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Issue 833, Sunday September 18, 2022
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Internet Blocks

The establishment has various ways to control or block an unwanted message that is out and about on the Internet. Many of these maneuvers have been deployed against the ZetaTalk message, starting in the Year 2000 when crop shortages impacted the price of barley for livestock in Saudi Arabia. Wanting to control unrest in the populace, the Saudi government banned the ZetaTalk message. As reported by a German engineer working in Saudi, who found a dialup workaround to get past the gateway block to read his daily dose of new ZetaTalk.

Saudi Ban
On June 30, 2000 the ZetaTalk Accuracy TOPIC in Troubled Times was updated with a massive amount of substantiation on wide ranging topics, including the accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions on Cataclysm Masks, Weather Changes, Migrations, Domino Quakes, and Summer Snowstorm. Within 24 hours, access to the ZetaTalk had been blocked, for the first time, by the Emirates Internet in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Orders Subsidies to Curb High Barley Prices
Reuters, June 25, 2000
Saudi Arabia's King Fahd has ordered “billions of riyals” in state subsidies to help livestock owners cope with high barley prices, a Saudi official said on Sunday. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest importer of feed barley. According to the International Grains Council, Saudi Arabia is expected to import 4.5 million tonnes of barley during the current crop year. But traders see the desert kingdom importing between five and six million tonnes because of the impact of drought.
Censorship in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia directs all international Internet traffic through a proxy farm located in King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology. A content filter is implemented there, based on software by Secure Computing.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/18/2003: Think about how little it takes to control the media. This is done in closely controlled countries like Saudi Arabia, where the internet gateway is in one city in one facility monitored by one group, so that access can be cut off instantly. Or such as China, which found fax machines traitorous during the Tianaman Square incident, information escaping to the outside world, such is their control over information flow within China.

The Internet is designed to flow like water. If a packet encounters a block it quickly seeks and finds an alternate route. As with the German engineer’s experience in the Year 2000, the Arab Spring revolts in 2014 used dial up technology to avoid Gateway bans. This also was reportedly used during the China Tiananmen Square repression. China also uses Gateway blocking and bans.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/22/2014: There are also sinister possibilities, as where there are many ISPs serving an area it is not possible to cut off the Internet from the public, but limited gateways allow this type of control by reducing the access options down to one.

In 2012 after it became evident that the Red Filter Revolution allowed the public to see Nibiru by simply using the red filter from a floppy disc, several Mirror Sites came under a coordinated DDOS attack. All the ZetaTalk Mirror Sites were under a well-designed and well-coordinated Denial of Service attack. Kazahkstan moved to protectively close ftp access, India failed to provide web hosting for a period. Argentina was down for more than an hour, and later appeared to have lost all its data, not permitting access for web hosting. Australia presented a default web page for a day. And California likewise was guarding its ftp access.

Just this past week there have been a number of problems with the ZetaTalk mirror sites. First in Kazahkstan was under a DDOS attack and had to limit ftp access. Hosting is still being provided. Then I noticed while testing the links in my latest newsletter that in India was not hosting, though later this link worked so the site was back up. Then I got a Pingdom report on the main site,, that a 23 minute outage had occurred! Where brief outages of a few seconds or minute or two have happened, such a thing as a 23 minute outage had never occurred before. Then proved to be timing out and was like that for an hour with a default page presenting. Then the static IP address for the website was down, presenting a default website page for a day. In the opinion of experts, this was a DDOS and ZOMBIE attack and not some kind of problem with the Internet in general. That this is so specific to ZetaTalk sites speaks volumes! Someone does not want the public reading the truth!
PingdomAlert DOWN:
ZetaTalk ( is down since 03/04/2012 11:27:40PM.
PingdomAlert UP:
ZetaTalk ( is up again at 03/04/2012 11:50:43PM, after 23m of downtime.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/10/2012: A DOS attack was initiated and intended to take down all the ZetaTalk mirror sites. It was very professionally designed, not done by amateurs, and not expected to be traced to the source which of course would be US government agencies. This had not been considered before because of the ZetaTalk popularity, as it would be too obvious. But now that the public is taking notice of the signs in the skys, and can see the Planet X complex with nothing more than the plastic from a floppy disc, and the Earth wobble has placed the Sun in the wrong place for much of the world, they do not want the public reading the ZetaTalk material. However, in that the public has been encouraged to download a full ZetaTalk website for some months, this would not have succeeded. Alternate ZetaTalk websites would have sprung up! The public is now even more determined to do so since this attack.

A DOS attack or even a ZOMBIE attack is nothing more than electrons on networks, which can be identified as to source and target. They are best stopped at the source, which is what we did. Of course we knew when and what was going to be involved, as we read minds easily. Since this failed, and succeeded only in giving Nancy her PR opportunity, this is unlikely to be tried again. The handwriting on the wall for this crowd is to anticipate a plethora of mirror sites popping up around the world, from the hundreds of individuals who have either web whacked or downloaded ZIP files of the site. It is a hydra, such that cutting off the head will make it worse.

New Madrid Rising

As we approach the time of the New Madrid finale, there is evidence that the N America Mainland and SE Portion are being tugged to pull further apart. The BP refinery explosion on August 27 occurred during a time when the SO2 emissions showed the entire area above the Ohio River to be in a stretch distress. The rock is being pulled apart. The Zetas had warned about Chicago being impacted during the New Madrid Adjustment.  Pemex in Mexico at the origin of the New Madrid Fault Line also had an explosion that same day on August 27.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/9/2011: We have frequently mentioned that Chicago will suffer during the coming New Madrid adjustment and again during the coming pole shift. The rock under Chicago will lose support, pulling apart and dropping during the New Madrid adjustment, creating the implosions we have predicted for some cities when the infrastructure drops. Chicago did not suffer during the last great quake on the New Madrid fault line in 1811, and thus the residents may be smug about the coming adjustment.

Department of Transportation Declares Regional Emergency following BP Refinery Fire in Indiana
August 27, 2022
A Department of Transportation agency declared a regional energy emergency for four Midwestern states on Saturday after a fire at an oil refinery in Indiana forced the facility to shut down. BP shut down some of its units at its Whiting, Ind., refinery due to an electrical fire. The fire was extinguished, and the company said it was deciding when the affected units would restart.
Explosion Occurs at Pemex Gas Pipeline in Central Mexico - Puebla Public Security Services
August 27, 2022
Rescuers in the east-central state of Puebla in Mexico have reported an explosion at a gas pipeline of the Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos) state-owned oil company.

Refineries are dangerous as they keep a fire alit to burn off hydrocarbons in the air that would otherwise flash into a big fire.  BP at the Indiana Plant and the BP plant in Texas have had disasters in the past, and the Zetas warn that more is to come.

What’s that Flame?
A flare is a safety relief valve that a refinery uses to safely burn excess material, or hydrocarbons, which cannot be recovered or recycled. The excess hydrocarbons are combined with steam and safely burned in the flare, which is more environmentally sound than releasing the hydrocarbons directly into the atmosphere.
Fire at Indiana BP Refinery Injures Firefighter
January 29, 2019
BP was still working Monday to determine the cause of the fire.
Texas City Refinery Explosion
Mar 23, 2005
It is one of the worst industrial disasters to date. The explosion was caused by the overfilling of the raffinate splitter tower and a blowdown drum releasing hot hydrocarbons. The resulting vapour cloud ignited, destroying the ISOM unit.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2022: Whether sparked by an electrical fire or from hydrocarbons being burned off in the near vicinity, fires in refineries are a fact of life. With the increase in Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from the nearby presence of Nibiru, refinery fires will be on the increase. Of note is the Indiana BP location, above the Wabash Seismic Zone where the New Madrid Fault Line runs. The stress on the rock there being pulled westward by the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent shows as an extreme release of SO2 between the Ohio River and the Indiana BP refinery. This is equivalent to lighting a fire under a jug of gasoline, a very dangerous combination. This refinery fire won’t be the last.  

The Zetas gave a sequence that must occur for the New Madrid finale to start. Antarctica will continue to push up into the S Atlantic as Africa falls into the void produced. Then the rock hook under Turkey will snap, allowing the Azores to rupture. The Zetas identified the snap point, so the new platelet to be formed will include Cyprus. Quakes at the key point identified by the Zetas are getting quakes precisely at this snap point. The rock hook will snap here and then along a diagonal line down to the Red Sea entrance. This snap point has a Transform border description. It is vulnerable. Once again container ships are being squeezed and stuck in the Suez Canal.

Singapore-Flagged Tanker Reportedly Refloated After Running Aground in Suez Canal
September 1, 2022
The Singapore-flagged crude oil tanker Affinity V had struck the bank of the Suez Canal and wedge itself sideways across the waterway. About 40 minutes after the first reports of its getting stuck, Egyptian newspaper Youm7 reported, citing the Canal Administration, that it had been refloated. It's believed the grounding was caused by a "technical malfunction in the steering system."

ZetaTalk Definition 5/1/2022: The African Plate will participate in the coming New Madrid Adjustment, doing so by a roll sufficient to tear open the Azores. This action precedes the final New Madrid rupture, and will occur when the rock hook near Turkey that is currently preventing the Africa Plate from dropping down on its eastern side snaps. This rock hook can clearly be seen in tectonic plate boundary maps, but what portion will stay with Africa and what portion become a platelet? All of the coastline of Turkey and the island of Cyprus will leave the Africa Plate during this snap, as will the Sinai Peninsula.

ZetaTalk Definition 5/19/2022: For Africa to drop the S Atlantic must spread, allowing the bottom of the Africa Plate to torque in that direction. We have long predicted that new land would rise between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa as the Antarctic Plate is pushed there during compression of the Pacific. This is clearly in process and making room for Africa to drop. The weight of Africa sliding into the Atlantic will force the rock hook near Turkey to snap, and this will trigger the rest of the New Madrid process. The Mainland Portion drop onto the Cocos Plate is clearly ready and just waiting. 

The N America Mainland and SE Portions are currently pulling further apart , from the start of the fault line at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec thence up through the Gulf and rising above New Orleans. By August 29 Jackson, MS had a water main so damaged there is zero public water for this capitol of Mississippi. Jackson lies directly above New Orleans, which is directly on the New Madrid Fault Line.Days later on September 1 New Orleans likewise had a major water main break in their central city.

Jackson to Lose Running Water for Unknown amount of Time: Mississippi Governor
August 29, 2022
People in Mississippi's capital are poised to lose running water for an undetermined amount of time. A major pump at Jackson's main water treatment facility was damaged and the city has been using backup pumps. The city won't be able to produce enough water for serious needs, including fighting fires and flushing toilets. No timeline was given on when the main pump will be fixed.

Sewerage and Water Board Responds to Burst Pipe in Central City
September 1, 2022
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans and Fleming Construction are performing an emergency closure due to a 12-inch damaged water main at the intersection of Carondelet and Cilo streets.

Europe’s Cold Winter

The conflict over the Ukraine has resulted in a standoff between the European Union’s insistence on sanctions against Russia and Russia’s retaliation by halting natural gas deliveries to Europe. Meanwhile the citizens of Europe face freezing to death during the coming Winter. Firewood for wood burning stoves is at a premium, as is coal in Poland. Prices are sky high and the choice is to eat supper or freeze. Where will this staring contest end? The Zetas, as usual, explain.

What Will Be the Real World Consequences of Europe's Coming Energy Crisis?
August 29, 2022
Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent NATO sanctions, the talking heads in the mainstream media have consistently fed the public an endless narrative on how the EU doesn't need Russian natural gas.  We've heard an array of theories and chest beating from corporate journalists and lying politicians; all of them sounding so certain that Russia would be isolated and economically destroyed within no time.  This has not happened, and now the reverse might soon be true for the EU and the UK. The only legitimate short term solution to prevent a historic energy calamity in the EU this winter would be to remove sanctions on Russia.  But, NATO has made it clear that this will not happen.
Gazprom to Slash NatGas Deliveries to France's Top Utility as Squeeze Worsens
August 30, 2022
Gazprom's reductions in NatGas over retaliation for sanctions related to its invasion of Ukraine have primarily targeted Germany and eastern Europe but now appear to extend to France.
Polish Homeowners Line Up for Days to Buy Coal Ahead of Winter
August 29, 2022
With Poland still basking in the late summer heat, hundreds of cars and trucks have already lined up at the Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka coal mine, as householders fearful of winter shortages wait for days and nights to stock up on heating fuel ahead of the coming cold winter.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/1/2022: When Russia stepped into the Ukraine at the request of the independent states that border Russia, it was for two reasons – to stop the continuing murder of Russian speaking citizens there, and to prevent Europe from pushing into Russia to grab the oil and gas fields. NATO expected the Biden Administration to join their push against Russia, but the Junta is not controlled by the Biden Administration and refused to join NATO. During the ensuing months, NATO and the European Union elites persisted, assuming that draconian sanctions on Russia would wear Russia down.

Russia is well situated to be self-sufficient, exporting both grain and oil and gas and backed by their relationship with China. Russia retaliated against NATO’s plans and the sanctions imposed by the European Union by withholding natural gas deliveries. Now that it is obvious that Russia has not only won the conflict in Ukraine but also won the staring contest over sanctions vs gas and oil, Europe is facing a cold Winter with no respite. Oil producing nations such as Iran and Venezuela are siding with Russia. Now what?

The arrogant European Union elite and NATO, still living in the Colonial Days and beset with a royalty attitude, are shocked at their downfall. They will hold out until it is obvious that securing oil and gas from sources other than Russia is not going to happen or will be insufficient. The rage in their populace will be akin to the Revolution that the Dark Judge has been warning about. This will be compounded by the New Madrid rupture that will assault European coastlines with a tsunami. Lifting the sanctions and admitting defeat will be the only way forward.

Indeed, the European gas grab did not work. Russia came into possession of a plan to invade Russia last March and took the assertive by invading the Ukraine. Russia has the largest known natural gas reserves in the world, and the Ukraine intended to push into Russia and take possession.

Russia has Enough Gas for at least 100 Years – Gazpro
August 31, 2022
Russia holds the world's largest natural gas reserves, estimated at 48 trillion cubic meters.
New Intel Documents show that Russia Protected Donbass from a Planned Kiev Attack and Genocide
March 9, 2022
Russia’s Ministry of Defence has made public documents confirming preparation by Kiev authorities of an offensive operation in Donbass in March. “In the course of a special military operation, secret documents of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine came into the possession of the Russian military. These documents confirm covert preparation by the Kiev regime of an offensive operation in Donbas scheduled for March 2022”. The spokesman specified that the MoD had in its possession the order of the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel-General Mykola Balan, dated 22 January 2022, which describes in detail the plan for preparing an offensive in the Donbass.