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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 1, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I come from south Caucasus and I am worried about the destiny of my people. I've checked on this Safe Locations page ../info/tinfo242.htm but I could not find countries like republic of Armenia and republic of Georgia. Could you tell us how save are this countries during the pole shift?

When the safe locations documentation was being gathered by Nancy and put on the web, we tried to cover the world in general terms so that an individual could figure out what their country or city was likely to experience based on our answers. For instance, Armenia is between Turkey and Iran, and between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. You know that Armenia and Georgia do not have the mountains that Turkey and Iran enjoy. The sea level elevation is similar to Russia. Now what is in the Safe Locations documentation? Black Sea, which warns of sloshing from the Black Sea. The Ukraine on the other side of the Black Sea and thus in the vicinity, stating that this country will be inundated within 2 years after the shift. Romania, also on the other side of the Black Sea, warning of volcanic dust from the Mediterranean volcanoes. We could go on, but does this not paint a picture for you of what to expect? Nancy and ourselves decided not to endlessly update the Safe Locations with more detail as we found people simply did not do their homework. If we stated that a town was going to be under water, then they were asking if their particular street was likewise going to be under water. Do your homework, please, as Nancy and ourselves are immensely busy.

How much time (appr.) is between first big earthquake and first volcanic eruption (during the pole shift period)?

We have made the statement that emergency management teams will be overworked to the point of exhaustion prior to the last weeks, so many quakes and eruptions will have already occurred. The pole shift takes place during an hour, and when the plates slam together, big quakes and erupting volcanoes will of course be simultaneous. Are you expecting to rush to safe ground after the first quake is announced? The satellites will be down, and TV not functional.

How many densities exist in total?

You're unlikely to graduate to the next density after your current lifetime, so this is a waste of your time! Tend to your lessons, and stop trying to distract yourself!

If I understood it right, the upcoming transformation of the earth (into 4th density) is not a natural incident, but is planned and coordinated by entities of higher densities or the Council of Worlds. They have a technology to transform whole solar system into 4th density. Is this right?

As it says in the Density section of ZetaTalk.

You have mentioned that STS entities transform also into the 4th density, but not further into the higher densities. But then what happens with the STS after the 4th density? Where goes their way after it?

They can realize the error of their ways and begin to concentrate on the needs of others, switching sides, as it says in the Orientation section of ZetaTalk, which we suggest you read.

Why in the world is Janet Napolitano talking about the need to "Continue to fight terrorism and expanding our focus and efforts" this week and invoking 9/11? Surely the Obama administration is not planning on ramping up false flag terror like Bush did? ( I hope) We had enough of that with Bush and barely survived. The bailout and corruption game continues as full speed with huge Bonuses being paid out by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and others, mostly with stolen or taxpayer money. Is there not even a desire to reign these types in? Surely 6 months is long enough for the Obama admin to put some honest regulators in place. I agree that Obama seems to want to help and do the right thing in many cases and he did inherit a giant mess, no doubt. But people are beginning to see a disturbing lack of change on the corruption front, and we need real change in addition to just fixing our health care system (jobs and Industry in the US for example, instead of all of the "global race to the bottom free trade" that has been pushed down our throats since 1993).

We have addressed these questions almost a dozen times, and the answer is the same. You are expecting that after creating a mess, the Bush administration can be reversed in a nanosecond. The Executive branch requires Congress cooperation and must work within the law. Their enemies are waiting eagerly for any sign of weakness against what is considered by most of the public to be "enemies" of the US. Congressmen worry about being re-elected, and their cooperation is needed for laws to be passed. Are you so naive as to think that Obama can simply wave a wand like a magician and all would be fixed? Grow up!

On the night of July 23rd a large light that looked like a huge setting sun was seen on the horizon off the OuterBanks. When researched on the internet it was found that seven years ago on the same day, same time this phenomenon was observed. Can the Zeta's explain what it was?

Methane gas, released under the sea and alighting when above the waves, will be a boom if close at hand, but if at a distance will simply be a flash of light.

Immanuel Velikovsky - how he felt about rejection of his ideas, as an incarnated human? It must have been a personal drama for him?

He was a wise old soul, as was his peer Einstein, and knew what to expect. In fact, his research has gotten good press of late, so not as grim as he expected.

Enlil/Enki story - had it any basis in real history? Were humans "domesticated" by Annunaki and were they those who gave us civilization (like the Prometheus, a rebellious god)?

We have explained that the Annunaki bragged, and did not in fact genetically engineer mankind. This was similar to locker room bragging about sexual conquests. Their bragging extended beyond the genetic engineering matter, to include exploits, longevity, and other matters.

Re Star Children and how they are accepted by the masses. Wisdom and spiritual maturity are often not recognized for what they are, people judging based on certain "criteria of wiseman" as imagined by them. But highly STO humans and incarnated Star Children rarely fit into archetypal image expected of them. So, what is the best way to reach people, their understanding (without maintaining the outer form to deliver intended message)?

Anyone who is a Star Child has a good grasp on what mankind is like, or what 3rd Density existence is like, and has formulated an approach. If you are struggling, while assuming you are a Star Child, this gives you a clue.

Is our "sense of the self" something different and apart from our souls? Do we retain it when current incarnation ceases?

Each incarnation is different. The human being incarnated has different genetics. If the soul is aggressive and likes to take this approach, when incarnated into an athletic boy may find the incarnation comfortable, but if incarnated into a shy girl in a culture that represses women and girls, may be casting about for an outlet. The soul, as we have stated, forgets nothing.

Is it correct to consider that the poleshift has already began and we should just expect the events to intensify?You had said some months before that we are approaching a 6 to a 10 scale in the events related to the poleshift. Has it began?


It seems that STS have no limits other than laws of physics, natural physical restrains. If one is physically weak and afraid to challenge STS intimidation, is there nothing a victim can do, beside stoically bearing, until, perhaps, death ends it all?

It is only on Service-to-Self worlds that there is no resistance to intimidation, where the pecking order is viciously established. On your world, Service-to-Self aliens cannot touch you unless you agree to this, by being so fearful that you in essence give up and thus give them permission. Just say "no" to any visit from the Service-to-Self that you have invited by your Call. If you are referring to those humans on your world who are Service-to-Self, such as Dick Cheney, then you are familiar with what means you have to resist them and restrain them.

What is the essense of "alpha male" phenomena in both humans and animals? And how does it correlate with spirituality in humans? Is one bossy, arrogant, smart-ass pr*ck, treating others as inferior and ought to subdue because "might makes right" - is it showing STS behaviour? Or it is purely biological, sexually intrinsic? Since soul rules incarnation, I would presume that STO human would not behave that way, out of respect to others.

It is both, and it is not the attitude displayed but the actions taken and their result that count.

Zetas said that only "very young and undecided souls can be influenced by environment". So, it is the environment that is a factor decisive to young soul's orientation? (that's why Balanced Setting must be required.). Now, 3d Density is mixed setting where young souls are allowed to do onto others as they please, and in this case STS invariably take advantage of STO - those 7% of bad guys that are, however, on the top of the heap, commandeering rules - a slavery on a global, planetary scale. And, connected to previous one - why in similar circumstances young souls choose and lean in different directions? Some are feeling remorse for their actions and some don't? Is it just Free Will or some kind of predisposition?

The soul has no predisposition, but the first incarnation can lean it in one direction or the other. However, forthcoming incarnations are balanced by the Spirit Guides so as to give it a different picture. Service-to-Self as we have explained is not so much a leaning as an immaturity, and why some souls grow and other stay immature is one of God's mysteries.

Greetings from Amursk! As well as many, I believed, that during a solar eclipse on July, 22nd, Planet X will be visible. No Planet will be visible as have shown amateur shootings on youtube, Planet X has not been visible and photographed by someone. Tell, Planet X was visible during this solar eclipse and whether has been photographed by somebody on the Earth? And if is not present, why?

Most eclipse photos are so dark, shielding the camera and eyes from any direct rays of the Sun, that not even stars are visible in the background. Planet X is rarely visible at all, being behind a dense dust cloud that shrouds it. This is why the eclipse is a safe bet for those conducting the cover-up.

The latest web-bot report is filled with images and data related to the masses rising up against the PTB, enraged at how they had been lied to, even going into how they intend to "disembowel" the members of the power elite. This sounds like what could very well happen when Planet X appears to the naked eye of the common man. Do the zetas see such widespread vengeance occurring also, or do they think the panic will preclude any desire for revenge?

Web bots is predicting based on what the mindset of man relays, and thus it represents wishes rather than intended actions. Obviously, during an economic depression such as the world is suffering, there is rage at those who caused this. During the Bush era, the rich got richer, the poor got poorer. The banks lied in order to write up mortgages and when the bubble burst, they kept their profits and let the government and the economy bear the brunt. The common man knows who to hate. But most people will not risk their safety or the well being of their families to take revenge. On the rare instance that a wealthy family, or a banker known by his face, is caught on the road during the last weeks or in the Aftertime, they will of course not be treated kindly.

Lately the rhetoric against Obama and especially his health care bill has been turned up full volume on this forum. This appears to be supported wholeheartedly as evidenced by all of the anti-Obama pins. What is going on here? And Will Obama be able to pass the long needed health reform? [and from another] I was gonna ask a question like this as well. Why has GLP and other places become so paranoid and hateful of Obama when it's clear he does everything he can. He isn't perfect but he is one of the best. It seems like even true criminals such as Cheney and Bush, didn't recieve as much hate here at GLP like Obama does.

If one examines the Republican mindset one finds those who want to control their environment, and thus are leaning to the Service-to-Self. A study was done on how various toddlers emerged later in their political inclinations, and it was found that Republicans, as toddlers, were whiny, while Democrats could live with insecurity without being reduced to whining. Republicans in general want security first, for themselves and by extension their class or job or nation, regardless of what this means in pain for others. Obama is embracing the common man, not giving privilege to those in the ranks of the Republican elite, and thus the rage in those ranks.

Some economic signs appear to indicate the economy is coming out of recession. Other signs appear to show it slipping further into recession. Are the positive signs false, only trotted out to calm nerves? Will we limp along in the same fashion we have been, or is the web-bot report more likely to happen, with the economy falling dramatically into an even worse condition?

The media is under pressure to present a positive spin, but we have stated that the economy will not recover from the current depression it is in, as the Earth changes will continue to get worse, including crop shortages. However, as we stated above, web bots are recording the fears of the populace, and we do not predict something as dire as those fears.

It appears that for some time after the pole shift our two races will share a common path for a little while. I know that our reincarnating souls will begin by sharing a new hybrid form. But there will be souls from both our races born into these bodies. Will we become one spiritual group in time? During our time together will our souls be able to help you with the type of growth that you seek, or will this be taken care of by the ability of our new bodies to feel the range of emotions that it is designed to experience? Will our two races develop a spiritual closeness to each other? And will our individual paths be limited to the general paths of our respective races?

Service-to-Other cultures work such that all are concerned about the welfare of the group. You are implying that those souls who were human, and those souls who were Zetan, would refuse to work together! You apparently do not understand the Service-to-Other culture.

Will your race continue to exist in any number in its current form or will all of you experience the new forms that you've developed for us all?

There are obviously full blood Zetas in other parts of the Universe.

Is the flu this fall going to be bad?

Are you referring to the swine flu? This is currently so mild as to be less a worry than the normal seasonal flu. The WHO is obviously worried that some kind of genetically engineered mutation will be unleashed upon mankind, similar to the original onslaught which they were powerless to prevent. Due to the aggressive manner in which this genetically engineered swine flu was investigated, we predict that a repeat will not occur. However, this is in the hands of man, which has free will, so cannot be accurately predicted.

Do the Zetas care to comment on the Texas mother who chewed off her infant's toes, then decapitated it and ate the brain? Was this a walk-in? Or just an STS audition for the next life?

The mother was possessed at the time, a true possession. She leaned to the Service-to-Self or would not have allowed this highly Service-to-Self spirit to possess her to begin with. But this spirit has vacated, allowing the mother's soul to return and face the consequences. What was the purpose of all this? To horrify mankind, and hopefully induce a number of copycat murders among mothers of newborns.

What is difference between counseling from visiting aliens and counseling from birthing/spirit guides? What density are birthing guides in and do they have bodies or in between lives in spirit form? And who oversees their decisions?

Questions about the various densities, how many and just who is where, are a waste of time for mankind at this time. Man is in 3rd Density, and may or may not graduate to 4th Density for their next incarnation. The toddler may be curious about how brain surgery is done, but if not yet potty trained or able to feed itself, the proper approach is to not explain brain surgery to the toddler, who in any case would misunderstand most of what was being explained, but to focus the toddler's efforts onto its current lessons.

The element of doubt that the Zetas use, further impairs the vision of what is human face? The Zetas use the argument that can not speak the truth, but with this, give the idea that they do not care about humans? The new consciousness will come to us to be ourselves, or again dominated by the government tax the thousands of years on the planet? Today in our world, has two classes, which sends and it follows the orders.

The rule of the Element of Doubt which reduces fear and anxiety while allowing the reality of the alien presence and the looming passage of Planet X to gradually and increasingly enter the consciousness of mankind, does not benefit the elite as much as it benefits the populace at large. After this pole shift, the elite will not regain their hold on mankind, as they have in the past after a couple hundred years after a pole shift. This time, the Transformation is in effect - those who are highly Service-to-Self are taken away, and those who would be inclined to allow themselves to be subjugated, the undecided, will likewise be taken away - leaving the world to those who are highly Service-to-Other.

When is the Jesus come's back? If Jesus come's back, we go to another planet is that right? Do families stay together then?

Jesus was speaking of those who are highly Service-to-Other when he referred to his return, as the Transformation has many Service-to-Other souls in attendance and the Earth will be a home for those who are Service-to-Other in the future. Families do not stay together, beyond the wish of some souls to be incarnated together and only if their spiritual growth would allow that, as the Transformation will separate Service-to-Self from Service-to-Other, and the immature, the undecided, will go to a water planet.

ZetaTalk briefly mentioned the activities of entities at the 5th level of development, exploring the universe and incarnating into 3rd and 4th level societies as part of the tour. Do these entities ever get sucked down into the muck and mire a 3rd level society has to offer? Or do they always lead exemplary lives without exception?

Entities leaving a Service-to-Other society to return to a 3rd Density world can and do get lost such that they become confused about their orientation and are no longer solidly Service-to-Other, yes. Travel is dangerous, to some degree. However, this is also considered one of the highest forms of service.

Is the US gov run by "bad aliens" in the last few years? Will vaccinations be used to the reduce population by infecting people with swine flu etc. Should the US be concerned about people being thrown in FEMA camps?

Certainly the Bush administration was under the influence of the STS, both in human and alien form. Most of the crimes they committed will never be revealed, and certainly most of the plans they laid were never implemented. The American public would be in disbelief if all were revealed. Where these plans included killing off what was termed "useless eaters" by chemtrail delivering disease or poisons or by vacinations, and included forming work camps where only the strong would be saved and the rest of humanity starved, these plans of course are no longer on the table with the advent of the Obama administration.

I have questions about water and growing crops post shift -- I know we will need to distill our water because of lead and other impurities, but for how long after the shift will we need to do this? And if impurities will be in the water, what about the soil? I know that growing crops after the shift will be extremely difficult for several years, but when the time comes that crops will grow again, won't the lead and metals in the soil be taken up by the plants and make them harmful to eat?

Plants filter the minerals, not taking up more than they need. If the soil is too poisonous, they simply do not grow. Fish do not filter mercury well, but do filter lead in the water. How much volcanic ash falls in your vicinity is variable, depending upon where the volcanic ash drifts in the wind. Don't be downwind, if you can help it. There are testing kits that can guide you in this process.

Do the crew of the Space Shuttle and Station have any idea on how dangerous the mission is? Or is NASA lying to the crew members?

The crew is of course told what to expect as they can see the Planet X complex from the ISS and the shuttle, and part of their workload is to monitor its trajectory and appearance. As we have mentioned the crew considers the mission a type of suicide mission.

The Zetas stated that when they were creating the hybrids they tried to make big boobs and long hair, and unfortunately failed. Is this because genetic engineering is difficult or did the female Zetas throw a spanner in the works?

We wanted both, but could not incorporate them without disadvantages. Hair was a single spout here and there, worse than being bald. Genetics is a complex matter but we met our specifications overall.

How did the Zeta's best deal with the challenges of the 3rd density. I'm finding it a fair bit more difficult to keep myself sane and free of negative emotions as time is passing. The world seems to be in a very chaotic state and it's rather sad really. In my line of work, I have to assist people. There are those who are in an unfortunate state who cherish any help they can get and are all full of joy & smiles when they do receive some help. Yet those same people can turn around and be extremely nasty to others who are in similar circumstances. Or old friends who have become leeches and manipulative. I cannot remove these issues from my life because I have to keep trying. What I'm saying is that the hypocrisy of this 3rd density is making me tired. Is it wrong to feel a bit cynical about this density? Please advice us as how to best defeat such emotions?

If you view those who are self focused and manipulative as children, immature, it makes it easier to understand their behavior even when coming from an adult body.

On ZetaTalk in speaking of the Annunaki royalty and the soldiers it was said that the soldiers had lower class women from the 12th Planet available to them as sexual consorts, but often chose to create and maintain harems of human sex slaves of all ages and from both sexes. Does this suggest that the soldiers had homosexual/bisexual tendencies? Did all ages suggest underaged humans as we know underage?

The Annunaki had and still have a strong streak of Service-to-Self in their cultures, due to the influence of Service-to-Self aliens who attended them both on their home planet and while on Earth. Sex slaves were not given any consideration. Female humans would become pregnant and die, while children did not have that disadvanage, especially the boys. Were they torn? Of course, but the Annunaki guards cared not for the pain they caused others.

I have come into possession of a violet ray healing machine, it was popular in the late 1800's to early 1900's (it is a Tesla invention). I was wondering what the Zetas have to say about this machine and the claims made by the manufacturers. I personally have used it and it does work to aleviate pain.

Often anything that stimulates the circulation heals, as the fresh blood brings nutrients and germ-fighting cells in the immune system to the location. Violet is a variation of the red light spectrum, which includes heat, even if it is not felt as such.