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O, P, Q

Section on Rules: Vote Counts
Section on Transformation: Oahspe
Section on Density: Ocean Habitat
Section on Pole Shift: Tidal Waves, Heralding, Melting Ice Caps, Ocean Vortex, Water Movement
Section on Science: Oil Deposits
Oklahoma City
Section on Government: Oklahoma City Bombing
Oort Cloud
Section on Science: Oort Cloud
Section on Government: Alternative 3
Section on Pole Shift: Survivors, Other Planets, May 5, 2000
Section on Science: 12th Planet, Continental Drift, Asteroid Belt, 12th Planet Orbit, Chance of Collision, Entry Angle, Second Pass, Second Foci, Earth Twin, Binary Orbits, Rotation, Orbits, Dark Ages of Astronomy, Contradictions, Satellite Orbits, Planets, Orbital Plane, Planet Revolutions, Perturbations, Retrograde Orbits
Section on Government: Omnipotent Krlll
Section on Pole Shift: From Orion
Section on Worlds: Orion
Omnipotent Krlll
Section on Government: Omnipotent Krlll
Ouija Board
Section on Myths: Ouija Boards
Section on Being Human: Abortion, Out-Of-Body, Shamanism
Section on Density: Mind/Spirit Connection
Section on Myths: Robert Monroe
Section on Orientation: Without a Body
Section on Visitation: Over the Eons, Out Of Body, Invisibility
Section on Being Human: Pain
Past Lives
Section on Being Human: Past Lives
Section on Density: Mind/Spirit Connection
Section on Science: Worldwide Infertility
Section on Science: Perturbations
Section on Being Human: Pets
Section on Orientation: Animal Rights
Philadelphia Experiment
Section on Government: Philadelphia Experiment
Section on Awakening: Moons of Mars
Photon Belt
Section on Density: Photon Belt
Pine Gap
Section on Government: Pine Gap
Planet X
Section on Pole Shift: Supressing the Word
Section on Science: Planet X
Section on Orientation: By What Names
Section on Transformation: Second Coming
Section on Visitation: Various Groups
Section on Worlds: Pleiadeans, Genetic Contributions, Family of Man, Ancient Cultures, Star Language
Pole Shift
Section on Density: Photon Belt
Section on Government: Impossible Message, Balancing Act
Section on Hybrids: The Cataclysm Link
Section on Pole Shift: Millenium Denial, Rebirth, Zeta Vision, Time Frame, Straight Talk, New Geography, Firestorms, Stop Rotation, Pole Shift, Tidal Waves, Safe Places, Melting Ice Caps, Sinking Atlantic, Climate Changes, Other Planets, Devastated Cities, Last Minute Panic, Safety Measures, Safe Structures, Safe Water, Countdown Signs, Violent Winds, Adjustments, Past Cataclysms, Climate Changes, Submerged Roads, Most Terrible Day, Return to Normalcy, Ancient Maps, Sinking and Rising, Salt Flats
Section on Science: Pole Reversals, Magnetic/Geographic, Wandering Poles, Booms
Section on Transformation: Pole Shift Precursors, Future Pole Shifts
Section on Being Human: Politics
Section on The Call: Leadership Call
Section on Government: Nuclear Pollution
Section on Orientation: Pollution Power Trip, Nuclear Tests
Section on Pole Shift: Rebirth, Safe Water, Pollutants
Section on Being Human: Poltergeist
Section on Worlds: Races of Man
Section on Being Human: Possession
Power Outage
Section on Awakening: Power Outage
Section on Government: Power Outages
Section on Myths: Divine Nectar
Praying Mantis
Section on Worlds: Praying Mantis
Section on Hybirds: Pregnancies
Section on Being Human: Premotions
Prime Directive
Section on Awakening: Calling Down a Ship
Section on The Call: Zeta Call, The Call, Just Say No, Prime Targets
Section on Rules: Free Will, Escape Routes, Intervention
Section on Orientation: Merging Later
Section on Government: Project Prometheus
Section on The Call: Edgar Cayce, Scallion's Predictions
Section on Myths: Nostradamus
Section on Pole Shift: Prophets, Differing Prophecies
Section on Visitation: Channel
Section on Pole Shift: Psi-Tech Pathogens
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare
Section on Awakening: Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Section on Awakening: White Brotherhood
Section on Being Human: Psychics
Section on Being Human: Psychosis
Section on Myths: Pyramids
Section on Worlds: Tetrahedral Crystals, Great Pyramids, Mayan and Incan, Secret Chamber, Chinese Pyramids
Quantum Mechanics
Section on Science: Quantum Mechanics
Section on Rules: 12th Planet Shuttle, Exploration Limits
Section on Worlds: Bigfoot