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Issue 904, Sunday, January 7, 2024
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Orange Snow

Why would Alaska rivers in the Brooks Range start to turn orange? Over the past 10 years, some 75 rivers have changed color from being a clear mountain river to a solid orange color. Scientists are bumfuzzled but the Zetas, as usual, explain.

75 Alaskan Rivers Turn Bright Orange, Tainting Water Supply, Endangering Humans and Wildlife; Scientists Investigate
December 20, 2023
The problem is particularly prominent in the Brooks Range, a 700-mile mountain range that stretches from northern Alaska into Canada's Yukon Territory. At least 75 rivers and streams in the area have become tinted bright orange in the past five to 10 years. The problem is believed to be a consequence of thawing permafrost due to climate change. The discoloration is the result of oxidizing iron and sulfuric acid, indicating the rivers are being inundated with high concentrations of heavy metals.
Rust is an iron oxide, a usually reddish-brown oxide formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the catalytic presence of water or air moisture. Rust consists of hydrous iron(III) oxides (Fe2O3·nH2O) and iron(III) oxide-hydroxide (FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3), and is typically associated with the corrosion of refined iron.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/20/2023: The Red Dust in the tail of Nibiru has been known to appear as Orange Dust on snow in the Arctic in 2007 and 2018. Both Red and Orange are shades of rust. The addition of water to Iron Oxide dust produces Orange rust. The Arctic Circle has a plethora of snow, and water trapped in the snow is thus present. Now that the Daily Earth Wobble has gotten more extreme, warmer temperatures are melting the mountain snow and lo, the rivers have become orange.

Orange Snow has appeared in the past at Sochi in 2018, and was a puzzle then too.

Freak Weather: Orange Snowstorm Submerges Tourist Resorts with Eerie 'Apocalyptic' Scenes
March 25, 2018
Cities around Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania have all reported the bizarre orange snow phenomenon, videos of which have quickly gone viral. Tourist destinations, including ski resorts, have been blanketed by the orange snow, which has turned snowy mountains into sand dunes. The snow phenomenon has been compared to a similar incident that took place in Siberia in 2007 when orange-tinted snowfall covered 1,500 square kilometres. According to Russia's environmental watchdog at the time, the snow was reported to be "malodorous, oily and contain four times the normal level of iron".

All these phenomena would easily be explained if Nibiru were admitted. But without the Nibiru connection, they remain a puzzle. Increasingly, in step with the release of the new NetFlix film Leave the World Behind, internet forums are admitting the Nibiru presence. The Shadow of Ezra site did so with a photo that has several clues to Nibiru’s presence. Who can resist a puzzle!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/20/2023: Nibiru is most obvious at sunrise and sunset when the angle of sunlight bouncing off Nibiru produces the Second Sun phenomena. Nibiru is so shrouded by Red Dust and Petrol fog that it is hard to discern during an eclipse, but enhancing the photos can bring it out. The Petrol in the tail of Nibiru, now wafting the Earth and producing dramatic rainbow clouds, is another proof of the Nibiru presence. In Ezra’s photo one finds Nibiru at the 6 o’clock position, the tail wrapping around in a clockwise direction to show Red Dust at the left of the Sun, and an uneven Sun Halo where the Sun is not centered within the Halo. Ezra knows the time of Nibiru has arrived, and as he is a source of truth, is heralding its arrival.

Hydro-Electric Vulnerable

The Zetas have described the effect of the New Madrid Rupture on the lower Mississippi River and the Seaway. These giant waterways have a number of hydro-electric plants that would certainly be affected. There are currently 20 hydro-electric dams along the Mississippi River and 16 hydro-electric generating stations along the St Lawrence. When low-water conditions occur on the Mississippi, sand bars block navigation. It does not take much to slow the flow. A heaving river bed can occur and can even divert the course of the river to meander to a new location.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2023: When the SE Portion is pulled away from its current position, the New Madrid Rupture will widen the Mississippi River by up to 50 miles in some places below the Illinois border. Thus the water level can be expected to drop below the level needed by any hydro plants along that stretch of the Mississippi. The Seaway is dependent upon the flow of water from the water basin that feeds the Great Lakes. The Seaway will divert away from Lake Erie, taking a bypass from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron, so any hydro plants below this bypass might be disabled.

Mississippi River ran Backward?
A "thrust fault" uplift dammed the Mississippi for a few hours early on the morning of Feb. 7, 1812 from about Island #10 north past island #9. There were temporary river waterfalls where the Mississippi ran backwards during 1811-12 earthquakes. It happened when a thrust fault created a sudden dam several feet high near the bottom of the river loop near New Madrid. Ask the boatmen who were rudely awakened in the middle of the night. "In a moment, so great a wave come up the river that I never seen one like it at sea. It carried us back north, up-stream, for more than a mile. The water spread out upon the banks -- covering three or four miles inland. "It was the current going backward. Then this wave stopped, and slowly the river went right again. "Everywhere there was noise like thunder. The ground was shaking the trees down. The air was thick with something like smoke. There was much lightning.
Eyewitnesses to Mississippi River Earthquake Terror
"...the water ran 12 feet perpendicular... Another fall was formed about 8 miles below the town, similar to the one above, the roaring of which he could distinctly hear at New Madrid…" "...from the deck of the primitive boat she saw the rapid current of the Mississippi suddenly change its course and run with racehorse speed, up-stream, accompanied by a sound like the most terrific thunder..." "The current of the Mississippi was turned back till the accumulating waters gained sufficient force to break through the newly raised barrier…" "...we saw a sandbar form below us, that extended clear across the river, & the water commenced rolling in terrific waves up the current & broke our boat loose... This bar lasted only a short time; in a few hours the retrograde current soon spread over it again..."

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2010: As can be seen by an analysis of the rock strata to the east and west of the Mississippi, the Mississippi is following the curve of solid rock just to the east. The potential for a greatly widened Mississippi occurs south of the Illinois border. To the south of this point the sea level elevation is lower and the rock strata is of a different nature than that above or to the east of this point. This is where the Mississippi will spread, to the west between the Illinois border and the Mississippi delta. We estimate the Mississippi will widen by 50 miles, give or take depending on its meandering and the stability of the rock or soil in any given location.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2012: We have warned that during the 7 of 10 New Madrid scenario, that most bridges crossing the Mississippi will be torn. Land to the west of the Mississippi is expected to drop, so that the river widens by 50 miles from the Illinois border south to the Gulf.

Then there is the St Lawrence Seaway, which likewise will experience trauma. It will be ripped open during the New Madrid Rupture, but Niagara Falls will keep its current course until the Pole Shift. But the Zetas have described a changed route as the Seaway waters move through the Great Lakes. They predict the route will go from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron, bypassing Lake Erie.

Zetatalk Confirmation 5/31/2022: The Seaway will rip open during the Pole Shift, such that it will become a wide bay, and to a lesser degree during the New Madrid adjustment. The path of this Seaway expansion will run along the rock strata that allowed the Seaway to form in the past. This rock strata border can be seen coming inland along the St. Lawrence River until it bridges over from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron. Toronto is spared, being below this path, as is Michigan. Wisconsin is protected from the Seaway split by the volcanic Midcontinent Rift.

Thus the trauma of a Seaway split during the New Madrid Adjustment goes inland beyond Duluth.  What can be seen from the earthquake charts and Heliplot charts is distress within the Seaway path and above this path in the hard rock of Canada. Despite this tugging, Canada will not be affected by the New Madrid Adjustment that will shatter the US in her lands below the Seaway. The Seaway rip westward from Duluth will rumple the Black Hills of S Dakota, but Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected though the locks along the Seaway will be broken.

Due to the intense separation pull between the Portions along the New Madrid Fault Line that runs to the Seaway exit, the Seaway near Montreal has begun clapping -  opening and closing. The tugging on the Mainland Portion above the Seaway can be seen in the burn maps as Christmas Day approaches on December 23. The Seaway rip point ending at Detroit and into Wisconsin can be seen. Montreal appears nervous.

Here are the Road Closures in and around Montreal this Weekend
December 22, 2023
According to Mobilité Montréal, major roadblocks are expected to be in place this weekend, particularly on Autoroute 40 near the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge.

On December 23 the rise and fall of the St Lawrence river at Montreal was a steady rhythm, but toward the end of December 23 a change was also noted. The two Buoys along the Seaway prior to Montreal began to show excessive high water not seen earlier nor on any of the buoys in the Great Lakes. Is a squeeze at Montreal in process?

Then on December 24-25 the Montreal buoys became even more erratic. Both the Ogdensbury and Alexandria Bay buoys along the narrow Seaway in New York state confirm this erratic rise and fall.

But just further inland along the shores of Lake Ontario the buoys at Oswego and Rochester in New York State do not show this irregular rise and fall of the waters.

Magnetic Trimesters

At the start of the ZetaTalk Saga the Zetas described the Magnetic Trimesters that occur in December, April and October of each year. These periods of increased earthquake activity are caused by magnetic throbbing outside the Earth’s Solar System, and in 2008 NASA’s IBEX programs confirmed this throbbing and its source – a large magnetic field in space.  The Christmas Hammer in 2007 was documented in detail showing the increase in earthquakes during the December Trimester.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/20/2006: Since magnetism is viewed as polarized, a N Pole and a S Pole, with particles flowing from one to the other, the idea that there would be trimesters is confusing. We have explained that the Sun's magnetism reaches to the ends of the solar system and beyond, and dominates. Mercury and Earth, for instance, align with the Sun's permanent alignment, and for those who say the Sun flops about, reversing fields every 11 years, NASA's own Ulysses probe proved them wrong in 2001. Imagine the solar system itself aligned along a magnetic flow line of a larger field, which pulses. It is no accident that the Earth, a magnetic planet, is going round the Sun every 365 days or so, as the magnetic trimesters have something to do with this progression.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/6/2004: Why is it the Sun, as the giant magnet dominating the solar system, points North and South with its poles in the directions it does? For those late to this argument, the Sun does not reverse polarity every 11 years as NASA states, and the solar magnetic field reaches beyond the outer bounds of the solar system, affecting all the planets. The Sun likewise is under the dictates of influences that surround it, and as the Sun goes, so go the planets.

NASA’s IBEX Observations Pin Down Interstellar Magnetic Field
February 26, 2016
Now, a new study uses IBEX data and simulations of the interstellar boundary – which lies at the very edge of the giant magnetic bubble surrounding our solar system called the heliosphere – to better describe space in our galactic neighborhood. Published Feb. 8, 2016, in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, precisely determines the strength and direction of the magnetic field outside the heliosphere. Such information gives us a peek into the magnetic forces that dominate the galaxy beyond, teaching us more about our home in space.

But due to the pace of the New Madrid Adjustment, which was at first slowed down by the Council of Worlds by the Humming Boxes along fault lines and then by the Monoliths, the Council needed to speed up again to get back on schedule.

To counter the effects of slowing down the New Madrid Rupture, the Council imposed a Severe Wobble, which made the Magnetic Trimesters irrelevant. The Zetas estimate they account for 20% of the earthquake activity, with the Severe Wobble causing the remaining 80%.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2022: The Earth is in the throes of a Severe Wobble so that delays in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements caused in the past by the humming boxes will be counteracted, keeping the Pole Shift on schedule. In the past, the Council of Worlds granted a delay in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements to allow Obama a chance to make his planned announcement about Nibiru. Instead, Obama lost courage and the humming boxes were removed from plate borders and fault lines. The gradually increasing Severe Wobble approved by the Council of Worlds in June 2021 is now having its effect.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/20/2023: When Nibiru was at a distance, the Magnetic Trimesters that affected the Earth in December, April, and August were noticeable in increased earthquakes. But at present due to the Severe Wobble imposed by the Council of Worlds it is hard to discern what quake swarms are due to the Magnetic Trimester effect and what should be ascribed to the aggressive Plate Movement orchestrated by the Council of Worlds. Perhaps 20% are due to the Magnetic Trimester and 80% due to manipulation by the Council.

As we have mentioned, the Council slowed down the pace of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements by allowing the Humming Boxes and Monoliths to be installed. This was to allow the Obama administration time to make the announcement in 2015 about the presence of Nibiru. Obama failed to do this, but the delays had an impact on the pace of change in the Earth’s part of the Universe, and these delays impacted the schedule for other changes elsewhere in the Universe. Thus the Council was ordered to catch up, and they are doing so by expediting the Plate Movements at the present time.

The focus on the New Madrid Rupture has shifted since 2021 from the hard rock hook under Turkey that prevented the NE corner of the Africa Plate from dropping, to the Toe of the Isthmus pulling away, to the SE Portion scrape over the hump of the Caribbean Plate, to the unzipping of the fault line up from NOLA toward the Bridge, to the release of the Bridge itself. As of this writing Nancy is focused on the Montreal scenario where the Seaway pulls apart while the New Madrid Fault Line completes its separation. And when it snaps back it opens the Azores for the tsunami threat.

The timeline is entirely in the hands of the Council of Worlds, who can adjust any of the factors at play. Thus, we the Zetas, cannot predict a date.