one thing, but crossing an expanse of open water another. Many will linger, and tension will be high among the starving. The people of Uralsk were being warned of this, with the recent very visible UFO in clear blue skies. Once on dry land, survivors who have made the journey will not be wanting to wander further, but will be wanting to settle and rest, to recover from their journey. Thus all of Kazakhstan will be heavily populated by newcomers, without exception. As with our advice for all cities, those living in cities such as Almaty will find they have to move out into the country to sustain themselves, and the further north, the more moderate the climate. .

This is more a curiosity and may not be relevant. Here in the Philippines I meet many indigenous folks who are, for the most part, disconnected from any radio or news so are not too much aware of events taking place in the world. I would imagine there is a great number of folk around the world in the same position. The Zetas have said that only a small part of the populous has a sparking new soul or a more advanced soul indwelt within them. Do these sparking souls or older souls tend to migrate to more advanced parts of the world? or are they evenly dispersed amongst all people whether indigenous and unaware of the world events or connected via technology etc.

Man moves from playing checkers to playing chess as it is more competitive, has more moves and thus requires more mental gymnastics, and in general brings greater reward in acclaim and fortune. Where lately, in the past decade or so, the Internet and electronic communication has allowed those living in sparsely populated areas to engage in the commercial and political games of the world, in the main this requires living in a city. Preparation for such engagements is enhanced if one goes for higher learning, and Universities are almost invariably situated in cities. The Spirit Guides know this, and tend to place reincarnating spirits in those environments where they will be challenged to address their lessons. Even those souls placed in rural areas migrate, looking for what they call opportunities in the cities. Where this would seem to leave the countryside virtually bereft of reincarnating souls, many souls require such a setting for their lessons, but the mixture is heavily unsparked souls, then young or recently sparked souls, and then to a much lesser degree, old souls. Where this would seem based on the numbers to be true in the cities too, Star Children are mainly located where the action is, and thus boost the numbers for the older souls located in cities.

As things heat up and the real disasters start to hit, the Zetas have mentioned, and others have theorized, that there will be forced relocations of disaster survivors here in the US and WW. I understand that people have to be cared for, but assuming that one has been diligent in preparing an out of the way farm with years of very hard work, and getting it productive as a place of refuge for extended friends and family - Certain individuals will not react well to having years of work that was put in to safeguard their extended family attempted to be taken by force and in fact may resist in the extreme. This may end badly with possible deaths and destruction of what farms the government hoped to use to settle displaced masses, instead of fostering a farm based survival community as was the original plan by people who have been preparing for all of these years. Any comments?

In any worst cast scenario solution that FEMA might be considering, the solution is not to interfere with existing farm production, as this would be counter productive. In any settlement plan that would involve confiscating idle farm land to support new communities of survivors from large scale disasters within the US, the operative word is idle farmland. This is land that has been put into the Conservation Reserve Program (CPR) whereby the farmer is paid to keep this land idle so as to support crop prices. The logic is that if the farmer were interesting in farming this land, he would not have placed his acres into the CPR. These contracts cannot be aborted by the farmer and the farm land cannot be confiscated except by Executive Order, a presidential order. This would not interfere with the existing functional farm, nor the farm family residences, but would potentially increase the population in the area. If you want your new neighbors to be self sufficient and even contributing members of the community, then help them get started into gardening and flock and herd management!

George Bush has recently introduced his memoirs and has given several interviews, bringing himself into the limelight once again. What is the purpose of this now? I recall that this is the third of three clones who presided during the Bush presidency, so why not just lie low? Why is he in the public eye again? I recall that he was more or less working for the STO. Is this still the case?

The 3rd Bush clone is indeed inclined toward the Service-to-Other, though in his role as the replacement clone must play the part of his brothers to some degree. Why has he written his memoirs and gone on a book signing tour, when he could have simply retired and avoided the public? The 3rd Bush clone is working with the Puppet Master, who anticipates a role in getting strong survival communities established around the world. This will involve political clashes, as those in power now will resist changes that will affect the status quo. Obama will do his part, but those that resist Obama purely for political or ideological reasons would more likely listen to a Bush persona. Thus, he is reminding the public that he is there, and approachable.

I've been watching a lot of the television show, Paranormal State, and find it extremely disturbing how highly sts entities are allowed to prey on children and adults. I've watched several episodes where the sts animal takes pleasure in manipulating and controlling the child or adult. Why is this allowed to occur to innocent people? I understand possession of adult who's soul has allowed it, but innocent children don't deserve to be terrorized by a disgusting entity. Why does the council allow innocent children to become victims of sts hauntings? They don't deserve it!

Scary movies and TV shows are nothing new. The Freddie series, the Halloween 13 series, ghost stories, haunted mansions (where doors slam and people are carved up by skeleton people) - these are all in abundance. Mankind loves a scary story and Hollywood is only too happy to make money on that desire. We have explained that contact with the Service-to-Self is only at the human's request, and that it is only for consultation, not manipulation of the environment. This is particularly the case for children. Movies that imply that spirits are coming, unbidden, are blatant fiction. Movies that imply that spirits can manipulate the environment are also blatant fiction. Ghosts can change the temperature of the air, and if your incarnated soul is willing to allow it, affect your brain so you see in your mind's eye the image of what the ghost looked like during its life. A possessed human, who has agreed to allow a Service-to-Self spirit takeover of its body, might levitate or raise lettering on its body during a possession, but cannot do this to others. Movies, which purport to be telling a true story, simply sell better at the box office, and thus the claims. Do you believe the Freddie stories? The Halloween 13 stories where Jason refuses to die? Well, Hollywood loves you!

I know that majority places in the world will be in very unimaginably devastating states during PS, and some even before that. I'm aware of the dangers of gas and oil pipelines during those times. But would you be willing to describe a little bit more about the extent of what will happen with inland and offshore gas and oil pipelines during a 7 in Indonesia with plate movements and volcanic eruptions going on? (And there's also a Yapen community in Papua who are still anxious with government plan for oil exploration in cooperation with a Canadian oil company.)
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Credit photo: World Pipeline Maps
Pipeline label codes: green = oil, red = gas, blue = products (gasolene, propane and ethylene).

During any plate or ground movement, any earthquake jolts, mankind's gas and oil pipelines and refineries are subject to rupture and explosion. This is a given. The pipelines throughout Indonesia primarily supply major cities - Singapore, Bangkok, and Jakarta. Indonesia is not considered a major oil producing country, nor are vast reserves been found there. In the main, it produces the natural gas it requires and is a minor player in the natural gas export business. Thus during the 7 of 10 plate movement, which will sink Indonesia up to 80 feet lower than it is today, explosions from gas pipelines will be the only pipeline worry. Pipelines sense a drop in pressure and shutoff valves close them off. Thus, during the earthquakes that will accompany the dropping of the tongue of Indonesia, this will occur during any fracturing of the pipelines. Rigs pumping gas from under the seas will be dragged under the waves, and pumping will stop.

Would the Zetas please confirm or deny. Whether the objects marked with red letters in the image below are the 4 biggest moons orbiting Planet X. The object in the center of the marked moons are indeed Planet X enshrouded by dust.

The particular Stereo Behind H1 image you referred to, for November 2, 2010, is not showing the Planet X complex but is showing an inserted constellation and star background generated for the Stereo Behind camera. Planet X has been showing up on the Stereo Behind, to the right of the Sun, but there are several reasons for it to be present one day, then not the next, and then reappear. We have explained that NASA is not interested in viewing the Sun, nor any comets or stars or constellations with their stereo cameras. They are interested in triangulating the Planet X complex between the two stereo satellites and any other satellites pulling in data from the direction of the Planet X complex. Why would Planet X appear one day, as it did on November 8, 2010, but not just days before on November 2, 2010? Just as the Second Sun is only visible on occasion, on Earth, when sunlight glints off the massive dust cloud shrouding Planet X at just the right angle, the appearance on the Stereo Behind cameras is dependent upon just the right angle for a sunlight glint. What is seen at present may not last. But this does not mean that the Planet X complex has moved out of view!

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