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Issue 875, Sunday July 2, 2023
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Nibiru Closeups

On June 15 a stunning zoomed image of Nibiru was posted on the ZetaTalk Followers site and the Pole Shift ning. This Siberian photo showed the contrast between land and water, a stunning revelation that matched a 2018 closeup of Nibiru captured in Italy by the Godfather of Nibiru photographers – Alberto. Alberto’s photo showed Nibiru shrouded in cream colored clouds, but the oceans can be surmised by the cloud cover above them. The Siberian photo is almost cloud free, with great clarity.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2018:  Alberto’s photos have frequently been the cutting edge showing what visibility is possible when taking photos of Nibiru and its many moons and Moon Swirls. Once again, he has a breakthrough. This is indeed the face of Nibiru. It is notable that the features change over the four day period between photo shots, showing that Nibiru rotates and thus presents a different face. Where Nibiru is primarily a water planet, with much less land mass than the Earth, it is densely shrouded by cream colored clouds. Nancy was taken for a visit in one of our space ships, and was astonished to see that beneath these clouds, the Annunaki do not have blue skies, but cream colored skies. Beyond that, of course, is the red dust of the vast magnetic tail of Nibiru.

What can this mean? From the clarity of the Siberian photo, it means that Nibiru’s shroud of Red Dust can be swept aside, at least temporarily. It also means that Nibiru has come closer to the Earth. The general public promptly took note and provided additional proof that Nibiru is now closer and distinctly visible. As this photographer from Manchester, England notes “Some great photos of Nibiru I took with a solar filter on my Nikon p900 on June 15”.

Bank Battles

Disgusted with the pace of change in the Ukraine standoff, where Russia has clearly won but the conflict drags on and on due to NATO reluctance to admit defeat and the constant begging tours of Zelensky asking for yet more money and yet more armaments – the White Hats have taken a different tack. They will hack the banks in Europe and the US that are supporting Ukraine money laundering until this situation changes. As Cyberknow20 states, Killnet has given warning and now, on June 16 they are taking action.

KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil Unveil Plans for Attacks on US and European Banking Systems
June 15, 2023
Russian hackers have declared their intention to launch cyberattacks on the European financial system within the next 48 hours. The hackers say they will target the financial system, following the formula of "no money - no weapons - no Kyiv regime." Additional information provided in the Telegram post indicates potential targets such as US banks and the US Federal Reserve System. KillNet and Anonymous Sudan groups focus on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The groups are known for orchestrating large-scale DDoS attacks on various entities including airports, banks, energy providers, and government agencies.
Hacker Groups reportedly Team Up to Destroy European Banks in ‘World’s biggest Cyber Attack’
June 15, 2023
Hackers from the three groups had joined together for this campaign. They believe their first will be to paralyze the SWIFT payment system, which is commonly used for international payments

Several US Government Agencies hit in a Global Cyberattack: Report
June 15, 2023
When CNN inquired about the identity of the hackers behind the federal agencies’ breach and the number of agencies affected, a CISA spokesperson declined to comment. However, this development contributes to an expanding list of targets affected by an extensive hacking campaign that commenced two weeks ago, impacting prominent US universities and state governments.
TD Direct Deposit System Hit by Technical Issues
June 16, 2023
TD Bank Group says its direct deposit system has been hit by technical issues that are preventing account holders from getting paid. The bank is being inundated on social media with concerned customers raising concerns about being unable to pay bills and automatic payments putting their accounts into the negative.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/14/2023: The White Hats know that to end the war in the Ukraine they must stop the money laundering in Kiev. We have stated that funds promised by the Biden Administration in fact do not flow, as this is a sting op run by the Junta to arrest those who rush to collect the funds in Kiev. But the Biden Administration promises give the impression that Kiev is funded, and thus others around the world participate. Bribery everywhere, and the Ukraine conflict is endless, supporting bio labs, organ harvesting, child torture and Adrenochrome collection, drug running, and weapons selling.

But those impatient with the pace of change in the Ukraine want to expedite the fall of Kiev. Since the western banking system uses the SWIFT system, this is a clear target. For the past week, even before the stern and clear message issued by Anonymous hackers, the US and Europe have had downtime problems. This is only a hint of what is to come. The outcome is in human hands, as NATO and the Satanists who want Kiev to continue their operation may or may not capitulate, and the Junta and White Hats likewise may move in many directions.

By June 17 the Thousand Eyes outage map shows many Networks have been taken down in Europe, in the US, and in the Commonwealth countries. These are likely networks that banks would use, averse to entertainment networks such as Netflix or Reddit.

How much evil is being conducted by the Ukraine mobsters in Kiev? From the start of this illegal regime, which started after a coup in 2014, there have been reports of biolab experiments on citizens and using citizens as human shields. Now come new reports of organ harvesting. To Nancy via email from Russia “our fighters have repeatedly stumbled upon Satanic symbols and attributes on the positions of the Ukrainian troops, the Nazi formation "Azov" alone is worth it, these are solid Satanists with tattoos of swastikas and Satanic symbols in the form of a goat's head.”

Organ Harvesting ‘Big Business’ on Frontlines in Ukraine — Russian Diplomat
May 24, 2023
The activity of organ harvesters in the combat zone in Ukraine calls for close international monitoring and urgent measures. Illegal organ harvesting in Ukraine is an accepted and proven fact. This is a big business in armed conflict zones, extremely profitable for those who run it. Since the late 90s, there have been media reports that low-income Ukrainians were forced to sell their internal organs in order to make a living and there was information on illegal harvesting of biological materials from corpses.

This pressure on NATO and the EU to admit that Russia has won in the Ukraine, and to stop further support of the criminal Ukraine command and control in Kiev is coming atop a pending collapse of the western banking system, which likewise has a Satanic connection. Ukraine is the home of the Khazars, and the western banks are the banking system of the Khazarian Mafia which practices Moloch worship. It is all connected.

The US Corporation did go Bankrupt, what we are Watching Now is Corporate BS
June 12, 2023
US ports have shut down and trade is collapsing. The shutdown of ports like Seattle is being blamed on “labor disputes,” but that does not explain the collapse in demand for cardboard boxes, a mainstay of trade. Asian secret society sources explain the attempt to use Taiwanese and Thai royal gold to keep the US Corporation going has been stopped. That is why exports to the US have been stopped. They say they will restart trade if Donald Trump is made public president again.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/14/2023: As is known, the Rothschild banking system is bankrupt and without substance as it is not Gold backed. They print money freely but as their fiat is virtually worthless and without backing, it is refused for trade. Pending is a collapse of the US Federal Reserve, defaulting on all debts so the National Debt to be paid to the Rothschild banks is vaporized, and the banking system in the US reorganized so that all former debts paid by interest are likewise forgiven. The reorganization is expected to occur under the reinstated President Trump.

Eurasia Stretch

On June 17 we entered a new phase. The Eurasian Plate is being stretched from one end to the other, from France and the UK across to Beijing. This is pushing the Eurasian Plate against Japan as can be seen by a quake storm. This is also dragging the Sunda Plate East, as it is still attached to the Eurasian Plate. This press East can be seen by the quakes along the Eastern edge of the Sunda Plate. Note there is no pressure on the Western edge of the Sunda Plate. The press for the Sunda Plate to snap off, allowing China to lunge into the Pacific, has become intense.

This stretch to the max started days earlier, as can be seen from the tearing apart of lands above India on June 14. This region is part of western China, and merges with the Russia Bay rip that will cause an inland bay to eventually run salt water all the way up to the Siberian Plains.

ZetaTalk Description 3/31/2023: The Sunda Plate is breaking from the Eurasian Plate with this snap destabilizing the central China Wudu-Mabian fault line and reaching up along this fault line to the Yanshan Mountains seismic zone which touches Beijing.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/12/2023: What role does the future Russian Bay rip have in the pending East China lunge into the Pacific, the lunge that will likely trigger the New Madrid Finale? We have stated that a snap of the Sunda Plate will be the trigger for the China lunge, as the Sunda Plate is attached to surrounding plates and thus holds China back. The Russia Bay is per our predictions going to allow saltwater from the Indian Ocean up into the Siberian Plain only when the Pole Shift happens, but is constantly pulling apart as can be seen from the quake maps. By tweaking China toward the Pacific, this weakens the Sunda Plate connection.

The Daily Earth Wobble is exacerbating the Plate Movement that will result in a lurch of China into the Pacific and the New Madrid Rupture. Crop Circle designs in 2023 have emphasized the role that the wobble has in these matters. The latest at Roundway Down on June 11 emphasizes this relationship.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/12/2023: The Daily Earth Wobble has been documented by Nancy, who worked with an international team 20 years ago. The pattern that emerged can be described as a Polar Push when the Sun is over   the Pacific and the magnetic N Pole of Earth emerges over the horizon, a Lean Right when the Sun is over India, a Lean Left when the Sun is over Italy, and a Bounce Back when the Sun is over the Americas’ Four quadrants. This pattern is perceptible and obvious but now, as we have warned, will become severe.

The lurch of China into the Pacific will create a forced compression in the upper Pacific, and will provide a void in the South Pacific that will allow S America to waggle so that the SE Portion of N America can slide over the Caribbean and allow the New Madrid Rupture to proceed. The Zetas described this process last March.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2023: Last November when we relayed the telepathic message that those in Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing received during their simultaneous UFO displays, we were describing a large quake in China that was to occur, described by us as an “explosion”. How and where this quake was to occur was not explained. Now it seems to be obvious, as on March 26 there are quakes surrounding the Sunda Plate and wrapping up into central China all the way to Mongolia.

The Sunda Plate is considered part of the great Eurasian Plate, but like many platelets it has the potential of operating on its own. Given the large quake in the Himalayas on March 22 just days earlier, it was clear that the Indo-Australian Plate had moved and a domino effect always follows when this plate plunges and tilts. The Sunda Plate is breaking from the Eurasian Plate with this snap destabilizing the central China Wudu-Mabian fault line and reaching up along this fault line to the Yanshan Mountains seismic zone which touches Beijing.

This portends the explosion we referred to during our UFO analysis last November. If the Sunda Plate was to break from the Eurasian Plate, this would free China to jump to the East into the Pacific. This would indeed push and twist Taiwan in a counterclockwise manner. By compressing the Northern Pacific the bulbous top of S America would temporarily shift into the widening Atlantic, giving the SE Portion of N America room to drop so its hook-like connection to the Isthmus is freed.  This thus would be the trigger for the New Madrid timeline to complete.

Military Mobilization

Following Nancy’s observation on June 17 that a Phase Shift had occurred in the anticipated blowout of China into the Pacific - caused by a weakened connection to the Sunda Plate which is expected to snap off so China is free to lurch into the Pacific - the US Military mobilized in 27 states. From StormRider777  these states include NY, PN, ID, CA, KY, SC, MI, IA, AZ, TX, OK, WA, VA, CO, AR, and LA. To reiterate Hal Turner's June 17 broadcast “something wicked this way comes” and its name is Plate Movement shattering China and rupturing the New Madrid Fault Line.

Updated **Again** 8:12 PM EDT – Tanks & Troops Deploying Inside USA (and Canada)
June 17, 2023
Citizens in **many* areas of the U.S.A. are startled that tanks, troops, assault aircraft are being deployed on the streets throughout the U.S.A. today, Saturday, June 17.  Video below shows tanks on the highways of Idaho, Osprey Helicopters dropping Marines in California residential neighborhoods, and trainloads of military armor moving in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Why is Canada putting military hardware into one of its largest cities on a Saturday? I have spoken to several military sources who tell me "this is not a drill.  Drills get advertised, these were not advertised.  This is war prep." Here. In North America? Something wicked this way comes.
Massive Military Movements being Reported in Multiple States across the US
June 17, 2023
Why all this sudden military activity on US soil? Are these drills? All taking place almost at the same time across multiple states around the US? Or is something bigger taking place?
Indiana, Kentucky Guard Conduct Wet-Gap Crossing Exercise
June 14, 2023
Members of the 2061st Multi-Role Bridge Company participated in a joint exercise with military and civilian agencies as part of Operation: Homeland Defender 2023 June 8-10.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/18/2023: For the past week Nancy has noted serious shifting of the Eurasian Plate toward the East, with the Russian Rip path and Western China and even France experiencing quakes. The Sunda Plate at the same time shifted its quake pattern from one where quakes circled the Sunda Plate to a pattern where quakes only outlined the Eastern border. But on June 16 the pattern was coast to coast Eurasian stretch quakes with the Sunda Plate clearly being a point of resistance to a China lunge East. The UFO warning region - for those in the Triangle of Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing - was being hammered. The China quake we had been predicting was clearly imminent.

Do you suppose the US Defense Department reads ZetaTalk? They have ZetaTalk at their disposal, and know what the outcome of a China lunge into the Pacific would mean. The Pacific is wide but some tsunami action would occur, but the major concern is that within days the China lunge would allow a waggling S America to shift so the SE Portion of N America could slide Eastward, bringing about the New Madrid Rupture. This is predicted by ourselves to bring a 50 foot tsunami to the East Coast of the US.

Note the signs that this Military activity in 27 US states is related to the regions we predicted would experience either tsunami or devastation. The Bridge between the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains lies where the New Madrid Fault Line crosses the Ohio River at Southern Indiana and Kentucky. This is where an Army exercise occurred days ago on June 14. Where the direction of movement for Military equipment can be ascertained, it is moving to the East Coast and West Coast, where tsunami could be expected.