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Issue 47, Sunday October 28, 2007
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California Firestorm

The Zetas predicted alternating drought and deluge in the years before the inevitable pole shift, and the weather has indeed unfolded as predicted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/29/2005: We warned at the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, that unpredictable weather extremes, switching about from drought to deluge, would occur and increase on a lineal basis up until the pole shift. Where this occurred steadily, it has only recently become undeniable. ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk, warned of these weather changes, at that early date. Meanwhile droughts had become more intractable and deluges positively frightening, temperature swings bringing snow in summer in the tropics and searing heat in Arctic regions, with the violence of storms increasing in number and ferocity. Is this as bad as it will get, prior to the pole shift when hurricane force winds will sweep the Earth and every region of the globe will emerge with a new climate and geography? Has the lineal increase we predicted in 1995 reached its climax? We are not here with good tidings, nor were we here with good tidings in 1995. ZetaTalk, blunt and honest, is not for the faint at heart, but for those willing to take a serious warning and act on it.

Southern California has been subject to alternating drought and deluge, more extreme than usual. What has deluge to do with the epic firestorm raging from northern Los Angeles to the Mexican border? Two years ago this area had record rainfall, causing landslides, but this rainfall also caused the brush in the area to proliferate. This was followed by record heat and drought, setting the stage for a firestorm of epic proportions. The firestorm was fed not only by the dry brush, but also by the rains in earlier years that provided tinder.

Record 2005 Rain Caused Fires
October 24, 2007
The record heavy rains in January 2005 that built up the fire fuel supplies to record levels. Elaine and I were out in LA 2-years ago during those record rains/flooding - driving around Burbank floor pan deep - and one of my colleagues said prophetically "You watch the fires two years from now."

The epic firestorm in California was so fierce that emergency workers could do little more than get people out of harm's way. It was remarkable that so few were killed. An estimated one million people were evacuated.

Raging Calif. Wildfires Force 1M to Flee
October 23, 2007
Faced with unrelenting winds whipping wildfires into a frenzy across Southern California, firefighters all but conceded defeat Tuesday to an unstoppable force that has already chased nearly a million people away. Tentacles of unpredictable, shifting flame have burned across nearly 600 square miles, killing two people, destroying more than 1,300 homes and prompting one of the biggest evacuations in California history, from north of Los Angeles, through San Diego to the Mexican border.

Beyond the scope of the firestorm, a domino effect emerged, where one disaster creates another. In the midst of the firestorm, San Diego almost lost power.

San Diego Blackout Averted as Key Line Returns
October 24, 2007
California wildfires created an electricity "island" of San Diego County on Wednesday but a major blackout was averted when a key power transmission line to Arizona resumed operation in the afternoon. The Southwest Powerlink is one of two major transmission corridors that connect San Diego County to the U.S. West power grid. It had been out of service since Sunday when wildfires approached it. The other major link in the north part of the SDG&E service territory ceased operation about the same time the Southwest Powerlink restarted. California had the most transmission lines out of service on Wednesday than ever before.

Is this an example of what the future will bring? This and worse, say the Zetas.

Question: The recent California fires involved temporary, short, but nevertheless mass migrations of nearly 1,000,000 people, and also demonstrated how quickly emergency services can be overwhelmed. At the same time, everyone seems to be on good behavior, almost no looting and lawlessness. Can the Zetas compare this to what will happen during the Passage? Will we see more of the same from now on?

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/27/2007: We have stated that by the time the last weeks have arrived, that emergency management crews will be so exhausted that they will turn a deaf ear when the White House attempts to declare martial law or implement their agenda for world domination and power. The political decapitation of the Bush administration is ongoing, is almost total at the present time, but is not evident to the public as yet as all are still treating the White House occupants as royalty. They are impotent, but allowed to preside over ceremonies. The fact that the US military is no longer listening to Bush as Commander in Chief and that most federal agencies have already cut loose from White House control, ignoring the civilian leadership Bush attempts to impose upon them, is also not evident to the public as yet. It is the plethora of disasters that will begin to strike the US and the rest of the world that will expose this to the public eye.

The California firestorm, epic in proportions, was an example of how such disasters will negate any preparations and overwhelm the emergency management systems. Even though an occasional fire was doused, and the path of the fire occasionally diverted, the emergency management teams quickly concluded they did not have the resources to do anything more than to get people out of harm's way. This was possible because the roads had not been torn up by earthquakes, the bridges were still intact, and communications possible. What would the situation have been had the satellites not been working because the Earth wobble had skewed them out of position, or if escape routes for those being evacuated had been blocked by broken roads and bridges, or if the very shelters they had taken the evacuees to were collapsing onto the heads of the aged and young children huddled there? What would have happened if the emergency management teams were so stretched so thin that they could not attend to but a fraction of the cries for help?

To date, disasters are singular, happening one at a time with a chance afterwards for the system to recoup. What we have predicted are multiple and continuous disasters, with no letup. This is coming, and each family, each individual, needs to anticipate saving themselves, and taking themselves to safety, to safe locations, well before these times arrive.

Atlanta Goes Dry

Atlanta's primary water supply comes from inland lakes in the mountains above, lakes formed by damming rivers. With normally abundant rainfall, the southeast US never anticipated the prolonged and widespread drought that has stricken the southeast from Alabama to North Carolina.

Atlanta Shudders at Prospect of Empty Faucets
October 22, 2007
For more than five months, the lake that provides drinking water to almost five million people here has been draining away in a withering drought. Sandy beaches have expanded into flats of orange mud. Tree stumps not seen in half a century have resurfaced. Scientists have warned of impending disaster. And life has, for the most part, gone on just as before. In late September, with Lake Lanier forecast to dip into the dregs in less than four months, the state imposed a ban on outdoor water use. State officials have defended their response, saying the drought got very bad very quickly. And Georgia is not the only state in trouble. The drought has afflicted most of the Southeast, a region that is accustomed to abundant water and tends to view mandatory restrictions as government meddling. Lake Lanier is part of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river system, which forms much of the border between Georgia and Alabama.
Drought chief: 17 N.C. Water Systems Now Near Crisis Point
October 23, 2007
The number of North Carolina water systems that are near a crisis-level shortage has nearly tripled in recent days. Seventeen water systems serving hundreds of thousands of residents have regular water supplies of less than 100 days given current conditions, including Raleigh, Durham and Monroe. North Carolina is in the throes of a drought that was exacerbated by record high temperatures that evaporated lakes and reservoirs in the summer and early fall. Climate and weather experts have projected the drought could worsen with a winter expected to be drier and warmer than normal.

This is another example of drought and deluge, as the Southeast has also been subject to endless rain at times in the last few years. But as we approach the time of the pole shift, major adjustments in thinking, in how to approach living, will have to be made by everyone, worldwide. The availability of fresh water is just one such issue.

Question: USA Today had on its front page a big headline basically stating that America and the world in general are in the grips of an epic drough -- from Australia to Florida. How critical have the water tables gotten in most of the key spots that use water for growing crops? There must be crop shortages galore that we are not hearing about but will soon.

ZetaTalk Response 6/9/2007: We have predicted, from the start of ZetaTalk, great and intractible droughts, and these have started in many parts of the world. In those lands where the water table is dependent upon rain, it drops, and in those areas where land is sinking, such as Florida, seawater often pollutes the ground water. Water for drinking will not be in such short supply, as this is the minor need. It is water for crops heavily dependent upon water, such as cotton, that will be set aside, and water for swimming pools, watering lawns, washing cars, etc, will be forbidden. Crop shortages in any case are in your future, due to erratic temperatures and alternating drought and deluge, both of which can kill crops by drowning seedlings or shriveling them. The availability of water is thus only one issue affecting the ability of man to live in an area.

Bush Clones

In the September 30, 2007 Newsletter the Zetas revealed that the current President Bush is a zygote multiple, one of several clones.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/29/2007: There were 3 living clones who could act as President in 2000, but the one acting as the public face during the early years of the presidency was so damaged by cocaine and booze that he was considered out of control, and is secreted away, imprisoned, in case they need a body in which case he would be killed. Another clone was approached by the Puppet Master's agents and agreed to work with him. He is in Europe and could be substituted for the clone acting as the US President at any time. We came forth with this information at the present time as such an occurrence might happen, in our opinion, due to the collapse of the current clone acting as President in the public view.

Is there any proof of this? Apparently, yes! The appearance of the president's nose changed dramatically shortly around the time of the 2004 elections, even causing mention on the Letterman show.

George W. Bush Nose Job?
February 09, 2004
The President Bush pictures above are undoctored. The nose? Not so sure. The political significance of this possible nose job? Zero.
George W. Bush nose job story on "Late Show with David Letterman"
February 20, 2004
Letterman: Here now is my favorite story of the week: a rumor that President George Bush had a nose job, that he had some kind of plastic surgery, he actually had a nose job. And I was thinking, well, if this is true it would be the first new job he's created since taking office.
ZetaTalk LIVE Chat October 20, 2007
It appears that one is the bloated nose of a drunk and drug addict, and that the other is simply polished and less bloated.

This is not the first time a dual Bush appearance has been noted. When President Bush served roast turkey in Iraq on Thanksgiving in 2003, he was on the plane for long hours coming and going, and in a tent for security reasons when in Iraq. He was noted to be pale faced in photos in Iraq, but when he emerged after the flight back he had a deep suntan!

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq for Thanksgiving Holiday
November 27, 2003
The trip took about 30 hours, 27 of them in the air.

Was there a switch in clones at that time? Per the Zetas, yes. The clone who had been acting as President since 2000 was put aside, due to damage from cocaine and alcohol.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/20/2007: The current clone is much more comfortable with press conferences than the clone in place after the 2000 election. By the 2004 election, this first clone was in a type of prison, near Denver.

Video Clip on Steve Fossett

The Zeta Report 13 - Steve Fossett. Disappeared on Labor Day and never found. Where did he go? Click on the image or click Here to watch.

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