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Issue 785, Sunday October 17, 2021
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Space Blobs

Gummy or gelatinous blobs raining from the sky has long been a mystery. Known variously as Star Jelly or Angel Hair, this is a mystery that has never been resolved. The Zetas explained that Star Jelly is space stuff that has congealed. In 1964 the Apollo flights captured a large blob that was being stretched in many directions. Now with the arrival of Nibiru in our skies, we have more space stuff that can be incorporated into Star Jelly. For instance, we have the remnants of burning Petrol, presumably a smoke like substance. And it likely will drop to Earth soon too.

Star Jelly
Star jelly is a gelatinous substance sometimes found on grass or even on branches of trees. According to folklore, it is deposited on the Earth during meteor showers. It is described as a translucent or grayish-white gelatin that tends to evaporate shortly after having "fallen."
Oakville Blobs
August 7, 1994
It was not water but a strange, gelatinous substance they had never seen before. Over a period of three weeks, it fell a total of six times. He described it as being "very mushy, almost like if you had jello in your hand." It had an odd gelatinous texture.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/23/2014: Being a still photo, 2D rather than 3D, there is no way to accurately gauge its size. It might be close to the space craft, and thus not large, or far away and huge. It is the latter. Clearly the blob is at a distance from the Earth, which can be seen in the distance in the photo. What is it? There is all manner of substances surviving intact in space dust, space junk from discarded satellites, water droplets, meteors and comets, and blobs. Like an amoeba, a blob can be pulled in this or that direction, and into many directions, simultaneously. An asteroid or piece of space junk retains its shape, and thus the draw of gravity or a magnetic attraction pulls on the entire object. But if composed of chemicals which congeal into a gummy substance, then portions of the blob can be tugged while other parts of it resist.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2021: As we explained when addressing the Apollo space blob captured on film in 1968, a blob can form from chemicals that congeal into a gummy substance. In 1968 these chemicals might have been by products from rocket launches propelling the Apollo flights, or tossing satellites into space. These gummy or jell like blobs have also formed on Earth in her atmosphere from natural products such as volcanic eruptions or from mankind's chemical emissions. These are variously called Angel Hair or Star Jelly. These recent space blobs are forming from the remnants of Petrol burns in space.

Another astonishing result of increased Star Jelly in the atmosphere is the Purple Rain that recently dropped in France. This appeared to melt in direct sunlight, and upon close inspection the parts of this Purple Rain appeared to be attracted to each other, as though they might be magnetized. Are they alive? Not mosquito larva per the photographer, and they do not have the defined shape of tadpoles either. Both Jimi Hendrix and Prince have songs about Purple Rain, and the lyrics seem to apply!

Jimi Hendrix
Purple haze all in my eyes
Don't know if it's day or night
You got me blowing, blowing my mind
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?
Honey, I know, I know
I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too

ZetaTalk Comment 10/31/2021: These peculiar blue-gray clumps that appeared just after a rain and quickly evaporated are not frantic ants or tadpoles or any life form. It is notable that the material seems to dissipate under direct sunlight, and appears to be encased in an opaque whitish material similar to Star Jelly. It is also notable that the particles seem to be attracted to each other, as though having a magnetic quality. Where the magnetized Red Dust in the tail of Nibiru is dominant, other fine dust particles also exist and can cast the color to be other than red. Star Jelly will melt, leaving what appears to be merely dust behind.

Russia Coup Attempt

Russia's Vladimir Putin has apparently survived a coup this past September, staying out of circulation while it unfolded with the claim on September 14 that he was self-isolating due to an outbreak of Covid-19 or its variants within his inner circle. Putin has used Doubles in the past, but chose self-isolation this time.

Russia's Vladimir Putin Self-Isolates after COVID-19 Infects Inner Circle
September 15, 2021
Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was self-isolating after several members of his entourage fell ill with COVID-19.
Putin to Self-Isolate due to COVID Cases among Inner Circle
September 14, 2021
Putin has been fully vaccinated with the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, receiving his second shot in April. Putin tested negative for the virus.
Russia's Vladimir Putin Quarantining after Several COVID-19 Cases in his Entourage
September 14, 2021
Russia has developed several COVID-19 vaccines, but it is battling persistently low vaccination rates -- a problem caused by high levels of hesitancy among its population. Just over a quarter of Russians have received the shot, compared to more than a half in the United States and two thirds in the United Kingdom, according Our World in Data.

Another clue is the sudden demise of powerful people in Russia. The Russian Emergencies Minister (Zinichev) died in an improbable accident wherein it is claimed he jumped off a cliff to save a cameraman who had slipped over the cliff. Then a retired Army General (Viktor Kazantsev), considered a Russian Hero, suddenly passed away. Then the head of Russia's Investigative Committee (Sergei Sarapultsev) committed suicide by hanging.

Russian Emergencies Minister Zinichev Dies on Arctic Drill
September 8, 2021
Zinichev, 55, had died in the Norilsk area while trying to save someone's life. A cameraman had fallen off a cliff during an interview. He and the cameraman were on the edge of a cliff. The cameraman slipped and fell into the water. Zinichev rushed after the fallen man and died after hitting a protruding rock.
General of the Army Viktor Kazantsev Passed Away
September 14, 2021
Hero of Russia, General of the Army Viktor Kazantsev died on the morning of September 14 in Krasnodar. He was 75 years old. The cause of death is not named.
Senior Russian Investigator Dies by Suicide After Campus Shooting
September 24, 2021
A senior investigator in Russia's Perm region died by suicide days after a rare campus shooting claimed six lives and left dozens injured. The body of Sergei Sarapultsev, who headed the Russian Investigative Committee's Perm region branch, was found dead in his home. Sarapultsev took his own life after a briefing in which several Perm-based investigators were allegedly taken off the mass shooting case.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2021: As is known, the Putin who is President of Russia has several Doubles, as do several world leaders who are in constant danger from assassination attempts. Though the Russian Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective, all flu virus mutates and there are several variants, so Putin could be considered circumspect to self-quarantine.  What is the nexus between an Emergencies Minister (Zinichev) and a respected retired General of the Army (Kazantsev) and the head of the Investigative Committee (Sarapultsev) dying within days of each other under peculiar circumstances?

When a coup attempt is discovered, the perpetrators are usually executed promptly. When the perpetrators are well known or well regarded as Kazantsev was, excuses are proffered to the media. Putin is using Covid variants as an excuse during this process. What was the basis of the coup? Putin is focused on the forthcoming Earth changes long predicted by ourselves and other prophecies considered valid. He has his own alien counselor, as we have confirmed. There are conservative elements in the Russian establishment who feel his preparations in the Far East of Russia are premature.

Where this Russian coup was foiled, a changeover in leadership in N Korea did happen within this past year. Kim Jong-Un was rumored to be in poor health in the Spring of 2020, needing heart surgery, and then rumored to be in a coma the following August. Now he has appeared looking vibrant and many pounds lighter. What does this mean? The Zetas explain.

Thinner, more Energetic Kim Jong Un Appears at North Korea Parade
September 11, 2021
North Korea held a parade showcasing military dogs and virus workers in orange hazmat suits, but leader Kim Jong Un still managed to seize the spotlight by looking thinner and more energetic than he has in years. It was a stark change from 2018, when TV footage showed him struggling to catch his breath while accompanying South Korean President Moon Jae-in on a short hike to North Korea's Mount Paektu during a period of diplomatic engagement.
Mysteriously Skinnier Kim Jong Un Berates Underlings for Allowing "Great Ccrisis" with COVID
July 2, 2021
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attending party meetings in February 2021, at left, and June 2021 at right, after he lost a significant amount of weight for reasons that remain unclear.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2021: In April 2020 Kim was reportedly clinging to life, rumored to need heart surgery. Then he appeared at a fertilizer factory opening in May 2020, back on his feet. Then in August 2020 more rumors that a very obese Kim was in a coma or perhaps dead. Kim had multiple health problems and did not survive the year but the N Korea Junta did not want the unrest his death would bring. Seeking a perfect Double, the N Korea Junta at first chose an obese Double but chose a younger man in good health and an optimistic outlook instead. The teeth are the tell.

Africa Roll Uptick

While the Africa Roll picks up the pace, Greece is being hammered with earthquakes and the Canary Islands are being squeezed. The island of Crete among the Greek islands was slammed by a reported magnitude 6.5 quake on September 27. The quake was quickly downgraded by the USGS, which per the Zetas reduces quakes by a full 4 magnitudes as part of the coverup over the affect that Nibiru is having upon the Earth. Greece is being hammered because of a rock hook at the NE corner of the African Plate, preventing the plate from sliding down. This will be resolved, per the Zetas, by fracturing that corner of the African Plate into platelets.

Earthquake Strikes Crete, Killing Man and Damaging Buildings
September 27, 2021
The Greek island of Crete has been hit by an earthquake, killing one man and injuring 20, while damaging homes and churches and causing rock slides near the country's fourth-largest city.
Uh Oh! La Palma - Flatlined!
September 27, 2021
This sudden and almost inexplicable silencing of an erupting volcano on LaPalma seems to coincide almost to the minute, with a Magnitude 6.0 earthquake that took place very far away on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2021: We noted when commenting on the wildfires in Turkey and Greece last August that the Africa Plate has a hook that is part of the problem. The Africa Plate wants to roll, such that it sinks toward the Indian Ocean. To do this it must scrape past Syria and Israel, but the hook on the NE part of the Africa Plate is preventing this. The eastern Mediterranean near Greece has fractured into the Aegean Sea Plate and Anatolian Plate due to the pressure of African Rolls in the past. During the passage of Nibiru, this region will have additional fractures. But in the meantime the press for the Africa Plate to move east is causing a continuous hammering on Greece and pressure on the Canary Islands.

New Madrid Pending

The Zetas have described the New Madrid Adjustment as a slip-slide along the fault line, pulling two parts of the N American Continent in different directions. Parts to the West of the Mississippi, which we have been calling the Mainland Portion, move to the SW, sliding into the Pacific as this portion from Mexico to Quebec is pulled in that direction. The remainder, which we have been calling the SE Portion, remains in place, but relative to the Mainland Portion appears to move toward the NE.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/10/2006: The giant plates of N America and Eurasia are locked against each other, unable to rotate against each other due to their shape. This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW.

ZetaTalk Description 2010: As both sides of the New Madrid Fault Line are pulled in opposite directions, the entire fault line operates as a slip-slide fault line.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2010: Where the N American continent is under great stress, it has not slipped because it is held in place on both sides. The Pacific side holds due to subduction friction along the San Andreas, and the Atlantic side holds due to the Atlantic Rift's reluctance to rip open. What changes this dynamic? When S America rolls, almost in step with the folding Pacific, it tears the Atlantic Rift on the southern side. This allows Africa freedom to move and it rolls too, dropping the Mediterranean floor above Algeria. What is holding the N American continent together has thus eased.

Are the unexplained train derailments in the wheat fields of Montana and along the Balcones Fault in Texas related to the bowing tension that N America has been enduring? Per the Zetas, these and the throbbing buoy just off the Juan de Fuca Plate are signs that the bow is relaxing while the Mainland Portion of N America slides into the Pacific. Canada above the Seaway is also part of the Mainland Portion, and it being pulled toward the SW also – thus the crisis at the Sudbury mine in Ontario. 

Hazardous Chemical Leak Contained after Train Derailment in Smithville
September 26, 2021
Tanker cars leaked hydrochloric acid after a Union Pacific train carrying hazardous cargo derailed in Smithville. The tanker cars were empty, but some were leaking residual acid. Around seven cars were involved in the derailment. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Investigators Probe deadly Amtrak Derailment in Montana
September 27, 2021
The westbound Empire Builder was en route from Chicago to Seattle when it left the tracks. The train was carrying about 141 passengers and 16 crew members and had two locomotives and 10 cars, eight of which derailed. Law enforcement said the officials from the NTSB, Amtrak and BNSF had arrived at the accident scene just west of Joplin, where the tracks cut through vast, golden brown wheat fields that were recently harvested. The derailment occurred at or near a switch, which is where the railway goes from a single track to a double track. The two locomotives and two cars at the front of the train reached the split and continued on the main track, but the remaining eight cars derailed. He said it was unclear if some of the last cars moved onto the second track.

Four Canadian Miners Trapped One Mile Underground have been Climbing to Surface on a Ladder since Sunday after Elevator Cage Broke Down
September 29, 2021
Four of 39 miners are trapped one mile underground after a scoop bucket that brings them to the surface detached and blocked a Canadian mine shaft. The trapped workers in Vale's Totten mine in Sudbury, Ontario, went to refuge stations - as part of protocol - where there is food and water and the ability to contact loved ones.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2021: We have described the New Madrid Adjustment as a fracturing of the N American Continent such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up while the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down into the Southwest. Thus, the diagonal rip. This separation is caused by the SE Portion of the US remaining in place in its attachments to Africa and Caribbean Plates, while the Mainland Portion slides toward the SW. By this slide toward the SW, the Mainland Portion is relaxing the extreme bowing tension that has been imposed on the N American Plate.

This slide is not without trauma, as can be seen by the number of inland quakes that the SW United States is enduring. The Mainland Portion changes shape to some degree during this relaxing of the bow, just as it changed shape when the bow was imposed. The train derailment at Smithville, Texas is significant because it is located at the rigid Balcones Fault region. The throbbing buoy off Vancouver is significant because it indicates a slide pushing into the Juan de Fuca platelet. The main adjustment of the New Madrid Fault Line will occur when this slide causes enough stress to create the unzipping we have predicted.