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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 30, 2020

It seems as Europe locks down again in preparation for a Nibiru announcement, France is suddenly again being attacked over and over by "Islamic" terrorists.  My question is, is this another false flag to keep the French in line during this new lockdown, like the Charlie Hebdo attacks?  Are there more motives in play than just that? [and from another] All Synagogues & Jewish Schools In Nice Closed On Fears Of Islamic Terror Attacks October 31, 2020 The large Jewish community in Nice, France is on edge this weekend following the horrific beheading of an elderly woman and the fatal stabbing of two others at the city's Notre Dame church. The killer has been identified as 21-year old migrant Brahim Issaoui who recently arrived from Tunisia. [and from another] Priest Killed In Lyon As France Rocked By 3rd Terror Attack This Month October 31, 2020 Another terror attack has apparently been carried out in France, the third in two weeks and fourth in 2 months, leaving a Greek Orthodox Priest dead. The AFP reported that the priest was shot at a Greek Orthodox church in Lyon. He was shot with a sawed-off shotgun, according to reports, which means the attack was likely a gruesome scene.

We confirmed that Merkel and Erdogan had a pact to flood Europe with ISIS sleeper cells for a quick takeover of Europe. Merkel is now a double having been executed by the White Hats attempting to clean up Europe, and Erdogan, dead of a heart attack, has now been replaced by those in his inner circle who carry on his ambitions to see the Ottoman Empire restored.

France was among the EU countries welcoming migrants, and because they border the Mediterranean were accessible to a fresh flood of migrants. The terror attacks in 2015 show what this has wrought, and now the current Covid-19 lockdowns provide an opportunity. While the populace of Europe is being forced to stay indoors, mischief can occur on the highways and streets of the cities and towns. These deliberate Muslim terror attacks in France are to signal those both within and without France and other European countries with ISIS sleeper cells that it is safe to start the revolution.

It seems like the use of doubles is becoming the norm. Fulford says Putin and Xi are doubles. At the same time, Putin was replaced a long time ago and he is a double of black hats. Recently, he spoke about the planned replacement of world leaders. This is pretty shocking. At the same time, Fulford says Trump is the only G20 leader who is not a "lackey of the Rothschilds." Is the Puppet Master so influential? Are almost all world leaders corrupt? [and from another] FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-19-20… “Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as early as November” October 20, 2020 Russian FSB sources claim their country has now fallen under the control of the Rothschild family via their fake Vladimir Putin. [and from another] Benjamin Fulford 10-26-20… “Tensions Rise as World Wakes Up to U.S. Election Theater” October 26, 2020 In a sign of how intense the conflict now raging at the highest levels of world power has become Russian FSB, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say serious moves behind the scenes are aiming to replace key world leaders in November. The sources say in each case the replacement may take the form of a new body double reading a new script or may involve an entirely different public figure. However, keep in mind the upcoming presidential election is about control of the entire planet as Trump is the last man standing in the way of the Satan worshipping cabal harvesting Adrenochrome on a global scale from kidnapped children. [and from another] FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-19-20… “Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as early as November” October 19, 2020 Last weekend’s G20 meeting of so-called world leaders was very revealing because 19 out of 20 of them publicly endorsed the fraud based global warming scam known as the Paris accords. This happened despite the fact carbon-based global warming is being proved both legally and scientifically to be a fraud. By ignoring facts and pushing the Rothschild backed global warming fraud, both Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin proved they were Rothschild lackeys. The only leader who has publicly renounced the global warming fraud is US President Donald Trump and that is why Khazarian mafia controlled media portray him as isolated. [and from another] Benjamin Fulford 7-10-17… “Out of 20 G20 leaders, 19 are fraud endorsing bankster slaves” (FULL ARTICLE) July 10, 2020 Out of 20 G20 leaders 19 are fraud endorsing bankster slaves.

Of course the Khazarian gangsters, feeling themselves pressed to the wall on many fronts, will fight back with all they have. These Satanists have been under assault before and found ways to wriggle around it. They emerged in Armenia, adopting the Jewish religion as a disguise, and promulgated their Moloch child torture and rape and blood drinking as a ritual because it provided an addictive high to their followers.  Though the Turks massacred the Christians in Armenia, Russia effectively drove the Khazarians out. But they retreated to Europe.

In Europe they assumed the mantle of the banking cartels, which were Jewish because Nathan Rothschild was Jewish. The Khazarians married into the royalty of Europe by stealth, murdering those members of the royal families they wished to replace. Now with the IMF debt slavery being countered by the cleanup of money laundering in the western banks, BRICS is rising to the fore, the winner in the banking network battles. Once again Russia, with its partner in China, has won over the Khazarian plans.

Of course Putin and Xi are being targeted! Have they been replaced by doubles? Only if an assassination plan is expected and doubles are being put into place as a precaution. Given the high tension lately, the Khazarians having their last stand, so to speak, these expected assassination attempts are almost continuous. Why would Fulford report that they had in fact been replaced? Fulford is reporting what sources say to him. They hope to affect the outcome by keeping bribed and threatened Khazarian cooperatives in line.  

Manuel asks Zetas to clarify this Swiss-cheese pattern in the pictures, are these "petro / oil blobs"? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Oct 31, 2020 SE Idaho 12 noon [and from another] Oct 26th 2020 SE Idaho 10am

Light arriving from the Nibiru complex has taken many forms, as light is highly malleable and bends readily toward gravity sinks or toward magnetic flow lines. There is the light directly from Nibiru, or light beams heading out into space when the light is bent at an angle or focused toward the Earth like a floodlight. There is light focused down a Moon Swirl tube so it emits at the end like the light from a flashlight. There is light that has been drawn to the gravity pull of many moons in a Moon Swirl, so this light forms a luminous String of Pearls. And there is light pulled back toward Nibiru or the Moon Swirls so it forms a Monster Persona.

Now that the fog of Petrol Bubbles is clouding the view, all these various presentations are still present, but are tucked behind the fog of Petrol Bubbles. Petrol Bubbles create their own light bending phenomenon for several reasons. Oil catches and distorts light, thus the rainbows that form on oil spills. Large Petrol Bubble clumps turn the light beams round and round, so they appear to be a large mass. This is not the Monster Persona phenomenon, which is simply light rays heading out into space pulled back to a gravity sink to form the illusion of a large ball. The Petrol Mass shows the actual boundaries of the Petrol Mass.

Would the Zetas care to comment on this mystery? [and from another] There's A Mysterious Seismic "Blip" From Deep Inside Earth That Has Pulsated Every 26 Seconds For 60 Years November 3, 2020 First observed and recorded by geologist Jack Oliver in the early 1960s, then studied more extensively in the following decades, the pulse is known to be stronger during storms. But storms don’t turn off and on every 26 seconds, nor do volcanos. In 2005, a graduate student named Greg Bensen tracked the origin of the pulse to a more narrow location, a single source in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western coast of Africa; six years later, another team honed in even closer, pinpointing the origin in an area of the Gulf of Guinea called the Bight of Bonny. Some researchers still believe volcanism is the answer and point to an active volcano on the island of São Tomé in the Bight of Bonny as evidence. [and from another] The Bight of Biafra extends east of the Bight of Biafra from the River Delta of the Niger in the north until it reaches Cape Lopez in Gabon. Besides the Niger River, other rivers reaching the bay are the Cross River, Calabar River, Ndian, Wouri, Sanaga, Nyong River, Ntem, Mbia, Mbini, Muni and Komo River.

What is causing the Bight of Bonny to blip with such regularity that the seismic blip happens every 26 seconds? This region just off coast of Africa has very thin crust, as we have mentioned, which is why several rivers drain into the ocean at this spot. During the periodic Africa Rolls that occur during every passage of Nibiru, the bulbous top half of Africa and the lower leg that drops down to touch the Antarctica Plate are shoved toward each other. This collapse of the Gulf of Guinea has created a rift that is visible on land as well as out under the water in a series of islands, including the Bight of Bonny.

We have described the flow of magma under the hardened surface plates as not unlike the mountain ranges on the surface. It has been reported that the Bight of Bonny blips are stronger when there are storms on the surface, creating wave action and even the tugging on the continent of Africa that moving air masses can cause. This blip is a periodic release of magma from a pocket where heavy parts of the magma accumulate and cause what can be called a type of earthquake there as a result. The heavy magma is released, and the accumulation starts all over again.

Why did the results of the Presidential election stall, just as Trump was close to victory? He has clearly won Pennsylvania and Georgia and N Carolina. Michigan is leaning Trump and with Alaska would give Trump 283 electoral votes. Is there some kind of game going on, to allow Biden to assert that he has won? Are they trying to delay the Democrat riots that has been expected in many cities? Are there election fraud sting operations ongoing while the Democrats try to stuff the ballot boxes? [and from another] [and from another] North Carolina 2020 Election Results November 3, 2020 North Carolina has 15 electoral votes up for grabs and CBS News considers this race a toss-up. Ahead of Election Day, CBS News' Battleground Tracker showed Joe Biden with a slight edge over President Trump. [and from another] Wisconsin Election Results 2020: Live Updates November 3, 2020 With 95% of the unofficial vote in, no call has been made in the race for the White House. As of early Wednesday morning, Joe Biden has a lead of just over 20,000 votes in Wisconsin. Biden and President Donald Trump are locked in a tight race in Wisconsin as vote-counting stretches into Wednesday, and the nation's eyes turned to the same Midwestern battlegrounds that decided the election four years ago. Whatever the outcome, this would be the fourth time in six presidential elections that Wisconsin was decided by less than a percentage point. [and from another] Don’t expect a call in the presidential race anytime soon as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin process votes November 3, 2020 Election results from those Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin could take until later this week to complete official tallies, according to officials. Georgia and North Carolina, which both were too close to call just after midnight Wednesday, also are likely to take some more time as more ballots come in. Pennsylvania had long been expected to take a while for votes to be fully counted since officials there are not allowed to open mailed ballots until Election Day.

Delaying the official election results for Pennsylvania is due to the rule about early counting of the mail-in and absentee ballots. But Georgia, N Carolina, and Michigan just stopped calling a winner when 95% of the votes had been counted. Is there a game afoot? Yes, several. These 4 states had been heavily targeted by the Democrats, so it was agreed that when they found themselves losing, they would halt their reporting until alternative means of stealing the state could be enacted. This is in process, though the Junta was well aware of these plans and a massive election fraud sting operation is in process.

There are a number of states that Biden supposedly won that were declared incorrectly, and this will also be cleaned up behind the scenes. The Junta was aware of the election fraud plans, due in part to our assisting with intel. If it is in the mind of man, we are aware of it. But a crime has not been committed until the hand is dealt, and thus these elements were watched closely and countered, arrested, when they acted. Will these crimes be brought to justice in the public eye? Unlikely, as this would diminish public confidence in the voting process. But the Tribunals will be busy, and the counts will be set right. 

NYPost is claiming that Putin is being urged to quit the presidency in just weeks amid Parkinson's disease fears by his girlfriend gymnast Alina Kabeva and two daughters. Is it related to the Nibiru announcement? Is the Deep State trying to prevent Putin from announcing Nibiru to the public? [and from another] Vladimir Putin Plans to Step Down Next Year amid Health Concerns, Report Claims November 5, 2020 Vladimir Putin is planning to step down next year as speculation swirls in Russia that the longtime president may have Parkinson’s disease. Putin recently appeared to be in agony while appearing to constantly shift his legs. Footage also appeared to show his fingers twitching as he held a cup. [and from another] Putin 'to Resign as Russian President' as Kremlin Footage uncovers Major Health Concerns November 2, 2020 VLADIMIR PUTIN is ready to step down as President of Russia next year, over fears the leader has developed Parkinson's according to a close source. [and from another] Vladimir Putin 'will Quit as Russian President in January amid Fears he has Parkinson's Disease', Moscow Sources Claim 'Putin's NOT quitting': Kremlin insist the Russian president, 68, is in 'excellent health' and denies he will quit in January amid claims he has Parkinson's. Putin, 68, is suffering from Parkinson's disease, according to a prominent critic. Recent footage of Putin's 'legs swinging as he clutched a chair' raised eyebrows. Prominent critic Professor Valery Solovei suggested the leader was suffering from Parkinson's and that his family had urged him to retire in the new year. [and from another] Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as early as November October 19, 2020 Russian FSB sources claim their country has now fallen under the control of the Rothschild family via their fake Vladimir Putin.  What this means is that the Russian banking system is not under the control of the Russian government but rather the same people who control the Federal Reserve Board, the sources say.  They are the ones creating the fake confrontations between Russia and the West, they add. [and from another] Vladimir Putin Becomes Russia's President for Life July 5, 2020 Thanks to an overwhelming vote of confidence from about three-fourths of the Russian electorate, Vladimir Putin now can remain president of Russia until 2036. He will be 84 years old when he completes the second of the two additional six-year terms that Russian voters awarded him in a referendum.

What should be noted here is that these rumors are coming from a single source – a Putin opposition leader. Where is the proof? Claims of a swinging leg or trembling hand, not on video but claimed to be observed by others, is not proof. Nor are the claims that the women in Putin’s life - an ex-lover and daughters - are begging him to resign, as it would be assumed that these women would not embarrass Putin so would remain silent. Thus the jury is out. Why then are several major media outlets making this pronouncement? The Satanists' desperation is evident in Russia, where Putin remains in control and in good health.   

Putin is a threat to the Khazarian Satanists in the west, for several reasons. Putin is the leader of the BRICS banking consortium, which has pushed the IMF aside and reduced the monetary influence the Khazarian bankers had on politics and society in the past. Despite the Debt Relief plan offered by the bankrupt IMF, their influence is dying. Then there are the behind the scenes arrests and execution of those who ran the child sex rings which entrapped many by pedophile blackmail and via Adrenochrome addiction. The Satanists no longer have the means to blackmail or induce cooperation.

Is this true, that a ballot watermark can be scanned to determine a legitimate ballot? [and from another] Will DHS Officials Follow the Watermark to Verify the Election? November 5, 2020 DHS, which printed the ballots, embedded radioactive isotopes and watermarks onto the legal ballots. A quick scan can pick up the identifying features to validate the vote. [and from another] [and from another] Trump-Biden presidential race could be decided by Pennsylvania case before Supreme Court November 6, 2020 The case that could decide it all started weeks ago, and is currently waiting at the U.S. Supreme Court. The Boockvar case involves a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding how late mail-in ballots can be counted in that state. The Constitution also gave state legislatures the exclusive authority to regulate the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives.” While Congress can overrule the choices of the state legislatures, state courts cannot. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally interfered with the state legislature’s sole authority over the time, place, and manner of federal elections and over the selection of presidential electors.

During the 2020 Presidential Election, the Satanists have exposed themselves in their desperate attempts to unseat President Trump. Frustrated by controls inserted into the electronic counting machines, the Democrats pushed the mail-in ballot fraud. What they were unaware of at the time was a secret watermark trace the Department of Homeland Security had inserted into all federal ballots being used. Arrests and Tribunals will be disguised by the recounts, not in the public eye. These moves and a pending SCOTUS ruling on the legitimacy of ballots arriving and counted late will swing the election to President Trump.

Major news outlets have declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 US Presidential election. Without revealing matters still in play behind the scenes, do the Zetas have any comment on this development? What purpose does the announcement of a Biden 'victory' serve in the ongoing election fraud sting operation? [and from another] Biden defeats Trump in an election he made about character of the nation and the President November 7, 2020 America has chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president, CNN projects, turning at a time of national crisis to a man whose character was forged by aching personal tragedy and who is pledging to restore calm and truth after Donald Trump's exhausting and manic single term. [and from another] Biden Wins Presidency, Ending Four Tumultuous Years Under Trump November 7, 2020 In a brief statement issued after Pennsylvania delivered the crucial electoral votes for victory, Mr. Biden called for healing and unity. In his own statement, Mr. Trump insisted “this election is far from over” and vowed that his campaign would “start prosecuting our case in court” but offered no details. [and from another] Biden wins presidency, Trump denied second term in White House, Fox News projects November 7, 2020 The Fox News Decision Desk projected that Biden will win the state of Nevada and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, giving the former vice president the electoral votes he needs to win the White House. [and from another] Donald J. Trump Tweet I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!

With the SCOTUS likely to rule that non-military ballots arriving in Pennsylvania after Election Day are not legal and recounts in numerous states on a razor thin margin between Biden and President Trump pending, and without any of the states actually certifying a winner – major media declares Biden the winner. Of course the media does not have this authority, and they know this. Why the rush? As was revealed on November 6 by the Dark Judge and insiders such as ex CIA Director Steve Pieczenik, arrests were to begin that night.

What happens during a sting operation? The criminals are lulled into complacency while the police record their every move. Then the arrests and interrogations begin. Would underlings prefer a trip to Gitmo with potential execution or would they like a plea deal? Many in the media have a vested interest in a Biden win, and are trying to send a message to those being interrogated. Hold out, don’t cave under pressure, because the eventual President Biden will pardon you!

This afternoon photo has always darkness around sun and company. What happen. Never at present day I have seen. Ciao Nancy

Nibiru is starting to position itself more directly in front of the Sun, thus the dense dust and debris and petrol bubbles are blocking the sunlight to a greater extent. Nibiru used to be to the right of the Sun, at some distance, but now is as expected pulling toward the Point of Passage position. There is still more to go, as the 7 of 10 Plate Movements have not yet completed, nor have the Last Weeks started.

What is going on in Europe with all the strict measures and second lockdown or semi lockdown procedures regarding Covid. It seems that there is more to it than just the fear of the Nibiru announcement and the European tsunami? [and from another] Covid19: British Army to Begin Testing Children Without Parental Consent Liverpool school will also be “barcoding” individuals, and “securing” them should they test positive. [and from another] Coronavirus: What you can and can't do now England is in second lockdown [and from another] NHS Nurse Resigns say Gov’t Counting Flu & Covid Together Real number only 3 in Hospital for COVID [and from another] Global report: new Covid lockdown in Hungary as Belgium passes second peak [and from another] Rules for Greece’s Second Covid-19 Lockdown Explained [and from another] Gov’t urges Greeks to not hang out on internet 9am-6am during lockdown [and from another] Europe Back in Lockdown Mode [and from another] And for what i saw various other non european countries also still in lockdown

Last September we stated that the European lockdowns were due to worry about riots after Nibiru is admitted - the public angry that they have been lied to for many years.  When the Atlantic buoys were blinded last July we added the worry that the European tsunami might create an opportunity for rioting and looting. The lockdowns in France, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands are particularly draconian, and these are the countries that would be affected most by the European tsunami.

But at base these European worries are about rioting. Are China or Asia or Russia or India or Africa or S America frantic about lockdowns? The US lockdowns were only in place in Democrat states to force mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. Thus it is Europe that stands alone with their lockdown rules. Rioting or people on the run from a tsunami would overwhelm the police and military, and thus is an opportunity for ISIS sleeper cells to effect a coup in Europe.

This is what Merkel and Erdogan sought when they facilitated the ISIS immigrant influx into Europe. Merkel has been executed by the White Hats but the sleeper cells are still in place. Erdogan is dead from a heart attack but the insiders that were his palace guard in Turkey are still intent on re-establishing an Ottoman Empire. They are poised to muster this insurrection in Europe and attempt to take over the reins of government. Will this work? No. The populace is already suspicious and resentful of the lockdowns, but unlikely to cooperate with an ISIS takeover in any case.

Zetas last week said election fraud counts would be corrected and criminal Biden victory reversed.   Is this still the case, as it seems to be a Biden done deal. [and from another] My major concern is that sorting out the election complications looks like will take some time and we have the New Madrid Adjustment pending. I'm worried if Trump is not declared before it the democrats will certainly steal it in the ensuing chaos. The timing is just awful to me. [and from another] The media called Biden the winner, but it seems like all the voting was compromised. We shall see now the Trump is the true winner as you had stated. Will they be able to arrest the Media for subversion or treason? They aided and abetted traitors. We shall see. I bet we may see a false flag happen, or release of more virus, but more deadly.

President Trump won the 2020 election as he would say “Bigly”, but the Junta does not want the American public to be shocked that their election process could be so corrupted. We stated after the night of the election that the counts would be set right. This requires recounts or audits or court decisions, at least in those states that are close and would allow President Trump to accumulate enough electoral votes to win his second term.

A SCOTUS determination on late ballots in Pennsylvania would grant President Trump that state. Sorting out illegal ballots during recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin would provide those electoral votes to President Trump also. He would then have more than 270, but there is more good news. Prior to certification, many states are “discovering” counting errors, and rather than face an embarrassing recount or audit, they are announcing corrections.

President Trump has stated that he expects all this to take another 2-3 weeks, and we concur. Meanwhile, as with the Diebold theft of the 2000 and 2004 elections, much evidence exists of the fraud, and this evidence is out in the public view on the Internet. The 2020 election fraud stories will go on and on, and not be dismissed. Already the public is recorded in polls as being quite aware of the fraud. Meanwhile, the Trump administration will gain support for the challenges ahead.

I am just gonna ask because "this" already start to get an folklore by itself in social media. What does “I’m going to release the Kraken!” mean? What she is referring too? Sidney Powell say it in an interview, she is a very respected person fighting in White Hats side, so many are wondering? Today she had an interview and she point that "CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit ". We know that CIA it was playing in the Deep State side. This "kraken" will take down CIA officially? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] “We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States!” – Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken November 15, 2020 We’re fixin’ to overturn the results of the election in multiple states, and President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose. [and from another] The kraken is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of gigantic size in Scandinavian folklore. According to the Norse sagas, the kraken dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland and terrorizes nearby sailors. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend may have originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 13–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works. [and from another] Release The Kraken! The 1981 fantasy adventure film Clash of the Titans inspired by the Greek myth of Perseus was released on April 2nd, 2010. Months prior to its release, Warner Bros. unveiled a two-minute long teaser trailer in which Liam Neeson's character Zeus orders his men to unleash the legendary squid-like sea monster by shouting "release the Kraken!" 

The “Release the Kraken” meme is notable for the imagery it invokes – something huge and out of control being released upon the enemy. The enemy is thus utterly destroyed, as ordinary weapons or defenses do not suffice. The Kraken has a mind of its own, and the whole assault runs its course. By bringing up the extent of the Dominion voter fraud on Fox News, Sidney Powell may indeed be releasing the Kraken on the media, who refuse to address the massive election fraud and keep insisting that Biden won.

Almost 4 million votes nationwide were stolen from President Trump and given to Biden. This huge number is the Kraken. That the CIA had a hand in developing the Dominion software will only strengthen the Kraken, as the CIA’s interest in overthrowing democratically elected officials around the world has been long known. This 2020 election story thus moves from what the media would like to call a conspiracy theory to having the ring of truth. Many will look into the history of Dominion, and see the big picture. 

The latest Covid 19 vaccine push seems a little vexing. A virus that in effect 99.99% of 7,800,000 people global will survive from after contracting an infection is a rather implausible or illogical scenario. The current U.S Warpspeed push for the role out of this vaccine is being implemented, yet anti-viral medications have been proven to halt the virus in its tracks. What is the necessity for such a vaccine push at this time? I wondered if the Zeta's are willing to make further comment on this subject, or have they like we all become exasperated with governments intentions global!! [and from another] ‘Just beautiful’—Another COVID-19 Vaccine, from Newcomer Moderna, Succeeds in Large-Scale Trial November 16, 2020 Now there are two. Another COVID-19 vaccine using the same previously unproven technology as the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, the U.S and German companies that reported success on 9 November, appears to work remarkably well. [and from another] Russia COVID-19 vaccine: Here are the Countries that are Interested in Buying August 14, 2020 Russia became the first country in the world to register a COVID-19 vaccine. Russian President Vlamdimir Putin asserted that the vaccine "has passed all the necessary tests." Dubbed as Sputnik V, the vaccine was developed by Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian defence ministry. [and from another] Iranian-Made COVID-19 Vaccine to enter Human Trial in early November October 20, 2020 The Iranian health minister announced on Sunday that he had “good news” about a COVID-19 vaccine being developed in the country. [and from another] China Is Inoculating Thousands with Unapproved COVID-19 Vaccines November 12, 2020 As countries around the world race to develop the first viable coronavirus vaccine, China's two biggest vaccine companies have already begun inoculating hundreds of thousands of mostly state workers in a bid to get a head start.  The unorthodox approach is a sign of China's strength — first in controlling a coronavirus epidemic, then in its ability to potentially protect its workers. [and from another] Research Team has Isolated the COVID-19 Virus March 12, 2020 A team of researchers from Sunnybrook, McMaster University and the University of Toronto has isolated severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the agent responsible for the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

Developing a vaccine for a flu is nothing new, as this is an annual trek so that by the Fall of a given year, the flu version starting to spread can be countered by a vaccine. The annual flu emerging at the start of any given year is known early in that year, thus 9 months from identification to vaccine is the normal time frame. Covid-19, essentially a bad flu as it has approximately twice the death rate of the annual flu, is no different. The virus was isolated last March 12 so that scientists could begin their vaccine development.

While Europe is in a draconian lockdown, exaggerating the Covid-19 deaths, and while Democrat States in the US likewise exaggerated the Covid-19 risk prior to the 2020 election to force the use of mail-in ballots, the rest of the world did not adopt this mode. China, Iran, and in particular Russia have developed vaccines and are using them. Why this difference? In all cases where the lockdown exceeds the risk, there is a political or sociological motive. It is essentially a Martial Law maneuver.

Europe is concerned that during the chaos that might ensue after Nibiru is admitted or the European tsunami strikes, that ISIS sleeper cells will attempt to take control of Europe. Already France is under attack. Europe keeps moving the end date of any lockdown forward, as though the Covid-19 risk will pass magically at some date. In the US, as predicted by many, the lockdown craze has eased as soon as the November 3 election passed. How to ease back on the lockdown craze when it is no longer needed?

Where President Trump was not responsible for the lockdown craze in the US, which was always a press by the Democrat States, he will rescue the nation from this lockdown paralysis by approving and expediting a vaccine. As the 2020 election results show that Trump has gained the necessary 270 electoral points to win, the Democrat States will lose their motivation. They will instead be stuck with their self-imposed bankrupt status and ruined economies. The populace of California and New York are fleeing.

Would the Zetas like to speak about the anomalous failure of the Vega launch carrying $400 million loss worth of satellites?  This the day after Space X issues? [and from another] European Vega rocket suffers major launch failure, satellites for Spain and France lost An Arianespace Vega rocket suffered a major failure shortly after launch on Nov. 16, leading to loss of satellites for Spain and France. The four-stage Vega rocket lifted off from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana and appeared to fly smoothly during the early mission phases. But eight minutes into flight, something went wrong. The Vega rocket was carrying two payloads when it lifted off: an Earth-watching satellite for Spain called SEOSAT-Ingenio and the TARANIS satellite for France's space Agency CNES. The launch failure is the second major malfunction of the Vega rocket in two years. [and from another] SpaceX Launches 2nd Crew, Regular Station Crew Flights Begin November 16, 2020 SpaceX launched four astronauts to the International Space Station on Sunday on the first full-fledged taxi flight for NASA by a private company.

Why is it that Space X has occasional failures yet can successfully carry astronauts to the ISS? The answer lies in the cargo and mission, and whether this runs afoul of the Council of Worlds’ edicts. Space X has been shot down when attempting to partner with Israel and FaceBook to dominate Internet access for most of Africa. A DEW in space under the control of Bibi in Israel is another notable restriction. Bibi’s attempt to land the Beresheet probe on the Moon was likewise foiled.

Why then are the Vega rockets unsuccessful? They were carrying spy satellites for Spain and France, a $400 million payload. Where these missions are always described as humanitarian or for scientific research, they are invariably for vested interests who want to control the common man. At the current time, it is migration patterns, in ships at sea and in particular migrants on the move in Africa. Their interest goes beyond protecting their borders and ensuring the safety of their citizens. Those in charge in Spain and France plan to murder migrants by the millions, if need be, to stop their travel.

At what point will the ballot water marks and the Dominion vote switching affect the official outcome of the 2020 Presidential election? Georgia has refused to allow any recounts to affect the official total, thus protecting their fraud. Meanwhile in Detroit the Republican members of the Canvassers commission recanted their approval of certification of Wayne County, again when the Democrats in charge started to change the rules. Meanwhile in the trial in PA, open to the public and the media both, the presentation of evidence is being delayed by endless motions to dismiss or delay. Trump’s lawyer Sidney Palmer has promised to release the Kraken. When will this start? [and from another] Georgia Manual Recount won’t Replace Official Election Results November 17, 2020 Georgia election officials said they no longer intend to make the results of the state’s manual recount the official tally in the presidential race. The change came after lawyers for the secretary of state’s office reviewed Georgia law and concluded that the new hand count shouldn’t replace the original machine count of scanned ballots. [and from another] GOP Members of Wayne County Board of Canvassers say they Want to Rescind Votes to Certify November 19, 2020 Both Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers signed affidavits saying they want to rescind their votes to certify the county's election results.  They made those votes under pressure and false pretenses and would now like to rescind their votes. They initially voted not to certify Wayne County's election results, citing concerns about alleged irregularities surrounding vote counts in Detroit. [and from another] Reince Priebus Reacts to Wis. Dems’ Rule-Change try Following Trump Recount Filing ‘You Can’t Make this Up!’ November 19, 2020 Democrats on the state elections commission sought to change recount guidelines after the Trump 2020 Campaign filed a petition to review the state’s votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties. The Trump campaign sent the Wis Election Comm. $3 mil and filed its petition for a recount. Then the WEC immediately called a special meeting to change certain recount rules that deal with the issues brought up in the petition? [and from another] Reporters Committee, NPR urge Supreme Court to adopt rule governing sealed records December 17, 2019 The court granted requests to shield records from the public in 46 cases during its 2018 term — by far the highest annual total over a 30-year period in which the court has allowed an increasing number of secret filings.

We have stated that the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election will likely be resolved in the courts. Why would this be the case when recounts are in process? Recounts can only change the results if the recount itself is certified, and the Democrats in charge will not allow that! In a manual recount, where the electronic tabulating machines are not being used, the massive increase in votes for President Trump is astonishing, proving the election fraud claims. Most of these officials were unaware of the planned fraud, and are stunned. To announce this result would be, for them, to Release the Kraken.  

State after state among the Democratic controlled swing states are privately discovering this fraud, as they double check their final counts. Massive fraud has occurred on their watch. What to do? They cannot even duplicate the counts reported on Election Day. We, the Zetas have a saying that since humans on Earth have Free Will, their decisions can go in many directions. Thus predicting the outcome is unpredictable. Now that the number of people who can sway this matter in this or that direction has increased, it is even more unpredictable.   

We stated that an option of the Junta would have been for the Biden Double, under the control of the Junta, to withdraw prior to Election Day, but the Junta chose otherwise. Allowing the states to recount and “discover” miscounts, thus giving the state to President Trump, is another outcome. The states doing recounts may still do this, and Nevada and Arizona may still do this, but it appears they are choosing to continue their lie instead. Meanwhile, due to Sidney Powell’s appearance on several TV stations with revelations on Dominion theft, the truth is out before the American people.

Hypothetically, the Junta might deliver this matter to SCOTUS, where the truth would be presented, undoubtedly in a sealed case. Classified data from several US agencies would be presented, showing conclusively how the vote switching occurred. The plea for SCOTUS to act would be to avoid shocking the American public with the depth and scope of the Democrat election fraud. That foreign countries were involved in this theft would be another part of this presentation. The public would only be told that the recounts showed President Trump won, but the states were reluctant to admit this.

The Trump campaign on Sunday sought to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell. [and from another] The disavowing of Sidney Powell is truly troubling.  It makes the Trump Admin look completely foolish and now all the talking heads will demand Trump concede.  What is happening?  Please explain.  This new development keeps me up at night. [and from another] It could be that the Junta is steering away from using the evidence of the Dominion software stuff.  Perhaps they have deemed it as part of what is too shocking and extreme for most of the public, and will try to get by without using it.  This is a possibility that I'm thinking about while reading into this new distancing by Trump, Juliani and others from Powell, and she from them. [and from another] Rudy Giuliani: Sidney Powell not part of Trump’s Legal Team November 22, 2020 “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” said Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and another lawyer for Trump, Jenna Ellis, in a statement. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” No further details or clarification was offered. [and from another] Giuliani distances Trump campaign from attorney Sidney Powell November 22, 2020 The Trump campaign on Sunday sought to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell after she made a series of increasingly convoluted and baseless allegations of widespread nationwide election fraud. [and from another] Qanon and the Great Awakening [and from another] The Real Dark Judge [and from another] [and from another]

Attorney Sidney Powell has not been severed from the legal team representing President Trump’s 2020 campaign, she has been freed from any constraints that judges might impose during lower court proceedings. A judge can seal a case, issue a gag order, thus keeping the public from seeing the evidence. Rudy and Jenna are the attorneys who might be silenced. Sidney is the mouthpiece free to give interviews. Is there a connection between this move and dismissal of the Pennsylvania case and the suspension of the twitter account for the Dark Judge? All happening on the same day. But the Kraken will not be silenced!

Would the Zeta's care to comment on this? Was this put there to help slow down the New Madrid adjustment? [and from another] DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith from Air in Remote Utah Wilderness November 21, 2020 The Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter was assisting Utah Division of Wildlife Resource officers counting bighorn sheep when the crew spotted something mysterious from above.  Tucked in a red rock cove was a shiny metal monolith protruding from the ground - probably between 10 and 12 feet-high. It looked as if it was manmade. Because the monolith was in an area the crew feared amateur adventurers might get stuck, they were intentionally vague about its location. [and from another] The Utah Highway Patrol posted a photo to social media Friday showing a curious metallic-looking object found during a count of big horn sheep somewhere in the state. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] 2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick.  The film, which follows a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer HAL after the discovery of an alien monolith affecting human evolution, deals with themes of existentialism, human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In the prehistoric African veldt, a tribe of hominids is driven away from its water hole by a rival tribe. Later, they awaken to find an alien monolith has appeared before them. Influenced by the monolith, they discover how to use a bone as a weapon and, after their first hunt, return to drive their rivals away with the newly discovered tool.

This Utah monolith was not intended to be discovered by man. Is it similar to the humming boxes placed by benign aliens along fault lines to slow the progress of the 7 of 10 plate movements? This is indeed its purpose, but why is it placed in the center of the N American continent? The Council of Worlds determined to delay the New Madrid adjustment until the 2020 Presidential election in the US was a settled issue. During the current 7 of 10 Plate Movements, the San Andreas has been very active, but this has not seemed to affect land to the East. This monolith and many similar monoliths are the reason for the delay.

Is the 2020's Brazilian blackout caused by Nibiru? Is the Brazilian blackout a case study on what can go wrong in a society where the people have been allowed to rely on social services rather than be self-sufficient? There is a video of the power lines there exploding in shower of sparks when they tried to re-establish the electricity supply. [and from another] Brazilian state of Amapá on brink of social explosion after 18-day blackout November 20, 2020 The state of Amapá, located in northern Brazil, has for the last 18 days faced a situation of widespread chaos caused by the collapse of its power system. [and from another] Who's to blame for Amapá's energy crisis? November 18, 2020 After two weeks of irregular electric power supply, another blackout has hit Amapá state in north Brazil. [and from another] Two-Week Blackout Sparks Protests in North Brazil November 19, 2020 Protests erupted in northern Brazil's Amapa state over a two-week power outage that has unleashed chaos in the region, officials and residents. [and from another]

In 2010 we described the geological effects that the 7 of 10 Plate Movements would have on S America as jolts of large quakes along the Andes, and the Andes has been hammered during this process. In 2010 we also described the geological effects of the Pole Shift on S America as a new bay being torn open at Buenos Aires. The electro-magnetic effects from the charged tail of Nibiru or the electronic screech emerging from compressed rock had already raised its head in 2009 when Air France 447 had a total electrical failure over the Atlantic and the Itaipu dam on the river between Brazil and Paraguay failed, causing a massive blackout.

Electro-magnetic pulse can take many forms, depending upon the electronics involved. The usual process is to create a surge so that filaments or connections burn out. This was the case in 2009 when the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam in Siberia experienced a pulse, causing its transformers to explode. The equipment fails and must be replaced. If the pulse is short lived, the replacement electronics now work. A short lived pulse is also the case when the lights flicker, intermittently, or when video transmission falters. This has become almost commonplace on TV lately. Here equipment is not damaged, but the pulse is tripping surge protectors.

The situation in Macapá on the mouth of the Amazon River is a non-stop pulse. The electronics replaced last only a nano-second before frying. The S American roll has been intense this past month, and given that the Council of Worlds is clearly holding back the start of the New Madrid adjustment with their Monoliths, the relief that S America might have anticipated by having the tip of Mexico slide to the West is being delayed. The mouth of the Amazon is being pinched. Thus Macapá is having a non-stop pulse and this will continue until the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are free to progress again.

The New Madrid adjustment and European tsunami are already overdue, and are supposed to happen soon. What will happen with a vast number of nuclear power plants in the affected area? It seems like nobody cares about it, or at least there is no information or any news about measures planned or undertaken.

The extensive use of nuclear power in the US and Europe is a concern, based on our prediction for tsunamis against the East Coast of the US and especially against Europe. Our predictions are well respected by the establishment, who have followed the 7 of 10 Plate Movements from their start in Indonesia. We have repeatedly detailed that where benign aliens can and have intervened, that to maintain the Element of Doubt about the alien presence, this cannot be relied upon entirely.

If a dirty bomb is set to go off, this might be allowed, thus, as Fukushima was allowed. As with Chernobyl, this was considered a learning experience for many in power positions, and for mankind in general. Nevertheless, both these nuclear incidents were mitigated by benign aliens. The Earth is mankind’s school house, thus opportunities to take action to assist others is presented. Mankind is not warned about tornados or lightning strikes, or cured of cancer or infection. Mankind in particular is not rescued from their own bad decisions, which are considered a learning opportunity. But giving the Call to assist others is something all can do, and does make a difference.

We have suggested that concerned citizens stay in touch with the operators of these nuclear power plants, especially if it seems that a disaster is imminent. We have stated that the establishment might not shut down these power plants until the Last Weeks, but this does not address what will happen to the East Coast of the US and the majority of Europe when the big New Madrid rip occurs. It is likely that at the first sign of significant separation along the New Madrid that the populace will be alerted of a tsunami potential. How much time does it take for water to pour into a mid-Atlantic void and rebound to shorelines? Evacuation should be started when the New Madrid adjustment is in process.

Is the Chinese lunar mission Changzheng-5 ambitious or have other undisclosed goals? [and from another] November 24. /TASS/. China's Changzheng-5 launch vehicle successfully launched the Chang'e-5 automatic reentry vehicle, which is expected to deliver lunar soil samples to Earth in about three weeks, announced the launch control center of the Wenchang cosmodrome on Hainan. [and from another] [and from another] China’s Chang’e-5 Probe Is Off to Bring Back a Moon Sample — and NASA Hopes to See the Data November 25, 2020 China’s Chang’e-5 probe is on its way to the Moon for a mission that could bring back the first samples of lunar rocks and dirt in more than 40 years. Like China’s previous lunar probes, Chang’e-5 is named after a moon goddess in Chinese mythology. This probe consists of an orbiter, a lander, an ascent vehicle and a re-entry capsule. The last time a probe brought back fresh samples from the Moon was back in 1976, thanks to the Soviet Luna 24 mission. NASA’s Apollo missions returned more than 800 pounds of lunar rock and soil for study on Earth between 1969 and 1972.

In the past, the US and Russia landed on the Moon and collected soil samples and artifacts. China’s imaging of the moon with Chang'e-2 in 2012 was successful and Chang’e-4 and Chang’e-3 landed on the Moon without problems. Exploration of the Moon for scientific or curiosity reasons has not met with interference except for two instances – Apollo 13, which was aborted by the CIA, and the Israeli Beresheet, which was aborted by the Council of Worlds. As the Beresheet abortion showed, the Council of Worlds will not allow the Moon to become an outpost of any power wanting to dominate the Earth from that vantage.

Netanyahu’s intentions on many fronts showed him not to be concerned about the welfare of man. Moloch sacrifices, debt slavery, and attempting to install a DEW in space in order to demand compliance from all below. Many satellite failures in the past few years have been at the hand of the Council of Worlds, to prevent a DEW from being established in space or to prevent surveillance and tracking of migrant groups. US probes sent too close to Nibiru are likewise aborted, as there is a quarantine set by the Council of Worlds, and attempts to allow the elite to escape the trauma of the Pole Shift on Earth are likewise blocked by the Council of Worlds.

Depending upon China’s motives, which are yet to be fully expressed, Chang’e-5 could return with a payload of Moon soil and rocks or flounder. There are many hands at the controls, and many agendas that can attempt to take control of the mission. The view from the Moon could be used to assist mankind, noting the Earth changes in a way that Earth imaging could not. Or the view from the Moon could be used to assist invasion or control of other countries, or to track the route of drowning migrants. We would recommend the humanitarian use of Chang’e-5.

Would the Zetas like to comment on Earth satellites Sentinel-6 NASA/ESA and (Electro-L) Russian Federation (Roskosmos) mission?  To collect data on critical sea levels in the context of European tsunami prognosis and provide operational information to coastal populations on the dangers? A dangerous period is approaching (December-January) according to the Zetas prognosis? [and from another] [and from another] Sentinel-6 With global mean sea level rising because of climate change, Copernicus Sentinel-6 is the next radar altimetry reference mission to extend the legacy of sea-surface height measurements until at least 2030. Date: 21 November 2020. Site: Vandenberg, California. US Rocket: SpaceX Falcon 9. [and from another] Russia for the first time placed a meteorological satellite over the Atlantic August 25, 2020 (in russian) The main area of application of the Electro spacecraft is to provide Roshydromet, the services of the Russian Ministry of Defense and other interested departments with operational information for weather forecasting on a regional and global scale, analysis of aviation flight conditions, climate monitoring and emergency control, as well as relaying emergency signals from COSPAS-SARSAT  systems. [and from another] The satellites are able to image the entire hemisphere of Earth in visible and infrared frequencies, additionally providing data on climate change, as well as sea and ocean monitoring. An Elektro–L satellite can also be used to receive and relay COSPAS-SARSAT emergency signals. Due to lack of satellites, Russia is forced to use meteorological data provided by American and European weather agencies. The launch of the first Elektro–L satellite marked the "re-emergence of Russia's space industry after two decades of economic turmoil”. The third satellite in the series Elektro-L No.3, was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on 24 December 2019. [and from another] Elektro-L Satellite Overview Elektro-L No. 2 is the second satellite in Russia’s second generation of Meteorological Satellites operated from Geostationary Orbit. Outfitted with visible, infrared and microwave imaging payloads plus ocean-monitoring equipment, the satellites deliver critical data used in weather forecasting.

What has inspired NASA to launch Sentinel-6 on November 21, 2020 and Russia to launch Elektro-L No.3 last December 24, 2019 – both with a view of the Atlantic and an enhanced ability to measure sea level rise? It is no secret that the N American continent is on the verge of splitting open along the New Madrid Fault Line, and when it does the East Coast will be assaulted with tsunami waves. The US has allies in Europe who will be devastated by these waves also. Beyond St. Petersburg, Russia would not be affected, but both countries wish to give Europe an early warning, if possible, on any tsunami.

For the Iran Nuclear scientist killed by Israel, is it mean Israel try to spark the World War III  again? [and from another] Can the Zetas say something about Iran’s top nuclear scientist being killed? Who was behind this assassination? [and from another] Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist Killed in Apparent Assassination November 27, 2020 Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, considered one of the masterminds of Iran's controversial nuclear program, died after his car was apparently ambushed in a district east of Tehran. Photos from the scene showed the shattered windshield of a car, and blood on the road. [and from another] Iran's Lawmakers Pass Bill to Boost Nuclear Activity in Wake of Top Scientist's Murder November 29, 2020 The Iranian parliament has passed a bill, dubbed "The strategic measure for the removal of sanctions," aimed at revitalizing the country's nuclear activities in the wake of the assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

The blatant assassination of Fakhrizadeh was due indirectly to the theft of the 2020 Presidential election for Biden. Israel feared a Biden win, with a return to the Obama policy of paying Iran billions to halt its nuclear development. These payments were to the benefit of Iran who used these funds to proceed in secret with their nuclear program. Israel panicked over the apparent success of the Biden 2020 theft and assassinated Fakhrizadeh, so indirectly the Biden campaign assassinated this man.