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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 31, 2022

Metrolink and Amtrak Suspend Service Between LA and San Diego Indefinitely Due to the Ground Shifting October 2, 2022 This comes after a recent ocean surge connected to Tropical Storm Kay led to high tides and waves that shifted the coastal tracks, which serve as the only viable link from San Diego to Los Angeles and the rest of the country. [and from another] Metrolink, Amtrak Suspend Train Service to Oceanside because of Unstable Slope September 30, 2022  Metrolink and Amtrak train service between Orange County and San Diego County has been suspended until further notice because of slope movement beneath the seaside tracks at San Clemente. The low-lying section of track crosses an ancient, recurring landslide that is aggravated by storms, waves and high tides.

Railroad tracks are always built on solid ground, and any evidence of a landslide would have precluded the site from even being considered. Nor do storms or waves affect the solid land upon which tracks are laid. The San Andreas Fault Line is well inland from the coastline at San Diego but the Mainland Portion of N America has been steadily dropping, landing heavily upon Mexico and the Cocos Plate border. Thus the site of the Metrolink Amtrak is being shoved over the Pacific Plate and this destabilized the ground where the track was laid. 

About 140 million people in Bangladesh are without power after a grid failure caused widespread blackouts, the government's utility company said. Is this caused by the Euroasian stretch? [and from another] Bangladesh faces power blackout after national grid fails October 4, 2022 About 140 million people in Bangladesh are without power after a grid failure caused widespread blackouts. Officials of the state-run Bangladesh Power Development Board said power transmission failed somewhere in the eastern part of the country. All power plants tripped and electricity was cut in the capital Dhaka and other big cities. Engineers were trying to determine where and why the glitches happened and it could take hours to restore the system. Bangladesh's recent impressive economic growth has been threatened by'power shortages'since the government suspended operations of all diesel-run power plants to reduce the cost of imports as prices have soared. The diesel-run power plants produced about 6 percent of Bangladesh's power generation, so their shutdowns cut output by up to 1500 megawatts. [and from another] Blackouts across Bangladesh: Grid failure leaves over 130 million without power October 4, 2022 Bangladesh has suffered a major power crisis in recent months as a result of higher global energy prices following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. At least 130 million people in Bangladesh were without power on Tuesday afternoon after a grid failure caused widespread blackouts. [and from another] JUST IN - Bangladesh's national power grid collapses, causing a blackout for 140 million citizens. Apart from parts of the county's northwest, "the rest of the country is without power," an official says.

Whether India and Australia reside on the same plate has always been open for dispute, but we have confirmed that they act and move as one plate. Bangladesh is residing on the Eurasian Plate but is subject to much turmoil because the Indo-Australia Plate nearby is being shoved under the Himalayas. This is a downward motion for India while the Eurasian Plate is in a stretch from the UK through to the China coast.

The Indio-Australia Plate also has a fracture point just below Bangladesh, where a solid rock point reaches up toward Bangladesh. This fracture point is notably free of SO2 gas emissions, as is Tibet above Bangladesh. They are both refusing to crumble. Thus Bangladesh is caught in a tri-plate crunch, with India being pushed down while China is being stretched sideways to the east and the Australia Plate spike and its firm connection to Tibet insist on remaining static.

In these situations there is extreme electronic screech from the rock. This does show on the SO2 charts where Asia along the Indo-Australian Plate and rock spike are free of SO2 emissions, as is Tibet. That India and China are emitting SO2 from shifting rock can clearly be seen. Electric grids are subject to cascading outages, where a failure in one sector triggers a domino failure. This is a common occurrence when high demand is placed on a grid.

Been getting letters from folks in Russia about light beams in the sky. [and from another] The source and purpose of these "strange lights" has been identified: Russia's PERESVET Laser Anti-Satellite System. The military nature of the lighting became evident when the same light pattern hit the skies in Moscow, Murmansk, and Omsk, Russia as the world was paying attention to the lights in Belgorad. These laser systems are "anti-satellite" insofar as they can "dazzle" any recon satellite orbiting within 1500 kilometers of earth! [and from another] Peresvet: a Russian Mobile Laser System to Dazzle Enemy Satellites June 15, 2020 If imaging satellites are blinded by a laser beam, an adversary would be denied the opportunity to follow the movements of mobile ICBMs. This would come in handy if there were signs of an imminent attack on Russia's ICBM arsenal or if Russia itself had the intention to launch a nuclear first strike on another nation. [and from another] [and from another] Curious Pillars of Yellow Light seen over Belgorod, Russia October 5, 2022 Yellow light beams seen over Russia's city of Belgorod intrigued the residents. [and from another]

These yellow towers of light are appearing in Russian cities that border Europe but are not yet appearing in the Eastern half of Russia. Yes, as Shadow of Ezra indicated, the Russian Superweapon capable of blinding satellites with a blaze of light is in operation, but these towers of yellow light are not the Peresvet. As the damage on the Nord Stream pipelines shows, Eurasia is being pulled apart and releasing Methane towers. Eurasia is in a stretch from the West coast of the UK through to the East coast of China, and more is to follow.

Seems unusual to me for the Mississippi to be "low on water". Is it being pulled apart and widened?
[and from another] Ingram Barge Company Declares Force Majeure Due to Low Water on Mississippi October 6, 2022 Ingram Barge Company, one of the country's largest barge shippers, said it was providing formal notice of a force majeure event as low water on the Mississippi River disrupted its operations on the major shipping waterway. The declaration would affect the portion of Ingram's operating network at locations downriver from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [and from another] Low Water Levels on Mississippi River Threatens Shipments October 6, 2022 Ingram Barge Company, the largest U.S. barge operator, declared force majeure in a letter to customers due to near-historic low water conditions on the Mississippi River. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Coast Guard said there was a queue of 122 vessels at Stack Island and 15 vessels at Memphis. Due to increased groundings, the number of vessels in tow is being restricted.

We stated that the New Madrid Adjustment began on October 12, 2019 when the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed.  The Isthmus of Tehuantepec was then watched closely as this is the start of the New Madrid Fault Line. The Isthmus is constantly peppered with deep quakes, as the Mainland Portion to the West of the fault line pulls down and toward the Pacific while the SE Portion to the East of the fault line stays glued to the Africa and Caribbean Plates.

The separation of the Mainland and SE Portion reached New Orleans by April, 2022, but made scant progress up the Mississippi River since then. Now the floor of the Mississippi River is rising at New Orleans due to the tugging apart of the N America portions. This is due to the Mainland Portion dropping as it is pulled down toward Mexico and westward into the Pacific. The Mainland Portion is being stretched during this process, losing elevation thus, and during this process is raising the floor of the Mississippi River at New Orleans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused Ukraine of orchestrating the powerful blast that damaged a key bridge linking Russia and Crimea the day before, describing the explosion as an "act of terrorism". [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Putin accuses Ukraine of Crimea Bridge Blast, calls it Terrorism October 10, 2022 Russia struck cities across Ukraine during rush hour on Monday morning, killing civilians and destroying infrastructure in apparent revenge after President Vladimir Putin declared an explosion on the bridge to Crimea to be a terrorist attack. [and from another] Putin, Lukashenko Agree on Deployment of Joint Regional Group of Troops October 10, 2022 Minsk had been warned through unofficial channels about plans to carry out an attack on Belarusian territory from Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko have agreed on the deployment of a joint regional group of forces. [and from another] Russia-Ukraine live Updates: Russian Missiles Strike Civilian Targets across Ukraine October 10, 2022 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose forces began an offensive in August, has vowed to take back all Russian-occupied territory. But Putin in September announced a mobilization of reservists, which is expected to call up as many as 300,000 additional troops. [and from another] [and from another] Ukraine Behind Crimean Bridge Blast - US Media October 9, 2022 The blast that damaged Russia's strategic Crimean Bridge and killed at least three people was orchestrated by Ukraine, the New York Times and Washington Post both reported on Saturday, citing sources. The intelligence agency, called the SBU, was behind the attack. [and from another] Russian Ex-President says Ukraine Strikes only "First Episode" October 10, 2022 Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev said Russia's retaliatory mass strikes across Ukraine were only the "first episode". "The first episode has been played. There will be others," Medvedev, now deputy head of the Security Council, said on social media, adding that the future goal should be "the complete dismantling of Ukraine's political regime".

A month ago in September Russia countered NATO's big push to recapture Ukraine territory with what we called a snare operation. Russia pulled back so that when NATO pushed in, they would be caught in a trap. Then Russia called a Referendum polling the people in these regions, showing decisively that they considered themselves to be Russian and wanted to be free of Ukraine control. Facing repeated losses, Ukraine tried to cut Russia supply chains by bombing the bridge to the Crimea. Two days later Russia retaliated with massive Ukraine-wide missile strikes, including strikes in Kiev, the Capitol of Ukraine and headquarters of Zelensky.

Belarus, an ally of Russia bordering the Ukraine, had learned of a planned Ukraine invasion, and forged an alliance. Russia seeks to end these repeated attempts to secure the Russian oil and gas fields. Time is short because when the New Madrid rupture sends a rebound tsunami against Europe, there will be panic and amid panic there will be opportunity for mischief. Russia will not relent nor stall this time, nor agree to any arrangement that would leave the EU or NATO in control of any part of Ukraine. By bombing the bridge to the Crimea, they have in essence burned their bridges to any truce.

Chris Tomas Wakefield disappeared and no one knows where he is. He has not been heard from in over a year. Even on his site the last update is from March 2021. Yet it starts with him and his pole shift in 2023 message. Where did he go? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

The Chris Thomas Wakefield affair was a CIA disinformation scam intended to discredit ZetaTalk. Wakefield assumed the identity of a deceased vac salesman. Without a true source for new and accurate information, they plagiarized ZetaTalk. Then they put in the twist. The 2023 date was intended to taint ZetaTalk but instead a surprise from ZetaTalk emerged, ZetaTalk accepted the Tibetan Monk's 2026 date. This was a death blow to this CIA scam. To avoid being identified, they cut all traces to the origins of the Chris Thomas Wakefield scam.

Can the Zetas explain what caused all those mysterious explosions in Washington DC? [and from another] Breaking: explosions FBI HQ DC. LIVE VID. October 12, 2022 So obvious explosions at FBI HQ bldg in DC. States called FBI, & FBI lies/denies this is happening. See live stream feed proof it is happening. ... This DC event was clearly from and happening on roof of the old DC FBI HQ Hoover Building. ... There is a device they sell for chasing birds away. It uses propane or natural gas to fill a little sound cannon, and then it fires it every so often according to a timer. If you have Canada geese on your property, they use the sound cannons. That is what it seems like to me. I have no idea why it would be blasting away on the roof of the FBI building at 3 am. I don't hear any drunk hooting and hollering. Just an automated sound cannon is my best guess. ... The amount of smoke and the time from each "boom" appears to be a automatic defense system on the roof that was firing at a airborne threat. 1)The sounds are not in any order 2) The smoke ejected is in line with that kind of weapon 3) The obvious projectile was in one direction with each boom. My best guess was there was in inbound threat to that building that was neutralized. ... I would say it has something to do with a relief valve venting off pressure, since it is happening about every 10 seconds. The building probably is turning on the heat for the first time this year. [and from another] Explosions At FBI Headquarters Washington DC October 13, 2022 [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Potomac River Explosive Test Range Schedule for the Week of October 10-14, 2022 Welcome to The Potomac River Test Range Website. This page provides daily information about the operations and scheduling of activities at the Potomac River Test Range and the Explosive Experimental Area (Pumpkin Neck). These facilities are used by our military to conduct munitions testing and should be avoided while testing is in progress. [and from another]

Despite all the speculation about what was causing the booms and smoke on the FBI Headquarters building in DC, the answer is simple. All the sister fault lines that parallel the New Madrid Fault Line are active at the present time, and the East Coast Fault Line runs right under DC. This is a stretch zone and they are normally silent, though can be deadly. Destabilized and shifting rock under the old FBI building would cause walls and floors to snap. The FBI refused to comment because there is a cover-up over Nibiru, thus the mystery.

Could the satanic cabal actually be losing that much, and be that unwilling to admit to the truth that they will try to pin the New Madrid-propelled mega- tsunami on Russia?! [and from another] Russia Deploys Doomsday Nuclear Ocean Drones as Global Economic Meltdown Looms October 4, 2022 Russia has now officially deployed the world's largest submarine which can carry up to eight "apocalypse drone" torpedoes. When detonated, one of these drones unleashes a highly destructive, radioactive tsunami that inundates coastal areas of the targeted country, rendering them uninhabitable. Notably, America's most important power centers -- government, finance, military and trade -- are all located near the coasts. [and from another] Putin Deploys Nuclear TSUNAMI BOMB Submarine, Mobilizes Nuke Crews October 3, 2022 [and from another] Russia Deploys APOCALYPTIC Tsunami Bomb Submarine and Everyone is Freaking Out October 4, 2022  [and from another] Russian Submarine with 'Nuclear Tsunami' Technology Vanishes: Report October 3, 2022 One of Russia's nuclear-powered submarines, named Belgorod, has reportedly vanished from its Arctic harbor, and Western countries fear it could be gearing up to test its advanced weapons systems. Belgorod is believed to be armed with "Poseidon" nuclear torpedoes that supposedly have the ability to traverse hundreds of miles underwater and induce "nuclear tsunamis" near coastal regions. [and from another]

The Russian submarine Belgorod was noted to be absent from its berth in the Arctic on October 3, which raised speculation that Russia intended to use it as a threat against either the US or European NATO members who are refusing to capitulate to Russia on the Ukraine issue. This is not Russia's style, which has from the start been to simply counter NATO's plan to invade Russia to snatch the oil and gas fields. Given that NATO and Israel attacked the anti-DEW Russian sub Losharik in the Arctic in the recent past - in an abundance of caution Russia moved the Belgorod.

The Nibiru cover-up is at a tipping point in that the Nibiru Complex is very visible in the skies and the Daily Earth Wobble and rise in earthquakes and volcanic activity have no other explanation. Of all the lies the elite in the establishment have foisted on the public, the Nibiru cover-up is the most harmful. Those in the public denied the truth have continued to live along coastal cities which will be scoured clean during the hour of the passage. The banks benefited from continuing mortgage payments and corporations benefited from the sales of their goods and services.

What will the public do when they realize they have been lied to? They are likely to attack the elite who denied them the opportunity to move to safe areas and become self-sufficient. At all costs, the elite are continuing the Nibiru cover-up, and using excuses for any evidence of Nibiru nearby. When Russia moved its Belgorod to safety, the elite in the West saw an opportunity. Tidal waves against Europe and the East Coast of the US are expected when the New Madrid Rupture occurs, and this will now be blamed on Russia.

Is the elite plan to inform the public about Nibiru and pending disasters but only to the degree that plausible deniability is in effect? CNBC shows Nibiru in an article and the UN is pushing a disaster plan to save billions, to be in place within the next 5 years. Meanwhile eating bugs is encouraged. [and from another] White House is Pushing ahead Research to Cool Earth by Reflecting back Sunlight October 13, 2022 The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is coordinating a five-year research plan to study ways of modifying the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth in order to temporarily temper the effects of global warming. [and from another] UN Warns that Half the World is not Prepared for Disasters October 13, 2022 A report from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warns that half of the countries globally are not protected by multi-hazard early warning systems. The Secretary General called on all countries to invest in early warning systems, "Extreme weather events will happen. But they do not need to become deadly disasters". Early warning systems are a proven means to reduce harm to people and damage to assets ahead of impending hazards, including storms, tsunamis, droughts, and heatwaves, to name a few. Multi-hazard early warning systems address several hazards that may occur alone, simultaneously, or cascadingly. Implementation of the report's recommendations by donors and countries would support the realization of the UN Secretary-General's call that every person on the planet be covered by an early warning system in the next five years. [and from another] California Enters Eighth Consecutive Day of Flex Alerts as Heat Persists September 7, 2022 For the eighth consecutive day, California power regulators imposed a Flex Alert Wednesday urging residents to curb their electricity use to prevent rolling blackouts as a protracted heat wave continued to roast the Southland and most of the state. [and from another] [and from another]

The pending New Madrid rupture will test how well the establishment has prepared the public for what is to come. The UN is a Globalist organization, and thus would not provide guidance that would run amuck of the welfare of the banks and the wealthy. Clucking about long-range planning for 3rd World countries is hardly the leadership the world needs. Shifting to a bug-based diet is a good message but when it is in the context of corporate bug powder sales, is also hardly the solution. Are they teaching kids how to grow bugs?

What is behind the message of a photo appearing in a CNBC article? Similar photos are being captured worldwide lately, which show naked eye and on film what the public can now see. Is CNBC and their handlers hoping that the public will assume this is "normal" and not question the presence of Nibiru? Because an admission that Nibiru is real and in the neighborhood is met with so much reluctance among the elite, the establishment hopes instead for a gradual awakening with subsequent preparation for a Passage of Nibiru in the populace.  

Israel had no rain on this day. Yet Crete was swamped? [and from another] Extreme Flooding hits Crete, Greece October 17, 2022 The rain caused rivers to overflow in a number of areas, damaging buildings, turning roads into raging rivers and sweeping dozens of cars into the sea. The rain caused rivers to overflow in a number of areas, damaging buildings, turning roads into raging rivers and sweeping dozens of cars into the sea. [and from another] Severe Torrential Floods hit the Greek island of Crete, killing at least Two October 16, 2022 Torrential rain caused major flooding on the Greek island of Crete, killing at least two, authorities said on Sunday.

As was depicted by SO2 emissions during the Bangladesh power outage, hard rock that is not shifting or cracking will show an absence of SO2 emissions. The hard rock hook under the south of Turkey is similar to the rock in Tibet, seemingly unbreakable. This is why the hook has survived through the eons, refusing to snap away from the Africa Plate. The swirl in the SO2 emissions on this hard rock hook shows that a snap will not happen there. Instead we have predicted a snap along a line from Greece to the Sinai, which is consistently covered in SO2 emissions.

The coastal waves along Southern Crete were hardly due to heavy rain, as no similar rain occurred elsewhere in the region. Where are the photos of torrential rain-washed roads and houses in the interior of Crete? This is the usual coverup over any disasters caused by Nibiru, to avoid panic and riot. The small quake accompanying the Crete coastal waves shows that the border of the Africa Plate and Eurasian Plate slipped at that point, loosening the connection.

As with the Tel Aviv beach tsunami indication, these breaks are silent stretch zone adjustments where one side of the snap point drops or heaves or leaves a void where water rebounds. Ultimately the connection between the hard rock hook under Turkey and the African Plate will be left to a single tentacle, which will suddenly give way. This separation is likely to be silent, as stretch zone disasters are silent. When Africa finds itself free to drop, scraping along Israel and Syria, it will be disasters in these locations that sound the alarm.

Where have all the people gone? I work as a carpenter and we are short on help. Every tradesman out there is saying the same thing for the last year or two.  All trades are down to a fraction of the work force but the amount of work coming in is just as steady. The supermarkets in Madison can't find enough people to work the registers, the fast food chains are closing at 7 pm with signs that say they have low staff. [and from another] Pandemic Disrupted Historical Mortality Patterns, Caused Largest Jump in Deaths in 100 Years March 24, 2022 Deaths in the United States increased by 19% between 2019 and 2020 following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 - the largest spike in mortality in 100 years. [and from another] At Least 5 Times more Deaths September, 2021  VAERS data from the American CDC shows that as of September 17, 2021, already 726,963 people suffered adverse events, including stroke, heart failure, blood clots, brain disorders, convulsions, seizures, inflammations of brain & spinal cord, life-threatening allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, miscarriage, infertility, rapid-onset muscle weakness, deafness, blindness, narcolepsy, and cataplexy. Besides the astronomical number of severe side effects, the CDC reports that almost 15,386 people died as a result of receiving the experimental injections. However, a CDC healthcare fraud detection expert named Jane Doe investigated this and came to the shocking discovery that the number of deaths is at least five times higher than what the CDC is admitting.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been debate over the source of the virus, the effectiveness of the various vaccines, and the need for lockdowns or quarantines. Although the labs in Wuhan were experimenting with the virus components, we stated that the virus emerged from the drains
under the wet markets in Wuhan. The rush to produce a vaccine for this new flu virus included the mRNA vaccines, which are experimental in that they use a spike protein to incite immunity.

Results have shown that the Russian Sputnik and vaccines in Iran and China were effective and safe, and as Sweden and countries in Africa showed that even herd immunity without vaccine mandates were effective. But the Pfizer vaccine and the AstraZeneca proved deadly and harmful. AstraZeneca was withdrawn due to clot formation but the Pfizer vaccine was forced upon Europe and the US. The Pfizer vaccine aborted babies in the womb by shriveling the placenta and created Graphene Hydroxide heart attacks in the young.

Why did the Pfizer vaccine continue to be pushed on the public, despite the growing evidence that it was harmful and even deadly? We have repeatedly stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic was viewed as an opportunity to control migration and protests among the common man over the issue of Nibiru. The establishment fears losing control and retaliation from those they have lied to over the decades. Thus the Pfizer vaccines were forced upon the public, with 'pure bloods' pushed out of jobs. There was no lack of funds for this agenda, as it is the wealthy who fear awareness of Nibiru.

The death rate from the Pfizer vaccine has reduced the work force, as even those in the prime of life have been subject to blood clots and heart attacks. Add to this those forced out of work because they refused the deadly vaccine. The pandemic at first shocked the economy, so there were layoffs. But when the economy recovered many of the prior workers had found other jobs - becoming self-employed or in the home delivery business. Independence is rewarding, and many are reluctant to return to their former jobs.

Today after noon I walked for one hour and heard a low noise of vibrations. I didn't feel anything, just heard. [and from another] The Hum The Hum is a generic name for a series of phenomena involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise not audible to all people. Hums have been reported in various geographical locations. In some cases a source has been located. A well-known case was reported in Taos, New Mexico, and thus the Hum is sometimes called the Taos Hum. Hums have been reported all over the world, especially in Europe. The Hum is most often described as sounding somewhat like a distant idling diesel engine. Typically the Hum is difficult to detect with microphones, and its source and nature are hard to localize. [and from another] Green Bay Hum [and from another] Taos Hum [and from another] Trumpets or Howling

As we specified, the New Madrid finale is being held back by the African Roll, which is being held back by a solid rock hook which is an extension of the Africa Plate under Turkey. When this rock hook snaps off, Africa will be able to roll, tearing open the Azores and destabilizing the SE Portion of the N American Continent, thus triggering the New Madrid Fault Line finale. As can be seen by tsunami action in the rock hook under Turkey, many snap points have fractured. By early September quakes and SO2 emissions on the snap line identified by the Zetas were occurring. Now Tel Aviv has developed a hum.

Turkey and the solid rock hook in the waters below Turkey share the same rock mass, which resists being pulled apart. To the west there are the crumbled platelets of Greece, the result of numerous Africa Rolls in the past. The border of the Africa Plate through the center of the Mediterranean will readily slip and slide, but this alone does not allow the Africa Plate to drop. The fault line that runs down the Dead Sea is today the border between the Saudi Plate and the Africa Plate, but as a result of the rock hook under Turkey snapping off, Israel's status will change.

The result will be the Sinai Peninsula pulling away from the African Plate to be centered between Egypt and Israel, and to be considered an island. We have stated that much trauma will occur in Israel and Syria as a result of the Turkey hook snap. The old boundaries will not release their grip readily. Though the rock hook snap points have been releasing their grip steadily, in the manner that silent stretch separations do, there will be scraping and vibration and tsunami evidence of underwater adjustments. Then Africa will suddenly go on the move, waggling the Saudi Plate and triggering the New Madrid finale.

Is this caused by the SE plate pushing against the Caribbean plate? Incredible concentration of quakes. This is just one month. It's been going on for a LONG time. Something unnatural seems to be happening in the SW of Puerto Rico. Of course also consider that USGS under-reports magnitudes and water-based quakes. [and from another],-71.54297&extent=21.16648,-60.99609&range=month&magnitude=all&sort=largest&listOnlyShown=true [and from another] On July 12 and again on July 15 huge quakes hammered the Easter Islands on the edge of the Nazca Plate. The S America roll portion of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements was supposedly 100% completed, per the Zetas, as was the rising of the Indo-Australian Plate at New Zealand, yet this area also remains a high quake area. Is this new 8 of 10 phenomena emerging? The Zetas are now detailing the continents involved in the 8 of 10 drift, and their direction of drift.

We described the 7 of 10 Plate Movements depicting the Scripted Drama that will occur as Nibiru approaches and jerks the Earth about with a Daily Earth Wobble. This is controlled by the shape of the continents that have emerged due to the breakup of Pangea. But the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are only one factor as there are many influences that affect plate movement. Continental Drift, where the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic spreads, has been ongoing for eons.

The Continental Drift process has been aggravated by the Nibiru incited 7 of 10 Plate Movements but is a separate issue. The compression of the Pacific can be seen in the quakes at Hawaii, in the center of the Pacific, and the continuing tilt of the Philippine Plate pushing under the Philippine Islands. It can also be seen in the rampant quakes up and down the Andes, as S America lobs its bulbous top part into the Pacific. In this, S America pulls the Caribbean Plate with it, as they are locked together in so many places.  

The Scripted Drama that the breakup of Pangea has imposed includes what we have referred to as the 'brake' at India, where the Indio-Australia Plate plunges under the Himalayas and tilts its eastern edge up near New Zealand. This is a constant process, never at rest. Thus the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are revisited, repeating their expected reaction to the ever-changing location of the Earth plates. But beyond the original and revisited 7 of 10 Plate Movements and the constant Continental Drift factor, we have the pending New Madrid Rupture.

When the rock hook under Turkey finally snaps, tearing the Africa Plate apart near the Sinai Peninsula and allowing the heavy Africa Plate to drop into the spreading void of the S Atlantic, there will be a sequence of events that will affect the SE Portion of the N American Continent. The SE Portion is attached to the Africa Plate, and will consequently be dragged to the East by Africa, thus inciting the New Madrid Rupture. In the meantime, the Caribbean, which is also attached to the SE Portion, is pulled to the West, in a tug of war with the drift of S America to the West.

Not sure if these have been seen before, fast lights over Japan. They've been seen in Taiwan and China too. [and from another] [and from another] China Beijing August 23rd [and from another] Taiwan A friend of mine that lives in Taiwan sent me this video, he said it's been like this for a week. The official story is that they are preparing for the lantern festival. My friends says he's never seen this before, they are not lanterns, and a whole week?! Makes no sense. Apparently he has also seen a very large number of military trucks moving through the city at night and everyone is very intrigued about these strange 'lights' in the sky. [and from another] The Okhotsk Plate is a minor tectonic plate covering the Kamchatka Peninsula, Magadan Oblast, and Sakhalin Island of Russia; Hokkaido, Kant? and T?hoku regions of Japan; the Sea of Okhotsk, as well as the disputed Kuril Islands. It was formerly considered a part of the North American Plate, but recent studies indicate that it is an independent plate, bounded on the north by the North American Plate. [and from another] The Amurian Plate (or Amur Plate; also occasionally referred to as the China Plate, not to be confused with the South China Subplate) is a minor tectonic plate in the northern and eastern hemispheres. It covers Manchuria, the Korean Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, Shikoku, Kyushu, southwest Honshu (Kansai, Ch?goku), eastern Mongolia and the south of Russian Far East. Once thought to be a part of the Eurasian Plate, the Amurian Plate is now generally considered to be a separate plate moving southeast with respect to the Eurasian Plate. [and from another] The Yangtze Plate, also called the South China Block or the South China Subplate, comprises the bulk of southern China.

Though Northern Japan is shown as being an extension of the N American Plate, it is also referred to as the Okhotsk Platelet. We have stated that this extension is hard rock and unlikely to snap off. But as can be seen from the endless quakes in this region, the shifting of the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate has put pressure on this extension. During any shattering of plates in this region Japan could anticipate being slung from one side to the other, as depicted in the UFO display there.  

Nearby on the Eurasian Plate, China also has a platelet on the coastline and bordering the Okhotsk Platelet - the Amurian Platelet. The UFO display in Beijing is showing an explosion, which any shattering of the Eurasian Plate there would include. These would be major earthquakes. Further south along the China coastline and just across the water from Taiwan lies the Yangtze Plate. The UFO display for Taiwan shows a bulge surrounded by swirling UFOs, indicating that Taiwan could expect a counterclockwise motion during these changes.

People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada - and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country. How does it relate to the mass panic in Canada after the New Madrid rip? There will be riots all over. [and from another] [and from another] Freezing the Market on Handguns October 21, 2022 The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the national freeze on the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns comes into effect. From now on, people cannot buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada, and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country. We have already banned over 1,500 types of assault-style firearms and have strengthened our gun control laws to expand background checks. Bill C-21 proposes further measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands like revoking the firearms licences of those involved in acts of domestic violence or criminal harassment, continuing to fight gun smuggling and trafficking, and providing law enforcement more tools to investigate firearms crimes. [and from another] Putin Declares Martial Law in Annexed Areas October 19, 2022 The Russian President's decree imposing martial law in four annexed regions of Ukraine means more restrictions, security measures.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree imposing martial law in four annexed  regions of Ukraine - Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. The decree allowed greater ability to limit movement to, from and within the areas and allows for the residents of those territories to be moved to  safe zones. [and from another] Martial Law in Times of Civil Disorder Published: 1989 Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster. When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws. Martial law is justified when civilian authority has ceased to function, is completely absent, or has become ineffective. Further, martial law suspends all existing laws, as well as civil authority and the ordinary administration of justice. [and from another] Macron Confronts Growing Unrest October 20, 2022 French authorities have scrambled to respond to mass strikes and protests that have roiled the country for weeks, sparking acute fuel shortages and travel disruptions.  Although the strikes first began among oil refinery workers, they have also rippled into the country's nursing, nuclear power, and transit sectors, among others, in recent days. From teachers to railway staff, more than 100,000 people marched throughout the country to demand higher pay. [and from another] Covid in Sydney: Military Deployed to help Enforce Lockdown July 30, 2021 The lockdown - in place until at least 28 August - bars people from leaving their home except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons. [and from another] Stuck in China's covid lockdown, people plead for food, medical care September 12, 2022 Frantic appeals for food and medical care are spreading across China in a grim deja vu, as tens of millions of people are put under weeks-long coronavirus lockdowns ahead of a key meeting of the ruling Communist Party. [and from another] Haiti asks for Canadian Soldiers to Tackle Gangs taking the Country Hostage October 13, 2022 Beleaguered Caribbean country wants international force to combat gangs and cholera, but ambassador also wants more lasting solutions - not just charity. Haitian gangs are better armed than the police. Canada is actively working on a response to Haitian PM Ariel Henry's call last week for help from the international community - a call that has been taken up by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 Martial Law was being considered by many countries, including Russia. China and Australia have used Martial Law to enforce Covid-19 lockdowns, though in both cases it was clear that controlling movement of the populace was the prime objective. Martial Law is used by the establishment for many reasons. Quelling riots is the most frequent reason. In 2020 President Trump considered Martial Law to quell the mounting riots and crime caused by Soros and Antifa. Martial Law was officially activated ahead of the Biden inauguration in 2021, one of the many reasons the Biden Administration is illegitimate.

After the 2010 earthquake, Haiti returned into a drug and gun running free port, showing what can happen if an established government loses control in crisis. Canada was the major route into the US in November 2020 when the CCP was coming across the border from Canada. Canada is a cold country and very under-populated, thus the Canadian Defense Department is over-stretched. If the CCP could gain entry via Canada, then it is vulnerable to a takeover by gangs wanting to run drugs and guns. The White Hats in charge of Canada at the present time have many concerns. This latest Canada policy change is to reduce gun traffic, not gun ownership.

In February 2022 Trudeau signed the Emergencies Act in anticipation of chaos in Canada over the looming New Madrid Adjustment. All countries are anticipating being overwhelmed by migrants as a result of the forthcoming Plate Movements but balance the civil unrest that would result from disasters against the civil unrest that Martial Law restrictions would create. Many countries in Europe - pushed into conflict with Russia by the ambitious and arrogant elite running the European Union and NATO - will be forced to declare Martial Law due to starvation and energy shortages. Russia has once again displayed leadership by declaring Martial Law in the Ukraine sectors they now control.

What's really behind the resignation of Liz Truss? [and from another] Boris Johnson: The Next Prime Minister? October 22, 2022 British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday morning, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history. The announcement didn;t come as a surprise, having followed turmoil in parliament unmatched even by the chaos that unfolded after the Brexit vote in 2016. Soon after taking office just over six weeks ago, Truss announced a  mini-budget  economic package designed to dramatically reduce taxes and incentivize investment in the United Kingdom economy. After the markets panicked and her party criticized her plans, Truss caved and forced her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, to resign. Truss later appointed an anti-Brexit member of parliament, Jeremy Hunt, as her new chancellor.  Hunt reversed virtually all of her economic policies and confirmed the abrupt end of Trussonomics. Hunt promised to hike corporation tax to 25%, a measure championed by Truss  competitor in the party leadership election, former chancellor Rishi Sunak.  The next prime minister will not be chosen by the general public, but instead by Conservative Party MPs and potentially Conservative Party members. Johnson was elected on a populist platform, promising to deliver Brexit, reduce immigration, and  level up  the country. However, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed much of Johnson's plans, and the former prime minister was frequently criticized for his focus on lockdowns and green energy policies. [and from another] Liz Truss Gets to Work as Britain's New Prime Minister September 20, 2022 Truss also appears to be following in Boris Johnson's footsteps, pledging to continue Britain's substantial financial support for Ukraine in its efforts to push back invading Russian troops. [and from another] Rishi Sunak enters Race to be next Prime Minister [and from another] Have Liz Truss's 44 days in 0ffice Destroyed 40 years of Free Market Philosophy?  [and from another] She previously held Cabinet positions under Prime Ministers David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, including serving as foreign secretary from 2021 to 2022. She has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Southwest Norfolk since 2010.

The desire of all who want predictable and stable leadership is encapsulated in the term 'a steady hand at the helm'. A ship at sea can capsize if the hand at the helm swings the ship wildly from side to side. Cargo can and does flounder and fall. The ship can lose balance and tilt, taking on water. Liz Truss, who had never before been in a leadership position, was the worst choice during the tumultuous times in Europe.  Liz had another flaw, well hidden. She was not a Double under the control of the White Hat Alliance.

The Queen and Prince Charles have been Doubles since the Fall of 2019 and Boris had been a Double since the Spring of 2020. Thus the Alliance had been comfortably in control of the Brits for the past couple years, but the Covid-19 lockdowns and Satanic depopulation schemes and Russia's pre-emptive move to guard against a NATO invasion from the Ukraine destabilized the British Parliament. A popular member of Parliament, Liz succeeded by sensing the direction of the winds and bending with them to get along. The perfect politician, but not a leader.

Might Boris come back? The key is control by the White Hat Alliance. Given the recent leadership by Truss, who flipped and flopped, reversing herself quickly when a move was not embraced, the White Hats will be cautious. A Boris as a White Hat Double is at least on a tight leash. Cooperation between  Sunak and the White Hats is an unknown potential at present. If the UK is plunged into Martial law by the New Madrid rupture, these questions will be moot.

Would the Zeta's comment on this. Was there an intervention? [and from another] [and from another] Explosives-Laden Drone, UNDETONATED - Found near Nord Stream Pipeline Bomb Blast Site October 22, 2022  Sweden Police investigating the recent explosion which blew up three out of four natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, found an explosives-laden, but UN-DETONATED, underwater drone, near the fourth pipeline which did NOT get blown up. A wire which would have controlled the explosion of that drone, was found to have been severed. Sweden immediately Classified the drone and the investigation as needing'to be concealed'for "national security" reasons. [and from another] Sweden Refuses to Share Results of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Investigation with Russia October 13, 2022 The investigation found that the blasts were an act of sabotage, although the culprit has not been named. President Vladimir Putin, who has accused the US and Britain of carrying out an 'act of international terrorism' in targeting the pipelines, reacted to Sweden's denial of access to the investigation by insisting, 'We all know well who the ultimate beneficiary of this crime is.' According to a report by German magazine Der Spiegel, the CIA warned Berlin about a potential attack on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea weeks before the explosions. [and from another] Denmark and Sweden Investigate the Sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines October 13, 2022 In Sweden, in whose economic zone the two leaks occurred (north-east of Bornholm, on one line of NS1 and one line of NS2), the investigation into the suspected act of sabotage has been taken over by the Swedish Security Service. [and from another]

While the Nord Stream ruptures in late September were stretch zone accidents, this did not preclude other planned scenarios. NATO and EU elites dearly want the Russian oil and gas fields and having failed to draw the US into battle over the Ukraine, had cast about for a means to accomplish this. There have also been rumors about Ukraine's plans to set off a dirty bomb within the Ukraine, to be blamed on Russia. NATO has exhausted its resources, with the Ukraine army sustained only by mercenaries.

Sweden and Denmark examined the Nord Stream pipeline blast sites, and promptly withheld the evidence from Russia. The blasts happened on Sweden's territorial waters, so Sweden apparently did not want to enrage Russia. They did indeed find an explosive device with the activation wire cut. Yes the CIA warned Germany about this plan weeks before the pipeline blast, and it was no secret among the elite in Europe. Who slipped into the cold waters and cut the wire to the bomb?

Germany knew it would bear the brunt of any gas shortage, so sent divers down to deactivate the many bombs that had been placed on the pipeline by NATO. Photos of the blast site show that the pipe looks cleanly severed, a result of the pipeline welds holding while the metal close by melted. Had the German divers completed their operation, all the bombs would have been removed, leaving no evidence. Is this a war within NATO member states? Yes, and not one that will be quickly settled.

Zetas right again. Bridges are collapsing. Can the Zetas explain what caused this bridge collapse? Something's not right in Missouri. We have a bridge collapse and train derailment on the same day. [and from another] 1 dead, 3 more Injured when Bridge under Construction Collapses near Kearney October 26, 2022 There was no previous indication of structural issues with the 165-foot bridge prior to the collapse. [and from another] 7 injured after Train Derails at Missouri Amusement Park October 26, 2022 The incident happened aboard the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train at the Silver Dollar City theme park near Branson. Officials say the train crash happened around 6 p.m. and the train was nearly full of passengers when it crashed. [and from another] Miss. River Levels show Improvement, but still Challenge Grain Shippers
October 26, 2022 ttps:// The river gauge at Memphis, Tennessee, reached minus-10.76 feet on Oct. 17, the lowest level that point has seen since 1988. The level then sank to minus-10.81 feet.

Both Kansas City and Branson are located on tributaries which empty into the rapidly dropping Mississippi River. Kansas City is on the Missouri River and Branson is on the White River. We noted earlier this month when barges began having problems navigating on the lower Mississippi River that our prediction that land to the West of the Mississippi River would drop - breaking all the bridges that cross the Mississippi during the New Madrid rupture - has arrived.  Where this land drop is most noticeable on the Embayment along the lower Mississippi, it also reaches inland and up along the Mississippi tributaries.

As can be noted on the SO2 emission charts, the Mainland Portion of N America is stretched and breaking rock throughout the western provinces of Canada and down through the US Southwest and all the way down through Mexico to the Isthmus. Almost the entire Mainland Portion of N America is showing SO2 emissions from fracturing rock - notably the Wabash Seismic Zone in southern Indiana and in Missouri. The dropping Mainland is on the move and only needs the Africa Roll to pull the SE Portion to the East to trigger the New Madrid finale.

Cholera epidemic Syria and Lebanon. Would this be an indicator of rupture of the rock hook? This outbreak started on September 10 in Syria. [and from another] The fast pace of the cholera outbreak in Syria and Lebanon is alarming. The acute epidemic in Syria has left over 20,000 suspected cases with acute watery diarrhoea and 75 cholera-associated deaths since its start. In Lebanon, confirmed cholera cases reached 448 in just two weeks, with 10 associated deaths.  Latitude 35.012808 Longitude 38.505273 [and from another] On 10 September, the Syrian Ministry of Health (MoH) declared an outbreak of cholera in Aleppo Governorate following 15 confirmed laboratory cases, including one death. Based on a rapid assessment conducted by health authorities and partners, the source of infection is believed to be linked to people drinking unsafe water from the Euphrates River and using contaminated water to irrigate crops, resulting in food contamination.

Cholera outbreaks usually occur after earthquakes when the drinking water becomes contaminated by sewage. It has not previously been known in Syria, so why this outbreak? The cholera outbreak in Aleppo has been traced to the Euphrates River, which flows from the highlands of Turkey where there have been numerous quakes recently. The pressure from the Africa Roll and drop is causing the rock hook under Turkey to press down upon Syria's highlands, rumpling the land there so that the normal aquifers used by the people are blocked and polluted groundwater is taken from the wells.

I suspect this is staged and that they're just providing the public with plausible reasons why Nancy (her double) will disappear from public life. For safety and security reasons. [and from another] Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul Pelosi attacked by suspect David DePape, who shouted, 'Where is Nancy?' October 28, 2022 The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul, was assaulted with a hammer inside his San Francisco home by an attacker identified by police as David DePape, who a law enforcement source tells Fox News was shouting "Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?" The motive for the attack remains under investigation. Authorities found a manifesto belonging to DePape, which contains anti-government beliefs regarding COVID-19 and other conspiracy theories. Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery to repair a skull fracture as well as other injuries. [and from another] Pelosi attack just before midterms - I call this a political ploy! October 28, 2022 ttps:// No pictures of Paul Pelosi showing damage or pictures of suspect? Hardly any details on how the suspect got into the house? This happened right before the elections. Seems very fishy to me. [and from another] Favorability Nancy Pelosi U.S. 2022 - Statista October 10, 2022 In a survey of U.S. adults conducted in September 2022, 43 percent of respondents held a very unfavorable opinion of Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. [and from another] Roughly Half of Democrats Back Another Term as Leader for Pelosi, but Most Voters Don't [and from another]

Doubles are disappearing in droves lately, as they require a team to manage them thus are expensive and worrisome. As we and others have stated, the public is watching a movie, because those in charge fear panic and riot if the truth were known. The 2020 election fraud was massive, and will be set right at some point in the near future, but meanwhile the cleanup and prosecution is done at Gitmo while the perpetrators are replaced by Doubles in the dozens.

The Democrats are not expected to prevail during the forthcoming Mid-Terms, and thus Speaker of the House Pelosi will be replaced and no longer necessary for the movie to continue. The real Pelosi is long dead, executed at Gitmo, so her husband Paul is indifferent to a change in status. He is willingly wearing bandages for a few weeks to be free of the cumbersome Double gambit. Depape, the claimed attacker, has recently died leaving an identity behind to be claimed by the Pelosi management team.