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Issue 858, Sunday March 5, 2023
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Prongs Revived

After Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru in the Fall of 2015, astronomers worldwide attempted to do this. The Zetas called this a “many pronged” effort as it came from a group of astronomers worldwide, so became known here on the ZetaTalk Newsletters as The Prongs.Supposedly the aphelion, the farthest distance from the Sun during the presumed orbit of Planet 9, was in the constellation of Orion, just outside the lower part of Orion’s bow. This precise location of Planet 9’s aphelion as determined in 2016 is also the precise location pinpointed by the Zetas on their path diagram in 1997.

This was threatening to the elite who used various routes to intimidate and silence the truth. So The Prongs failed at that time. But The Prongs would periodically be revived, as occurred in April, 2018 when the western establishment feared that Putin was about to make the announcement. And again in July, 2018 when it was announced that the Moons of Jupiter had a retrograde orbit.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2018: What has changed, that Planet 9 is now being revived? Why do you suppose that Russia is always made to be the boogyman? Russia has been the most truthful, from admissions by their astronomers to the words from their Patriach Kirill declaring the End Times have arrived. These revived articles in the media about Planet 9 are trying to get ahead of a possible announcement by Putin that Nibiru does indeed exist! 

ZetaTalk Opinion 4/1/2017: When Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru by the Fall of 2015, The multi-prong’d approach ensued during 2016, but after arriving at Prong 3, with all the pieces in place for a “discovery” of Nibiru, it stalled. Since all the astronomers involved in the Prongs are under constraints, how then will the announcement proceed? The best way to describe this is to say that a threshold will be reached, at which point there will be an essential announcement. Over half the world is already learning the truth from their alien contacts. They know the establishment has been lying to them. Add to this the increasing visibility of Nibiru and its tail components.

Now once again The Prongs are in the news! This time with a new means to discover the location of the mythical and mysterious Planet 9. This revival is based only on theory, that Planet 9 most likely has many moons, perhaps 20 or so, many of them “hot” due to the tugging of gravity, and thus a string of hot moons could be used to locate Planet 9! Does this sound like the String of Pearls that Nibiru has trailing along behind it? And do these faces look familiar? Batygin and Brown, of the Prong 1 team. Welcome back guys!

Is this the Key to Finding Planet Nine? Elusive Planet could be Surrounded by up to 20 Hot Moons, Study Claims
February 16, 2023
It has been six years since astronomers found strong evidence that a mysterious ninth planet might exist at the far reaches of our solar system. But the so-called theoretical world – dubbed Planet Nine – has still not actually been seen by anyone, and for the meantime remains just that, a theory. Now, scientists believe they may finally have a way to find the planet. Experts say Planet Nine could be surrounded by up to 20 hot moons measuring around 62 miles (100 kilometre)-wide, which could be the key to confirming the mysterious world's existence. The reason for this is that the moons would be superheated by the planet's gravitational pull thanks to a phenomenon known as tidal heating, making them easier to spot. Some astronomers have been certain it exists ever since 2015 — when Caltech astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown uncovered strong evidence that a ninth planet was hiding beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Are there hot moons of Nibiru in sight? More than one String of Pearls trailing behind Nibiru? Lord yes, since Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003.

And as seen in the SOHO images in 2010.

And even shining through the clouds in 2017 along the Missouri River.

And in a plethora of photos by the ZetaTalk Followers photographers. So of course there must be an excuse for why the establishment has not been able to see the Nibiru Complex in the skies. Ah, they were looking for a planet and were not looking for a string of Moons! Thus they missed the big guy in the skies.

Michio Kaku is another voice trying to force awareness of Nibiru in our inner Solar System. An article printed in 2021 has reappeared on the Before Its News forum. Detailing the effect of the Pole Shift as described by ZetaTalk in 1995, Kaku instead cites Skywatch Media. Kaku also quotes various Biblical sources. Nevertheless, for this article to be reissued shows a trend of late. The Nibiru coverup may be weakening.

Dr Michio Kaku – Now Nibiru is a Big Problem for All of Us — Is Increase in Earthquakes across Globe: Is the Cause of all this Extreme Weather?
February 25, 2023
Although the planet has not even been confirmed by scientists, some believe that there is an elusive planet in our solar system which has a huge orbit and such a strong magnetic pull that it can effect life on Earth. Skywatch Media News says that Planet X is bound for Earth after completing half of its 3,600-year elliptical orbit.

Tsunami Fears

When describing the Africa Roll in 2007, the Zetas detailed what they called a yaw or void along the Mediterranean Border with the Africa Plate. If the NE corner of the Africa Plate drops, then a void would  be created in the waters of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean in the past was a swamp,allowing hominoids from Africa to walk across to Europe, so this process of yawing open has been going on for a time.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2007: We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a yaw in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop?

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2012: Tsunami will not occur to any ostensible degree because there is a void being created, where the waters will rush. However, turmoil and wave action can be anticipated. The shifting of the African Plate will also not incite any mountain building in Italy or the Balkans or Turkey, as the northern edge of the African Plate is not the solid, jutting line through the center of the Mediterranean that mankind assumes. The sea is deep there, to the south of Italy and the Balkans and Greece, and for good reason. This part of the great plates has fractured in the past, so that many fault lines lie under the surface, unknown to man until dramatic plate movements begin. The roll of the African Plate during the 7 of 10 scenarios thus spares all but the Mediterranean floor above Algeria!

Now an interesting nexus has appeared on February 17-18. The Venice Canals went dramatically dry, a drop in the water level that is unexplained. Simultaneously across the waters of the Mediterranean the beach at Tel Aviv found their waves “withdrawing” - pulling back. No tsunami followed for either location, but the Zetas explain. This was an example of their long predicted Mediterranean void during the Africa Roll. Twitter went wild with observations of low water in this part of the Mediterranean, and discussion on the GodLikeProduction message board ensued.

Low Tide in Venice Leaves City of Canals Nearly Dry
February 17, 2023
A severe low tide in Italy's 'floating city' of Venice caused a big drop in water levels for its famous canals on Friday, leaving many of its gondolas and boats aground.
NRIAG denies Mediterranean Waters are Receding from Sinai Shores
February 20, 2023
The head of NRIAG Gad al-Qady said that the institute has stations to monitor the sea levels, an all reports spread online about Sinai’s receding waters are grossly exaggerated. The reports stated that the shores of North Sinai Governorate in Egypt witnessed a decline in the water level of the Mediterranean for the first time.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/17/2023: Africa shares few land borders with other continents, so in the main the Africa Roll is a silent matter. But the long border with the Eurasian Plate has constant quakes because Africa is sliding toward the East and dropping its NE corner. Thus the problems with the Suez Canal and lack of support above the long Eurasian Plate border, which droops.  The Mediterranean is torn apart below Italy and Greece, a silent matter only evident when the waters seem to disappear on occasion. Thus simultaneously the Venice Canals went dry and the waves at the Tel Aviv beach withdrew.

Are there signs that Africa is rolling, and increasing its roll? The foot of Africa is being squeezed sideways, bent into the S Atlantic during the roll. This causes stretching stress across central Africa, quakes, and a chronic black heliplot in Zambia.

When the New Madrid rupture allows the SE Portion to lurch eastward, there will be more than just a rupture in the Azores to create tsunami. The S Atlantic will tear open at this moment too, as Africa has been held back from its roll to the East by the SE Portion’s attachment to the Mainland of N America. Freed at last, the Africa Plate will lurch to the East.  The Caribbean and S America will find their attachment to the SE Portion torn away, creating a void and potential for tsunami in certain locations.

ZetaTalk Details 2/17/2023: The SE Portion of N America wraps around the Caribbean Plate from the Eastern Edge of the Caribbean Plate to the Atlantic Rift. As we have detailed, the SE Portion is tightly bound to the African Plate so will move East during the Africa Roll, while the Caribbean is tightly bound to S America and will move West during the ongoing Continental Drift of S America. The Eastern Edge of the Caribbean Plate is covered in quakes for this reason, as it is tearing open. What will happen during the leap to the East that the SE Portion is predicted to take when the Bridge releases?

When the SE Portion takes a leap to the East, this will tear open a void off-shore of Guyana, and this will include tsunami. If the East Coast of the US is anticipating a 50 foot tsunami, the Guyana tsunami will be worse due to tidal bore caused by its geology. Guyana is low land along its coast, but rapidly rises into high ground. Guyana can thus anticipate tsunami during the SE Portion leap to the East of 100 foot at sea level, but exponentially greater up the ravines due to tidal bore

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Tsunami are generated anytime a plate drops or rises under the sea. When the S American Plate rolls, it will push the Caribbean Plate down, creating a void. The void will primarily be at the southern part of the Caribbean Plate, where islands will suddenly lose elevation, some sinking entirely. This void will pull water from the Caribbean as well as the Atlantic, which would seem to negate the likelihood of a tsunami, but there will be a clash. When the water rushes into the void it is water on the move, with momentum, and this is the tsunami expected along the coastline of Venezuela and its neighbors. This coastline will at first find water receding, but this is a false signal and should not be trusted. The wave will be coming. The islands will have no such warning, but will sink suddenly in concert with the quakes.

And while Africa is rolling, the Mainland Portion of N America is dropping. This can be seen on February 18 when Dagmar, Montana and Cedar Bluff, Kansas, as well as points on the Arctic border at Tiksi, Siberia and Kongsberg, Norway went black on the Heliplots. Nowhere else in the world, just those four locations. The plates are all on the move!

North America Battered

As the pending New Madrid Rupture pulls on the SE Portion, dragging it to the East due to its attachment to the African Plate along their shared mid-Atlantic border, and the Mainland Portion of N America is pulled to the West as the Pacific compresses, N America suffers. Signs of shifting and heaving rock are everywhere, from derailing trains to exploding factories to bursting water and gas mains to sinkholes to collapsing buildings. N America is on the rack, being pulled apart, and will not stop screaming until the New Madrid Rupture puts an end to it.  Since Nibiru is not admitted, conspiracy theories have emerged to explain the onslaught.

‘They’re at War with us’: A free ID Program for Senior Citizens puts East Palestine Firefighters in Crosshairs of Train Derailment Conspiracy Theorists
The Fire Chief who first advocated for the program shot down conspiratorial claims. A medical ID program introduced in East Palestine last year is being cited as evidence that the derailment was a purposeful act on behalf of the government.
East Palestine Rolled Out Digital IDs, CDC Changed Toxicity Data Days Before Train Derailment
February 21, 2023
Reports of the uncanny timing follows news of another stunning “coincidence” connected to the events in East Palestine. The CDC edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just 11 days before the disaster.
East Palestine Launched a Digital ID Program Days Before Disaster
February 19, 2023
East Palestine officially launched its MyID program in order to equip residents of the town and neighboring Unity Township with digital IDs. The premise was purportedly to equip emergency responders with digital health profiles of those who they would be treating. East Palestine's digital ID initiative was first announced in October 2022.

The Zetas are on record predicting that Cleveland could be pummeled during the New Madrid. Thus it should be no surprise that Ohio and in particular Cleveland seems to be disaster central lately. Throughout both the SE Portion and Mainland Portion, these disasters seem to be an attack on America. Where is the media and establishment honesty about the role that Nibiru is playing? This would help the common man connect the dots and prepare for the disasters to come during the pending Pole Shift.

US Railroad Company Ordered to pay full Cost of Cleanup of Toxic Derailment
February 21, 2023
The US government ordered the Norfolk Southern railroad company on Tuesday to pay the entire cost of the cleanup of a toxic train derailment in the midwestern state of Ohio.
One Killed, a Dozen Injured after Blast at Ohio Factory Scatters Molten Debris, Starts Fire
February 20, 2023
The blast sent smoke billowing into the sky that could be seen for miles around the damaged factory about 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Cleveland. The explosion of unknown origin at the I. Schumann & Co. metals plant in Bedford drew fire departments from throughout northeast Ohio.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: As the New Madrid fault line runs up along the Seaway just under the Great lakes in Ohio, cities such as Cleveland and Toledo will find their infrastructure greatly shattered in places as the rock beneath them will jut and drop, vertical adjustments. Buffalo, being virtually on the fault line, will likewise be shattered in this way, such that freeways become useless, but the seaway at Niagara Falls will remain.

Train Carrying Coal Derails in Gothenburg, Nebraska
February 21, 2023
About a dozen train cars flew off the tracks overnight in Gothenburg, Nebraska train derailment. The incident occurred about 50 miles from the state capital of Lincoln, Nebraska.
2 Dead and at least 3 Injured after Fire Broke out in Medley, Florida
February 21, 2023

ZetaTalk Comment 2/21/2023: We predicted that Ohio would get shattered by the New Madrid Adjustment, as the Fault Line runs right through Ohio. Thus the train wreck at East Palestine, Ohio and the subsequent Bedford, Ohio blast near Cleveland should be no surprise. The Portions of N America on either side of the New Madrid Fault Line have been separating, starting at the Isthmus and traveling through the Gulf and up through the lower Mississippi River to the juncture at the Ohio River. The quake and SO2 emissions along and below the Seaway show the separation of the Portions is ongoing there.

The Mainland is not exempt from ripping and tearing rock. Why would the Utah Heliplot go black on February 22, and what is the relationship to yet another train derailment in Nebraska on February 21? We have described the N American Continent being torn in two as a silent stretch process, but the devastation from stretch is as catastrophic as the jolts from large earthquakes. Trains derail, fittings on water or gas mains come apart, and support structures destabilize.

Why then are various theories as to cause being offered when the accuracy of our predictions is so obvious and long standing over the decades. Lately, Zetas RIGHT Again is being proven day after day! The establishment is frantic to avoid the Nibiru word, as they fear personal loss on many fronts. The public would stop paying mortgage and loan fees to the banks, politicians would be ignored, and the public would migrate inland. Thus anything but Nibiru is blamed – the CIA, HAARP, or the Russians.