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Issue 830, Sunday August 28, 2022
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Covid Capitulation

The CDC has capitulated. One can hear the clash of Titans on the Mountain top, as those who put Biden into the White House and packed the Biden Administration with compliant appointees are being tossed off the mountain and given new instructions. No more enforced clot shots, enforced heart attacks for young athletes, or Bell’s Palsy from enforced Pfizer shots. Despite admissions and denials and joking around. California Governor Newsom struggled with Guillain-Barré syndrome after his well-publicized Covid-19 vaccination, and could not stand. Thus Bell’s Palsy is now jokingly called the Pfizer Smile.

CDC Says Quarantine After Covid Exposure No Longer Necessary
August 11, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it’s no longer recommending that adults and children quarantine after having been exposed to Covid-19, aligning its guidance more closely with what many people are doing already as the urgency of the pandemic response wanes. The CDC added that it was also rolling back its so-called test-to-stay policy that suggested children exposed to Covid-19 obtain a negative test in order to remain in the classroom or in childcare settings. The changes reflect data indicating 95% of the population has some protection, either from infection or vaccination.
Three Major Cruise Brands to drop Covid Vaccine Rule from September
August 12, 2022
Three cruise brands will drop their requirement for passengers to show proof of Covid vaccination from next month. Norwegian, Regent Seven Seas, and Oceania – three of the largest brands in the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Holdings fleet – said they will be the first US-based cruise firms to enact this rule change from 3 September.

Biden Administration Announces Operational Plan for COVID-?19 Vaccinations for Children Under 5
June 9, 2022
Today, the Biden Administration is announcing an operational plan that will ensure that vaccines—if authorized by FDA and recommended by CDC—are readily available for our youngest kids and that we continue the critical work of ensuring that all families know the benefits of getting their children vaccinated against COVID-19.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/12/2022: We have stated that the Covid-19 rules were designed to control the populace at a time when the establishment feared Nibiru’s visibility. Restrictive quarantines, vaccination certificates, passport requirements, masking rules, and within China arrests if the citizen failed to comply. Shanghai is an example. In that the vax is known to sicken and weaken those who are compliant, the insistence on boosters is designed to weaken the public. Monkeypox was seen as an alternative to Covid-19, as the establishment desperately wanted a lockdown excuse.

Now within the US we seem to have a Covid-19 Capitulation. The CDC has decided that herd immunity has been established, and US based cruise ships will not insist on proof of vaccination. This comes shortly after the Biden Administration was pressing for children even as young as newborns to be vaccinated. Statistical evidence shows that the Pfizer vaccines were maiming and killing more people than the Covid flu ever did, by blood clots, heart attacks in the young, nerve damage and weakened immune systems.

Why did this sudden capitulation happen? We have detailed the 5 front war the Junta was forced to engage, and that all but the 2020 election fraud had been resolved.  Just a month ago House Bill HR4350 attempted to give Biden dictatorial powers over the US Military. Though the Junta controls the Biden Double, the Biden administration is most certainly not going to go quietly. The announcement by the CDC regarding social quarantine and masking rules shows this last front, to reinstate President Trump, is making progress.

Now Monkeypox has raised its ugly head to replace the reason for lockdowns and restricted travel in the populace. The Zetas warned last Fall that the Cabal was considering a Smallpox pandemic to replace the failing Covid-19 pandemic, but in that live Smallpox virus is kept in very few places, a sudden epidemic of Smallpox would look too suspicious. Thus, has been replaced by Monkeypox.

Monkeypox Disproportionately Affecting Black, Hispanic People, CDC Says
August 5, 2022
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday offers new insight into the outbreak, which is disproportionately affecting men who have sex with men, especially those who are Black and Hispanic. Among the cases with available data, 94% were in men who reported recent sexual or close intimate contact with another man. More than half (54%) of cases were among Black and Hispanic people, a group that represents about a third (34%) of the general US population. And the share of cases among Black people has grown in recent weeks, according to the CDC analysis.
Genomic Data Sheds Light on Monkeypox Origins
June 24, 2022
Current data points for a scenario of more than one introduction from a single origin, with superspreader events (e.g., saunas used for sexual encounters) and travel abroad likely triggering the worldwide rapid dissemination. Notably, the current viruses contain far more genetic changes than one would expect.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/5/2022: We warned last Fall that Smallpox might be used to create another pandemic, as the public had grown wise to the Covid-19 hype. Smallpox has been considered eradicated worldwide because of an aggressive vaccination program, which often included live virus. In today’s post Pfizer world, with boosters pushed constantly, those who have been given the mRNA vaccine have weakened immune systems so those wanting a weakened populace hoped that Smallpox might emerge among the young. This is why there is a push to vaccinate the very young now, as they are likely to have been recently given a fresh Smallpox vaccination.

Then suddenly the Monkeypox pandemic emerged. By the Spring of 2022 it was prevalent first in Europe, then the Commonwealth countries of Canada and Australia. Smallpox vaccines are being used to counteract these infections, as a Monkeypox vaccine is not yet widely available. Thus adults with weakened immune systems are being given live Smallpox virus in these vaccines. The agenda of the New World Order crowd is first and foremost to be in control, and to accomplish this they feel they need a weakened populace and even a reduced populace so that there are fewer rebels needing to be controlled.

How has the Monkeypox pandemic been spread? First, there is evidence that the current Monkeypox variant was genetically engineered to spread readily, where this was not the case for the base Monkeypox virus in Africa. Second, the gay community is being used to assist the spread via hot tub sex. Monkeypox can be cast into hot tubs surreptitiously. The Cabal assumed there would be promiscuity, with everyone in contact with the virus taking it out on their hands to restaurants and public transportation.

Beyond trying to start a Smallpox pandemic, what is the goal of this scheme? It has been noted that Black and Hispanic people are developing full blown Monkeypox at a greater rate than Caucasians. Does the Cabal fear all the Hispanics crossing the border so that this is almost an invasion of the US? Illegals quickly become untraceable, and having already broken the law they are inclined to ignore any laws the New World Order crowd imposes. A quick glance at riots in process within the US shows a preponderance of young Black men, likewise so inclined. Thus, they have been targeted.

Nibiru is Real

In addition to photos of the Nibiru complex, captured on film from photographers from all over the world, the Looming Venus has become more prevalent. As can be proven by the location of the Constellations and the arrival of Comets Come Early, the Earth and Venus both were halted in their orbits when they encountered Nibiru in their paths, and benign aliens have been Simulating the Seasons to reduce panic in the populace until the establishment can be honest about the presence of Nibiru. At present, there is a hard cover-up in process.

All of a Sudden! Venus is Now in the Middle of the Sky at Dawn
August 12, 2022
All I know is that Venus in my part of the world (as in all parts I would assume as well) has risen at dawn from the East. You just can't miss it. I used to see it first peak from the East at around dawn. 4-5 am. Well, now it is located in the middle of the sky at that same timeframe!!! Venus like the Sun and Moon has always been visible in the same location as far as I remember. It usually rises before the Sun from the East by a few hours (2-3). Now it's rising several hours before the Sun. Something like 7 hours or more.

As reported in 2012 a series of photos from Taganrog, Russia, taken on February 11, 2012 and appearing on a Russian TV show the Looming Venus with astonishing clarity. Per earlier documented reports as far back as 2004, Venus is not where expected anymore! And it was already too large when compared to the Crescent Moon, Looming Large and at an excessively High Altitude.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/4/2022: Early in the ZetaTalk saga we detailed how Nibiru stalled the Earth and Venus in their orbits, by standing in the way as it rounded the Sun and prepared to exit the Solar System. The Earth is having its seasons because the Council of Worlds deemed a stopped orbit to be too shocking for the public, given the establishment’s firm determination to keep the Nibiru cover-up in place for their own convenience. Thus benign aliens under the direction of the Council are tipping the globe forward and back to simulate the seasons. But the sky view told the truth and this was noted in 2004.

Thus our 2006 prediction that Venus, the Dark Twin, and Earth would all be caught in the eddy flow cup in front of Nibiru as it prepared to zoom out of the Solar System had scant proof. To allow mankind a gradual awakening to the truth, Venus was moved back and forth, from East to West, to simulate its orbit. As this “orbit” was gradually tightened due to a shrinking cup as Nibiru drew closer, Venus in the view from Earth seemed to be more Sun centered, and in 2012 was captured on film.  But as with the astonishing evidence that Nibiru is real and upon mankind is ridiculed, those who note Venus crowded toward the Sun and Nibiru rather than to the side at dawn and dusk will be ridiculed.

Even the Circle Makers got in on the act, informing the public what they can expect as Venus looms closer. Per the Zetas, before it can escape the tightening cup in the eddy flow in front of Nibiru, it will get pressed close enough to the Earth for mankind to see volcanic activity on its surface!

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/12/2022: This genuine design is showing the effect of the retrograde orbit and rotation of Nibiru on Venus, displayed here as the Pentagram symbol for Venus. As has been shown by photos and many observations recently Venus is being crowded in front of the Sun, being caught in the tightening eddy flow cup in front of Nibiru as it approaches from the direction of the Sun. Though uninhabited and lifeless, Venus is volcanic and being jerked back and forth by Nibiru’s magnetic presence. Volcanic activity on Venus has increased and will soon become obvious.

Of course, the astronomers of the world are directed, on pain of death, to lie about the presence of Nibiru. Many have been assassinated. Even when trying to join forces to form an international team - as was done during the formation of what the Zetas called the Prongs, a multi-prong’d approach - the threats were too much for the truth to be out. Unless wrapped in a joke, as a recent scientist did about NASA’s arrogant bragging about how they can show mankind what is out in deep space, the astronomers must fall silent.

James Webb Space Telescope Depicts Cartwheel Galaxy in Stunning Detail
August 5, 2022
Spanish meat or space star? Scientist's tweet shot of 'distant star' is actually slice of chorizo.
Spanish Meat or Space Star? Scientist's Tweet Shot of 'Distant Star' is actually Slice of Chorizo
August 5, 2022
A noted French scientist has apologized after tweeting a photo of a slice of chorizo claiming it was a deep-space image of a "distant star" snapped by the James Webb Space Telescope. Etienne Klein, a physicist and research director at France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, shared the spicy Spanish sausage shot on social media last week, applauding the "level of detail" it provided.
Scientist Apologizes for Passing off a Piece of Sausage as a Star from the James Webb Space Telescope
August 5, 2022
He wrote, “Picture of Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light years away from us. It was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. This level of detail… A new world is unveiled everyday.” The image took off, and racked up thousands of likes and shares. Then, Klein pulled the rug out from under everyone.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/5/2022: Why did this French scientist spoof the James Webb images by posting a sausage as a galaxy photo? Did he assume the public would realize this was a spoof? While scientists worldwide and especially astrophysicists are threatened and even assassinated to keep silent about the presence of Nibiru, the establishment leaves them with no recourse when Nibiru becomes so obvious that the man on the street is pointing and staring and demanding answers. What are they to say? That they were ordered to remain silent on pain of death?

The self-serving establishment will likely choose to discredit the scientific establishment and deny there was ever a Nibiru cover-up. Thus Klein, angry at the directives coming from self-serving politicians and the wealthy establishment, took the assertive. He is saying first and foremost that the public should not believe the media or the lies foisted on social media. He is saying that big lies can be supported by esteemed scientists who have been coerced. He is saying to question what the establishment and media say.

Then there is the issue of chemtrails fogging up the skies. Been around since the year 2000. Per the Zetas, the US Military refused to be involved in a scheme that was originally designed to poison desperate migrants. The wealthy elite who employ chemtrail planes are still at it to fog up the skies so mankind cannot readily see the Nibiru Complex. Chemtrails differ from the Contrails that airplanes leave, and by this can be identified. The public is no longer fooled.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/16/2022: A normal chemtrail from a jet plane fades as it disburses, but retains its white cloud appearance to the end. Chemtrails designed to fog the sky so the populace below cannot see the Nibiru complex have added chemicals so the fog lasts and does not disburse completely. While airborne, the crew hired by the wealthy wanting the Nibiru coverup to last can find their stock of some of their additives running low. They can choose to stop, or continue. If the latter, their trail may be dark but will still act as a fogging agent.

ZetaTalk Targeted

On July 29 the Alpha website came under a coordinated attack. Though the ZetaTalk material is only about 2 Gigs big, the claim came from the hosting site that the 40,960 Gigs provided was not sufficient. Other complaints such as a certificate problem on the hosting site emerged too. Customer Service accepted money for additional Gigs but the problem lingered and by August 10 resulted in a dead site. This included a recovery email used for the GoDaddy domain, so trying to point the domain to a different data pool could not happen. When trying to use a cell phone to receive a code, the call did not come through, though all the phones in the house were working and could call each other. Per the Zetas, this was to silence the ZetaTalk voice.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/10/2022: The ZetaTalk website is small, single digits at most and 2 Gig on a computer, so coding the iPage hosting account with excessive space usage is not related to reality. It is a maneuver by those who want the ZetaTalk message blocked. Nancy did not state she wanted her account deleted. It is paid up until February 2023. Yet her website is gone, along with any email access that served as verification for GoDaddy where the domain is registered. This shows this is a maneuver to prevent GoDaddy from a DNS change. Now Nancy is locked into a catch-22 with GoDaddy, because to change the DNS a verification code must be sent to the dead iPage email account. Even when GoDaddy support sends a text to the cell phone, confirmed at their end, it does not arrive at Nancy’s phone, though both Nancy’s phones can call each other at home with no problem. This shows that a deliberate external blocking of Nancy’s phones is in process.  

Please note that the ZetaTalk Mirror Site schema is designed to prevent the public being denied new and pertinent ZetaTalk information. Just add a number after ZetaTalk to get from Mirror Site to There is a Mirror Site on every continent, so access will exist when torn undersea cables or downed satellites make access difficult. Make a note of this and spread the word as this schema is designed to counter these kinds of attacks.