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C, D

Section on Being Human: Curing Cancer
Section on Being Human: Capitalism
Section on Being Human: Career Choices
Section on Density: Intelligent Carnivors
Castaneda, Carlos
Section on Being Human: Carlos Castaneda
(see Pole Shift)
Section on The Call: Edgar Cayce
Celestine Prophecy
Section on Awakening: Celestine Prophecy
Centrifugal Force
Section on Science: Centrifugal Force
Section on Being Human: Chakras
Section on Awakening: Council of Nine, Far Journey, Secret Vows, Language Barrier, Cosmic Voyage, Alexander
Section on Transformation: Why Nancy?, Direct Line
Section on Visitation: Channel, ZetaTalk
Section on Being Human: Chess Matches
Section on Myths: Chi
Section on Worlds: Races of Man, Chinese Pyramids
Section on Transformation: Chupacabras
Section on Awakening: Mouths of Madmen
Section on Being Human: Conspiracies
Section on The Call: Origin of AIDS, Spreading AIDS, Ebola Virus
Section on Government: MJ12, Alternative 3, Bill Cooper, X-Files, Pine Gap, MJ12 Groups, LSD Trip, Gelatin Rain
Section on Hybrids: Cherish the Children, Zeta Clones, Cloning Bans
Close Encounter
(see Contactee)
Section on Science: African Coapies
Section on Science: Coma
Section on Pole Shift: Heralding, Supressing the Word, Comet Visible, Comet's Tail, Hale-Bopp
Section on Science: 12th Planet Orbit, Chance of Collision, Entry Angle, Second Pass, Second Foci, Ephemerides, Repeating Comets, Oort Cloud, Orbits, Contradictions
Commander X
Section on Awakening: Commander X
(see Strieber, Whitley)
Section on Government: Communism
Section on Rules: Keep in Line, Thinking Machines, Politics, Bounded Robots
Section on Worlds: Sky Computer
Section on Awakening: Confederation
Section on Being Human: Conspiracies
Section on Awakening: Supposed to Do, Familiar Stranger, Israeli Sightings, Andromedae Contact
Section on The Call: Close Encounter, Without Delay, Leadership Call, Intuition, Awaiting the Call
Section on Government: Customs, Mind Control, Snooping on Contactees
Section on Hybrids: Donor Fathers
Section on Rules: Sight or Sound, Healings
Section on Transformation: Communications, Future Visions, Science Fiction, Contact Groups, Make a Difference, Life Changes, Coordination, Transformation Activities, Timed Release
Section on Visitation: Always in Touch, No Calling Card, Just a Dream, Over the Eons, Advance Warning, Recall Dangers, Subconscious, Remembering, ZetaTalk, Paralyzed State, Ensnared Forever, Just Occurred, Out Of Body, Hypnosis, First Meetings, Signs, Electrical Distrubances, Bright Lights, Soul-to-Soul, Betty Hill, Betty Andreasson, Contact with Children, False Memory, Drug Induced, Mixed Feelings, Contactee Creativity, Black Box, Special Friend, Ugly Aliens, Life Form Orientations, Knocking, Reflected Fear, Blocking, Contactee Modifications, Dual Identities, Alternate Realities, Ear Problems, On the Phone, Eye to Eye, Standing In, Gaining Time, Blood Types, Shared Visions, Clue Lists; Staged Visitations
Continental Drift
Section on Pole Shift: Pole Shift, Sinking Atlantic, Continental Rip
Section on Science: Continental Drift, African Coapies
Cooper, Bill
Section on Government: Bill Cooper, Mixed Messages
Coral Obelisk
Section on Myths: Coral Obelisk
Corso, Colonel
Section on Government: Corso's Roswell
Cosmic Voyage
Section on Awakening: Cosmic Voyage
Council of Foreign Relations
Section on Awakening: Council of Foreign Relations
Council of Nine
Section on Awakening: Council of Nine
Council of Worlds
Section on Awakening: Akashic Record
Section on The Call: Collective Call, Trouble Makers
Section on Government: Power Outages
Section on Rules: Free Will, Engagement Rules, Keep in Line, Travel Protocol, Friendly Disagreements, Council Charter, Thinking Machines, Time Travel, Implants, Council of Worlds, Earth is a Member, Vote Counts, Collision Course, Pace of Change, Sight or Sound, Shuttles, Interferrence, Intervention, Voting Population, Exploration Limits, Secession, Exceptions, Minority Vote
Section on Transformation: Chupacabras
Section on Visitation: Abduction Right
Section on Worlds: Tetrahedral Crystals
Section on Awakening: Mouths of Madmen, Arizona Coverage, Roswell Revisited
Section on Government: Cover-Up, Lifebearing Planets, Overt Agents, Silenced Astronauts, Impossible Message, Balancing Act, Corso's Roswell, NASA Wars
Section on Orientation: Telling the Truth
Section on Pole Shift: Cataclysm Masks
Section on Visitation: Contactee Creativity
Section on Orientation: War and Crime, Few Bad Apples, Attempt to Dominate
Crop Circles
Section on Awakening: Crop Circles, Circle Locations, Crop Circle Video
Crop Failure
Section on Pole Shift: Crop Failures, Crop Adjustments, Climate Changes; Diet Adjustments, Psi-Tech Pathogens
Section on Science: Crystals
Section on Worlds: Tetrahedral Crystals
Section on Awakening: CSETI
Section on Being Human: Suicide Cults
Section on Myths: Scientology
Dark Matter
Section on Science: Dark Matter
Dark Skies
Section on Awakening: Dark Skies
Dames, Ed
Section on Government: Remote Viewing
Death Sentence
Section on Rules: Death Sentence
Deja Vu
Section on Density: Homesick
Section on Myths: Deja Vu
Section on Government: Only the US, Living in a Democracy
Section on Rules: Earth is a Member, Vote Counts, Voting Population
Section on Worlds: Dictatorial
Section on The Call: Curiosity
Section on Density: Physical Density, Other Worlds, Switch Density, Landing Sites, Coexisting, Transformation, Graduate, Same Space, Spirit Form, Photon Belt, Bermuda Triangle, Dangers in Shifting, Mind/Spirit Connection, Vibes, Wormholes, Shift Mechanism, Density Crossovers, Transporting, Vibration Variables
Section on Government: Philadelphia Experiment
Section on Orientation: Lessons of 4th Density, Key Characteristics, Day to Day, Little Bit Selfish, Switching Sides, Keeping Secrets
Section on Rules: Orientation Lesson
Section on Visitations: Knocking
Section on Transformation: Destiny
Section on The Call: Devil
Section on Worlds: Reptilians
Section on Science: Dinosaur Extinction
(see Density)
Section on Awakening: White Brotherhood, Ashtar, Confederation, Phoenix Group, ID4, Truth Test, Hanging Around Saturn, Dark Skies, Orson Wells, Ummo, Breaking News
Section on Government: Government Song, Bad Press, Information Agents, Autopsy Tapes, Admiral Byrd, Red Book, Aviaty, Half Truths, MJ12 Documents, Project Prometheus, Impossible Message, Balancing Act, The Falcon, Blue Book
Section on Hybrids: Disinformation, False Hybrids
Section on Orientation: Antartica
Section on Pole Shift: Hale-Bopp
Section on Transformation: Who to Believe
Section on Visitation: On the Phone, Staged Visitations
Section on Worlds: Human Lookalikes
Section on Density: Habitable Worlds, Life Began
Section on Science: DNA Building Blocks, Sentience
Section on Worlds: Dogon Tribe
Section on Science: Dolphin Talk
Section on Worlds: Dolphins
Section on Awakening: Ma-Di or DOMA
Section on Being Human: Dowsing
Section on Orientation: Dragons
Section on Visitation: Just a Dream, Just Occurred
Section on Myths: Druids
Section on Government: Dulce, New Mexico