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12th Planet
Section on Awakening: Crop Circles
Section on Myths: Visigoths; King David
Section on Pole Shift: From Orion, Rebel Planet, 12th Planet Moons
Section on Rules: 12th Planet Shuttle, Collision Course, Shuttles, Interference
Section on Science: 12th Planet, Asteroid Belt, 12th Planet Glow, 12th Planet Orbit, Chance of Collision, Entry Angle, Second Pass, Second Foci
Section on Worlds: 12th Planet, Genetic Contributions, Family of Man, Tetrahedral Crystals, Ancient Cultures, Sphinx, Great Pyramids, Star Language, Dogon Tribe, Mayan and Incan, Chinese Pyramids, Australian Artifacts, Went Native, Roller Coaster Ride; Ancient Gods
Section on The Call: Abduction Call, Pre-Birth Agreement, Close Encounter
Section on Hybrids: Pregnancies, No Elderly
Section on Rules: Implants
Section on Visitation: Abduction Right, Ensnared Forever, Abduction Term
Absolute Zero
Section on Science: Absolute Properties
Section on Myths: Acupuncture
Section on Being Human: Addictions
Section on Pole Shift: Rebirth, Survivors, Aftertime, Goverment Collapse, New Geography, Internet, Seeds of Rebirth, New Energy, Worthless Money, Ocean Life, How to Prepare, Nuclear Stockpile, Safe Places, What will Survive, Crop Adjustments, Mainstay for Others, Climate Changes, Great Equalizer, Return to Normalcy, Melting Ice Caps, Prevailing Winds
Section on Transformation: After the Cataclysm, Aftertime Raids, Great Opportunities, Social Services
Section on Awakening: UFO's in Africa
Section on The Call: Origin of AIDS, Spreading AIDS, Targeted Continent, Ebola Virus
Section on Science: African Coapies
Section on Worlds: 12th Planet, Races of Man, Reptilian Control
Section on Science: Aging Process
Section on The Call: Origin of AIDS, Spreading AIDS
Section on Government: Military Deal
Akasic Records
Section on Awakening: Akashic Record
Section on Awakening: Alexander
Section on Awakening: Language Barrier, Alien Bodies, Alien Encounters
Section on Density: Intelligent Insects
Section on Government: Roswell, Alien Presence, EBE, Alternative 3, Underground Tunnels
Section on Rules: Free Will, 12th Planet Shuttle
Section on Visitation: Light Form, Over the Eons, Various Groups, Ugly Aliens, Life Form Orientations, Visitor Traces
Section on Worlds: Variety of Life Forms, Alien Interactions, Green Men, Alien Names, Ultimate Agendas, The Vedas, Cat People, Reptilians, Praying Mantis, Triads, Size and Shape, Sexual Variations
Section on Visitations: Allergies
Alternative 3
Section on Government: Alternative 3
Section on Rules: Escape Routes
American Indian
Section on Awakening: Hopi Indian
Section on Being Human: Shamanism
Section on Myths: White Buffalo
Section on Pole Shift: Prophets
Section on Worlds: American Indian
Andreasson, Betty
Section on Visitation: Betty Andreasson
Section on Awakening: Andromedae Contact
Section on Awakening: Annunaki
Section on Government: Admiral Byrd
Section on Orientation: Antartica
Section on The Call: Antichrist
Apollo 13
Section on Government: Apollo 13
Section on Worlds: Races of Man
Section on Pole Shift: Millenium Denial, Firestorms, Stop Rotation, Pole Shift, Tidal Waves, Melting Ice Caps, Sinking Atlantic, Mainstay for Others, Millennium Fever, Devastated Cities, Comet's Tail, Lightning Bolts
Section on Being Human: Archetypes
Area 51
Section on Government: Area 51
Section on Awakening: Ashtar
Section on Government: Marilyn Monroe, Admiral Forestall, President Kennedy, Civil Rights, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider; Bob Lazar, Silencing Methods
Section on Science: Deflecting Asteroids
Asteroid Belt
Section on Science: Asteroid Belt, Chance of Collision
Section on Awakening: Way of Explorers
Section on Government: Silenced Astronauts, Apollo 13
Section on Science: Big Bang, The Universe, 12th Planet, Asteroid Belt, Dark Matter, Black Holes, 12th Planet Glow, 12th Planet Orbit, Chance of Collision, Entry Angle, Second Pass, Second Foci, Earth Twin, Dark Ages of Astronomy, Contradictions, Planets
Section on Pole Shift: Devastated Cities, Atlantis
Section on Myths: Lemuria and Atlantis
Section on Science: Atmosphere Building
Section on Being Human: Auras
Section on Science: Auroras
Section on Worlds: Australian Artifacts
Section on Being Human: Gifted Autistics
Auto-Immune Diseases
Section on Science: Auto-Immune Diseases
Section on Government: Aviaty
Section on Awakening: Supposed to Do, Familiar Stranger, Crop Circles, Mexico City, Steps and Stages, Circle Locations, Discord, Mass Consciousness, Power Outage, Mass Sightings, Initiation Rites
Section on Government: Alien Presence, Government Song, Bad Press, Power Outages, Autopsy Tapes
Section on Hybrids: When We Can Meet
Section on Rules: Sight or Sound
Section on Transformation: Future Visions, Science Fiction, Scheduled Events, Make a Difference, Timed Release
Section on Being Human: Conspiracies
Section on Hybrids: Beautiful Bodies
Section on Awakening: Belgium Flap
Bell, Art
Section on Awakening: Art Bell
Section on Pole Shift: Submerged Roads
Bermuda Triangle
Section on Density: Bermuda Triangle
Section on Government: Philadelphia Experiment
Big Bang
Section on Science: Big Bang, Suns, Black Holes, 12th Planet Glow, Energy Waves
Section on Worlds: Bigfoot
Bilderberger Group
Section on Government: Bilderberger Group
Binary Suns
Section on Science: Binary Suns, Binary Orbits
Section on Science: Biorhythms
Black Hole
Section on Science: Black Holes
Blood Types
Section on Visitation: Blood Types
Blue Book
Section on Government: Blue Book
Body Language
Section on Awakening: Mass Consciousness
Section on Myths: Bon
Brain Waves
Section on Science: Brain Waves
Section on Science: Mind/Body Connection, Brain Waves, Brain Capacity
Section on Visitation: Paralyzed State, Brain Buzz
Section on Awakening: Brazilian Roswell
Section on The Call: The Gods of Eden
Byrd, Admiral
Section on Government: Admiral Byrd