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Issue 847, Sunday December 25, 2022
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Deagel Report

The Deagel report, issued in 2014, predicted a huge global population reduction by 2025. Deagel is an intel service with prestigious clients such as the UN, World Bank, and the National Security Agency. The source for these Deagel predictions was never disclosed. Due to the controversy the prediction created, Deagel deleted the webpage. The author was in fact Edwin Deagle, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The name was changed to hide the guilty.

Deagel 2025 Population and Output Forecast Revisited
March 24, 2022
In 2014, a little known military contractor called ‘Deagel corporation’ published a projection of massive global 
depopulation by 2025. The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organisations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank.
Massive Depopulation by 2025 (Edwin Deagle – Think “CFR”)
May 8, 2021
Early researchers were able to uncover that the person behind the website was none other than government insider, Edwin Deagle. Deagle was Undersecretary of the Air Force under President Bill Clinton. He later became Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense under Clinton in 1994. Edwin Deagle is also listed as an active member of the CFR. Deagle is the Director for International Relations for the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the leading eugenic supporters in the world.

What is the basis for the drastic reduction in population? Is it the devastation caused by the Covid-19 vax? Per the Dark Judge, many towns in the US are already Ghost Towns due to this devastation, and Internet forums are talking about the death rate and the depopulation agenda. For instance Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: The Tsunami Of Death I Have Been Talking About Is Here!! and Club of Rome - 7 Billion MUST Die. Globalist Final Push for Depopulation & One World Gov. and Do You Want to "Die Suddenly" Like Millions of People, Or Not?? This Is How to Detox from A.I. Hydrogel Bioweapon

Stew Peters Presents Died Suddenly - The Financial Physician
November 26, 2022
The Stew Peters Network presents DIED SUDDENLY, from award-winning filmmakers Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.
Why Do Vaccinated People Represent Most COVID-19 Deaths Right Now?
Nov 30, 2022
The share of COVID-19 deaths among those who are vaccinated has risen. In fall 2021, about 3 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted. But by January 2022, as we showed in an analysis posted on the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, about 4 in 10 deaths were vaccinated or boosted. By April 2022, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that about 6 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted, and that’s remained true through at least August 2022 (the most recent month of data).

ZetaTalk Comment 10/31/2022: The Pfizer vaccine and the AstraZeneca proved deadly and harmful. AstraZeneca was withdrawn due to clot formation but the Pfizer vaccine was forced upon Europe and the US. The Pfizer vaccine aborted babies in the womb by shriveling the placenta and created Graphene Hydroxide heart attacks in the young.Why did the Pfizer vaccine continue to be pushed on the public, despite the growing evidence that it was harmful and even deadly? We have repeatedly stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic was viewed as an opportunity to control migration and protests among the common man over the issue of Nibiru.

Note the dates in the Deagel report. The Zetas wrote the 7 of 10 Plate Movements predictions in 2010, wherein they describe the New Madrid Adjustment including the resulting European tsunami. Note the correlation between the Deagel countries experiencing the greatest reduction in population. These are the European countries with coastlines facing the Atlantic. Those European countries inland are less affected. The USA is also affected by a rebound tsunami but primarily by the devastation of the New Madrid Fault Line rip. The Zetas confirm.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/8/2022: In 2014 the Deagel Corporation provided a report to the NSA, UN, and World Bank giving startling statistics on a reduction in population worldwide by 2025. This report showed the US and those parts of Europe facing a potential tsunami from the Atlantic affected the most. In 2010 we, the Zetas, provided our detailed analysis of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements which included the New Madrid Adjustment and which included a detailed description of the European Tsunami. The Deagel Corporation did not provide any source for their data, but it is obvious they were an avid reader of ZetaTalk.

This report and its conclusions have now been scrubbed from the Deagel Corporation’s web site, as given the prestigious clientele it caused the public to wonder – what does Deagel know that is being kept from the public? Of course, it is the reality of the pending Nibiru Passage, which the elite fear will incite panic and riot. The elite push the deadly Pfizer vax, to weaken the immune system and sicken the population so they can be more easily controlled. Who are these elite? Apparently they include the clientele of the Deagel Corporation.

Siberian Thaw

Siberia is undeniably thawing, with Methane gas explosions under the thawing permafrost putting potholes in the ground. The Tunguska explosion was one such example. Fresh frozen Mammoths have been found, with eyeballs and stomach contents intact, so surely hardy germs might likewise survive the long freeze. Is there a potential for a new virus pandemic emerging from Siberian lands now defrosting?

ZetaTalk Comment 1/9/2016: The struggle with melting permafrost at present is due to the Earth wobble putting these regions under more warn air and to some degree under more sunlight. It is slight, but enough to open eyes as to what will happen with infrastructure built over permafrost. The ground will soften, in many cases be mushy as the surface melt has nowhere to drain until the thaw is complete. Combined with mushy ground and warping railroad lines and destabilized building foundations, regions such as Siberia must anticipate methane explosions.

This issue of long-frozen Siberian viruses has come up before re the Pithovirus thawing out in Siberia. Mother Shipton warned of a plague coming from a China virus migrating to Siberia. Per the Zetas, the changing climate due to the Nibiru induced Daily Earth Wobble does indeed cause germs to migrate.

And yellow men great power gain
From mighty bear with whom they've lain.
These mighty tyrants will fail to do
They fail to split the world in two.
But from their acts a danger bred
An ague - leaving many dead.
And physics find no remedy
For this is worse than leprosy.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2020: But why would Mother Shipton imply that a partnership between China and Russia would present a new plague? As is of record, Russia is developing the Far East, which will become tropical in the Aftertime, and China, with a populace of over a billion, will surely migrate there. India has also been invited. Meanwhile, Siberia melts, and many long frozen germs are emerging. Both bacteria and virus are preserved in a deep freeze. Immunity to these germs is long gone. But Mother Shipton is predicting more than a Siberian melt, she is predicting a merging of indigenous germs from Asian and Siberia, mutating.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/25/1998: The germs are on the move. Their carriers are on the move. And thus humans are exposed to diseases that are so rare as to be undocumented in medical journals. You will see increasing illness, odd illnesses, microbes that travel because an insect is scattering about and spreading germs in places where it normally doesn't travel.

Now the issue of a potential pandemic - a lethal virus or pathogen emerging from Siberia - is again in the press. Scientist have discovered a live virus estimated to be 48,500 years old, though this virus only infects amoebas. These emerging ancient viruses have been dubbed Zombie viruses. If Mother Shipton predicted this emergence centuries ago, the modern-day seer Baba Vanga recently made a similar prediction for 2022. The Zetas comment.

Scientists Revive 48,500-year-old ‘Zombie Virus’ from Siberian Permafrost
November 30, 2022
French, Russian and German researchers said they had revived and uncovered 13 new "zombie viruses" isolated from seven different ancient Siberian permafrost samples. Pathogens remain infectious after tens of thousands of years. The biological hazard associated with reviving prehistorical amoeba-infecting viruses is "totally negligible" compared to the search for "paleoviruses" directly from permafrost-preserved remains of mammoths, woolly rhinoceros or prehistoric horses.
'Zombie Virus' Discovered after being Trapped in Siberian Permafrost for nearly 50,000 Years
November 30, 2022
The 13 new viruses were identified by scientists who looked at samples of permafrost collected from the Russian province. One of the viruses had remained infectious after more than 48,500 years in deep permafrost, according to the study led by microbiologist Jean-Marie Alempic from the French National Centre for Scientific Research. The virus, known as pandoravirus, infects only single-cell organisms and should pose no threat to humans.
‘Zombie Virus’ Buried in Russia Revived by Scientists, Baba Vanga’s Prediction Turns True
Nov 30, 2022
Over 48,000 years old ‘zombie virus’ which was buried deep in Russia was recently revived by scientists, making Baba Vanga’s prediction somewhat come true one more time. For the unversed, Baba Vanga was a famous mystic, who had predicted that it would be Siberia which would present a new virus to the world in 2022. The prophecy also stated that the virus was buried frozen, and will be unleashed to the world due to global warming. If Baba Yanga’s prophecy is to be believed, the world will once again be seeing the emergence of a lethal virus. While Wuhan became the origin first, and epicenter later, of the ever-mutating COVID-19 virus, Siberia will present a new virus to the world in 2022.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/8/2022: From the start of the ZetaTalk saga we have predicted that pathogens will be on the move due to the changes caused by the Daily Earth Wobble. They are opportunistic, free to move, and will readily migrate. Combined with the depressed immune systems that result from the stress of change, this will result in more sickness and death. But the prophecies of both Mother Shipton and Baba Vanga are pointing to the emergence of a pathogen from Siberia, which will merge or mutate with pathogens from China to create a new plague for mankind.

Russia is developing their Far East as a future hub for Russia after Nibiru’s Passage. The new Equator will run through the Arctic and down through the Bering Straits. China can be expected to migrate there. What is the likelihood of long dormant pathogens in Siberia emerging with those from China to create a new plague? Given the shakeup the globe is about to have as a result of Nibiru’s Passage, with almost every part of the planet having a new climate, pathogens will be on the move everywhere.  

Immune systems will be encountering pathogens they had not encountered before. A potential Zombie virus from Siberia is no different. The fauna and flora 50,000 year ago in Siberia is hardly different from the fauna and flora the Earth holds today. DNA holds an immune system memory of pathogens encountered in the past. Mankind has many pathogens that are killers, such as Small Pox and Cholera and Ebola. Those afflicted are quarantined and hospitalized. Any Siberian pathogens that survive the thawing process are unlikely to be this deadly.

End Times Battles

We are in the End Times battles and they are intense. The Service-to-Self, led by the Adrenochrome drinking Moloch worshiping Satanists, are losing control. They don’t just go quietly into the night, they become more vicious, their backs against the wall, snarling during their retreat. These battles do not appear in the Mainstream Media, but clues do emerge. For instance, the recent Crypto deaths which sound oddly like the Dead Banker blitz that resulted because of investigations into real estate and banking derivatives scams during the 2008 bubble.

Russian Billionaire, 53, is Killed in Helicopter Crash near Monaco in latest Crypto Mystery Death
November 29, 2022
A Russian billionaire has become the latest cryptocurrency businessman to die in mysterious circumstances after his helicopter crashed in good weather near Monaco. Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Taran, 53, died after the helicopter plunged near the resort town of Villefranche-sur-Mer after taking off from Lausanne in Switzerland. Tiantian Kullander, 30, died 'in his sleep' last week, while fellow crypto millionaire Nikolai Mushegian, 29, drowned on a Puerto Rico beach after tweeting that he feared the CIA and Mossad were going to murder him.
Cryptocurrency Co-Founder Tiantian Kullander Dies 'Unexpectedly' Aged 30
November 28, 2022
The co-founder of a cryptocurrency company has died 'unexpectedly' at the age of 30. Tiantian Kullander, who co-founded the digital asset company Amber Group, passed away in his sleep. Named in the Forbes prestigious 30-under-30 list in 2019, died 'unexpectedly' on November 23. No further details were provided surrounding the cause of death.
Paranoid' Crypto Millionaire Drowns in Puerto Rico after Tweeting that CIA and Mossad were After Him
November 10, 2022
A 'paranoid' cryptocurrency millionaire drowned on a Puerto Rico beach after tweeting that he feared the CIA and Mossad were going to murder him. Nikolai Mushegian, 29, died on October 28, hours after posting his final tweet. The troubled young millionaire had a history of mental health problems and his family do not believe there was any foul play. In a tweet hours before he died, he said: 'CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands. 'They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex [girlfriend] who was a spy. They will torture me to death.
BlockFi Files for Bankruptcy as FTX Contagion Spreads
November 28, 2022
Crypto lender BlockFi filed for bankruptcy protection days after suspending withdrawals amid the ongoing fallout from exchange FTX's bankruptcy filing.  BlockFi has about $257 million in cash on hand. Executives estimate the company has between $1 billion and $10 billion in both assets and liabilities. BlockFi's largest creditor is Ankura Trust Company, which the lender appears to have hired in February and now has a $730 million unsecured claim.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/10/2022: Why are these Crypto millionaires and billionaires suddenly dying under suspicious circumstances? It is obviously to silence them, but what secret did they hold? As we have repeatedly stated, the Cryptos are a currency without a country and thus without a backer. Those who hold tokens cannot seek recourse.  Bondsmen and insurance companies can likewise go bankrupt, leaving the token holders with tokens that hold zero value. Stock Markets are backed by corporate value. Currencies such as the US Dollar or Yuan are backed by the country of issue. This is not the case with Crypto.

Thus backed only by faith, those who became almost instant billionaires or millionaires were making their moves based on insider information. This is no different from the stock markets, where despite being illegal insider information is rampant. But insider information is more than tips on when to buy or sell – it is also information on whom is about to go bankrupt, as they no longer have the assets in hand that are claimed. If this information become widely known, or even rumored, a Crypto company could come under a run with a massive selloff of tokens.  

A similar spate of suspicious deaths occurred in 2014 among bankers who had insider information about real estate value and inflated mortgages. This spate included a title company CEO who supposedly died of suicide after killing himself with a nail gun. Several nails were driven into his head, though how he lived after the first nail is a mystery. Will the recent assassinations of insiders in the Crypto industry calm the public and allow the Crypto industry to flourish again? The pall of death now hangs over the industry, as the public has been alerted that all is not well.

Nibiru Visibility

Predicted by the Zetas to be visible naked eye in 2021, it indeed can now be seen naked eye. This example is from Fabrianu Brismetolle taken at sunset from Tomsk in Western Siberia on December 9 and forwarded by the ZetaTalk Followers group. The Nibiru Complex below the Sun jumps right out.