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R, S, T

Races of Man
Section on Science: Early Man
Section on Visitation: Over the Eons
Section on Worlds: Family of Man, Races of Man, Bigfoot
Section on Pole Shift: Manifest Clues
Red Book
Section on Government: Red Book
Reich, Wilhelm
Section on Myths: Wilhelm Reich
Red Sea
Section on Pole Shift: Red Sea Parting
Section on Awakening: Disincarnate Opportunists
Section on Being Human: Indestructible Soul, Reincarnation, Past Lives
Section on Density: Mind/Spirit Connection, Spirit Form, Spirit/Body Connection, Forming Entities, Percentages, Eternal Soul, Incarnation, Aborted Entities, Between Lives, Spirit Substance, When We Die, Old Souls, Next Stop, Homesick
Section on Myths: Deja Vu
Section on Orientation: Reincarnation, Short Cuts, Conscious Choice
Section on Rules: While Unaware, Animal Souls, On the Record
Section on Transformation: Growth Rates, Which Way, The Dead
Section on Transformation: Organized Religion
Section on Worlds: 12th Planet, Reptilians, Genetic Contributions, Subterranean Life, Reptilian Control
Reverse Speech
Section on Myths: Reverse Speech
Right to Know
Section on Government: Right To Know
Section on The Call: Incantations, Emblems
Section on The Call: Incantations, Emblems
Section on Myths: St. Germain
Section on Worlds: Rituals
Section on Rules: Thinking Machines, Robots, Lack of Choice, Bounded Robots
Section on Government: Roswell, Power Outages, Autopsy Tapes, Corso's Roswell
Section on Transformation: Brazilian Roswell
Section on Science: Rotation
Royal, Lysa
Section on Awakening: Lysa Royal
Rules of Engagement
Section on Government: Alternative 3
Section on Rules: Engagement Rules, Service-to-Self, Service-to-Other, 12th Planet Shuttle, Keep in Line, Travel Protocol, Friendly Disagreements, Thinking Machines, Time Travel
Section on Orientation: Day to Day, Sadism
Sai Baba
Section on Myths: Sai Baba
Salt Flats
Section on Pole Shift: Salt Flats
Satanic Ritual
Section on The Call: Satanic Rituals
Section on Government: Disappearing Satellites
Section on Science: Satellite Orbits
Section on Awakening: Hanging Around Saturn
Section on The Call: Seances
Secret Government
(see MJ12)
Section on Density: Soul Senses
Section on Awakening: Seth
Section on Government: SETI
Section on Myths: Speaking in Tongues
Section on Worlds: Sexual Variations
Section on The Call: Scallion's Predictions
Section on Being Human: Scapegoats, Holocaust Denial
Section on Transformation: Aftertime Religions
Science Fiction
Section on Transformation: Science Fiction
Section on Myths: Scientology
Schneider, Phil
Section on Government: Phil Schneider
Section on Being Human: Shamanism, Carlos Castaneda
Section on Awakening: Mt. Shasta
Section on Pole Shift: Shramek Object
Section on Awakening: Sightings to Increase, Calling Down a Ship, Mexico City, Belgium Flap, Colorado Flap, Gulf Breeze, CSETI, Russian Sightings, UFO's in Africa, Mass Sightings, False Claims, Israeli Sightings, Initiation Rites, Glowing Ships, Arizona Coverage
Section on Density: Volcano Visits
Section on Government: Nuclear Site, Power Outages
Section on Visitation: Missing Pilots, Triangular UFO, Lightning Clouds, Mothership Clues
Section on Government: Bad Press
Section on Visitation: Various Groups
Section on Worlds: Sirians, Genetic Contributions, Family of Man
Section on Pole Shift: Sitchin
Section on Pole Shift: Safe Water
Section on Rules: Slavery Practices
Section on Transformation: Sociopathic Gangs
Section on Worlds: Social Structures, Cultured Aliens
Sodom and Gomorra
Section on Myths: Sodom and Gomorra
South America
Section on The Call: Targeted Continent
Section on Transformation: Soul of a Continent
Space Ship
Section on Awakening: Calling Down a Ship, Mexico City, Belgium Flap, Glowing Ships, Arizona Coverage
Section on Government: Crashed Ships, Crash at Kecksburg, Lazar's Sports Craft
Section on Visitations: Triangular UFO, Bright Lights, Colored Lights, Plasma Ships, Mothership Clues
Section on Density: Faster than Light, Landing Sites, Same Space
Section on Science: Space/Time Curves
Section on Worlds: Tetrahedral Crystals, Sphinx
Section on Science: Spin
Spirit Guide
Section on The Call: Spirit Guides
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Section on Science: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Star Child
Section on Awakening: Theosophists, ET 101
Section on Being Human: Star Child
Section on Rules: Star Child Engagements
Section on Transformation: Incarnated Helpers
Star of David
Section on Myths: King David
Section on Awakening: Stargate
Star Trek
Section on Awakening: Star Trek
Star Wars
Section on Government: Star Wars, Russian Star Wars
Section on Rules: Declaring War, Leveling Wars
Section on Transformation: Massing Troops
Section on Science: Statistical Analysis
Status Symbols
Section on Being Human: Status Symbols
Section on Myths: Druids
Section on Orientation: Stonehenge
Stieber, Whitley
Section on Awakening: Communion, Steve Neill
Section on Visitation: Betty Andreasson
St. Germain
Section on Myths: St. Germain
Subatomic Particles
Section on Science: Subatomic Particles, Energy Waves, Ice Formation, Particle Flow, Light Particles, Gravity Particles, Explosions
Section on Awakening: Calling Down a Ship, Supposed to Do, Familiar Stranger
Section on The Call: Intuition
Section on Visitation: Subconscious, Remembering, Just Occurred, Hypnosis
Section on Government: Underground Tunnels, Dulce, New Mexico, Underground Installations
Section on Worlds: Men in Black, Subterranean Life
Section on Being Human: Suicide Cults, Suicide, Heaven's Gate, Mother and Child, Killer Instinct
Section on Density: Earth Switch
Section on Science: Suns, 12th Planet Glow, Star Birth, Orbital Plane, Solar Flares, Planet Revolutions, Retrograde Orbit
Super Conductors
Section on Science: Super Conductors
Section on Myths: Taoism
Tarot Cards
Section on Myths: Tarot Cards
Section on Being Human: Best Intentions
Section on The Call: Technological Call
Section on Government: Agreements, Reverse Engineering
Section on Rules: Alien Technology
Section on Science: Telekinesis
Section on Government: Remote Viewing
Section on Orientation: Telepathy, Keeping Secrets
Section on Transformation: Communications
Section on Visitation: Always in Touch, Telepathy
Section on Worlds: Alien Interactions
Section on Government: Tesla
Section on Awakening: Theosophists
Section on Pole Shift: Water Movement
Section on Science: Tides
Time Travel
Section on Rules: Time Travel
Section on Science: Time Travel
Tower of Babel
Section on Myths: Tower of Babel
Section on Awakening: The Word
Section on Density: Transformation, Spiritual Density, Left Behind
Section on Hybrids: Hostile Humans, Stepping Up the Pace, The Cataclysm Link, Why Hybrids, Time Frame, Special Children
Section on Orientation: War and Crime, Love Life, Few Bad Apples, Attempt to Dominate, Day to Day, Telling the Truth, Tribulations, Heaven and Hell, Increasing Dichotomy, Spiritual Evolution
Section on Pole Shift: Survivors, Aftertime, Goverment Collapse, Internet, Seeds of Rebirth, New Energy, Worthless Money, How to Prepare, Safe Places, What will Survive
Section on Rules: Pace of Change
Section on Transformation: Hybrid Homes, Transformation, Growth Rates, Harvest, Which Way, New World Order, Cultural Exchange, Natural Resources, Second Coming, Communications, Future Visions, Science Fiction, Scheduled Events, Contact Groups, Belief Systems, Life Changes, Blue Star, Death Wish, Misinterpreted Messages, Gradual Change, The Dead, Social Services, Coordination, Ascension, Transformation Activities, Perpetual Power Pack, Incarnated Helpers, Massing Troops, Mixed Groups, Precious Possessions, Breakaway Consternation; Foreknowledge, Clean Slate
Section on Myths: Jack the Ripper
Trilateral Commission
Section on Government: Trilateral Commission
Trojan Wars
Section on Myths: Trojan Wars
Section on Science: Tunguska Explosion
TWA 800
Section on Transformation: TWA 800