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Issue 918, Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Water Jolts

The Zetas point out that a Plate Movement jolt on land will cause objects to wiggle back and forth but the objects will remain in place. But an object on a body of water will find that “movement continues unabated”. There is nothing to stop the movement. At the end of March we had 3 examples of this as a result of the plate border between Eurasia and the Mainland Portion of N America pulling apart. One pulls East and the other pulls West. The first such lurch creating an “unabated” wave was the Baltimore bridge on March 25. The second hit a Barge on the Arkansas River on March 30, accompanied by a massive train derailment near Oklahoma City.

Another US Bridge Hit by a Vessel
March 31, 2024
A cargo vessel damaged the supports of a bridge over the Arkansas River less than a week after a deadly incident in Baltimore. The Oklahoma State Patrol has completely closed a highway after a barge struck the US-59 Bridge over the Arkansas River on Saturday.
22 Train Cars Overturned in Lincoln County Derailment
March 30, 2024
The train was hauling rock that spilled from the overturned cars. No hazardous materials were being transported on the train. OG&E was among the agencies responding to the incident due to a broken electrical pole at the scene. No injuries were reported. The cause of the derailment is still under investigation as crews continue working to clear the intersection.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/30/2024: As the New Madrid Adjustment proceeds, the Portions already separated will pull further apart. The Mainland has been shifting West and to the Southwest. We stated that the Oklahoma Rift was based on solid rock and would not experience this shift to the Southwest except as a jolt - sudden movement of land. Note that the train derailment near Oklahoma City and barge crash on the US-59 Bridge near Sallisaw where it crosses the Arkansas River happened at virtually the same time.

And indeed back in 2013, the Zetas predicted jolts in Oklahoma along an escarpment during the New Madrid Adjustment.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/27/2013: The Southern Oklahoma rift juts at a right angle to the New Madrid Fault Line, and the Balcones escarpment traces the edge of rock composition changes, but other than pass along the jolts from the New Madrid adjustment will not cause Oklahoma or Texas to find their terrain has changed. The rock above and below these points will move as one, to the southwest, during the New Madrid adjustment.

Then on March 30 a jolt happened on the Danube River in Austria. Same scenario where a ship on water moved inexplicably, then a collision. The Baltimore incident was a Container Ship, on the Arkansas River it was a Barge, and now on the Danube it is a Cruise Ship.

River Danube Cruise Ship Crashed after it was 'Suddenly no longer Able to Maneuver,' 17 Passengers Injured
March 31, 2024
A Bulgarian cruise ship carrying over 140 passengers crashed into a concrete wall along the River Danube in Austria. A Bulgarian cruise ship carrying over 140 passengers crashed into a concrete wall along the River Danube in Austria. The ship had set off from Passau, a German city on the Austrian border, but further down the river when leaving the lock chamber, "the ship was suddenly no longer able to maneuver," and its right bow and left aft crashed into the lock walls. The second-in-command of the ship, who had been at the helm during the crash, "pressed the emergency switch, whereupon the electronics started up again." He was then able to steer the ship out of the lock.
Cruise Ship Hits Concrete Passageway on Danube in Austria, 17 Injured
March 30, 2024
The ship temporarily lost power to its electronics system and became unsteerable as it passed through narrow locks. Seventeen passengers were hurt when a Bulgarian river cruise ship lost steering and hit the sides of a lock on the Danube in Austria. Eleven of the injured were taken to hospitals. The ship with 142 passengers aboard, most of them from Germany, temporarily lost power to its electronics system and became unsteerable as it passed through narrow locks. The ship’s power was restored but not before the bow and stern struck the concrete sides of the lock passage near the town of Aschach, a few miles upriver from Linz.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/29/2024: What is notable in the Baltimore Container Ship steering problem and the Oklahoma Barge steering problem and now the Danube steering problem is that all these incidents happened on water. If they were electrical, caused by EMP, airplanes would be having problems too. Plate Movement jolts will move objects on water without restriction. On land, objects will jiggle or slide, passing notice, but on water the movement co    ntinues unabated. Both the Eurasian and Mainland Plates are being pulled during the New Madrid Finale, the Eurasian to the East and the Mainland to the West, and the Danube cruise ship drift was indeed caused by a such a jolt.

N Atlantic Separation

While the New Madrid Fault Line separates into the Mainland and SE Portions, there is lots of drama in the N Atlantic where the last leg of the Fault Line stretches from the Seaway exit to the Azores. This drama seems to change daily as this or that connection is pulled apart. The Mainland and SE Portions are pulled apart all the way to the Seaway Exit, but the Mainland and the Eurasia Plate are also now pulling apart. When rock is ripped, Methane emerges from trapped vegetation between rock layers, and this heat deflects the Gulf Stream. Meanwhile the SE Portion resists being pulled to the East along with Africa during its roll. This action will create much drama in the US along the New Madrid Fault Line when the SE Portion is finally freed.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/2/2024: The New Madrid Separation of the Portions is in its final stretch in the N Atlantic. The tearing rock from the Seaway Exit to the Azores is red with Methane release, and the stress on the Eurasian Plate and Mainland Portion can be seen along their plate border. This causes the Gulf Stream to divert away from hot rocks, as the Burn Maps clearly show. When the final separation occurs the SE Portion will be free to move along with Africa as it rolls. Disasters along the New Madrid Fault Line up the Mississippi River and under the Seaway will accelerate into the disasters we have predicted.  

On April 2, while the N Atlantic is splitting open along the border between the Eurasian Plate and the Mainland Portion of N America, it seems the N Pacific was also compressing. This can only expedite the New Madrid Rupture. On April 3 big quakes in Taiwan showed that this drama was unfolding.

9 Killed and 934 Injured after 7.4-Magnitude Quake
April 3, 2024
A 7.4-magnitude earthquake, followed by several strong aftershocks, struck off the east coast of Taiwan, killing nine people and injuring at least 934, according to Taiwan’s fire department. The earthquake, which damaged buildings and caused landslides, was the largest to hit Taiwan in 25 years and was also felt in parts of China.
7.4 Magnitude Quake hits Taiwan, Strongest in 25 Years
April 3, 2024
More than 100 buildings have been damaged, according to the National Fire Agency (NFA). Pictures show buildings tilted to one side and collapsed onto the ground. About half of the damaged buildings are in Hualien County, the epicenter of the earthquake.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/3/2024: There is a synergy between the compressing Pacific and the widening Atlantic, wherein they both exacerbate the other. The New Madrid Fault Line Rupture is now in the last stretch - separating the Portions in the N Atlantic between the Seaway Exit and the Azores. The Void along the Eurasian/Mainland border is expected to pull open, temporarily, when the Rupture finally occurs. What is holding this last step back is the Mainland’s reluctance to pull to the West.

The Taiwan quake on April 3 has changed this dynamic by making room for the Mainland to shift West. That the Pacific was poised to compress again could be seen on April 2 when the Pacific Plate to the West of Hawaii was experiencing high waves, as was the entire N Pacific, reflecting the wrestling and wrangling ongoing beneath the surface. The sequence of events to follow will include a response in the Africa Roll, which pulls the SE Portion of N America with it, such that the attachments of the SE Portion in the N Atlantic are ruptured. This drama will certainly take days to unfold.

Eclipse Excuses

The Nibiru coverup requires that any sighting of Nibiru near the Sun during an Eclipse (when the Sun’s glare is reduced by the Moon) be explained.  Over the years there have been plenty of excuses offered. For April 8, 2024 we anticipated Chemtrails to fog the skies and the Devil Comet or NASA rockets or CMEs from the Sun being claimed for any Nibiru appearance.  Then there is CERN which will again be activated on April 8. In business since 1950, CERN has been seeking the Quark and the Higgs bosom particles. But they are certainly not seeking to prove the existence of Nibiru.

CERN to Test World's most Powerful Particle Accelerator during April's Solar Eclipse to Search for 'Invisible'
March 28, 2024
The world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator is set to smash protons together on April 8 to search for invisible particles secretly powering our universe. Theories have suggested there are 17 different particle groups and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, confirmed the existence of one using its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012. Now, the team has restarted the LHC with hopes of unraveling more mysteries of the universe - specifically dark matter.
The History of CERN
At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional council – the acronym CERN was born. Geneva was selected as the site for the CERN Laboratory at the third session of the provisional council in 1952.

Schools were being closed along the Eclipse path, and in many states the National Guard was activated. They were clearly expecting more than increased traffic. They were anticipating a Nibiru panic!

National Guard to Be Deployed for Solar Eclipse 2024
March 22, 2024
Oklahoma's National Guard is set to be deployed for the upcoming total solar eclipse, when as many as 100,000 people are expected. At least four states on the eclipse's trajectory have urged residents to stock up on groceries and gas ahead of its occurrence, as traffic is expected to overwhelm local roads. The Federal Highway Administration has also warned that increased traffic to remote areas could lead to unsafely parked vehicles and the potential for wildfires in areas with dry vegetation.
Why has the National Guard been Deployed to Texas for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?
March 29, 2024
With the solar eclipse set to occur on April 8, people from all over the country are eagerly preparing to witness this celestial event. However, the presence of the National Guard in Texas has raised some eyebrows and sparked curiosity among the public.

Just days before the April 8 Eclipse, it was announced that the path that had been published was wrong, had been calculated incorrectly, and lo here is the new path map. This new path likely takes into consideration the Daily Earth Wobble which is due to the presence of Nibiru. But once again, the rule during the Nibiru coverup is to never say Nibiru.

New Solar Eclipse Map Shows Change in Places Where Moon Will Block Sun
April 2, 2024
The path of totality for the upcoming solar eclipse has shifted once more accurate calculations were made by a solar eclipse expert, meaning that some people expecting to observe the astronomical phenomenon may now have to travel further for the event. In Irwin's new map, the original path of totality is shown, as is the new one. The interactive map reveals that the northern edge of the path is narrowed. The southern edge in Texas has extended, allowing some areas to be included in the path that weren't before, but it narrowed everywhere else.
Did the Solar Eclipse Path of Totality Just Change? Here's What to Know
April 3, 2024
But don't stress, we're here to help—even better, NASA scientists are. What the theory claims is that, due to newfound uncertainty around the size of the sun, the width of the predicted path of totality is actually a little off. New calculations actually make it slightly narrower than what it was before, which means that some cities and areas that were previously identified as being located within the path of totality, are now actually just outside of it. In short, people in those cities wouldn't be able to see the moon completely blocking off the sun on April 8.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/4/2024: Why did NASA suddenly decide to change the Path of the Eclipse? The Daily Earth Wobble is mostly predictable but can suddenly change, as the Council of Worlds is in charge of the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture timeline and is using the wobble as one of their prime tools. Thus NASA waited until the last minute to tweak their prediction on the Path. But the Council of Worlds also wants the elite to admit that Nibiru is nearby and heading for a passage, so surprises await.

This frantic dance of the Nibiru coverup has a history. NASA rockets were also used during the 2017 Eclipse. Desperate to explain the increasing red dust landing on Earth from the tail of Nibiru, a 2017 NASA scheme claimed that the red dust was due to cloud seeding of the ionosphere to study the jet stream there.

These Comets, Meteor Showers and Eclipses will be Visible in 2024
January 2, 2024
The most anticipated celestial event of 2024 is the total solar eclipse on April 8. Much of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will be in the path of totality, meaning people in the right place will see the moon perfectly lined up in front of the sun, leaving a shaded circle of the moon and only the outer aura of the sun. The last total solar eclipse was Aug. 21, 2017.

NASA Experiment to Color the Skies Over the U.S. East Coast
June 11, 2017
A high-flying science experiment may color the skies above the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast with bluish green and red clouds on Sunday evening, as NASA seeks to learn more about charged particles at the top of Earth's atmosphere. The luminescent colors are due to sunlight interacting with the chemicals barium, strontium and cupric-oxide. Although the flight will last about eight minutes, the colorful clouds could linger for 20 minutes. Scientists want to learn more about how the ionosphere interacts with other layers of the atmosphere.

To explain the increasing sightings of Nibiru itself, a long-planned disinformation scheme was deployed in 2017 - Solar Simulators. In 1966 NASA funded research that resulted in a patent for a solar simulator - Patent US3247367. The excuse given at that time was that it was to test space suits and equipment for durability outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Now they have appeared in the skies and been captured on film in 2017!

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2017: Why would a solar simulator NASA contracted to patent and develop in 1966 be seen in the skies today, in more than one location? NASA knew the day would arrive when Nibiru would appear in the skies, looming large, and an excuse to confuse the public would be needed. They knew the dust that clung to Nibiru, long of legend, would reflect sunlight. The plan was to claim that any such sightings were of this device, being tested in the skies by NASA.

And as in 2017, Leap Seconds are in the news. It was claimed in 2017 that leap seconds are causing earthquakes. Every time the Earth slows down a tad, which it has regularly been doing as the Leap Second chart shows, this apparently causes earthquakes, or so says a theory presented to the Geological Society. The data does not comply however, in fact it shows the opposite trend – fewer Leap Seconds, but more earthquakes. Now Leap Seconds are back in the news in 2024 with the claim that a negative Leap Second, one taken away, is caused by Global Warming.  Will this be the excuse if the April 8 Eclipse does not line up as expected?

Negative Leap Second: Climate Change delays Unusual Step for Time Standard
March 30, 2024
But we're nearing a year when a negative leap second could be needed to shave time — an unprecedented step that will depend in part on how climate change affects the Earth's rotation, according to a new study.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/30/2017: Leap seconds have been regularly added to the world’s clock, less frequently in recent years, yet now we are to believe that 2018 will be a year of increased earthquakes due to such a slight slowdown. To date we have had the earthquake increase due to fracking or more sensitive seismographs, the Earth wobble due to the Arctic being more ice free than the Antarctic so the globe spins like a top out of balance, red dust in the skies due to NASA sending up such dust clouds into the ionosphere to measure the jet stream, and anything not covered by those lies due to claims about the Sun or Global Warming. Anything but Nibiru.

The increase in earthquakes has always been a cause for yet more excuses. Earthquakes have been on the increase since 2009. Excuses proffered by NASA and the cover-up over Nibiru include HAARP and fracking. Fracking has been in use since 1903 in the US, but this claim that it causes quakes has only been made since 2009. HAARP is claimed for man-made earthquakes, erratic weather, booms and hums and groaning from distressed rock, and atmospheric changes.

Then there is the daily Earth wobble. In 2016 a theory was purported that the wobble was due to uneven ice on the poles. Ah, Global Warming to the rescue! The Arctic has been freed of ice, while Antarctica is gaining ice, and somehow this is all the fault of Global Warming causing the top part of the globe to wobble about like a top that has lost its balance.

Melting Ice Sheets Changing the way the Earth Wobbles on its Axis, says NASA
April 8, 2016
Global warming is changing the way the Earth wobbles on its polar axis, a new Nasa study has found. Melting ice sheets, especially in Greenland, are changing the distribution of weight on Earth. And that has caused both the North Pole and the wobble, which is called polar motion, to change course, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.

The Zetas have long predicted that asteroid swarms would be used as an excuse for the debris and moons in the long tail of Planet X. Certainly asteroids are plentiful, and as dark objects they go mostly unseen until they loom close. If the slinging tail of Nibiru brings debris into the April 8 Eclipse view, we can be sure this excuse will be revived.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/22/2003: We anticipate NASA will explain the Planet X complex as any number of things, or rather their lackeys, who will natter the word on every Internet or media source that allows their nattering - asteroid bunch, passing comet, unusual comet, Mars closest pass in many eons, or whatever.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/14/2009: We have often stated that the debris in Planet X, the moon swirls, are likely to be called an asteroid swarm when they become noticed. They are getting the public ready for such an excuse.